EURUSD Opens 30 pips Higher At 1.3780

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Over the weekend we get a historic, and peaceful, overthrow of a 17 year ruler (Italian at that), an event that is supposed to make everything better, and all the EURUSD can achieve is a meager 30 pip push higher in the first minutes of FX trade resumption? Is the market, perhaps, skeptical for once?

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Just a small amount of attention on Central Bank Gold swaps could have a huge impact.

Help make the public aware of Gold Swap Agreements.

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good site, wouldnt that work in the USA too?  they just responded to one about aliens didnt they? :)

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Time to sell the news, bitchez.  This idiot market is going down this week.  

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Old-style "buy the rumor" left no room for real follow-through.

Expect "sell the news" to commence.

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Careful.....big jump on Friday on low volume and plenty of time to ramp it up overnight in Asia with Europe quite happy to pretend everything is allright tomorrow morning and before you know it there will be plenty of forced short covering right on WS open.

These markets really have no right to be where they are but how often have we seen this in 2009/10/11.


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Maybe the market is waking up from a hangover and realizing it may just be it took a scoundrel of Berlusconi's magnitude to hold Italy together for 17 years. The way I see it all Greece and Italy did is swap out politicians for technocrats that helped create the Ponzi system in the first place.

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"...all Greece and Italy did is swap out politicians for technocrats that helped create the Ponzi system in the first place." Having spoken with a Greek journalist I have to concur. It is certainly the general view of the Greek population.

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+1 I never thought of that.

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Um... You don't think this crisis was put in place to put these people in place?

From now till december is up time... On the assumption that France and Germany are next year.

Why assume incompetence when you can assume malice?

In terms of national security, is it wise for a country to sell bonds to the open market in order to fund government deficits?

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Goldman's people were put in place to allow the banks to dump more long inventory, and PIIGS bonds so they can raise cash.  After the rally, they will be positioned short in strength and tank the market.  Then, Germany will take over Europe, print money and the Bernank will have a low enough level on the S$P to do the which point GS will have covered and all in long.

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Sadly my experiance has been when both intellectuals and a "cause" come together - this one being the Euro and a combined Europe despite 2,000 odd years of historical proof otherwise despite the Roman's best efforts - incompetence generally follows masked as "nationalism", "for the common good" and if all else fails "at the time it seemed like a good idea"...etc

You are probably correct from now till december is up and that's going to hurt my bottom line.

Anyway don't count Bunga Bunga out yet he didn't survive 28/29 no-confidence votes for nothing.

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Down day Monday. 

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J -- how can that be ? Dougie Kass just recently tweeted that the futures are already up 8, and to buy American.

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The Euro Titanic has already hit the iceberg. They can change captains all they want but the hole in the bow is still there and this thing is going down.

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Pip, pimp, we're all hookers now.

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Ponzi-Monti first has to be accepted by confidence vote in parliament

EDIT: and he wants to be secretary of finance+economics in one person - OFC, nice GS move.

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Glad they stabilized the patient.



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Rules in Emergency Medicine:

"All Bleeding Eventually Stops"

"No One Bleeds Forever."

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Defibrillated the patient...not stabilized.  Just keep zapping the patient and compressing the chest manually and the EKG "shows" signs of life.

Google: "pulseless electrical activity"  "pulseless ventricular tachycardia"

all these cardiac rhythms end the same way. 

"Roll the Credits."

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There is only one logical thing left to do......
Reality Shows Bitchezzz!
"House Ho's of New York"
"Euro Chopper"
Watch as the Ho's screw everyone, and the choppers make something out of nothing.
Simply Bedazzling!

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anymore updates? there should be another 30mins of data...  THe only EURUSD charts I have wont start updating for another 4 hours :-(

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but but but   robo said everything was alright now............

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"Maybe the market is waking up from a hangover and realizing it may just be it took a scoundrel of Berlusconi's magnitude to hold Italy together for 17 years."

