European Stocks End Green (But Leaking) As Sovereigns Stagnate

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There has been a lot of bluster this week that tail-risks have been removed from Europe (thanks to The Dreme) and now ESM ratification can continue to hold up Europe's insolvent states. Europe's equity markets continue to lift (though slower and slower), Europe's VIX has fallen again (post ESM decision), Europe's credit spreads continue to compress and squeeze tighter, and sovereign bonds rally - at the short-end. The one fly in the ointment - is that the last three days have seen very little movement in Bond yields for Spain, Italy, and France - only Germany's 10bps yield decompression has been the driver of perceived risk changes for the periphery. EURUSD is now 1 sigma rich to its swap-spread fair-value model - which is unusual. It seemes -just as in the US MBS market - the rumor has been bought, as stocks in Europe also leaked lower from the ESM announcement time spike.


EURUSD has become a little exuberant- as is clear (lower pane) it has seldom traded more than 1 sigma rich to its swap-spread fair-value...


and Sovereign yields have stagnated this week...


and European stocks leaked lower post the ESM decision...


Charts: Bloomberg

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So markets still running wild with faux Euro-thusiasm.  Dollar still a large pile of rubbish. 


Nothing to see here moving on . . .

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DOn't worry, one or two well placed rumors or sound bytes will fix that "leak" real fast.


The game of fools continues...we are the pawns.

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more euro-doom from the guys who were telling you to be short the 26% rally in 4mos on broader EU and 35% in 2mos in Spain. 

Let me know when you're thinking of getting long so I'll know when to book profits.

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If you visit here or any other web site for trading advice you are as stupid as your statement makes you out to be. BTW yahoo finance message boards misses you. Back there you go troll.

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Let me know when you're thinking of getting long...


The answer is never. I hope that means that you will wait forever to sell.

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BAE and EADS fusion the day bankruptcy union is inaugurated and Libya US ambassador is rubbed out...not bad, not bad at all, European illuminati.

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so the whole world's markets are on hold waiting for a bunch of hebes sitting in a room to decide how much money they're gonna print tomorrow... correct me if i'm wrong