FaceBook Pulls Reverse BATS - Flash Smashes To €50,000/Share

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Sigh: FaceBook's market cap briefly passed $100 trillion. How long until a loaf of bread does the same thing?

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I think I just pissed myself laughing.

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Friday afternoon humor

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Like I said, FB is going to be an HFT killzone.

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The world doesn't make sense to me anymore.

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and I just said on the other thread I hope they do a BATS

I meant flash crash though!

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Tyler, that would be, "le sigh"

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Is it a coincidence today is the first time I've seen a FB ad on ZH ????

I think I know where the 100b is going :(

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What is Schumers opinion?

Are his shifty beady little eyes lit with dollar signs?

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Call me barbarian all you want if I see more value in an ounce of gold than in a 50,000 eur FB share.

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....it never did, but I used to think I knew what was happening....

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Bob Pisani just soiled himself with joy.

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I remember being young and thinking, "The adults are so smart! They know everything and I don't have to worry because everything is under control. Everything is safe." 

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The volatility is crazy out there, but one thing is for sure: the trend is UP. It's so cool to see FB finally trading among the other internet giants like Amazon and Ebay.

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You don't happen to drive (or used to drive) an H-2 where you'd take the kids out with the wife and throw little sandwhiches at homeless people, did you (do you)?


Is this sf3006?


Where's pods?

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Whoa dude, flashback.

Riding around with people throwing beer at joggers.

They were all REAL high and maybe regret it today. If they remember.

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aww cmon, he's OUR anti-hero!

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"...but one thing is for sure: the trend is UP." - MDB



Holy shit that's funny!

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LOL. Got that Etch-a-Sketch of yours out of your toy box, ZimbaweFiatBumper?

Man, one cannot make up the shite that comes out of your 386....Mom's calling. You didn't finish your porridge.

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You're back on form MDB!

Internet Giants!

Priceless! (well, almost...)

; )

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finally this lovely fellow with a fucked up sense of humor is bak

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Retail investors are muppet bait.  

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Preorders in Frankfurt are at a ridiculous 70US...


Btw, nice "photoshopping"-effort on that chart, TD.

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Rumor is JP Morgan went long at 57,000!!!!

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They brought him back from the dead to walk on to the floor and... Eat their brains?

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Based on estimated earnings in the year 2014, the PE is only 20, buy!

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You can't make this stuff up,

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The robots are pre-programmed for the hyperinflation that is imminent... 

Snake oil sales are gettin' harder by the day!!



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Well of course it isn't worth much, but it's the new Magic Stock!!

We shall be saved!

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Well...Facebook gets Jamie out of the headlines.

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tricked out email ... who would have ever thought the world would be this enamored.

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tricked out email

More like a stalking service.

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For most people there's 2 main uses for facebook, and you nailed one.

The other is simply ego projection and self-flattery.

Mirror mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful... 

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YAHOO Finance page REPLACED the DOW index with FACEBOOK!!! 

At the top of the screen - Facebook chart, S&P chart and Nasdaq chart! 

LMAO!!! Are they telling us something? Facebook to the rescue (all your DOW listed stocks are no longer valid, sorry)

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Off to a good start...

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Of course this is bullish. Facebook can only go up. I know because I bought myself a large pile of shares from Goldman Sachs, who decided to sell $1B from their own position for the IPO. This time will definitely be different.

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get in now before you're priced out forever... /sarc

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Nah, we'll see a 10,000:1 stock split.

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Sounds like a bargain.