A country that is divided by regional dialects and mistrust, old predjudices, and scores of political parties, now has to contend with a significant power vaccum. Only this time, throw in massive unemployment along with half a million Eastern Europeans and North Africans trying to suck off of a depleted system, and its a real recipe for violence.

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Exactly the opposite of what GS told investors to look out for.  Enough with these fucking criminals,  PMs all the way.  Time to fortify all positions with real assets.  Time for shit to get real, and by real, I mean really really fucking violent.

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1) No one ever believes sell side research.  Forget everything they tell others, the most talented among them trade prop for the house - the client host with the most.

2) Calling for violence over a small move in notoriously finicky currency markets is a little over the top.  Historically currency relationship only get normalized by fundamentals reliably over the medium to long-term anyway.  Short-term is heavy noise.  You can get a currency up move on bull or bear info (i.e. Yen rally into tsunami as insurers convert back for payments).  Deep breaths - enjoy life a bit.  It's the only one you have and I'd be careful how much of it is squandered.  EURUSD open on what amounts to no news isn't worth it.  The problem was never Italy's PM (admittedly not helping) nor will it be solved by his resignation.

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Government asset sales, austerity measures bitchez.

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Awesome, I have had my eye on some National forest land for some time now.  Everyone does realize that once the dust settles in the euro zone and the super committee fails, the United Kingdom and America are next.

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Maybe the Brooklyn Bridge will really be for sale!

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ZeURO - I got 99 problems but the bitch* ain't one






*merkel banksterbanged


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guys there has to be a reason why the Euro is up?

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guys there has to be a reason why the Euro is up?

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For a time there will be some mild trades predicated on the theory that governments can and will do anything at all, including war, including murder, including anything, to keep the wheels turning.

Then another obstacle will appear which looks insurmountable, and after a week they will break another (or change another) law to keep the wheels turning.  Then another obstacle, then another.  This will prevent a huge rally as each new one appears.

And then they won't have enough oil.  And the world will see they can't fix that one and people will start to die.

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as long as the 1% die first, so God could load up those buses heading for hell!  

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The Euro is as bad as the USD. Why is ZH bashing the Euro since weeks? Why not bashing all Fiats? Silver and Gold are the right way to go.

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Because the structure of the Euro is retarded. It is the only currency where the central bank cannot print to prevent disaster. So you have all this bizarre bollocks about European Financial Stability Facitilies which is even more retarded in that it is a box of financial guarantees from the countries which are bankrupt and in need of bailouts.

 This has to be deliberate. No really the stupidity goes above and beyond the call of duty for any Eureacrat. As I see it it can't possibly be incompetence at this level and must therefore be malice; treason.

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and.....canadian real estate!

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CAD RE as in the way to go, yes absolutely.

Decent dollar, low debt/GDP per capita, economy can weather recessions due to oil exports, uber low population which is only increasing thanks to lax immigration policy.

I expect prices in the main cities like T.O, Mtl, Calgary to get to Vancouver type prices before any sort of real correction comes there.

As im now aware no investment is truly risk free on the marketplace (super snr corporates, sovereign debt, and other machinations which the quants make up and then have us scalp for a few bp here and there), despite what i must 'invest' in for work, all my personal ££ will be saved towards procuring rental properties on the East coast.

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I suspect we may have a huge ES gap up for a nice short scalp at about 10 AM est. tomorrow.

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Doctor Copper, Euro, and Great British Pound (aka Cable) are looking
decidedly bearish, but maybe one more up day to crush bears who held
short over weekend, break their spirit, take their money.

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In my opinion, all the recent negativity in the press regarding the European debt crisis has created a tremendous buying opportunity for US stocks. 


The Invetrics system just gave a long term "Buy" signal as of the close of 11/11/11 with a new DJIA target of 13,500! You heard it here first.




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Sorry, that was a typo. I meant to say 15,500 which is about 27.6% higher!



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Looks like we are moving higher today! The Invetrics long term Buy signal of 11/11/11 will likely get confirmed!


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This financial crisis is purely a market manipulation.  If we had honest government, then they would revalue gold to match the money supply and pay off their debts immediately so countries could start fresh.