Facebook European Premarket Bid - €58

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If this screen from Bloomberg is correct, people are far dumber than even we thought, because this implies that FB will have an over $200 billion market cap at the open all else equal.

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Wow ! What a bunch of retards. They deserve what is coming if they are that stupid. I hope Bats enacts some revenge.

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I predicted this from the start. FB is the AAPL, and any price below $100 is CHEAP. You may laugh at me now, but I'll be laughing when it's trading at $200 and you doomers are chasing the market.

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TD, how could YOU think anyone out there is actually dumber than you thought???????  That's the most surprising part of this post...........

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As Facebook goes, so goes the market.

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Folks in greece trying to get thier money into something of value? LOL

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Those lot sizes are quite small looking. I'd write that off as HFTs trying the premarket pump.

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Yep. I think the bid prices says more about the value of the Euro than about the value of Facebook.

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Flash crash! PLEASE!



<Edit: close (in reverse) but no cigar!>

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One resource humanity will never deplete is suckers....

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I wonder if this FB listing is a classic case of calling a top/peak in the market? It seems to have that South-Sea Bubble vibe to it all.

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yea America is going to save face with facebook and save the markets while everyone is dumping R2K in order to ride the rocket. In the shadows JEF is at 12 handle and heading south fast.

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Here are the reasons why Facebook is a clear BUY at these levels:

1. Facebook is a world renouned brand among the ranks of Google, Amazon, Ebay and Microsoft

2. As of 2012, Facebook has over 901 million (yes, that's million) users, and this is expected to increase significantly in the years to come

3. Facebook has plans to expand it's targeted advertizing capabilities with advanced data mining techniques that top analysts expect to boost revenue dramatically

4. Facebook is attracting some of the brightest techincal and business minds who are expected to drive the company forward

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4/10. What's wrong? You're on a sort of dry spell lately.

We're going to have to look for a new one if you don't turn this losing streak around soon.

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Of course the real reason it will go to around $15 trillion is that Ben will be printing soon, and then we, just like Zim can get into the habit of knocking 12 zeros at a time of our currency notes.

It's going higher than you think MDB, one can only hope that in time when it does, it will be high enough to buy a pint of milk...

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Of course the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange was the best performing in the world in 2007, up 12,000% over the 12 month period.


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I wish I'd bought some of that...

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Wish in one hand and shit in the other.

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You know MDB I missed you.  It is always good to get a laugh on dreary days.  A good friend of mine who now helps to manage my portfolio had some sound advice for me two days ago.  We were discussing this stock and he chuckled and said wait and buy it for half of what they offered it today.  So far his adivce is sound on most offerings I have looked into.  If I want a schill to get me to invest what little I do have I would go watch CNBC pumping it today.

I chose to buy gold two days ago and I am already ahead! 

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MySpace.com, Pets.com, Boo.com, Infospace.com, WorldCom, AOL.com...

LongSoupLine's picture

Here is the reason why Facebook is a clear SELL at these levels:


1) MDB says it's a buy.

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How many ad companies does the world need? Answer: Not many when the world is going into a deep recession. This is the dot com frenzy all over again.

shutupnsing's picture

Trying to follow your logic MDB...Are you saying there is "integrity" and "rule of law" in the markets, or are you saying integrity and rule of law are irrelevant?

BeetleBailey's picture

You are a moron. Facebook to Apple is comparing......apples to crummy information, douche pictures, and nose picking time.

Apple has products. Facebook has Farmville and a "like" button. LOL.....you are demented.

Of course, with 2.2 billion shares, in your "million dollar world", FB will be valued more than say......Microsoft, with your asinine 200 dollar Nostradumb prediction. It may hit it, but watch the shorts come out like Lee Harvey post cup of morning coffee.

First earnings call should be a doozy.

What's your tack? Timmah and Ben Berfartke and the ol' pump and dump dollars?

Hell Two Buck Chuck - your own glorious Government Motors even pulled their ads from the shite-site.

You'd better go and re-educate them Commrade BunkerBonus of Fiat.

One of your wonderful government entities is off message.

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I'm certainly not laughing at you, but I do have a $100 tulip bulb to sell.

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Wow $200bln valuation -- that sounds like a JPM/Iksil trade....hmmm

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Facebook will barely open trading by the time European markets close. These idiots will buy at just about the high. Monday morning they may panic to sell these same over hyped shares.

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I wonder, if you are right, can the market handle a $200bln (or whatever) lead balloon like that. If this is the next AAPL, in terms of market weight, look how much heft that one has, what it takes to manage it. Not an expert on this stuff, just wondering.

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I sold all of my physical gold to buy FB shares today!

Ruffcut's picture

This will be fun to watch. I might pick up a few shares to feel included.

I hope my charts don't blow up.

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So, when are the puts available?

ihedgemyhedges's picture

Goldman has already spoken for all of them...................

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...And 120% of tradeable shares will be short.

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They say options will start trading May 29. Can't wait. This is the market top...

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That sucks. The bloodbath will be in the history books by then. "F" for Facebook right after "E" for Edsel.

SnobGobbler's picture

the bloodbath awaits! 

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Yep, get ready for a 10 pts. drop on the ES

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If you are bidding worthless fiat currency that is going to be worth less tomorrow, and worthless in the near future... do you really care if you pay twice the asking price?

ParaZite's picture

Oh, boo hiss...  :P

I wonder how many Euros are being converted into Facebook stock by Greece. 

Just saying...

DeadFred's picture

Buying FB (or any other US stock) with Euros then selling for Drachma after the exit is a decent strategy. Gold would be better, but a stock purchase will never get confiscated they the metals might.

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Or... <just musing out loud> ...this is a flight - to relative quality...

ebworthen's picture


I appreciate the sarcasm.


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I'd say that they are exactly as dumb as they were expected to be.

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The Norway teacher's fund is going to get ass reamed. (again)

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Some fool promoting Facebook on CNBC this morning was talking about the as-yet-undiscovered revenue streams Facebook will magically discover a few years down the road. Can you say "Beauty Contest"?

Too freaking funny.

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I have TORTURED myself as I have turned up the volume on cBSnbc, and listened to the dogma and ka ka.

One would think Facebook was the second coming of Christ. Un-be-lievable.

Aerial cameras. Mother of God!

I need to wash Cramers voice out of me head. Anyone got some industrial strength ganja?

I need a Nicholson Easy Rider campfire moment - or complete night.

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"One would think Facebook was the second coming of Christ.  Un-be-liebable."

Wait ... you mean it's not? ...

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I got some seeds and stems, will that due until JIT delivery?

nowhereman's picture

I'll take the seeds. I feel the entrepreneurial spirit calling me.