The Ever-Increasing Age Of Retirement

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Americans work harder longer than any European nation aside from Spain. France, on the other hand, does not - with a retirement age five years earlier than the US (and only bested by the island of Malta). Over the long-term, Italy appears to be the worst case at 69 years (but in Italy-work-years this is only 51 years since they vacation three months per year). As the Washington Post points out most of the European nations (including Germany) are set to see their retirement ages raised in "a dramatic rewrite of the continent’s postwar social compact" highlighting that "measures that keep people working longer could prove one of the most significant social legacies of the debt crisis." But even then they only catch up to the American worker. Of course, the sad reality is that as workers get older, that retirement age will extend further and further away.


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Europe is burning, China slowing down, US is in the toilet, Joblessness is rampant, millions are under water on their largest asset AND YET

on Yahoo List of most popular searches shows:

1)      Molly Cyrus New Tattoo

2)      Kourtney Khardashian (Who???)

3)      Jessica Biel

4)      Daniel Tosh (Who?)

5)      Kate Upton (Who?)

This country is so screwed!!!

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"Ever increasing age of retirement."

This is what happens when you let government manage the reirement system.

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Yeah, those corporate retirement plans are so much more reliable. Now where did mine go? They told me it would be there...

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Keep in mind that the corporate retirement plans and the government pension plans are generally invested in the same theft vehicles.  So all in all, the shit items are just warpped differently. 

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I manage my own retirement and put the money in gold and silver inverstment so that I have my hard-earned money safe-guarded for retirement.

See retirement is a private thing. Only you yourself know what you want, your career goal, your health condition, your family's fiscal status and so on. Letting someone else w/ less knowledge to manage it for you is taking a risk. I don't trust the government b/c they manage everything into insolvency. I don't trust big corps either b/c who can guarantee they can stay in the business forever. 

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too bad you can t get employer match 25% or whatever on phyz instead of 401K contrubutions huh?

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Google Kate Upton, You will not be disappointed.


or just click here....

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This "Ever increasing age of retirement." topic is a scam!

This new shtic meme is to brainwash/promote to really old people who are collecting government benefits and pensions, calling on them to continue going to work and take low wage jobs, because they don't need company health insurance they get the job over a younger person easier, and in order to keep wages low because illegal aliens aren't flooding the country anymore for lack of work, and due to e-verify.(run on sentence)

The bottom line is; They want to steal jobs from younger people who have families to feed, in order to keep profits up.

We should be promoting, asking older people to take retirement as soon as possible so younger people can have a shot at a job and earn money for their families.  

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"We should be promoting, asking older people to take retirement as soon as possible so younger people can have a shot at a job and earn money for their families.  "

We need the older workers to keep the lights on. Young people are too focused on Face book and other social media to get the job done. You think companies are retaining older workers who cost more (high wages, higher health insurance) because its good for there bottom line? Once the older workers are gone, companies will just outsource their jobs overseas (Asia), where the workers are more focused.

BTW: more than often the older folks bailout their childeren by paying for there education, co-signing car/home loans, and helping them financially. That's why they can't retire.



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We should have social security and medicare deferred/stripped or heavily taxed if someone works over age 67 earning over 200% more than their government benefits package. Old people can work doing all the volunteer free work they want without penalty.

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"We should have social security and medicare deferred/stripped or heavily taxed if someone works over age 67"

SS and Medicare are "Manditory Retirement Savings accounts". OK if they also take YOUR401K and other retirement savings?  What if the boomers didn't have to put money into SS and saved 15.4% of their income for retirement instead? Did they have a way to opt out?

The majority have no savings too fall back on (see early post about giving money to kids, and to a lesser degree, help there parents). They work because they don't have a choice. 50% of workers over 55 have under 50K saved. 50K will last 5 years or less (considering health insurance and living costs, not including a medical emergency or some major event). Once they leave the workforce its virtually impossible to get another job.



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BTW more than often, kids (read: middle aged) bail out their parents (read: elderly) too, like when that retirement 2nd home they bought (prices will never go down!) goes underwater!

The more you know!

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You might want to do a google image search on #5

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After watching that I agree with Clueless Economist, Yahoo List of most popular searches proves the country is completely screwed, Kate Upton should clearly be #1. 

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Pretty. But the creepy guy made me turn it right off.

Still not worth losing retirement over.

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Judging by the amount of dress she can afford we are clearly in an economic depression.

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Incredible, gravity-defying, shamelessly awesome, how do those puppies stay in the hammock?!

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pure talent....  I want her to serve milk shakes at my next pool party

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amen brother - I'll take 1 outta 5 if that 1 is kate upton

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Thanks; Now I really feel my age (old),

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Fugly, but rich.  The mother's the best looking one of the lot, and Bruce Jenner looks like an old lesbian.

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What's a Khardashian?

A very Expensive sweater...........

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Tosh is a hipster-doofus. I liked his show better when it was called The Soup.

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daniel tosh is funny

kate upton is hot

not sure what the claim to fame of the others is

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In the crisis in Oct 08 in i was looking for information on the BBC website and the main story was about some UFO's skipping around over London and how some US fighter pilot had fired at some aliens a while back.

If by chance the general public happens to be interested in economic matters or politics it seems to be rather easy to distract them with some silly stories, the more absurd the better.

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Fuck old people.

- John Corzine

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1) lame

2) lame

3) totally legit

4) he's funny

5) totally legit


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Who is using Yahoo search anyway? They stopped being important a decade ago.

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Two things:

1) To retire you probably need a (real) job to retire from.

2) Does this mean I won't be able to retire until after I am dead?  

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Hey what ever happen to Andy Griffth ,I thought he was #1 ......damn not even 15 min of fame anymore .....

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Andy also had more talent in his little finger than these "so-called celebrity" imbeciles have in their whole body.

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Are you sure you've properly inspected every inch of Kate Upton's body to be sure of her amount of talent?

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Americans work harder longer than any European nation aside from Spain

I think you should have left the harder in,1 person now is doing the work of a min of 2,usually 3.

And the hours have gone up,if your full time.

Less pay for more work, and decreased benefits, is now the norm,IF you want to keep your job.

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If women live longer, why do they retire earlier in those four countries?

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Some animals are more equal than others.

The hypocrisy of the ERA.

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ZeroHedge on Bloomberg, nice chart talking heads!

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Very poor analysis on Bloomberg of the chart.  Instead of concluding that it shows clear manipulation of the market (or at least support) by Fed policy, the idiot said it was data mining.

Half the guests on TV are idiots.

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Naw, you just had to think ahead. I went and got me a public sector job at 47 and retired at 58. Its just the private sector workers who won't get to retire. Now get back to work so you can pay my pension.

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lol if this insn't sarc, then you better hope you die soon...that public pension ain't gonna be there in 10 years.

sangell's picture

Its not that much but the important thing was the medical coverage. In two years I'll start getting my social security and in 5 medicare. If my municipal pension goes tits up well I drank from the well before it went dry. I told my co workers they should get while the getting was good but their 'pension' was all they had and they really believed they will get 60 or more percent of their final salary after 30 years.

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Shh! Don't talk about the public pensions! You'll frighten the sheep!


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UK Public Sector "Rule of 34" means your age when starting work for THE STATE + 34 = Age of Retirement; so start at 18 and retire at 52 on Index-Linked Pension often Non-Contributory

The real gem is that Men die young so raising the age means men die in work on unemployed but lots of Widows live for 20 years plus as pensioners either on taxpayer funds or husband contributions

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You got that right.  Although, your pension could get "confiscated" too.  Someday, you won't be able to tell the difference between the workers and the dead.  Unless the dead fall on the floor....