Europe's Tallest-To-Be Building Is Burning - Live Feed

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First the Costa Concordia was a sinking example of the failing European experiment, now we may have an even better case study of the continent's burning ambitions, as the Moscow Federation Tower, designed to be the tallest building in Europe, is engulfed in flames. As RT says, "As firefighters try to put out the flames on the top floors, the danger the incomplete building might collapse is growing every minute." Watch live here until the feed is shut off.

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I'd like to take this opportunity to say, trav is phuckstick.


End of message.

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No problem we know that tall burning buildings fall into there own footprint.

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1. Was insurance coverage doubled?

2. Has short interest on the applicable postions been placed?

3. Have all the video tapes been confiscated?

4. How do you say patriot act in Russian?

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Hindenburg event. How fitting for a burning continent.
So when does the second Antonov AN-225 strike the tower?

Seems like the power elite need such events before rolling out the newly creaded "police forces".
Enter the Russian muttawa:

A Russian newspaper reports that the country’s authorities are pondering the creation of a new power agency, the national guard, to fight external and internal threats.

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Exactly Ghordius.
Just as Hanussen predicted:
As to another of his predictions:!

It is also coming....AGAIN.

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Shit.    Was it hit by an airline full of flaming bolsheviks?

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Ahh yes, an unfocused fire takes a core like this:

And turns it into a smoldering liquified heap with not a trace left, that stays liquified for the next 6 months, like this:

It's the new physics I learned in 2001.



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Tyler, relax! You are overworked.

"the Costa Concordia was a sinking example of the failing European experiment"

Relation to Captain making stupid mistakes because of the EU? How?

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Last I saw, the captains of Europe were making plenty of mistakes.  The ship is sinking.

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Ah, a metaphore. Worse than World Wars?

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A Russian newspaper reports that the country’s authorities are pondering the creation of a newpower agency, the national guard, to fight external and internal threats.


Now, I wonder where they got that idea??

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The really tough bit is chosing the shirt color for the agents. Brown? Black?  Ah, choices.

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"Hunger Games" has them wearing white.

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It's the least Barry can do to help out a fellow statesman like Putin in need:

[snip] (Emphasis mine):

"Most important, Mr. Putin’s decade-old autocratic regime is looking shaky. Hundreds of thousands of Russians have turned out to demonstrate against fraud in the presidential and parliamentary elections, and to demand political reform. Many Russian experts are saying that the Kremlin’s economic and political policies are unsustainable, and that Mr. Putin will not finish his six-year term unless he makes major concessions to the opposition — which he shows little sign of doing.

Remarkably, however, President Obama has responded to Mr. Putin’s return to the presidency by strongly affirming his commitment to partnering with the strongman. His meant-to-be-confidential assurance to outgoing President Dmitry Medvedev on Monday, that “after my election I have more flexibility” to solve “all these issues, but particularly missile defense,” was only the latest sign that Mr. Obama has decided to bet on deal-making with Mr. Putin rather than on democratic change in Russia."

Flexibility huh....He should probably start with a little light body scanning and work his way up from there.

In Russia, the letters TSA translate into 'KGB'.


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Interesting idea.

The National Guard is us. Would we "obey" and kill our neighbors.


Would we be well trained and informed (and armed) revolutionaries?

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Doesn't Larry Silverstein own this building?


Primitive Skills Classes:

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I thought it was called the Israeli Fire Department, "So good we know you need us before the fire's even started."

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Oi vey!

Wait until my mother finds out about this....

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post deleted - cyrillic script failed

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It's not as funny in English?

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Sometimes banana is just a banana and fire is just a fire.

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"Patriot Act in Russian?" is pronounced, P.U.T.I.N.

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Have the found the passports of the 'terrorists' at the base of the building .... in pristine condition?

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But there weren't even any windows to be broken!

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We all know that Bush did it with thousands of co-conspirators who not only pulled it off, but all kept quiet about it.


May as well believe in elves and goblins for as smart as you nutballs sound.

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Ignorance is bliss....or how much of the $10 billion inusrance payout did you get?.....or ......are you a real person or one of those NSA cyborgs?

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Zero, and i've been here a long time fighting the ignorance that gives ZH a bad name.

I am just in awe of the kind of rationalization required to simultaneously believe that the federal government is incompetant (which it is) yet in the case of 9/11, pulled off the greatest piece of open-air theater ever accomplished without anyone spilling the beans. Idiots say things like, "well they fell straight down! how do you explain that?" to which I can say, "A basic understanding of engineering and gravity would tell you that the curtain wall construction of the WTCs made it much more likely for the burning jet fuel to compromise the integrity of the long steel beams holding up the floors, causing one to pancake down on the others."

But at that point the 9/11 truther has gone back to knawing on the doggie toy because materials engineering is a communist conspiracy cooked up by Cheney in the bunker outside Moscow.

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The Borg wipe out all of your brain cells needed for rational thinking, at least that's what I have heard, don't they?

Sorry Sister, large buildings weren't built that way back in the mid-20th century. Who is feeding you this utter nonsense? NSA? Koch Brothers? Dick Cheney? Have you ever heard of the RichStag Fire? Do you know the legal definition of a conspiracy? Have you ever looked at the buildings falling in slow motion? Have you ever heard of Newton's laws of physics? Are you a machine? (ref: if the Borg left you any cognitive capcity...

