Europe Red As Italy Continues Post-Short-Sale-Ban Slide

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Portuguese bond spreads have been weak all week; Spain has been bleeding in the front-end and belly of the curve; and today saw Italian bonds start to lose some gains. What is perhaps more notable is the weakness in Italian stocks (most notably banks) since the short-sale ban was lifted on Friday. FTSEMIB is down 3.5% from pre-FOMC and -5% from post-FOMC spike highs. EURUSD is back below 1.30 (and stands 1.5 sigma rich to swap-spread-implied levels). Meanwhile, Europe's VIX plummets to six-month lows as realized vol plunges - but the volatility risk premium is still high.

Can you spot when Italy lifted its short-sale ban?


EURUSD is now significantly rich to 'fair' valuye based on swap-spreads...


and bond spreads continue to leak - with Italy catching up to Spain...


Europe's VIX is plunging again - as realized vol also drops... but these vol risk premium is 'relatively' high


Charts: Bloomberg

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Sales proceeds coming to Amerika.....indexes

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Spain is in trouble:

Pretty soon, I will be doing the same analysis with Italy and France. Watch my blog.

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His blog isn't bad.  Helluva lot better than most of the shit the American and German populations read.  (NYT & der Spiegel) 

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SHCOMP long EUROSTOXX short.  

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OPEC cutting refinery cap.  Uh, what was the half life on that pledge to keep prices down?  Three days?