Everything Not Nailed Down Being Bought

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When in doubt - buy. When in doubt what - everything. As the chart below shows starting with the open of the US market, literally everything has been bought: stocks, bonds, crude, gold, and 'logically', the VIX. It took the market virtually no time to remember that when trillions in liquidity are being injected into the market courtesy of central planners, a downtick is verboten. Next up: waiting for WTI $110. Should take a few minutes at most.

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It's a Don't-think-about-it-just-buy type of market.    It puts all smart, sophisticated, ZH-informed investors to shame. 

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Oh yeah? Looky:


As I said, green all around. Even WTI will be green.

Ongoing party until either the Greek deal proves false or WTI finally crashes the economy.


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WHY? Wallow in mud now that VIX futures are out?




Enjoy, JW Approved.. except the part where there is any money in the Market! LULZ!!

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"We can't repel liquidity of this magnitude!" --Admiral Akbar

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Um, where is the inverse relation?  Treasuries and stocks going up...

Something smells like rotten tomato.

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You mean "t-o-m-a-t-o-e?"

Dan Quayle

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money loosing value?!?   ...dush

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Pull out, pull out!! It's a trap!

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...That's what she said...

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Loaf of bread $17 here we come!

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1 lb ham

1 lb butter

2 loaves bread

1 gal milk

1 gal oj

1 jug creamy peanut butter

1 tube toothpaste

1 bottle mouth wash


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...being able to charge it on Master Card? Priceless.

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Damn, makes me wish I had a Master Card!

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You must be new.

Visa is the Varsity now.

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Was the mouthwash because you were celebrating your first blow job?

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It was for your mom.

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Now THAT was priceless. Someone just got owned.

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Would not be something you want to say to a old man though... Knock some teeth out ay?

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2 buck chuck at Trader Joe's (and you thought all those puppies and kittens were euthanized for nothing).

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Bread can be found for free easily.  Most super markets donate the aging inventory to local charities and churches.  If it is one thing america has it is food. 

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Alcoholic Nativ...

Cant go dumpster diving in my city...........................they have cameras, and security to stop it.

Most super markets donate the aging inventory to local charities and churches

Again not in my city...............perfectly good food, is trashed, and you had best not try taking any out of dumpsters.........hell they wont even donate it to local animal shelters.

SO AFRAID they will miss a sale(why I do not know since anyone in that shape,cant afford to buy it anyway.

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Not silver?

And the latest bullshit from uncle Warren : Banks are victims...


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From the transcript:

"Today, I have this quite frightening piece of paper, which is my justification for bringing it into this meeting. It is available on the internet and I am astonished that it has not already been unearthed by the Treasury because every alarm bell in the land should be ringing if it has. It is from the general audit office of the Federal Reserve in Washington-the real Federal Reserve-and its audit review to the end of July 2010 on the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. It has on it some 20 banks listed to which $16.115 trillion is outstanding in loans."

As it was presented by Lord James of Blackheath, it appears he has evidence of NY Fed creating $15 trillion out of thin air, transferring the funds to London subsidiaries of primary dealers (stating in wire transfer paperwork that the funds belong to an Asian royal family), then the primary dealers use these funds to manipulate markets (prop up stock market and to buy UST).

And the media is completely tight-lipped about it.

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that little rant by the Lord of Blackheath is just bizarre enough to make me wonder whether some of it might be true...  so far almost no coverage by bloggers...   goes without saying that the MSM won't touch it.  And if the info is bs, that raises another interesting set of questions...

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None of this would be surprising.

I've always wondered how the government could sell trillions in treasuries year after year and about the mechanical at 45 degrees mark-ups of the stock market.

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shhhh...it's only money...between banks and governments they don't need to count it, only the little people do.

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Lots of Federal Reserve Bond boxes from the beginning of the 20th century showing up at this point.  Weird place to find this info but here it is.


  Many of the larger chests, particularly in the 1934 series, held a total of 13 of these boxes. They did very much look like the classic "treasure chest."   Twelve of the bond boxes inside these chests were about two and a half inches wide, as we said -- and the thirteenth was only half that width and was actually a "Book of Redemption", not containing bonds but rather instructions on how to redeem them.   Each chest also contained a single, small cylindrical "Information Scroll" mounted in a clamp. All thirteen of the boxes fit neatly and snugly into the chest like a row of books.    The chest was then also covered with engraved sheet metal. The engravings said the bonds were issued by a Federal Reserve bank from a given American city. The serial numbers of the bonds were listed, as well as the total value of everything in the box.   Many of these 1934-series chests carried a written value of Three Trillion Dollars -- and a substantial number of them were produced. Each chest was padlocked shut for even further protection.

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Check out this yahoo answers post from 2006: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20060915234111AAdOzlL

"I've looked everywhere i could think to on the internet! There are 40+ MORE of these boxes!"

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Yo ho ho and a bottle rum on a dead man's chest...

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to prevent quick hyperinflation you have to launder the new money first. i'm amazed people still prefer to think in "free market" terms

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That's what happens when the Fed's system is jacked in. It's safe to own stocks now. The worst you can do is suffer some mild discounts due to inflation.

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Bundestag just said YES with over 400 voters against 90!!! Good Luck!

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SPX 1400 here we come: thanks Bundestag, thanks ECB, thanks Merkel, thanks Ben, we love ya. 

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Not so fast! The Germans are willing to increase their "contribution" but can't carry it all alone!!! No more G20 moola...and it's DONE! I think we'll see a decent "correction" before the BIG ONE is coming to a shelter near you :))!

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This is a classic 'dog catches bus' scenario for Germany. No way they can possibly make any of this work for any meaningful amount of time from here.

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80% of politicians in favor of it - 80% of citizens against.

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Got to love zee politicians, eh?!

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Woo Hoo!!! We're all going to be rich!!!

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What? VIX chart looks inverted.

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What is up  with the tvix?

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WHY? Wallow in mud now that VIX futures are out?




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WHY? Wallow in mud now that VIX futures are out?




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Everything not nailed down being bought...except houses:


"Why does anyone need to save when you can simply take on a mortgage and forego the years of saving?  Banks loved it because the mortgage volume churn was like having a money making machine.  Of course much of this philosophy and mentality is what led into the bubble peaking with no-doc, no-job, no-money down mortgages."

"Today we examine the down payment debate closely and analyze why it is important to have a bigger down payment especially with government backed loans."