EURJPY Falters As ECB's Weidmann Suggests Savior Of Last Resort Won't Be There

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I think it's become abundantly clear that the hope that the ECB would not become the lender of last resort has faded. Quickly. Thursday's 1 year BTP auction was a farce.....................

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It's amazing to me that underlying all of this is the belief that declining markets are somehow "bad". 

How on earth can any true capitalist believe this?  A market is *meant* to hand your ass to you if you do something stupid. 

The notion that the ECB, or any central bank has any business preventing a declining market is completely 'off the charts' insane.  A market is a mechanism for price-discovery, period.  If idiots are not taught a lesson by Mr. Market (ie:  if the market is artificially stimulated) the only thing that will be accomplished is an increase in the number of idiots.

Let. Shit. Fail.

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stop being so rational.  it's not fair for people to lose money.

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Bla bla bla. Print they will. You can bet the farm on it. 

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Never underestimate the joy germans receive from suffering.

My god! Ninety percent of BDSM fetish porn is german.

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there's an entire TV channel mostly devoted to reinforcing their perpetual guilt

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Wow, someone who gets it!

How long do you give him?


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Not long at all. There is a GS `advisor` already lined up to replace him following the imminent discovery of kiddie porn on his home computer.

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Isn´t there a spagetti auction later today? That will be interesting to watch...

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*ITALY 2016 BONDS BID TO COVER 1.47X   VS 1.34 ON OCT. 13


Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) -- The following issue went on sale today:

Issuer:                  Government of Italy
Manager:                 Bank of Italy

Type:                    Bond
Amount Tendered:         4.406 billion euros
Amount Allotted:         3 billion euros
Bid to Cover Ratio:      1.47
Average Price:           94.03 percent
Average Yield:           6.29 percent
Coupon:                  4.75 percent
Maturity:                Sept. 15, 2016
Settlement:              Nov. 16, 2011

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Yeah, we know 'the government of Italy' issued these bonds, we see the other specifics; ie, amount tendered, etc...

What we don't know is who bought the 4.06 billion euros of bonds...

Anyone care to hazard a guess?... and, not 'direct' vs 'indirect'... I'm talking specifics.

Since we can be fairly certain that no sane individual investor would put up money for this bond offering we are left with soverigns or central banks... which are quickly becoming the same thing.

Hey, for all we know the US Citizens might be the purchaser via the Fed.

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Aaaand after auction:


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But, but, but, Italy was annexed by Germance and Il Duce 2.0 was appointed leader. Everything was sorted, right? 

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From Bailout Nation to BAILOUT WORLD BABY! "What do we want!"..."Ten TRILLION!" "When do we want it?"..."NOW!" Now get that Kernan guy on this PRONTO!

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I have never understood why this is so hard.

Cut government expenditures thirty percent, primarily transfer payments from the productive to non productive.

Assure the population no one is allowed to starve.

Kill a bunch of rioters over the next month, the ones intent on disruption and destruction. Peacefull protests always tolerated. A few hundred anarchists dead will deter the others. Shoot on sight without warning any person with a molotov. Of course a few mistakes will be made, but a few dozen innocent killed accidentally in a country of thirty million is nothing.

Why is that so hard? Isnt it better to get it over wirh now while the situation is semi controllable?

The fewest number of people suffer this way.

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I don't think you've been to Italy yet. :-)

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compound debt can no longer be repaid.  I assume you can do math

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It seems, finally the germans are on to te game. (that Italy can't make it, under these conditions, and they'd be "helping them" perpetually.)
This outweighs the nice trade relationship between Italy and Germany for sure. ooops walked into a debt trap.
I'm sure putting a straight up Goldman Sachs guy at the helm raised some heads in Frankfurt.
Currency wars heating up. What will be the counter move?

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Let us hope so (about raising some heads). Why anyone would think these bankers have even the capability of looking out for ANYONE's good is beyond me. The minions think they will be blessed as the water carriers of the elite. They are so, so wrong. As the 60 Minutes show just demonstrated, they will be thrown under the bus as expediently required. No mercy means no mercy to anyone. When will idiot humans get it through their heads that joining the dark side provides no salvation, even in this world.

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The dark side are not looking for salvation.  The are simply looking for power and capital gains.  Only mass protest and litigation will take them out. 

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Agree. What I meant was that the PTB always need a second and third layer to execute their plans. People in those layers think the PTB will protect them because they are willing servants. In reality, they will be disposed of when useful to the PTB to do so. No mercy.

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"Why anyone would think these bankers have even the capability of looking out for ANYONE's good is beyond me."


The bankers are sociopaths and are definitely looking out for their own good.

The citizens of the US totally misunderstand the current situation. The citizens still believe that the US gov and Wall St are working for the best interests of America and American citizens... but this simply is not so.

Hunger will be a big wake up call and motivator. America is on the fast track to third world status...


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Chinese spotted selling Euro's on heavy volume!!!

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link to source please.....?

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You mean shatty, not chatty.

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Listen to the official propaganda from EU-dictatorship after placing two of their own, unelected sock puppets to "lead" Greece and Italy and dismissing the ELECTED governments.


Uh huh...

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People can argue about whether ot not there is a Savior of last resort. The system of unjust weights and measures is an abomination, willful rebellion for which there is no forgiveness. Central banks can restore that which they stole by fraud, or take their just reward. Debt brings poverty. The currency is the lock on the prison gate.

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for most of the past 1000 years, being in debt was considered tantamount to sin

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its not his comments....EUR was supposed to come down anyway....the dollar is doing this PARALLEL the 30 minutes...I posted in the morning when the dollar was just resting on that lower trend line....The dollar moved up and the INDIAN markets fell....and now others are going down ....The inverse...correlation with the dollar is now 100% .....if u take a look at that chart it looks like the dollar is going to form a HnS or better a DIAMOND .....for this the recent high should not be breaced .....and this will the FUEL behind the NEXT rally which will take the Stocks higher ....and the Snp higher than the last high of 1292...

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That isn't a falter, that's a collapse. If 105 doesn't hold there's a lot of air down to 102. After 102 it's market crashy-crashy time.