European Scramble To ECB Safety At Highest In Over A Year As ECB Deposits Surge To €167 Billion

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As of Monday, which may have been a holiday in the US but was anything but in floundering Europe, the ECB held a whopping €166.8 billion in its deposit facility. This is an increase of €15 billion over Friday, and is the highest since August 2010. What this means, simply said, is that European banks are so terrified of holdings cash with each other or frankly in any market conduit not explicitly backstopped by the ECB (we will spare you the LIBOR chart, suffice it to say that 3M USD Libor increased again, this time from 0.333% to 0.336% as perfectly non-shadow interbank funding is becoming rares than hen's teeth). Between the Libor chart and the amount of cash banks have dumped en masses with Trichet (who for some reason is considered a safe locus for capital), one will have a very good perspective of just how ugly the European funding crisis is. Tomorrow we also get an update of how many if any banks borrowed USDs on the special ECB lending facility, which in turn would mean a conduit loan from the New York Fed. If the answer is affirmative, and if one or more banks did indeed borrow dollars, expect SocGen and the usual European suspects to be slammed hard as usual in regular trading tomorrow.

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And away we go with ES and SPY manipulation, and in effect, the entire market.

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And I'll bet it tied the whole room together...

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That rug really tied the room together.

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so he thinks the carpet pissers did this?

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Yes but I'm starting to think their plan may have worked.   I've been as bearish as they come on the U.S markets (and long term I still don't see how an economy that manufactures absolutely nothing and can't dig anything out of the ground because of spotted lizards, and does nothing but give each other manicures and hand jobs can expect to grow with a "service economy"), but a couple of more meltups while all hell is breaking loose around the world, and the U.S. market may look like a fantastic place to put money.   Somehow we managed to export inflation to the emerging markets,  while having an attractive exchange rate against the pound, euro, swissie and yen.   Actually pretty amazing;  it still isn't going to end well, but short term funny things happen when credit risk really shows up in the models.  

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And the SPX should be down 100 points.  Unfukkingbelievable.  Oh well, time to swing long soon.

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And up we go. Nothing new and nothing we are not used to.

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Dear Algo-Ben & Co.,


You're hitting it a little hard today. Take it easy, someone might notice. I know most plebs are clueless but even the saps might notice this no volume melt-up semms a bit strange in the face of European banks blowing up. 



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PPT gone wild.

They're so clever. /sarc/

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I'll take 1 trillion at the window

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DXY up, equities up, bond yields down, oil down, gold down....yes...this makes perfect sense.......o_0

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This will send ES back up to the 1,350 level for sure.  I'm ready to give up.  Is there actually any legitimate way left to accumulate wealth, or am I doomed to being an overedcuated bartender for the rest of my life?

Seriously, every day it's more bad news but the markets remain, because it's not the worst news of all time.

I'm ready to see the thing break down, because from chaos comes higher order, but it seems that this Ponzi can go on forever, because there's no one to regulate the regulators who are behind the whole thing!

How many times have you seen a headline or comment here at ZH that said something like: Going Down, Kaboom, Game Over, There will be nothing left to do, X will have no choice but to, and so on . . . but they always weasle out.

Sorry for the rant, I'm just tired of being poor and ready to take up arms.

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Bartenders are always needed!

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If you know the ES is going to 1,350? what's the problem?  Sounds like you'll have the 25% return this year?  Volatility will actually make it easier to make money if you do your homework.  Yes buy and hold is probably dead but that would have happened ponzi or not as the math behind constrained resources and the required "exponential growth" that everyone expects are incompatible.   Fundamentals are still fundamentals, so sooner or later things will sort themselves out,  you just have to be smart on how you get there.    Think they are going to screw with the market?,  pair trade or get a dispersion trading model together.   Big money is going to have an even bigger advantage as things start sloshing around, but they can't make insolvent companies with bad business models make money.  They can levitate the stock for years, but it will come down sooner or later.  Yes it's a rigged casino, and no you don't know when the fix is in with loaded dice, but if every dollar in the casino is on the pass line, it's probably time to walk away or bet the other way.  There pulling out all the stops, and are trying to "get the suckers" back in the casino.   I used to think things came out of the blue but if you read this and a few other websites and listen to the TPTB they'll give you plenty of warning.  It's a slow motion train wreck.   Big problem isn't the accumulating of wealth, it's the storing it in something that doesn't get debased, confiscated, or burned to the ground in the great reset.   No offense but people aren't "doomed" to anything, no caste system in America; sounds like you are rationalizing your fear of learning/trying something new because you are worried you might fail.   Yes things may get bad and some people might not make it, but those who are prepared and work hard will always draw the best lot. 



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Wow, your rant beat the hell out of mine.  So far, accumulating wealth has been the problem for me.  Problem two will be figuring out how to store it, but one obstacle at a time . . . .

I'd really like to continue this conversation.  Please shoot me an email: mwpfsu at yahoo dot com with Yakmerchant in the subject.

Do you sell Yaks?

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Yep, the Plunger Group showed up at the end of the day to avoid a headfirst collapse of global equity markets.

Now we have to suffer through the typical "knee-jerk" reaction with Asian markets going vertical on a short squeeze.

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Now, we know why the WREPOFOR rose in the last three weeks in August.....for the same reason......European banks are most assuredly afraid of doing business with each other.





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Could elaborate on why it spikes up at the beginning of every month and then seems to plummet. Perhaps something else at work??

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and in the meantime the HFT pumps squeeze the shorts who dare

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It's so amusing (sarc) to watch these manipulated spikes - you know them by the fade after the bell.

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While frustrating time and time again at some point the "ramp" will not work. Do not let the absurdity of it all get you down or take you out of your game. This is working out for us. Maybe not as fast as we would like but the direction is clear. Remember what we are dealing with. Inmates that care about nothing but their job and their legacy. They will do everything in their power to keep the ship from sinking. They surely did all they could for the Titanic. But its fate was sealed from the first "crunch" of the berg. The dollar will still be the last one to reach the bottom. Sure looks like the Swiss are now helping things along.

Just be patient and for Gods sake, NO margin.

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after spending many years in wall street and after making and losing millions of dollars i
want to tell you this: it never was my thinking that made the big money for always was
my sitting.

jesse livermore

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The Euros and EU's funeral song, in german language what else of course...