Europe's Scariest Chart... Got Scarier

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While the general level of unemployment in Europe is rising in a scary enough way (more detail here), the one really concerning data point has gone from bad to worse. When we last looked at youth unemployment in Europe, things were stabilizing a little, though at extremely lofty levels. With the release of July's data, the situation has deteriorated rapidly; Euro-Zone youth unemployment hs now ticked back up to its euro-era record-high of 22.6% (18-year highs). Only Portugal saw an improvement is the rate of unemployment among the Under-25 age group (from 37.6% to 36.4%) though it remains anarchically high. Italy was the hardest hit, back above 35% with its largest rise in youth joblessness in 5 months, Ireland rose back above 30% for its biggest rise in 11 months as France jumped to two-year highs and Spain and Greece are practically deadlocked with ~53% of their younger-generation out of work - new all-time records. Why do we worry? Why is this so scary? Two reasons - this and this.



Data: Bloomberg

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weltvermesser's picture

anyone who studied european history knows why this is the 

Scariest Chart possible! a german i well know!

Ahmeexnal's picture

Yep....the eurosheeple will someday find out who has benefited from the complete fleecing of the rest of europe.

Nussi34's picture

Why scary? It means lots of cheap & young hookers!

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

and many young boy with brown shirt and jack boot to recruit!

jonytk's picture

and that is the most scary part,

hopefully we don't have any warmonger republican in Europe...


Sudden Debt's picture

we could all move to America to find a job right?.... right?....

on the other side, try finding people to hire these days here in Belgium. it's a pain in the but. every applicant gets hired, good or no good, we'll see how he or she turns out.
and the wages that these young people expect!
Fresh out of school and they're already talking of 5000 euros to start, company car, iphone, ipad, laptop, group insurrance, retirement plan and of course a expe se account!
and after 4 weeks, poof they're gone.
we pay young starting people 2500 euro to start without benefits. I think thats really good! and when you offer them that you should see their faces....
and at every opportunity they get they complain about their salary. Even the once who dropped out of school without and diplomas or whatsoever,but they all expect to be paid top euro's.
I even once said to this young kid how much I made after working for over 11 years, and I make a good living, I'm a senior manager.... and than he said with a straight face: when I'm THAT old, I wouldn't work for at least double of that amount...l I'M IN THE TOP 3 of the company on the wage scale! And he found way to low!
Young kids.... they see television and think everybody has a mansion, swimming pool and goes on vacation 4 times a year and of course they think they don't need to work'..

A year ago I had a applicant, fresh out of school, and he only wanted to start at a management possition for no less than 7500 euro! FRESH OUT OF SCHOOL!!!
yeah... mom and dad told him that was the bottom to start....

jonytk's picture

Hi, can you tell me the name or website of your company?.

I need urgently a job. I'm from Spain, 29, with Computer technician and Development of mechanical projects (autocad, catia) studies. Willing to move worldwide. I recently worked for the Spanish goverment in Egypt.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

same as every other recent period, Rothschild family of banker and money changer... this time is so different?

YuropeanImbecille's picture

I am European, and these "unemployed youths" are weed smoking gangsterrapper wannabes. Anyone with an education will find work very easily.

malikai's picture

...Precisely the demographic most likely to riot ala U.K. last year. Of which I had the pleasure of witnessing firsthand.

Give me iPad or... I will take it.

YuropeanImbecille's picture

because we are socialist pussies allowing for these kind of attitudes and behaviour.

These fuckers should be clubbed down or shot with rubber bullets, instead we send them 98 trucks full of iPads and cash.


Sadly the same kind of people have found their way to ZH to hate the people who feed them, because they are the '99%' who are DENIED free cocaine and prostitutes with a penthouse apartment by the greedy hard working people on this planet.

Fuck those working assholes! why should they have it better off than the lazy fine young men staying awake all night watching MTV and smoking weed?



TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


because we are socialist pussies allowing for these kind of attitudes and behaviour.

These fuckers should be clubbed down

So what's holding you back? Grab your club and reveal to the world that your secret identity is, in fact, Testacles, modern day hero.

