Eurozone Summit Webcast Resumes

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To anyone who still has the energy to be lied to over and over by a bunch of corrupt, broke, pathologically lying bureucrats, feel free to tune in.

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We can, we must, we will!  (And by "we" we mean the German people, and all of their current and future economic output)


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Can't take much more of this 'market', a word I use lightly.

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What do you expect? Just like you said...they are trying to get 4 out of a 3 and a 2....just not going to happen. Logically.

Reminds me of my many layers of shingles can i put on before I have to start over????


jesus christ on a cracker

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Still, rather more interested to be lied to w/ foreign accents and interesting phrases than just watching the C-Span li-a-thon.

Wait a minute - we have dueling lies...ohhhhh, which do I watch live and which DVR to relive later???

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Just as music makes poetry easier for the brain to remember,  bullshit makes it easier for the brain to remember political (and religious) words.  The best bullshitters of any society will lead, as the bullshit they create is remembered the most.

Stop complaining about politicians bullshitting the dumbasses.    It must be this way, for the exact same reason that people obsessively listen to music.   

Don't complain about something that is natural.   Enjoy the bullshit.  It takes as much skill to create good bullshit as it does good music.  

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Tyler, your summary of the events in Europe is generous, but otherwise correct!

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did you see how they embraced the euro flag with two yellow arrows on the top and botttom, hence giving the blue an oval form, so that with the golden rings inside the flag looks more like an eye. the allmighty, overseeing eye.
fucking sick these psychopaths.

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They got absolutely nothing of substance to announce. They will go home to announce of victory, integration, possible China white knight, etc. They set the bar high, and they crawled underneath it.

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Actually these people are the perfect product of an entire system organized around idealistic lies. So they, like parrots , do what they have been trained and even honored to do...  lie!

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Forget that foreign word "ideals." We have that good old native word: "lies." - Ibsen

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And here we go, again: “Every government is run by liars,” independent journalist I.F. Stone observed, “and nothing they say should be believed.”

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Before I watch all the burning lies, I apply a generous amount of SPF 30 to my eyes.

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Tyler, your review of the program made it sound SO enticing, but alas, I have some important stuff to do like pick some apples and feed the deer. Let us know what happens, OK?