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FacePlant Back In The Teens

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But, but, but... the freeing up of 271.1 million of FaceBerg's shares today, boosting by 60 percent the number that could be traded (freed up from lock-up), was all priced in? It appears not as the share price plunges  over 5.5% back into the teens once again. Have no fear though, when they figure out 'social' (and cold-fusion), the 33 analysts who have it as a Buy or Hold will be proven right... only a another billion or two more shares to come...


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Thu, 08/16/2012 - 09:53 | Link to Comment LawsofPhysics
LawsofPhysics's picture

Where is my money Lebowski?  Give me my fucking money.

Thu, 08/16/2012 - 09:57 | Link to Comment ChubbNut
ChubbNut's picture

Jackie Treehorn says you're good for it!'re not dealing with morons here.

Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:10 | Link to Comment camaro68ss
camaro68ss's picture

FB in the teens always brings a smile to my face :-)

Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:19 | Link to Comment Stackers
Stackers's picture

Quickly approaching my target entry price of $0.11

Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:33 | Link to Comment malikai
malikai's picture

Stay the fuck out of my way. I'm in at $0.01.

Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:20 | Link to Comment MillionDollarBonus_
MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

For long term value investors, this is just short-term noise. This is a great dip-buying opportunity – and honestly, who cares whether you pay $19 or $40 when the long term price target is in the $100s??? 


Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:23 | Link to Comment _ConanTheLibert...
_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

long term value investment? WHOUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:30 | Link to Comment MillionDollarBonus_
MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

The early investors in Google and Microsoft also endured tremendous volatility. But now those investors own tens of millions of dollars of high yielding equity.

Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:59 | Link to Comment jt17
jt17's picture

MDB, you still holding those 300 shares you got at opening day at 42? or was it 45?  Please do tell us when you decide to sell...

Thu, 08/16/2012 - 12:24 | Link to Comment BeetleBailey
BeetleBailey's picture

No..don't you remember? MillionDoucheBags was channeling Gomez Addams and calling his broker with BUY ALL YOU CAN orders...


Thu, 08/16/2012 - 11:01 | Link to Comment Beam Me Up Scotty
Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

How is MySpace doing? Kids are leaving FB in droves. My daughter says no one uses FB anymore and she is 17. Her friends all use twitter. FB will crash and burn. It's already spiraling in.

Thu, 08/16/2012 - 12:26 | Link to Comment BeetleBailey
BeetleBailey's picture

Teens ARE the ultimate judge of these idiot social networking sites.

NO value. NO revenue. NO earnings.'re simply an idiot.

Thu, 08/16/2012 - 11:57 | Link to Comment Bay of Pigs
Bay of Pigs's picture

Keep these dates in mind MDB. especially Nov 13th.

  • October 14th: 249 million shares, 9% of shares outstanding.
  • November 13th: 1.332 billion shares, 49% of shares outstanding.
  • December 13th: 124 million shares, 5% of shares outstanding.
  • May 17th, 2013: 47 million shares, 2% of shares outstanding

    Read more:

  • Thu, 08/16/2012 - 13:39 | Link to Comment John_Coltrane
    John_Coltrane's picture

    Good Advice.  I took this into account when today I rolled my Aug 30 FB puts down to the Dec 20 strike with a price target  (based upon the huge dilution factor) in the very low teens (10-12).  Whoever bought my puts was likely very happy to be able to unload his shares at $30.

    BTW:  To MDB I had a gain of 300% on my puts which I held just a little over two months before rolling so I thiink this might beat a buy and hold strategy.

    One can often underestimate how far these losers can fall.  I once had GRPN 20 puts which I rolled to 13 and now to 8, taking profits all the way down.  Now I've thinking of rolling down further to 5.  But no rush.  By Jan expiry GRPN may not be listed on the exchanges anymore.

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 20:10 | Link to Comment Ted Baker
    Ted Baker's picture

    Who cares what u did?

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 12:41 | Link to Comment BeetleBailey
    BeetleBailey's picture

    That's it. MDB is a plant.

    "High yielding"? LOL.....LMAO....please.....asshole...stop while you're behind so bad the dust is eating you.

    Secondly, Microsoft has...........wait for it douche.....AN ACTUAL PRODUCT TO SELL.

    Ditto Google.....

    FartBukakke? Nothing. ZIP. Nada. Crap.

    Look up the phrase "apples to oragnes" next time Mom let's you use the puter boy....

    In this case, it's apples to smelly turds.........

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 14:31 | Link to Comment epwpixieq-1
    epwpixieq-1's picture

    You clearly have no idea about technology.

    Google brought a new idea about technology on a grand scale. If there is no Google, the labor efficiency of a lot people will sharply decrease and for some of them will totally disappear. For Microsoft I can not comment ( a company created by not inventing anything new conceptually but, assembling already existing things ), just will say the world will be a lot better place will only Linux ( and soon will be ... ). Clearly the German government does not see the value of Microsoft as in 2005 transfer all Windows based PCs to Linux :)

    Now think, what will happens if facebook disappear ... well ONE basic thing (among other good things), the people will have more time to spent on productive things and interesting activities instead of looooooosing time in the wasteland name facebook.

