Everything You Need To Know About Europe's Dilemma In 4 Minutes

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The current crisis of the Eurozone is a result of the imbalance of economic power between the core and the periphery but once one understands the non-economic and completely political strategy that is occurring, comprehending the at-times-incredible decision-making (or lack thereof) is at least easier to digest. Stratfor's Adriano Bosoni provides a very succinct description of everything you wanted to know about Europe's 'situation' but were afraid to ask in under 240 seconds.


"At the center of the debate lies the question of national sovereignty, the core and periphery of Europe will then have to decide how much (or how little) they are willing to compromise in order to find a way out of the crisis. The answer to this question will not be the result of an economic analysis - it will be the result of a political calculation."


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FUCK Ze Germans!


Everyone else in Europe

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You don't speak for "everyone else" in Europe.

Keep to yourself Irishman.


Fuck the EU and the Euro!


60% of Europeans.

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From each Nordic/Teutonic according to his ability, to each SPIIG according to their austere needs in order to enrich the finance and political elite according to their greed and avarice.

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"The current crisis of the Eurozone is a result" of a dumb ass idea.

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It is a result of fractional reserve banking and fiat money.

When we eventually go back to gold the EU will be over...

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that, combined with entirely too much of other people's money and not one of iota of sense

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Oh no, knuckles. Not dumb. Brilliant.

This "Euro" thingee looks set to break the nations of Europe forever and unifiy the Continent, succeeding where the guns of Napoleon and Hitler failed.

How can you call that "dumb"?

Edit: I should hasten to add, this is not my policy, or my preference. It was the stated goal of the Euro from inception and it looks set to realize that goal, with the crisis necessitating political decisions which which could not otherwise be taken.

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Bollocks. The only thing that comes out of this is riots and instability.

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here in Lithuania they instituted their OWN austerity measures long ago, kept the IMF out (unlike Latvia) and now are looking at 4% growth, which is not bad.  It was painful for a while, but not like Greece, and now things are looking up and I agree with the F- Germany. 


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Half of Belarus does their shopping in Litva and Poland. The goods are cheaper and higher quality. Revunes from visas might be a good portion of government revenues :)

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We can consolidate the four minutes to four words...."Shits hitting the fan".

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- Homer (Greek Poet and Bart's dad)

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The Eurozone is dead. How on earth does any nation accept that it has to subsidise rightly or wrongly another nation, possibly ad infinitum, when there are racial, historical and religious differences let alone different demographic trends and pressures. Even in Italy, the Northeners can't stand the southerners for a host of reasons and have often talked of breaking away and Merkel and Co think they can create a moving vehicle with bicycle, scooter, car and truck tyres on each rim? Give me a break.


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Germany 2 - Greece 0

After Greece tough Democracy, the german barbarians are again destroing democracy, they did it in the last century with tanks, they did it now with bags of money

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How on earth does any nation accept that it has to subsidise rightly or wrongly another nation,


When that any nation has turned that another nation into a client state in order to provide themselves a future and a present.

See many articles and comments on the consequences of German mercantilism.

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"When that any nation has turned that another nation into a client state in order to provide themselves a future and a present"


Er, you mean like what China is doing to Thibet? Enslaving a whole nation and spoon-feeding it just enough so it doesn't die of starvation, while in the meanwhile plundering all of the resources the nation has...?


I'm curious, do you get paid for spreading the Maoist propaganda or is it included in your ISP's 'terms of use'?

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something to do with 'Quantitative Trading Strategies'...

Obviously I should surf for more porn...

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99% of my ads are Apmex or similarly bullion based companies.

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Stratfor, huh? Why am I not surprised the commentary is so stupid? THE CRISIS IS NOT POLITICAL, the crisis is "spending more than you earn." Germany bailing out Greece is not a solution to the crisis, it's just wealth redistribution to create a lowest common denominator!

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No, the problem isn't spending more than you earn, either. That is a symptom, not the cause. The cause is central banking. More specifically, usury + fractional reserve banking. I agree, however... The Stratfor commentary was uninspiring.

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Sacrifices are a necessary good for the people. I mean... who will build the roads if we didn't have politicians and bankers? /sarc!

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+1  As usual, Stratfor "forgets" to mention the flaws that the new EU Treaties bear within themselves.