AldousHuxley's picture


Spain's bank bailout fund, known as FROB, said in a separate statement that it will inject capital into the bank immediately, as an advance of the €19 billion in aid that Bankia will receive from the EU,


austerity and beatings of young to make them work as slaves to state debt will pay for FROB.


even manufacturing suicidal slaves in China are about to get canned as manufacturing index hits low.



bankers fucked it up real bad but nobody can touch them....that's the really scary part.

q99x2's picture

I don't work and I would not riot either. But I am pretty sure that in general the wealth of socialist states is artificial and you do not receive payment that has a value outside the confines of the state. So in a way you too are being shipped Ipads indirectly from the pay deducted from the Chinese workers that made them. It is unfair but at least if the banksters are locked up and done away with the rule of law may be established. That would be a start to end the unfairness.

Anyhow the elite of which I may be one ain't all that organized.

Max Keiser had an interesting guest that is a complex systems expert (so he says.) Anyhow, the guy said the 40% of income cost of food is being breached in many countries at this time and we are pretty close to breaking out into chaos in a lot of locations around the globe.

And, just because I don't and won't work does not mean that I don't do more than those that do work. I must both exercise which for me is jogging 35 miles a week and read, write and learn. Otherwise I am not content. This what I do is not the same as wasting my life away to make a buck. That is just as bad to me as watching MTV and smoking weed or drinking alcohol.

Stay the course.

mick_richfield's picture

Um, come again?

Working is as bad as intoxication and indolence in front of the TV?

Would you care to explain the moral foundation of that sophisticated philosophy?

Rattling Bones's picture

Yeah,  working is far worse than chilling with a cool buzz in front of the tube.

Reptil's picture

I see... you're a fascist idiot, repeating generalisms you found in your local Sturm und Drang subscription.

Do you REALLY think those kids don't want to work and get out of the house, make some money? pff

Sudden Debt's picture

90% of all kids are lazy as hell. stupid as a rock and arrogant like kings.

StychoKiller's picture

73.6% of all statistics are made up... :>D

Ahmeexnal's picture

Time for big pharma to roll out new miracle drugs...or repackage old ones, like Thalidomide or Thanatoxin. T

he sheeple never question "scientists" or people with white robes....or bankers.

The German manufacturer of a notorious drug that caused thousands of babies to be born with shortened arms and legs, or no limbs at all, issued its first ever apology Friday - 50 years after pulling the drug off the market.

Gruenenthal Group's chief executive said the company wanted to apologize to mothers who took the drug during the 1950s and 1960s and to their children who suffered congenital birth defects as a result.

"We ask for forgiveness that for nearly 50 years we didn't find a way of reaching out to you from human being to human being," said Harald Stock. "We ask that you regard our long silence as a sign of the shock that your fate caused in us."

Perfect timing.  Apologize 50 years later to those mothers (how many are still alive??).  Maybe in 100 years they will finally start handing out compensation checks to the surviving ones.  "Well, we are willing to pay, but no one has shown up to collect."

malikai's picture

Ironically, Thalidomide has found a new use in the field of cancer treatment.

BandGap's picture

It is also highly effective against leprosy.

sessinpo's picture

They were educated. It just wasn't the education you are thinking of. Productive people and the few liberty minded on the conservative right have a hard time understanding this.

YuropeanImbecille's picture

I am sorry if a degree in goat herding or gangsterrap is not as useful as previously expected.

Ahmeexnal's picture

Actually, goat herding will become very useful....when they round you up and send you to the re-education camps.

Harbanger's picture

They probably won't allow any goat herding in them re-education camps, so I refuse  go along with any "ROUNDING UP" plans.  You'll have to chase this little sheep further than you could ever run.

AldousHuxley's picture

uneducated = if I pray hard enough I will go to heaven and get rich

educated = paris hilton makes how much on her shitty album deal?


when communist took over, they got rid of rich and intellectuals.


it is scary how little do you need to know to be cast as "educated" by the retards living off of welfare and government jobs.....especially the PIGS crowd.



Harbanger's picture

Paris Hilton was never cast as "educated" by anyone except the MSM.  She's a living example of the liberal media hype, don't blame the little pigs who are being force fed this garbage.

jelyfish's picture

LMAO you're blaming liberal media for Paris Hilton hype.  You should reread Sarah Palin's book.

Sudden Debt's picture

Goat herding is a real Graduate course in Europe... there a graduate program for about everything over here...

Green Tea's picture

Well, my knowledge might be limited to Italy, but there it's easier to find a job if you drop out of school at 12 than if you graduate from a top b-school...this is exactly what's scary. Top students are leaving, "weed smoking gangasterrapper wannabees" are staying.

StychoKiller's picture

Plumbers, mechanics and carpenters will always be in demand.