    Good luck with the long term value, because clearly you do not have any idea whit this means, well at least in the technology land.

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 14:58 | Link to Comment Flakmeister
    Flakmeister's picture

    Well said....

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:34 | Link to Comment The Count
    The Count's picture


    Let me guess, you are in denial because you got screwed royally? 



    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:45 | Link to Comment resurger
    resurger's picture

    EPS 0.29

    Yes, its a good muppet hold

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 11:39 | Link to Comment Long-John-Silver
    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 12:20 | Link to Comment BeetleBailey
    BeetleBailey's picture

    LOL. Douche.

    Problem is - douche - you can't talk this PIECE OF SHIT STOCK UP.....

    Long that you mean.............1,000 years?

    Value - by that you mean, buying someone else's shit?

    Man - you are fucked up

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 12:56 | Link to Comment Thought criminal
    Thought criminal's picture

    Leave him alone guys - it's just a small 50% dip. If he holds it a few more years, FacePalm is surely gonna make a comeback...

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:25 | Link to Comment withnmeans
    withnmeans's picture

    This just proves the Home Gamers are out of the Equities Markets.

    Let the Big Bankers and Big Government play their games, FacePlant would probably be higher if the rest of the market players were in the game. Nobody wants to play in Market place that is based on Lies and deceit, hence NO VOLUME.

    How long can this go on? Good question...

    Smart to just stay out !

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:12 | Link to Comment Gene Parmesan
    Gene Parmesan's picture

    "Mark it zero" might be more fitting.

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 09:55 | Link to Comment Dr. Engali
    Dr. Engali's picture

    Whatch them sell every share they can of this piece of crap.

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:19 | Link to Comment Vincent Vega
    Vincent Vega's picture

    It will likely end up being the #1 holding in Corzine's new hedge fund.

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 09:56 | Link to Comment smlbizman
    smlbizman's picture

    this was easy to see comming...the nature of man is to sell low and buy high....

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 09:57 | Link to Comment kornholio
    kornholio's picture


    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 09:57 | Link to Comment CunnyFunt
    CunnyFunt's picture

    Not to worry. We have HCLP to pump.

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 09:58 | Link to Comment holdbuysell
    holdbuysell's picture

    Didn't Reed Hastings buy a boatload at $21?

    He might want to stick to his selling of NFLX shares.

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:25 | Link to Comment azzhatter
    azzhatter's picture


    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:04 | Link to Comment HD
    HD's picture

    I am a petty, petty man. It brings me great joy on many levels to watch Facebook implode.

    Then again, maybe it's because I'm a "psychopath"...

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:11 | Link to Comment toady
    toady's picture

    I saw that one a couple days ago... pretty subtle way to scare people into signing up, aye?

    "I don't want to be a psycho! "

    Did you see the 'facedeals' thing yesterday? Give up your facial recognition rights for a coupon ...

    It's getting scary...

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:13 | Link to Comment Spastica Rex
    Spastica Rex's picture

    Maybe FB could get some traction if the media started saying that if you didn't use it, you're probably an illegal immigrant and subject to deportation. Might work.

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 09:59 | Link to Comment SilverCoinLover
    SilverCoinLover's picture

    Don't worry, when QE3 comes Bernake will buy up all the FB stock!

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 09:59 | Link to Comment Never One Roach
    Never One Roach's picture
    Facebook Shares Plunge


    Should a stuck with Groupon or Zynga....

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:02 | Link to Comment MeelionDollerBogus
    MeelionDollerBogus's picture

    oh ya, lookin hot -

    buy the flush -

    buy and hold - endless profits in an endlessly good market -

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:04 | Link to Comment Yohimbo
    Yohimbo's picture

    Fuck You Zuckerberg.

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:05 | Link to Comment Scalaris
    Scalaris's picture


    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:05 | Link to Comment asteroids
    asteroids's picture

    A stock is worth what people are willing to pay for it.

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:08 | Link to Comment Yohimbo
    Yohimbo's picture




    is FaceBUkk almost over?, please tell me its almost over.

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:15 | Link to Comment Spastica Rex
    Spastica Rex's picture

    It will never be over.

    Now I'm heading over to MySpace, the leading social entertainment destination.

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:10 | Link to Comment bigwavedave
    bigwavedave's picture

    You just dont "GET IT" do you?

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:13 | Link to Comment ShortTheUS
    ShortTheUS's picture

    Facebook does have some intrinstic value. Maybe not in the teens or even the single digits. Or for advertisers or businesses looking to advertise there. Or for society at large as people waste their time on it.

    Actually, maybe it has no real value whatsoever.

