"The European Financial System Is Finished" In Quotes

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Who cares when you have a shitload of PMs stacked ^^

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billions of others...

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No, billions of others obviously dont care. Because if they cared, they would stack PMs and not worry about it.

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Argumentation at its not finest.

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i try to convince everyone i know to buy PMs & stock up on necessities (including guns + ammo) and most just look at me like a deer in the headlights and go back to watching cnn and all the other presstitute networks.  i hope ppl wake up.

on a side note - i think we will see some type of false flag terror event very soon to take the sheeples' attention off of govt corruption/economic craziness and focus on some new "threat"


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yeah, maybe on the 10th year anniversary of 9-11.

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If you aren't already, don't become an indentured servant to your creditors. Because that's what it could come down to.


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I don't have any debt, but I do have some questions.

What happens to the dollar if Europe coalesces into a policy, fiscal, and monetary union?

What happens to the price of gold, in dollars, if Europe coalesces into a policy, fiscal, and monetary union?

What happens to the price of oil? Will it be repriced in euros?

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"What happens to the dollar if Europe coalesces into a policy, fiscal, and monetary union?"

For those who see the ultimate end game here, that scenario would buy a few years for social/supply chain preparation.


"What happens to the price of gold, in dollars, if Europe coalesces into a policy, fiscal, and monetary union?"

That depends partially on whether it is backed by gold or whether it is accompanied by creative rules (and believe me we hominids can be creative) on owning/spending gold/silver.  But barring such rules, gold will go higher, as the only way a Federation can pay the bills is with more guarantees and expansion of government/central bank balance sheets.

"What happens to the price of oil? Will it be repriced in euros?"

Oil will be priced at the marginal barrel, which largely depends on global economic growth. Even if Europe is able to 'Federate', global economic growth is largely over, at least in real terms, if not nominal. Oil, barring some geopolitical situation will go lower in price until depletion rate exceeds ecnomic decline rate sometime in next 3-5 years - though I could easily argue that economic decline rate will exceed oil decline rate and despite passing world peak in production we have $30 oil for a decade.  (I expect many, if not all, to disagree.)



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"increased European integration in Europe is the answer."


What the fuck does that even mean?


Americans for America!



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Europe experiencing what US experienced end of year 2008.


forget gold....short euro banks till the last drop

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What happens to the dollar if Europe coalesces into a policy, fiscal, and monetary union?

You mean the same blood-soaked continent that's been at each other's throats for centuries is going to double down on even deeper unification?  That Europe?  Thanks for the laugh.  That's a good one.

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exactly...what happens if monkeys fly out of my ass?

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World Bank Development Research Group - "The Impact of Economic Blogs" - David Mckenzi & Berk Øzler. August 2011



Is no one here as cool as they think?


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Seriously?  you link to an "academic paper" from a useless organization (World Bank) about useless bloggers (Krugmann, Mankiw) and their useless effects?   Is this just a lazy dig at ZH'ers or is there some point? 

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What strength level of Depends will restrain monkeys flying out of ass?

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Thanks for asking.  You will certainly need to employ maximum strength ChastiDepends- "Nothing goes in or comes out".

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In the EU there will be bank haircuts - and there will be fiscal controls.

EU will prevail. This present article's quotes are rhetoric aimed to produce EU discipline.

US spends more than twice the energy per capita than EU.

US has far worse tade balance and debt than core EU nations.

US has horrible infrastructure, education and income gaps like a banana republic.

US social strucure is crumbling and 2012 GOP victory wil cremate 80% of US'ians with austerity.

US/USD/Empire will collapse - beginning Q1/2012 and culminating in 2013.

Sleep tight, US'ians.

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And you think what--europe will flourish while the u.s. Goes down in flames. Har. When uncle Sam dies his little dog Europe will be buried alongside him.

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Sharia law across the caliphate of Eurabia.

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And Christian law in the US.

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Nobody flourishes. America becomes a Chinese colony.

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Amerikka might....but I'm confident there are a lot of Americans willing to tell Amerikka....and China....to go fuck themselves.


How that works out??.....probably badly....there will be blood.

In the end?

Nothing changes bitchez.



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Europe don't need Uncle Sam. Eurasia is already on its way.

Hey, German people ! It's time to dump the USSA and take delivery of your gold.

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Europe don't need Uncle Sam.

Except for self defense.  What happens to their budgets when the US withdraws all its bases?

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That's a wonderful idea.  Take your shitty cars with you too, and sell them to the Chinese instead.  Oh, and we'll withdraw our forces entirely, and let's see how well your economy reacts.  har har

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EU core nations....that is why EU will fail. Why would the core nations want to subsidize the lazy lifestyle of Greeks and Italians? They won't.

