Europe's Banking Union 'Non-Solution'

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While not quite Biderman-rant-worthy, Stratfor's more-attractive-than-Charles Kristen Cooper provides a brief and clear explanation, in this clip, of why the creation of a European banking union, which seems to be the cure-du-jour, will do little to help the eurozone's ongoing crisis in the short-term. The degree of political integration required in order to agree on such a solution will take years to conclude in her opinion with the various constituencies all with different levels of urgency and time-horizon. The sad truth is that while focusing on yet another grand plan will make the leaders of Europe appear as though they are doing 'something' (to themselves and others), a banking union in and of itself does little to solve the raging unemployment and more specifically the distrust of Spanish banks. The idea of a banking union is not new (where Berlin would share liabilities for deposits held by Spanish banks, for example, and in return would enable an integrate supervisor of the financial sector - some sovereignty give-ups), but as Kristen concludes: "How long can the eurozone's political elite focus on long-term solutions concerned with sovereign debt and banking bailouts before a genuine social crisis emerges."

In a little under 4 minutes Cooper provides everything you need to know about the 'possibilities' of the Banking union - and its clear non-panacea - but were afraid to ask.

Beware the distraction of this topic by the propoganda-mongerers - as Stratfor quite clearly demonstrate, this is not a solution.

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"The Plan" is to throw money at it those financial wizards at Davos 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 concluded

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and Plan B is Geithner and Krugman doing world tours (to anyone who'll listen) entitled "Throw Even More Money At It"

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So they want to make the EU like US. They should institutionalize the banksters.

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That was an excellent synopsis of where we are. She is one sharp lady, well spoken, makes her point, and makes the entire process easy to understand for the "brilliant ones". Kudos Zero Hedge. Well done.

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We are experiencing nothing short of a coup by the bankers.   Very few have been held accountable and more power has been consolidated as a result of this crisis.   My solution is not violent revolt but simple non participation.   Nothing will cause the machine to grind to a halt more effectively than people moving to cash transactions.

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This is a form of Euro bonds no?  Merkel won't have it.  Why even call it the Eu anymore since Germany is left holding the bag? They are he..lbent on keeping the charade as long as possible incredible really.