Europe Releases Another Unsourced Rumor To Talk Markets To Weekly Highs

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Update: and now the denial, conveniently just after all the upside stops have been taken out, again via BBG:

An ECB spokeswoman said in an e-mailed statement that it is usual practice and nothing special that Draghi meets or talks with the members of the Governing Council. She declined to comment on the content of any talks.

Of course, this is irrelevant. All the shorts have now been taken out. So once the market tumble resumes on the realization that nothing has happened, there will be no natural buying to the downside. Brilliant central planning as usual.

* * *

And so for the third day in a row, we get Europe continuing to talk itself up ever higher. From Bloomberg, with everything unsourced of course.


How much higher, we wonder,  can the central planners talk this market up before someone actually demands something be done? And what happens when Merkel comes back from vacation?

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Aziz's picture

This is, as Bernanke calls it, "communication".

I call it misinformation.

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And what did Weidmann say?...



Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Deflation!  It's coming!  DJ 6K!  It's coming!

Ruuun!  Run awaaaay!

sqz's picture

I'm disappointed Bloomberg (Unsourced Of Course TM) didn't mention DRAGHI'S KITCHEN SINK...

saturn's picture

He prolly said: Thanks for popping our Bund bubble, Mr. Bastard!

zebra's picture

WEIDMANN said :"shh.... let me finish buying ES first..."

battle axe's picture

Lets see what Monday brings. Perhaps Merkel saying WTF?

saturn's picture

Merkel: Ich will meinen Urlaub um Göthes willen!!!

Meesohaawnee's picture

and that was good for 50 points in 30 seconds in the dow? comical.

Divided States of America's picture

That "Something to be done" is when they push more people into poverty, hunger and desperation. and when these masses decide to take matters into their own hands and hang those responsible. I know who they are and Draghi is definitely one of the top ones on my list.

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

You are gonna take matters into your hands, lol.

Draghi's bodyguards are gonna kick your ass.

Jason T's picture

Can always count on ZH for the WTF just happened

Neethgie's picture

haha im glued to the screen then something just fires up, im like wtf?!?!? then boom zh has it before reuters or anyone else even says anything

ACP's picture

Wow, been a while since I've seen RSI @ 90% on all the indices.

viahj's picture


Can always count on ZH for the WTF just happened

end quote: and RT to tells us today's winners and losers, tomorrow

fonzannoon's picture

I love the frustration here. The other question is what happens when they do something and a month later we are right back here again.

Hype Alert's picture

The problem is once they do something, the gig is up.  Sell on the news.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

The only thing that actually matters, the Spanish 10 year bond yield (not the spread, the yield, the yield determines fiscal borrowing costs), has moved a grand total of 0.75% on these rumors.  It's at 6.75%.

They may be distriacting the stock trading focused ZHers, but they aren't distracting the bond people, who are the ones who actually determine things.

Boilermaker's picture

SPX 1,400!

Mission Accomplished!!!!


SmoothCoolSmoke's picture

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, save me from this insane bullshit!

LongBalls's picture

You only need Jesus! But your on the right track. Insanity and evil want you to believe they are in charge.

NEOSERF's picture

And why exactly isn't Gold moving given all this free money printing that will commence in the next couple weeks?

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

Because it's already priced in.

Dollar Bill Hiccup's picture

It already has been done!

Just like FIAT, something is created out of nothing.

This is getting weirder by the moment.

same old story's picture

and who is going to demand they actually do something?  This rumor stuff has been working so well for them, why stop now?

drink or die's picture

I have a weird feeling I should sell some stock right now...

RSloane's picture

Keep the ones whose inventories include mountains of toilet paper.

Doomer's picture

You can bet the European banks are.  Draghi pumps 'em, 'smart' money dumps 'em.  Gotta get as much cash before the crash.

50 S&P points in two days.   Who said talk is cheap?



rubearish10's picture

...and so this is the global intervention preview for next week??? It better be 'cause Draghi just might not "do" enough.

HaroldWang's picture

Wow! Quite a spike! Gonna be ugly when nothing gets done. Fed HAS to announce QE next week now just to keep this up. If not, look out below big time.

monopoly's picture

Ahhh, they walk the walk and talk the talk. Dow 14,000 cannot be far away. Earnings, Pfftt, means nothing.

Squid Vicious's picture

ouch- time to crack open a bottle of something

LouisDega's picture

Thats a big pussy. Damn, Im quick

ZeroAvatar's picture

Incomplete sentence:  I think your bluffing......???  I think your bluffing stinks?

RSloane's picture

Its about time you showed up. I needed a visual to put this all in perspective besides repetatively seeing Vesuvio erupt.

saturn's picture

How many times a day does the central wanker erupt i wonder..

Lohn Jocke's picture

Lets eat grandpa!

Let's eat, grandpa!

Grammar saves lives, bitches.

ZeroAvatar's picture

"How to Serve Man",  alien text. (150 different ways, including sauteed, pureed, bbq'd, smoked, stuffed, fas grois, etc)

monopoly's picture

This is all so absurd, but I am playing with the only currency I know of. 

spartan117's picture

Why do they always speak up right when Crimex closes?

RobotTrader's picture

Wow, Draghi must be laughing his ass off.  How can it be so easy?  Just start flapping your gums with promises and maybes and the Algo/Igor/Robos start buying stocks hand over fist.

In 2009, it was the "Green Shoots" rally.

We'll call the 2012 the "Pie-Hole" rally.

drink or die's picture

It's days like this that remind me why I still hold stock.  Levitation based on absolutely nothing besides hot air!!

alien-IQ's picture

As long as there are idiotic, sycophantic, momo chasing monkeys like you in the world...his bullshit will continue to work.

Your actions give his lies the appearance of credibility and then you have the audacity to wonder why people believe his bullshit.

To call you stupid would be an insult to stupid people the world over.