Different languages, cultures, and thousands of years of hatred and distrust in EU. A bunch of douchebag bankers can't make all of that go away. That is why they are trying to replace the native populations with Arabs, South Asians and Africans. A brave new world of misery for the remaining Europeons.

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That sums it up.  Levels of hatred and distrust we cannot understand in the US.  State rivalry is not the same at the Country level.  Will Germany ever let a few guys in Brussles decide anything of importance?  If you have time, check out the book Paris 1919, its about the Treaty of Versailles and all the normal things that happen when a bunch of countriies get together and are subject to Decision by Committee on important issues.    The main difference today is that Germany is the strongest country!!!!!!!   

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An excellent book!  American, ie Wilson, with his high minded ideaology and the French with their need for revenge and money (lots of it), the Brits with their desire for more territory (and oil) and the dumb fuck Italians thinking they deserve more territory too made for one hell of a circus.  We and the rest of the world are still suffering from the consequences.

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US citizens absolutely hate and despise each other along ethnic and ideological/party lines.

Have you not paid attention to the immigration war, culture war, class war rhetoric?

South hates north, middle hates coasts.

US is built on hatred and competition.

Soon, you will remember the civil war, race riots and all the other ugly scabs on US history as they resurface under austerity, poverty, increased unemployment, ever falling home prices.

Remember my prediction during the next nine months as you witness your empire crumble from within.

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And yet a black man is president.

You listen to the MSM to much.

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at the end, we all live in the same World, are people and God's children.

It wouldnt suprise me a bit if we come out of this mess on top as a more unified World....therefore a better place to live in....more productive and easier to live in so to speak...before you jomp...it is a general statement, but sooner or later at some point in time people will live in a unified place....perhaps we might be approaching the end of the line....with all the improvements in technology it is time for politics and the politicos to catch up...

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I dunno, there are more than a few of Satan's kids out there.

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Reality Check:

1  The once most inter-warring EU countries are now the most tightly co-operating countries.

2  middle easterners were invited into Europe - not to replace non-integrating Europeans, but as guest workers in the 1960s manufacturing boom

3 unlike US'ians, of whom only 12% own a passport and 90% know nothing about the world except what they are told by corporate controlled US TV - Europeans travel & work extensively in each others' countries.

Any US'ian who has not been to Europe should go - or shut up.

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Are you really that stupid or do you really believe the tripe you spew?


Besides, all those europeons jetsetting around the world is bad for the environment and causes global warming. They better stop before I call Al Gore

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What's your analysis, genius? Sound bytes is all you do. Have you been to Europe? Your "knowledge" is trite and old and boring. You are probably a backwoods hegemon living vicariously on US TV narcissism, priding yourself of holding a bit of PMs.

Sharpen your brain - argue why US doesn't collapse next nine months or two years or whatever - with facts, not diatribe plattitudes of inate superiority.

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Eureka, it's a race to the bottom.  Unfortunately, we have far more sheeple here than Europe does, and we do not have the same immigration demographics either.  It will be easier for TPTB to slow our decent for those reasons and more. 

If I were a betting man, I would be all in on Europe winning the race.  This isn't about superiority either.  We're both screwed.  It's time the West got its shit together and stopped fighting itself.  We have a lot of work to do if we expect to survive this and maintain our liberties.

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Post the truth and get junk rated, it's the ZH way.

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They have passports because until recently, passes were required to travel to a neighboring country.

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@sun tzu

 That is why they are trying to replace the native populations with Arabs, South Asians and Africans. A brave new world of misery for the remaining Europeons.

Once the Anglo-American empire will collapse, we will be free to kick the Afro-muslims colons out of our continent like we already did 500 years ago.


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They raid your house. Then tell you only Madagascar monkeys are permitted.

Oh, thats our regime...never mind ;-)

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If you cook and eat some monkeys and wash them down with giardia infected water, they will fly out of your ass.  For real.

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Why would you cook them? The brains are properly eaten from a live (but not for long) monkey. I've been told by someone that actually did this that it's a delicacy.


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What happens if the Eurozone discards mark to market on Megabank REO and other "Investments" like bonds issued by Greece, Spain, Italy and others?

That little ploy worked out well for the criminal cartel here in the good old USA.

Why won't it "save" the Eurozone banks?

Sounds like a deus ex machina about to burst onto the scene

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i would think 11/11/11 is a good candidate.  

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Psst..  It's history.  She's telling you something...