European CDS Ignore Latest Futures Melt Up

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In keeping with the fallen dictator theme of late....

  • Mussolini  +10
  • Francisco Franco +10
  • Gomes da Costa +40
  • Guinness (b/c its just that good)     +10
  • Ioannis Metaxas     +35
  • Begium unch  (no governments, no dictators... time to rename it to Shangri La)
  • Napoleon +5
  • Engelbert Dollfuss  +3
  • George III  +3
  • Walter Ulbricht  +3

And indices:

  • SOVX  250/255
  • Stalin 185/188 +5
  • Mustafa Atatürk   224/227  +5

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LMAO...keep em coming TD

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Best one so far!


Also Keith McCullough from HedgeEye Risk now on CNBC, video of him from some months ago:


You can see how CNBC anchors stutter when he says the plain truth and they can't defend The Bernank (as he calls him too)

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How much for the Pope?

I heard the Istituto per le Opere di ReligioneIOR was having solutions to get the sh!t out of the fan

sudzee's picture

Blatent advertisement for viagra. Raising funds for the church, you know.

Carmagnole's picture

I knew these rascals had interests in the big pharma. Their posturing against the pill? Lies, all lies!

They must get their fix on vaccines for the toddlers, I tell you

LMAO's picture

Yes indeed, you can always count on religion to solve all problems

gianakt's picture

Don't fight the Chinese and the Fed if they are both working at bring down the dollar gradually!!!

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Is something wrong with the Zerohedge site ?

ZeroPower's picture

SocGen asbolutely blowing out DESPITE a higher share price today, go figure: Snr 307/322 and Sub 590/625

Who can forget Unicredit, has it been halted yet?? 378/415 the sub

IMA5U's picture

don't tell anybody that


stocks are cheep.  companies are buying back.  who cares what CDses are doing.  government forces are at work to squeeze the shorts.


lybia is going down.  next syria.  right in front of 9/11

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Open flood gates!

oogs66's picture

being given another chance to short stocks :)  credit still sees problems

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The well known Portuguese dictator was SALAZAR, Antonio Oliveira and not Gomes da Costa... just a detail

slaughterer's picture

At some point, a manufactured short squeeze has to overtake world markets and drive them higher by as much as the shorts are willing to fund.  If you doubt this, you do not have a good enough understanding of the deadly traps laid by HFT-driven low-contact markets. 

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Hi Tyler,

being faithful of the fallen dictator theme:

My condolences to's hard to let a good friend and rich uncle go, especially if he has helped you out in times of need....

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Pick a European sovereign CDS and trade its momentum with many of the poorly-organized CDS desks not even knowing what spreads are in effect at the moment you call them.  The decline in equities is not really a reflection of more money going into bonds, but more money going into CDSs and their associated costs.     

ZeroPower's picture

Ya but its not easy, the MM sending out his run almost always gives you a new (read: wider) price the second you want to lift his offer. Pretty nice game they have too - seeing as how its off exchange, a few times we've had our guys here lifted only to find out that same POS from BofAor wherever the fuck turns around and sells it to another desk with a bid literally 1bp more favorable for him.

Crossing the MM, indeed.

Anyone's picture

Why not have Søren, Greta and Jean as well? (That is: Kierkegaard, Garbo and Sibelius.)

alexdg's picture

Regarding Portugal, you should have used António Salazar :

He managed to put the country back on its feet after the corrupt and bankcrupt 1st republic squandered what still remained from the equally bankcrupt monarchy.

Salazar was an "austrian" at heart the way he managed the country's  finances in such a way that before the 1974 revolution Portugal had managed to hoard 850 tonnes of gold. Today Portugal holds less than half of that, with the current VP of the ECB Vitor Constancio, at the time governor of the Portuguese Central Bank, sold 200 tonnes back in 2004.

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George III?  Nah - if anything Charles I

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Oh, come guys, give the Belgiums some credit!

King Leopold II deserves to get up there: 2-15 million Congolese slaughtered and countless mutilations, all done with a private mercenary army funded by the "Shangri-La" Kingdom...

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Funny how the guy whose dream is coming true in Euroland is missing from the mix. The Feuher is the white elephant in the room. Oh, and by the way, didn't the US just pass a Bismarkian/Hitlarian health care law a few months ago. To use an old Rodny Dangerfield line, he gets no respect.