European Liquidity (Or The Complete Lack Thereof) Summarized In One Chart

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Courtesy of Morgan Stanley's Huw van Steenis, we present the only chart one needs to see to understand what is going on in Europe.

And as an added bonus we have two more charts: one which shows how the market has already priced in what has happened so far through bank default risk...

And the second which shows why our base case is now for the ECB to monetize 1.7 trillion euros over the next three years.

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Pffff...1.7T....I remember when that was a big number.

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Debt Rolling is different than Bailouting, the amount outstanding doesn't increase (ignore the interest).

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Bullshit, the cost of creating capital is still being ignored as capital now must be created to simply pay the daily bills.

Fine, tell you what, print some capital for me to run my business, allow ALL of us access to interest free money then monkey boy.

trav7777's picture

Monetize bitchez

Dismal Scientist's picture

See the Bundesbank monthly report posted yesterday on ZH.

You want a bailout ? Give us your beaches, bitches. The Germans do love to put their towels down...


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Just dig a deeper well dude. Problem solved.

Where do I send the bill?

Jim in MN's picture

"I shoulda known that no one clean would ever lie down quite that easy"

--Lifter Puller, The Flex and the Buff Result (defunct local MN/MA band)

fuu's picture

Great band. Last time I was at the 7th st ashtray their star was still there.

I like the cut of your jib.

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The Euro countries and the U.S. are beginning to face unpredicted competition in the credit markets. China is rapidly westernizing their credit markets through Hong Kong and ramping up their open market treasury sales.

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And with this article, ZH pulls the markets into the red no doubt.  Tyler, you are now the most powerful man in global markets. 

Sgt.Sausage's picture

The first rule of Fight Club is ... ???


Keep your piehole shut or we'll have to put together a body guard detail for Tyler soon.

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cat's outta the bag - over the last few months it has become obvious that most of MSM's pathetic "journalists" are all reading ZH. I read something here and within an hour I see it regurgitated, almost every ZH article now.

Quintus's picture

Agree.  It's been remarkable charting the improvement in the quality of financial journalism in most of the major 'Quality' newpapers here in the UK recently.  

It is very obvious though, that this has come about only because the journalists there are simply reading ZH and re-wording the insights and data they find here.  Sometimes they barely bother with the 'Re-wording' part.

infinity8's picture

Anything of importance re financial markets, geopolitical issues, etc. gets reported here first. I wonder how many goons in DC and the "intelligence" community get paid to read ZH all day. . . many, I'd wager.

strannick's picture

Yes, it seems investigative reporting for the MSM is now coming back in vogue. And by investigative, I mean cutting and pasting interesting articles from elsewhere. Did any one checkout the comments section at the 'Globe and Mail' after their dimissive article of ZH? It was like 30 comments in a row of Globe and Mail denunciations and anti-MSM bile. No doubt their will arise some 'moderation', like at Kitco for those who mention 'John Nadler'. Kitcos tax audit for their unaudited gold couldnt have happened to better guys.

SheepDog-One's picture

I hope the MSM reads my comments about them.

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

I hope the MSM sees this...

Gold $1896.00

Silver $43.94

snakeboat's picture

1 American Eagle @ APMEX $48.50 / $1994 

Wishing I'd bought more a while back...

Shirley Wilfahrt's picture

My mind's eye pictures golden threads amidst a steady stream of shit....


This is a good thing.

baby_BLYTHE's picture

and gold to rocket higher. $1,900 anyone?

The Man in Room Five's picture

19 to 20 will probably be the quickest jump yet

StychoKiller's picture

Highest print so far:  $1912.08/Toz

alexwest's picture

#is now for the ECB to monetize 1.7 trillion euros over the next three years.


we have a winner.. cause FED is going monetize at least 1 trln per eyar  4EVER..



Sequitur's picture

That's where I'll be putting some of my money. You know, investing with a non-bankrupt sovereign. Sadly that excludes the U.S. and much of Europe.

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+65.08 (0.60%) Real-time: 11:27AM EDT   it opened at plus 11k.   the market is losing a point a minute.. in the next hour or so we should be in negative territory.
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Makes me nervous for access and liquidity of my own cash in US banks.

ToddGak's picture

I have started to surreptitiously pull extra cash out at the ATM and stash it at home...just in case there's a bank run...

sasebo's picture

Tried to withdraw low 5 figures from local bank in cash Friday. They scurried around like crazy. Was told they had to go to the Fed for it & I would get it next Thursday. Like a mini run?

Pimp Juice's picture

ECB and Fed monetize trillions and my gold keeps going up. I sit and read Zero Hedge and get richer. That doesn't suck!

Careless Whisper's picture

your gold going up isn't going to make you rich, it's just going to keep you even.

Quintus's picture

If it keeps him even while eveyone else's paper is sinking towards worthlessness, doesn't that make him rich?

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King.

SheepDog-One's picture

Mad Max was rich, he had 5 gallons of gasoline, a can of dog food, and 1 shotgun shell. 

rosiescenario's picture

AND adog.........for awhile.....also, you overlooked the Crescent wrench and knee brace....valuable treasurers, no doubt.

SheepDog-One's picture

Thats right, a bottle of water is worth all a man has who is out lost in the desert. All perspective.

Herbert_guthrie's picture

A backstock of 5 gallons of gas, can of dog food, and one shotgun shell still puts him in a better position than most of the population.

DCFusor's picture

Well, if all you want it to be less desparate than the rest, wow, what a goal!  Me, I have higher goals, I like actually being well off, and to hell with judging if I'm doing better (or less bad) than the next guy, that's ignorant.  Just having some brains and sense accomplishes that...

Vision, people!

snowball777's picture

Great...a king with no depth perception.

Quintus's picture

Fortunately though, despite this lack of depth perception causing him to have frequent minor car accidents, there are never any credible eye-witnesses.

Nate H's picture


"If it keeps him even while eveyone else's paper is sinking towards worthlessness, doesn't that make him rich?

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King."


I disagree, quite strongly. Gold and silver are going to skyrocket, eventually. Then the amount of people who have any at all are going to be so 'rich' when everyone else has nothing. not a recipe for safe social situation. People will have to sell a gold coin for a loaf of bread or bottle of medicine.  People (esp on this site) need to look at the broader context of what 'end of fiat' means and stop being so gleeful.. Sure have some gold and silver. But have friends, skills, stuff and start thinking outside of relative pecuniary markers - they won't help in next paradigm as much as they have in this one.  Ie. buy some gold and silver - but above the amount required for personal safety I think its gonna be a trade with some unforseen negative externalities.

DCFusor's picture

Been saying the same for years myself, Nate.  And unlike all too many here -- actually doing something about it.  Moving to and working a farm was a real bear for this ex-city boy, but man, was it ever worth it.  I'm wealthy now -- but I also have money too.

All too easy to trust in "just the one thing, and now I don't have to think anymore".  Yeah, you get real far with set and forget thinking in real life, or even in trading.  Far from rich, that is.

JW n FL's picture

so you think people will trust fiat paper in the next 6 months?

well it is nice to have ssomeone who is positive around to brighten up the place..

but I think not.. but I am HAPPY! to be wrong.. but I once again, think NOT!

Zero Debt's picture

I rather be even with gold owners than bond holders...

SheepDog-One's picture

Thats OK, paper is always worthless. At least with gold, you COULD make your way to Peru where you could live like a king. 

Try taking your paper stocks or bonds there, theyll soak it in water and make a paper mache sculpture.