FacePlanted To New "All Time" Lows

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Previous lows from last week's pre-market action have just been broken as market-makers adjust to options trading on the IPO of the decade which just printed $30.10 - or all-time lows - now down 33% from its post-IPO highs. Volume is a little higher than the last couple of days but remains significantly below the first few days' exuberant exiting. Put volume is outpacing Call volume by around 1.5-to-1 with $25 strike Puts among the most active. Some lucky lottery-ticket buyer just bought 1 lot (100 shares worth) of $10 Puts maturing in two weeks.


Put-Call Ratio is around 1.5:1 and we note Puts dominating the volume chart...

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redpill's picture

I went and made a throw-away facebook account just so I could "Like" this story.

SilverTree's picture

I see STRONG support at $0.00

taniquetil's picture

For all the trouble it's worth, I doubt I'd buy all of Facebook for $0.

Pladizow's picture

And on a day when the markets up!

Colombian Gringo's picture

Short and loving it.... suck it zuckerberg!

WonderDawg's picture

Bought some June $29 puts for a $1.15 this morning. Feel like I just found a sack of money with my name on it.

Matt's picture

How fast do people expect this stock to dive? $10 in 2 weeks seems pretty aggressive, that is a real lottery ticket there, hope s/he didn't pay too much for it.

Matt's picture

Why would someone buy a June 16 2012 $10 put for $0.05 when a $21 put is also only $0.05? Either there are some funny bets going on, or I am really confused and don't understand what is going on.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

WINNING. Options are on? I'm in. I have a strangle for intc but I'd be more than happy to sell the put side and take fb put in its place. I'm up anyhow so why not. Few things in the market are "easy money" but FB short? Oh ya, it's ON LIKE DONKEY KONG


MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

$30 should be solid psychological support. Bought another 500 shares this morning - The value is off the charts here. This cannot last much longer. This is the social networking revolution - older people just don't get it.

MrBoompi's picture

I'm sure there are a few robots out there who are buying FB and holding it for a couple of milliseconds.  Front running FB is still allowed right?


Dixie Rect's picture

Hey MDB, how many shares of Enron are you long?

Colombian Gringo's picture

MDB, glad its your money, not mine. Young people are fickle and can easily find something else to replace FB. Ask Myspace and yahoo.

BeetleBailey's picture


Yes, old people DO get it.

Revenue. Profits. Facebook has little of either. The first quaterly profit call is going to be a dooooooozy.

FacePlant can't hide or lie anymore (much).

See, it's called V A L U A T I O N....something you young people don't "get".

Besides, I don't believe you bought 500 shares @ 31, or 30.50 or whatever.

That's north of $15,000.00

I call bullshit on you.

The thing is..why are you on here shilling the POS stock? That is the mystery.

Plus, aren't you supposed to be out, regulating the crap out of small businesses?

Oh...that's right. You "work" for the government..............

Matt's picture

You better go see a specialist. Your satire detector is broken.

prains's picture



treat yourself you desreve it


hominus dorkasaurus 

Clycntct's picture

Hey MDB see you at the -$Bottom-$

Diet Coke and Floozies's picture

So, 300 shares at IPO... 500 shares now... Remember to tell us when you exit the position MDB!

stocktivity's picture

...maybe the older people do get it.  It's not about a social networking revolution here....it's about an overvalued stock.  You must be young and just bought your first stock over $38...sorry but learn from it.  Kinda zucks to be you.

Groucho's picture

good luck to you and the other "young trendy investors". i cant figure out if you could possibly be for real or your just laughing your ass off at everyone whose blood pressure you elevate with your hilarious posts.

q99x2's picture

If you own enough of it maybe you can get sued too.

francis_sawyer's picture

Facebook can't even claim the prize of biggest turd in the toilet bowl yet...

In 2008, Blackstone (BX) IPO'd at something like $30 and went straight down to under a $5 handle before all the money printing circus began in earnest in March '09...

You in for that kind of ride MDB?...

Matt's picture

BATS went from $15.25 to $0.04 on launch day. I think that is a record right there.

BudFox2012's picture

Value?  There's nothing there.  They can't get anyone to click on their ads,  and most of their users have major reservations about the whole site and would jump if a better alternative became popular.  The damn thing is Myspace 2.0. 

And I'm not even getting into the technicals here - how much profit do they actually make, and what price is this stock?

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

Click? Ads? Hellooooooo adblock

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

Only 500? At these bargain prices I'm suprised not to read 10,000 shares. Come on MDB, grow that bonus!

vast-dom's picture

28.99 and for a bit, then down the toilet (for this website)....

SilverTree's picture

"this"=FB or "this"=Z|H?

resurger's picture

Yup! call WB for the 30 Mark

RaymondKHessel's picture

Me too - friend me - same user name as here on ZH. http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100003854638604

This sh_t is going to 5.

Ethics Gradient's picture

And you're a member of the ZH facebook page? And the facebook page has 301 people talking about it?

Have you forgotten the first rule?

StychoKiller's picture

Take off yer shirt and get to wailin' on him/her!

jus_lite_reading's picture

Redpill. In your jesting there is truth. How many of the supposedly 900 million accounts are really active? How many are real people? How many of the cult FarceBook followers actually click on ads?

The answers to this only the insiders know...

FarceBook is a STRONG BUY at $1.70 and an epic failure at $45.00



BlueCollaredOne's picture

I cant answer your question in regards to accounts, but this article sheds some light on how they pad their numbers. 

As far as the amounts on clicks, check out this ZH article. 

Game over is correct sir. 

ShortTheUS's picture

B.A.T.S. in the BELFREY!



t_kAyk's picture

"A bad LSD trip sounds good right about now."  ~ Farcebook investors

kridkrid's picture

I'm usually all for trainwreck watching and reading, but I couldn't get past the headline on that one.  The headline alone is leaving a mark.  I want off.

fuu's picture

Don't look at the crime scene pictures for that one. Gruesome.

El Viejo's picture

In 8th grade football I was a 98 lb. defensive guard. Wearing the smallest uniform they had the kneepads still came down to my ankles. I know a little about faceplants.

mrktwtch2's picture

shame there were no shares available to short on the 1st day of trading..we all could have cleaned up on this one..

williambanzai7's picture

Think of it this way, it's still a long way down to $8

rosiescenario's picture

That would be after the 20:1 reverse sock split?