FaceBomb Is Officially The Worst Large IPO Of The Decade

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In celebration of the one-week anniversary of FaceBomb's ultimate #Fail, Bloomberg TV is reporting that Facebook's first week of trading is the worst large IPO performance in a decade (aside from the BATS debacle -which lasted nanoseconds and potentially never really IPO'd) - well played Margin Stanley, well played! And for those that like to see the spectacle in all its glory, NANEX has provided a graphical view of the chaos as FacePlant came and went last Friday...

And some scary animation from NANEX, which we will have more to say about shortly:

From Nanex' Eric Hunsader:

Watch Nasdaq's quote (first box to appear - 10 o'clock). Note the crazy bid prices are higher than the equally crazy ask prices. After trading opens, Nasdaq's quote will start turning red when it's no longer eligible to set the NBBO. Watch how quotes on the other exchanges react wildly causing the price to evaporate.


Each box represents one exchange. The SIP (UQDF in this case) is the box at 6 o'clock. It shows the National Best Bid/Offer. The shapes represent quote changes which are the result of a change to the top of the book at each exchange. The time at the top of the screen is the time of the last quote or trade update in Eastern Time HH:MM:SS:mmm (mmm = millisecond). We accelerate time until the open, and then we slow time down so you can see what goes on at the millisecond level. A millisecond (ms) is 1/1000th of a second. The blink of an eye is about 200 ms.


Note how every exchange must process every quote from the others -- for proper trade through price protection. This complex web of technology must run flawlessly every millisecond of the trading day, or arbitrage (HFT profit) opportunities will appear.

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How can I get in on some of that sweet MF Global stock?

Colombian Gringo's picture

Imagine, how many stupid goy bought this piece of garbage!. Stupid goy deserve the Zuckerberg dick up their non kosher ass. Goy deserve to suffer for their bovine stupidity.  The tribe rules over all.

nope-1004's picture

The TBTF banks needed cash, NOW, so they played Zucker for the young fool he is.  Isn't it obvious?


Oh regional Indian's picture

Whoever came up with "Margin Stanley" deserves a Silver Shield.



Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

Next time I hope they underprice it so I can read what thieves they are for skimming!



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Facebook IPO: $42     now $31

Blackstone IPO : $33     now $12

GM IPO:    $33     now $22

MF Global $30       now $0.04



I don't think FB is the worst......MF Global beat them over the long term.





Conman's picture

The known part is that they are thieves, that wasn't the part in question.

ThirdWorldDude's picture

And an honorable place in the Austrian school of Philharmonics   ;-)

Colombian Gringo's picture

At nope,


Yes, a multi billion dollar fool :-) Must suck to be him. How could anyone be so stupid? 

HelluvaEngineer's picture

He's not that smart.  Just right place, right time.  I know 100 guys that could write that code.  It's not that great of an idea, since it's been done before.

Cosimo de Medici's picture

And anyone who completed 4th Grade could have written Justin Bieber's "Baby, Baby, Baby, Ooooh", but they didn't.  And the 100 guys you know didn't write the FB code, so they are destined to work for a living.  Then there's the millions who didn't go into applied math or programming who, if they had entered that field, would have been capable of writing that code.  But they didn't.

The plain and simple fact is that Zuckerberg, love him or hate or be indifferent to him, put the whole thing together before anyone else did, and he's billions to the better for it.  If your "100 guys" goal in life was to make good money, Zuckerberg kicked their butts nine ways from Sunday.  If their goal was not to make good money, then they shouldn't care what Zuckerberg did.

I coulda been a contender!

Maghreb's picture

Problem is alot of shit has been done before and done to death, then done again and made money because it was marketed well enough. Facebook is pure hype and sophistry. Same with alot of whats going on with the I Phone. Voice recognition was done ten years ago and isn't that useful. Xerox already invented a system alot like windows and Gates just copied it. Its the marketing of these things that changes everything. But Facebook doesn't have a market it was way overvalued its gone from interesting toy to get rich quick scheme. Fuck him 38 dollars a share.

Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

Extremely obvious especially around these parts!

somehow the guy who singlehandedly benefitted the most from the whack pricing is the fool.

Alea Iactaest's picture

If you think MZ benefitted the most then you are not considering the true value of FB. In immediate FRN payoff terms you might be right. In long-term data mining value (by whomever), not so much.

Marginal Call's picture

He sold some of his stock.  He still owns >50%.  He's rolling the Rupert Murdoch News Corp deal with FB. 


His biggest and only worry is that the stock tanks so bad it doesn't cover his tax bill. 

rotagen's picture

Yeah the whole ponzi scheme gives me the HEBE-Jeebies.

TJ00's picture

I'm waiting for the New South Sea Company IPO, in the meantime stock up on Tulips,  they are the new gold, you heard it here first!

lamont cranston's picture

Dear Sir:

I have a much more lucrative investment for your consideration. Please contact me at the earliest opportunity.

Sincerely yours,

Charles Ponzi

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"No one could have seen this coming."

Hedgetard55's picture

I hear Robo was large long on Faceplant.

derek_vineyard's picture

did liesman get fired?   or was he promoted onto the fed as personal assistant to benny b?

Alea Iactaest's picture

Didn't you hear? Robo rode the FB train from $38 to $42.

Hedgetard55's picture

Where's MDB? He wanted in "at any price". His troll-fu was strong that day.

BeetleBailey's picture

Lest we not forget Hedge - MillionDropletsofBoo............... hedged.

He is going to tell his grandchildren about it, so to him, this is a "long term" .....uh......investment.....

...which negates any criticism of his masterful brokerage phonage to "buy" a la Gomez Addams.

Ah...government bureaucrats...regulators.....even with their own money...they still can't spend correctly.....

Then again, it all could be a hoax, as we all know.....government workers lie like rugs.....



NotApplicable's picture

You familiar with the word satire?

soopy's picture

dat's purty, real purty. must use for my next DJ set.

StychoKiller's picture

Bwahahaha, me and by Bot Bruthas pwn all you meatbags! :>D

SheepDog-One's picture

Uh...hey lets get underage girl all dancing and singing crap at the world team and The Rock to perform and get people to buy FB!

Normalcy Bias's picture

How about a Tupac hologram FB and T-Bond tour? Coming this summer to a 'hood near you!

Animal Cracker's picture

His hit song "Hail Mary" would be a fine choice.

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Can you smell what the Bernanke has cooking!

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"How in the living fuck is it that I'm in here by myself?!?!" - Madoff

derek_vineyard's picture

bernie.....first rule of bankstaclub "dont steal from those that are stealing from you"

Normalcy Bias's picture

Apparently, independent farmers are fair game...but don't you dare steal from the tribe.

El Viejo's picture

Bernie had little political clout and plausable deniability. No appearance of ligitimacy.

Normalcy Bias's picture

Huh? Bernie's clout had the SEC looking in the other direction for years. He obviously had some appearance of legitimacy, otherwise so many people wouldn't have invested with him. Agreed, said appearance of legitmacy disappeared almost instantly, but MF Global/Corzine really isn't all that different in that respect...

SheepDog-One's picture

Yea where is Madoff saying that from, the private island he was set up on in the Bahamas? 

Grinder74's picture

How is it that I'm in bankruptcy?  Oh yeah, trumped up SEC charges and unlimited government resources for government lawyers.  Feelin' ya Bernie.

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The answer to that is simple. Who were Madoffs clients primarily?