Hype Alert's picture

Quick, somebody give another speech!

trebuchet's picture

With more frightfest to come...

weltvermesser's picture

this one is not funny at all: too high youth unemployment means: radicalisation, espcially if it`s young men. hitler would habe never succeeded if not a similar development would have taken place in the 1930ties

the "SPIEGEL" had a versy good article about "the mostz dangouros part of society. = young man without work and a perspective for live. that`s why muslim radicals can suceed and why hitler had sucess

YuropeanImbecille's picture

is there anything else you know besides your fucking-never-ending-yapping-on-about-hitler?


we understand you have been trough the denazification program but niggah please!

weltvermesser's picture

yxou must be fucking idiot! it`s not about hitler here, but still it`s a good example how dangerous high youth unemployment can be. 

smiler03's picture

He's just a troll. a refreshing change from MDB.

YuropeanImbecille's picture

I am not a troll, but people need to realize that they have responsibilities in life as well as rights.

Where do all these fucking "free lunch, oh shit my wellfare cash is late" shitbags come from? Is it because that fucktard Alex Jones links here to ZH?

The facts & figures presented here at ZH are very useful and quickly published, but half the fucking comments are about alien abductions and chemtrails and other idiot shit for the retarded idiots who think they are "AWAKE"™ because they are scared their free lunch will soon be over.




weltvermesser's picture

RIGHT! coudn`t agree more on that one and hate the attitude here in germany "big daddy state do it for me".7

Austrian Economics FTW! take on selfresponsibitlity and stop blaming others or the state. But the state needs to stop spending on special interest stuff.

YuropeanImbecille's picture

now you just fell down your own "oh my god its hitler" special needs trap.

What you are saying above is common sense, and that according to the socialist doctrine is inhumane and the most satanic that could come out of anyones mouth.


The state is your mother, father, sister and tells you how to live your life, NEVER EVEN BOTHER to think for yourself. There is at least one "directorate" or "amt" in your case, that will be just a phone call away to tell you what to think and how to act.


My point I made earlier was that the logical process ends here for you, because you have been trough the "denazification" process which is still ongoing today in Germany. I understand that this is the end of your road, and I apologize for going apeshit before, but I have started to recent and hate things that look human, but lack a soul and free will.

or as your beloved ones call them "goyim".

Maghreb's picture


Imbecille to calculate how full off shit you are we need your exact location in Europe. The fact that you have 4chan Pedobear as an avatar makes me think the Netherlands. Thats where they legalized child porn for about ten years, alot of you guys are into that 4Chan nonce shit. At the same time the slight full spectrum racism and disgust at socialism makes me think some piss-ant suburb of a major French city.

YuropeanImbecille's picture

First things first. Normally I do not communciate with arabized subhuman terrorists, but the sun is shining today so I will make an execption.


1. The "peddobear" is a retarded mistake by me, I googled "BEAR" to find a avatar showing a bear and found this one looked funny. 

This is why I wanted a bear avatar:


2. I am a child of hardcore socialism, I am born and raised in what would be better described as "almolst communist" SCANDINAVIA. So I have seen first hand what socialism does to people, how it kills and pacifies them and makes them into pretty little flesh dolls without minds. How it stiffles people who could have made a huge impact on the world.

I understand socialist countries can seem wonderful from the outside, with all the perfect propaganda communicated about long holidays and wonderful human rights and equality and bla bla

But the truth is that you pay a price, you pay with your mental health. Intellectuals in fact become an enemy of the state.


Check out how the Swedes treated Assange for not trusting their fucked up satanist system:



And lastly we have your filthy kind around here, but that mistake will correct itself within the coming 5 years, and this time I hope we follow you to your countries and annihiliate all of your disgutsting kind.


JonNadler's picture


Pretending to be from another country won't help you around here. I once pretended to be from Djibouti, saying you can't eat gold in Arabic and they realized it was me right away.

How do you say "you can't eat gold" in Swedish?

northerngirl's picture

Why is it we hear the strongest and best arguments against Communism and Socialism from those that have live under it?  Maybe those that have under it should talk to those who spew the, "Utopia splendor", of the, "Theory", of living under it?

Bobbyrib's picture

Where did all these new posters come from?

falak pema's picture

Ayn Rand syndrome. Now explain why the Capitalists have copy cat cloned the despotism of past as World Inc. made in USA? 

jwoop66's picture

How dare you rag on socialism around here!?   Don't you realize when the govt fucks you over, you need to let the govt make it all better for you? 

GlomarHabu's picture



You would be amusing if ... no you're a mentally ill person. I wish you well.