European CDS Rerack: Mamma Mia

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The horror...The horror

                         5Y                           10Y                  5/10's                         
Stromboli      506/521  +65.5        493.5/507.5         -20/-10                           
Spain            385/400  +52.5        370.5/386.5          -16/-6                           
Port            1060/1100 +115           825/895           -250/-190                         
Guinness       755/785  +80            585/655            -180/-120                         
Uzo             57.5/59.5 +4.5          57.5/61.5            -0.5/2.5
Syrup           295/310  +31.5       293.5/307.5            -7/3                             
Fried            195/200  +21.5        213.5/223.5           17/21                           
Aus             155/161  +16.5        169.5/179.5           14/19                           
Wanker         92/96    +10              108/114              15/19                           
Doosheland   96/100  +13.5           116/122              18/22

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and the PMs are going on sale too.

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I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor. That's my dream; that's my nightmare. Crawling, slithering, along the edge of a straight razor...and surviving. 

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Combination of horror and amusement.  The mental imagery is profound.

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All I know is gold is up in the currencies of all the places I wanna move to lol

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don't worry comrades by 3:p.m. dow will be up and by on the dip,what a county -ben wii take care of us, buy buy,buy-------

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Don't worry if you've got CDS, you'll be protected.

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...from STDs

ban CDS again.

they were banned, for a reason. they should be banned again, for many reasons

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I think you missed his efforts in Irony.

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This is not a credit event...

This is not a credit event...

This is not a credit event...


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Didn't you learn?  A credit event only occurs when it works in my favor!

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oh yeah, CDSs MADE Italy bankrupt, they MADE oil peak, yeah.  Ban them and everything will go back to hunky dory.

CDSs have only exposed what some tried to keep hidden.  Oh, and they were the primary driver of synthetic debt and were consquently essential for credit growth

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i breathe a sigh of relief lol

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Ah, they never really worked anyway.

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CDSs should be regulated like insurance and writers forced to maintain risk-based capital reserves.

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more voluntary haircuts coming

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More like everyone will take a bath.

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I think Sudden was referring to the Zyklon B kind of shower.

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Quite so...also, thus making the haircuts "involuntary."

Harlequin001's picture

No, it's either voluntary haircut, OR the shower...

just so everyone knows it's fair.

Ruffcut's picture

Haircuts don't work when your already bald.

No No....LuLu ... Down Down..

Oh Oh... RoBo... Gonna be a HoBo...

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collateral bitchez

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I love ZH, but the slang names for the countries are rather unprofessional. just my humble opinion.

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You're on the wrong site.

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Site is fine, side is wrong.

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So you live in Wankerland right?


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self-deprecation is our strongest suit, leave us wankers alone. Better a wanker than a cheese-eating surrender monkey.

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he is not a cheese-eating surrender monkey, he is a chocolate-eating staunch Belgian

littleguy's picture

haha, Belgium isn't even a real country.

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Nobody EVER accused Zero Hedge of being, or even TRYING to be, "professional."

"Professional" is one of the main reasons the planet is burning.

That, and "Educated..."

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You missed 'Politically Correct', I think. And possibly 'Expert opinion is...'?

mtomato2's picture

Damn straight.  I sit humbly corrected.

Bwahaha WAGFDSMB's picture

"Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts." ~Richard Feynman

Bwahaha WAGFDSMB's picture

That's right, education, but there's a reason for this...

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You missed a major inside joke.

Ethics Gradient's picture

Did you dislike Doosheland?

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What's funny is that "dusche" is shower in German. So, if you call it shower-land, you are making a reference to the most painful and shameful part of their history. Even though what we mean by doosh should probably be more offensive, it actually still pales before the message that actually comes across. 


Another little Cliff Claven point of note: all these years, our slur for germans has been, among other things, "kraut", which we assume means a reference to saurkraut. By it self, it just means "herb".

So, if you went around and people were calling you an herb, you'd probably be infinitely more confused than offended. 

I am a big dork (grosse Streber). On with the show.

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This is why ZH is so great, there are constant tidbits of useless information that we can then use to confuse the shit out of people who have no idea that the parthanon is burning, much less where it is or what the hell a parthanon is anyway.

dork away!

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They don't use those unprofessional names over at HuffPo. The horror of it all.

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This isn't a professional site. Do you wear a suit and tie while reading?

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This is fight club bitch. No political correctness here.

Note to self's picture

You want professional?  Go to a bank!

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You mean you don't like the nickname "Fleece instead of Greece? Or "Greased"?

NumberNone's picture

Leave your sensitivity at the door. 

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I gave you an up arrow for speaking your mind.

Ethics Gradient's picture

Agreed. Nicely done. Will you be doing the same for Robo?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture


I draw the line for 'speaking your mind' at stupid. Anything beyond that..........well, no joy joy from CD.

BTW I am considering doing an audio version where I read my essays in my voice and attach a link to that file in the article.

Is there any interest from the ZH crowd for this?

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Yes!  Perfect for the drive home. Just be sure to be careful.  No Tommy Boy moments needed.

Don't want to be listening and then feel like I wanna jerk the wheel INTO A GODDAMNED BRIDGE ABUTMENT.