Fuck supranational sovereignity, go back to the EEC Treaty of 1957/65 and drop that Leviathan off in the Mariana Trench where he belongs!

Then let the people deal with their own Central Mafia...

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Its a great solution if you are a bank that has bonds that are underwater. Taxpayers of the various EU countries? Not so much. Let's see what have they tried so far...oh right bail out the banks.

Guys its the same thing all over the world (BRIC's and asia aside). You put in a politician who is a banker shill. Shill runs up debts throwing pork to the elite and crumbs to the proles (they love to buy expensive military gear eg Greece buying GERMAN subs). Then the banks say "oh you can't pay back your debt why don't you just sell us your national assets?" They always want stuff like gold, islands, ruins (acropolis anyone?), oil (in Africa) and so forth and so on for pennies on the dollar in a fire sale which in no way gets you out of debt (read our control).

They also want everyone in debt so they can blow up the system and replace it with a single unified currency out of the BIS and a Brussels style unaccountable, unelected, opaque burreaucracy to run the entire world.

That's what's going on peeps. They tested it out in Africa in the 1960's and 1970's also in Central and South America (Don't cry for me Argentina...cry for yourself) and it worked like a charm. Greece is a test to see if it works in the 1st world. Btw don't buy the Germany vs Greece etc stuff. It's banks vs everyone else. Greece is to the EU banks (and American bond holding banks) what AIG was/is to Goldman Sachs. A conduit of cash from taxpayers to the bankers that makes it look like that money is being used to keep society (insurance, or greek social structure) from crumbling when its really just a transfer from taxpayers to bankers.


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who is the real mother of central banking?

evolution programmed humans (like other species) to take what they can have NOW. Reason can care for a future longer than one year ahead, instinct cannot. Instinct is stronger than reason. THIS is the REAL mother of the central-government-banking-fiat-ponzi: Fuck the future, fuck our children, fuck the sweatshop slaves, fuck the victims of petrodollar wars, fuck freedom, fuck the environment. I desperately NEED fancy car extras, holiday travel, electronic toys, designer furniture NOW, my neighbour/colleague/brother has them, too. I did the same most of my life, so I know what I am talking about. However, I did NOT know, like almost everyone STILL does not know: most of this wealth was printed, out of nothing and the purchasing power of this printed pieces of nothing comes from brutal force by the western world. I somehow always felt uncomfortable, but taking the red pill did not make me feel better, in contrary it is still painful to see the truth and to see the abyss in front of us, while having no idea if / how to return or get out of dodge.

PS: great post, BtG!

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Your post made me think of monkey traps. Humans are not much different.

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"From now on, depressions will be scientifically created." -Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr

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Fuckin' pH Dees; always fuckin' with the laws of nature!

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Wrong.  The cause is the stupidity of adopting a single currency for separate nation states with totally different economies and fiscal positions.   Multitudes of economists warned about the dangers and impracticalities of this when it was first suggested - not least being the way it would impoverish the peripheral countries leaving them with no flexibility to devalue their currencies to improve their competitiveness.

Now we are seeing the results of this stupidity.

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You really think this is an accident? Nope. It's a VERY well orchestrated and brilliantly executed plan. The thing is, it works best when people don't get it and are falling back on old hatreds. Germany vs. Greece, lazy vs hard working, Republican vs Democrat, Socialist vs Capitalist anything but what it really is. The masters of fractional reserve, interest bearing debt fiat currency vs everyone else. They will fail, but only once people see what's really going on.

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A perfect plan and a perfect outcome for the planners. All the "sovereigns" and all the banks are bankrupt, while almost all of Europe is in depression and ready to accept the abject slavery of "The Only Solution". This time is not different.

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The only reason I do not believe in long-term "conspiracy" plans is that people are TOO greedy to plan so much ahead... Especially this kind of people,bankers and politicians, they wouldnt plan anything for more than 5 years. They simply are too greedy.

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But mostly, totally different cultures.

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But don't worry, BO and the libs will get socialism right this time, no really... Just like FDR and LBJ, really!

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yeah i saw stratfor and immediately yawned whilst evacuating my bowels. 


he failed to touch on financial fraud, economic terror or the fact that merkel was once called an unfuckable lard ass by silvio berlusconi.

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Quite a few times I thought it was a joke.

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who gave the poor mortgages they can't pay back?

who gave greece the loans they can't pay back?