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:22 | Link to Comment Spastica Rex
    Spastica Rex's picture

    What if they charged you a nickel every time you clicked on something? 

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:13 | Link to Comment monopoly
    monopoly's picture

    What a scam. Makes Lloyd look honest.

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:25 | Link to Comment i-dog
    i-dog's picture

    "FacePlant" ... LOLOL! ... I just can't help spontaneously laughing every time you use this, Tyler!

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:26 | Link to Comment Itch
    Itch's picture

    Facebook staff were given the ok to start selling they're shares today...go figure!

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:27 | Link to Comment buzzsaw99
    buzzsaw99's picture

    even microsoft isn't dumb enough to pay $40B for FB

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:30 | Link to Comment adr
    adr's picture

    It doesn't matter if it trades at $5. If you were granted a million shares when you got your job at Facebook, you still now have far more money than you were ever actually worth. Perhaps you never did a real days work, just like the 1990s .com millionaires. Just think about how many employees just hit it rich that did nothing but sit in bullshit meeting in hoodies for years. I saw it in the 90s, the employees would sit in a meeting for a few hours each day and then go back to playing fooseball, or basketball, maybe go outside to play on the corporate skate ramp. They were all just waiting until they could sell their stock and buy their Lambo or Ferarri.

    Getting rich without working. The New American Dream alive and well.

    That is the real job of Facebook. If you were privaledged enough to be granted a job by Lord Zuckerberg, you are rewarded.

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:57 | Link to Comment toady
    toady's picture

    I worked I San Jose through the 90's and saw it too... that's why I never bought the IPO's... I just couldn't see the value of some dudes with a few PC's.

    And click rates? NOBODY intentionally clicks on ads! OK, I do, on occasion, click some ads on pages I read to give the webmaster a little money, but I,m never really interested in purchasing the product.

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 11:55 | Link to Comment The Count
    The Count's picture

    I just knew from the beginning that baby faced Zuckerberg would spell trouble. Well, 19 is not the end of it. The whole FB IPO was a Conzinesque sham. Happy tading!


    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 10:41 | Link to Comment Overflow-admin
    Overflow-admin's picture

    This is a facepalm for suckerberg ^^

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 11:06 | Link to Comment Crispy
    Crispy's picture

    One share of SLV or FB?

    They held same prices for a moment I present for your enjoyment - SLV/FB since IPO


    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 11:14 | Link to Comment Beam Me Up Scotty
    Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

    I'd rather have an ounce of silver in hand. Soon you will be able to buy two shares for an ounce then three...

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 11:09 | Link to Comment chrispycrunch
    chrispycrunch's picture

    I published two articles in Feb and in May warning about FB on Seekingalpha. I published two more last week and today. I hope my warnings are heard. At this rate, Facebook may fail to exist in a year (as opposed to in 3 years from now)

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 11:22 | Link to Comment Crispy
    Crispy's picture

    6-8 by December 31st.

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 11:47 | Link to Comment old naughty
    old naughty's picture

    Mid single digit, wow, that's severe...compared to "Back in the teens" which is so moderate.

    Oh, I am talking sell volume.

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 11:50 | Link to Comment NumberTwo
    NumberTwo's picture

    It can't fall far enough, fast enough.  Hopefully trading in single digits by early Nov. A selfish wish - but some of us should occasionally be rewarded for our cynicism. 

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 11:59 | Link to Comment Darkness
    Darkness's picture

    The perfect short.... to zero... 

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 12:47 | Link to Comment khakuda
    khakuda's picture

    How could this happen? sniff...sniff.  They were only trying to make the world more open and social...sniff...sniff...

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 12:47 | Link to Comment Flakmeister
    Flakmeister's picture

    I just queued it up...

    "Teenage wasteland, Teenage Wasteland"

    "Its only Teenage Wasteland"

    "They are Wasted!"

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 12:50 | Link to Comment billsykes
    billsykes's picture

    Comparisons to goole, aol, yahoo, ms are at best misleading, they never came out of the IPO and dropped, they never had fake accounts, fake traffic to advertisers, and had growth assumptions that every man woman & child would have to sign up before they can hit their metrics.

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 13:50 | Link to Comment squexx
    squexx's picture

    The Satanic Tribe strikes again!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 14:26 | Link to Comment Wannabee
    Wannabee's picture

    Jeopardy for $400, this entity printed more than the Fed

    Answer: what is Facebook?

    Thu, 08/16/2012 - 14:42 | Link to Comment robertocarlos
    robertocarlos's picture

    We had a 25 year old arrested for sexual assault and luring of a 13 year old on FB. FB is bad.

    Fri, 08/17/2012 - 10:47 | Link to Comment awakening
    awakening's picture

    That will happen anywhere else on the Internet so long as such children are given unsupervised access. FWIW I have no shares in FB; and hope it drops to 0 (also the cash from the shares MZ sold is deposited in Jon Corzines next Hedge Fund =P ).

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