Europe Still Proving It Is Behind The Curve

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From Peter Tchir of TF Market Advisors

I was always told that people might think you are stupid but if you speak, you run the risk of them knowing that you are stupid.

Europe is going to bail out the 16 weakest banks? Banks that are in trouble because the PSI for Greece is worse than any stress they ran. Plans should be getting made for these banks to die but to possibly save the creditors and limit systematic risk.

The focus should be on putting together plans for the big banks that pose real systematic risk. The market knows the stress tests were a farce, so why make a plan to save those that barely survived that low hurdle.  Didn't they learn anything from dealing with Greece. Giving minimal help to the worst institutions is NOT going to solve anything and just shows how far behind they are in their thinking.

If they are going to TARP anyone they should take into account Warren Buffett's secretary. If it is unfair for her to pay a lower tax rate, it should be equally unfair for her to get a worse investment. Any TARP should be done at terms better for the taxpayers than Warren got. The citizens deserve at least that much for keeping banks alive and it's only fair. If it was a reasonable price for Warren it should be one banks can agree to give to governments.

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Throwing good after bad.

'Any TARP should be done at terms better for the taxpayers than Warren got.'

You, sir, are a dreamer.

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"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

--Abe Lincoln

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Ah, yes, Mr. Habeas Corpus himself!

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I think President Bush holds that title, currently. (Not that President Obama has actually "changed" anything.) I think President Lincoln deserves a bit more leeway given the location of the relevant war theatres*.

*Possibly not the best choice of words...

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president obama has changed something, possibly significant. he claims the power to assassinate american citizens for what is arguably first amendment protected speech made far from any battlefield by secret (or possibly publicized, depending on political exigency) executive order which itself is not subject to review by the courts or legislature.  

change you can't refuse to believe in.

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ask yourselves a most simple question: irrespective of construct of competition, why does the world need dozens of mid-level zombie banks operating under the TBTF zombie banks? All while offering near zero savings interest rates (and for large depositors negative interest rates!)?¿¿¿???


Think about it.  

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Answer: They Don't...although this end-game is taking much longer than I would've imagined

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controlled demolition.

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PAtience.........the end is near and timing is of central obsession only to the impatient!

Here we go bitches!


QE is a hellavu drug, especially when it don't work no mo'....time for some 12 stepping and I'll personally perform the 13th step on the least diseased of the diseased BPD never content always blaming everyone else self-involved self-obsessed duplicitious hijacking kidnapping Vampirella AA bitches!!! Of course I'll pick em skeletor bones in hazmat suit wit dangling crosses n' cloves of garlic doing da FAZ and QID jig on em!


Bernank = Vampirella bitch!




Let's see how much volume and hot air this last 30min hopium push gots! 



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"You've seen "Daktari"? The weaker animals always go. So the kids cry when you tie old tiger to a tree and shoot him. But that's life! America's in a state of renewal. We've gotta have the strength to tie a few zombie banks to a tree and bash 'em with a shovel."


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This post REAKS of WINNING!

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Leaky assed dyke. Are you sure you want to keep putting your fingers in that? The financial system I mean...

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they are those who believe in nymphomaniacal bi-flationary nuns on the run...itchy, sticky fingers.

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We better have a plan for one of our banks when it hits 5's

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Gold and Silver crash while crisis in EU worsens, dollar is now a safe haven

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More hand waving and flailing.

The average price of oil this year (all blends averaged by use) is higher than in any year in all history, and that's happening in the middle of economic collapse.  This started in summer of 2008, before there was any printing.

And still, people don't figure it out.

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Heavy fight for 1120 in cash S&P


Edit: Ah, we're through :)


Edit 2: But the magical hand is there to save us! Whoo hoooo, fight continues

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  The Myth that Warren Buffet has a secretary who pays less in taxes is so laughable. Maybe if we forget that his company is still taxed @ 35% and by the time the earnings are passed off to the investors his personal income may be lower but Uncle Warren collects all his cash through nice fat dividends. How many of his companies and the wealth accrued make their money using slave labor and IT labor offshores? 

   This has to be the stupidest talking point in the MSM all year reliant upon nobody looking at the actual facts of the rhetoric. All that aside 50% of the nation pays no income tax..many forget the income tax is progressive meaning the wealthiest pay higher rates and assume all the liability such as insurance and liability for conducting business and creating jobs. The core issue is outsourcing jobs, using debt upon debt to keep the masses quiet and consuming and corporate welfare that is never more evident that today with Wall Street and the Fed for 3+ years, stealing from savers with low interest rates, higher inflation costs on food and energy along with stealing their savings, dilution of their currency, corporate subsidies to big business and agriculture NOT to grow crops such as corn, and federal expenditure on things such as $16.00 corn muffins. 

    They just will not get it until there is a reset. The best way to highlight to people how real this is IMO is to use a reality show analogy. I watch Pawn Stars constantly because it is a nice insight into small business and personal transactions. You should see some of these people haggling and getting haggled down but there is one area in which you can always count on even the most oblivious getting their bucks worth...METALS...Regardless of the false market on decadent goods such as motorcycles and literature these guys are always without ail paying 99% spot price on gold and silver. It is is money and it always will be until it can be replicated in a lab it represents a days labor which is why it is valuable. It cannot be falsified nor dressed up..It simply is..

Facts and Math do not lie..they have no agenda ..they have no emotions they simply are.And paper will become near worthless. Nations need to be competing to have the strongest currency not the weakest.

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I really enjoy PM getting lower. I own gold and silver phisically, so for me the price only matters in the sense that I have some cash that needs to be converted into silver. I place my bet on the price of silver getting back to 15-18 USD by the end of this year, then rebounce to aug 2011 levels in march 2012 - similar to what happened in 2008.

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Fairness? Really? How does one model "that?" the idea of an imploding euro zone may indeed be too much to bear...and the response may be all us humans can collectively muster namely "they've done the best they could given the circumstances." I must say listening to Brazil backtrack on thoughts of helping is instructive. I hope they're ready for those Olympics when the time comes. All this war talk they keep throwing around seems more befitting of a time they had put behind them.

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The only times Europe was 'ahead' of the curve was when a war broke out!  And, lets quote 'Clinton' and 'Albright': all world wars are caused by Yugoslavia (actually Serbia, to be specific).  OK, Clinton was doing things with cigars that I hope will come my way.  But who is Albright? She is a Russian Jew protected and educated in Belgrade (yup - the capital of Yugoslvia) for a dozen or so years.

When that stupid man, Dr Owen, proposed a treaty (long before the war), Albright and Clinton pronounced "we need Yugoslavia brought to its knees so that it may only recover with aid"!  A rose by any name = Rape by any name!  Mineral (and gold) rich Yugoslavia has been rapped by the USA under the brand - USAID!

It took alot to get the USA into the 2nd World War (they only came on the side that was assured to win: right and wrong was not a factor), but they are still using political weapons long after the 'war' has ended: shame on them!  Do they not see the value of human life?

Ask anyone of the 'maybe' guilty on death row!  Is Iran evil - it releases prisoners where there is doubt.  Or is America evil, it kills people because the system can never be seen to be wrong!

America has sunk below 3rd world status in every aspect of life: Politics (paid for), Legal (paid for), Tax (discounts = paid for)!  America is now the 4th world: the place you want to leave!