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The WTC wasn't built back in the mid 20th century. Construction was started in 1971 using a revolutionary and unique design that relied upon the strong outer curtain wall which allowed for wide open internal office space without many support pillars. The planes ripped that curtain open and sprayed the floors with burning jet fuel. That fuel caused the steel to warm up, and since you know that warming metal causes it to expand and lose its structural integrity, the floors began to sag and finally fall. Without internal support columns, things fall down very quickly.

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Jet fuel can't melt construction steel. Furthermore, when only side of building's support is crippled, it collapses in a different manner.


P.S. BTW, what a happened to that WTC building 7 ?

You should really learn you history, i'd suggest you to start with how US entered WW2... you know, that story where Roosevelt forced Japan to attack Pearl Harbor. Oh, and their fleet was tracked all the way from Japan to Pearl Harbor to make sure nothing will go wrong. It's all the same.




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Isn't it obvious? Once the rules were changed to where jet fuel can crumble a steel building in upon itself by shearing the steel without it bending, then it became instantly possible for an office fire to do the same thing.

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Perhaps you could benefit from looking at some pictures of the bent steel in the rubble.

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Can you explain why the inner column supports were not left standing at least part of the way?  I understand the design completely and as a mechanical engineer that has done solid modeling and strength analysis, I can say the the inner core that was made up of MANY columns and supports would at lest be standing at 30%.. MINIMUM!!  We won't even debate the thermodinamics of the situation as to how hot for how long it would take to weaken the steel supports.. Have you actually seen footage of the buildings coming down?  If you have, and do not think something is wrong with the official explanation, well, i'm sorry to say, you are a moron.. And probably have ZERO engineering or design experience with structural steel.. I do..

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All the corner columns have "moment connections" which prevent vertical failure. For all these to fail is almost impossible. Whether this was a US government's job other government's job, or insurance fraud, I can't say.

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Ignore Xeno the same way she-he-it has ignored the overwhelming evidence surrounding that fateful day that had led to so much global misery. Anyone who doesn't recognize that 9-11 was a staged event by now is a fucking idiot

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That doesn't follow.  Just because something lead to misery and increased government power doesn't mean that it was the government that did it.  They clearly TOOK ADVANTAGE of the situation, but that does NOT imply that they caused it to happen in a direct manner.

The government is evil, but that doesn't mean that all evil comes from the government.  Evil comes about when men commit aggression against one another.  The government might have CAUSED 9/11 through their relentless oppression of muslims, but that doesn't mean that they planned and executed it.

Learn to think like a rationalist, please.

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where in my post did you read the word "government"? The Government is us, "we the people". You know, we wanted to form a more perfect union.. Just because a small handful of globalist maniacs and their brainwashed puppets managed to make you actually believe that the thermite was sprinkled around the debris? That Hijacker passports survived the blast and surfaced in perfect condition at the base of towers? 6 out of 9 commissioners that were assembled to create the report have come public and said the invesitgation was compromised. I guess you chose to ignore that memo. Building 7 alone is the smoking gun.

Until we come to grips and truth about this day as a nation, and as human beings world wide we will not move ahead.

And a sincere "fuck you" to all who will not support a new and impartial PUBLIC investigation into September 11, 2001. Especially Americans. You are cowards and traitors




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"Truthers" could be a cargo cult, then?

Could be.  I'm sorry we spend so much energy on details that, in the larger picture, are completely superfluous by now, regardless of what really happened in 2001 NYC.  

To give them what it seems to me should be considered a reasonable amount of credit, it's not like the various players they believe pulled off the job wouldn't do it if they could. 

More importantly, I can't help but think, what's followed has certainly made for a seamlessly fascist sequence of events. 

I wish "truthers" would just stick to those indisputable facts.

Everything that has followed 9-11 has been more than enough to confirm their basic instincts, it seems to me.  Do we really have to argue about individual punches in this fight?

Do we have such perverse luxury?

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OK Brainiac, correlation doesn't imply causation; Tyler has pressed that point home well enough.  Explain how the BBC reported that tower 7 fell with the damn thing standing in the background of the video and 20 minutes later it really did?

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Tmosley, I'm not saying the governement did it. I'm saying the "official" story is full of holes and outright lies.. Any person with and even marginal ability to reason would have to conclude something isn't right..

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All the corner columns have "moment connections" which prevent vertical failure. For all these to fail at the exact same time is impossible. (fixed)

3 times in one day?

I did not want to believe it either.                                                     

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Watch the video of WTC1's collapse. Try to block out the voices in your head while watching. CLEARLY, many the central columns remain standing for a few seconds. Please explain to me why everyone bent on conspiracy can't see what is plainly in front of their own eyes?

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"Jet fuel can't melt construction steel."

Melting isn't required; all that is necessary is losing about half the carryign capacity of the beams, and the structure comes down. As it happened.

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Finally someone has found the cheapest and most efficient way to pull a building.

You'll become seriously rich if your method works.

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I guess you didn't notice the fact that this method of "demolition" was quite catastrophic and took a decade to clean up.