Faith, Hope, And Draghi

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What can we say? From the better than expected GDP this morning Gold and the USD (and Treasury yields) diverged from the QE hope trade - but stocks didn't. Then came the statement of the entirely sublime obvious from someone somewhere about Draghi's normal pre-meeting meetings and we were off to the races to test recent highs. Treasuries exploded higher in yield, Gold popped, USD weakened (as EUR popped), and stocks ripped. But...Treasuries reverted back to pre-Draghi-levels, EUR tumbled and the USD ended near the highs of the day, Gold gave back most of its spike gains and closed in the middle of its day's range as stocks just wouldn't give up the dream. For a 2% rally in S&P 500 e-mini futures, VIX fell only modestly by 0.9 vos to 16.7% - which is above last week's close (while stocks end almost 2% above last week's close). Amid the heaviest volume in over a month and the largest average trade size in over a week, ES closed at almost 3-month highs. It appears to us that unless Draghi and Bernanke - who now seem engrossed deep in the inter-continental thermonuclear currency war - both do their bit next week (which the market has now more than fully priced in given the dismal fundamentals) then this is becoming farcical but as Maria B said "a rally is a rally, right?" Ask the ZNGA and FB buyers of the rally on IPO day. Stocks ended the day notably decoupled from risk-assets amid Treasuries worst day in 9 months.


Gold has overtaken the Long-Bond year-to-date now (only the 4th close this year) as stocks just go about their business at 3-month highs...


The S&P 500 e-mini rallied strongly to its uptrendline but once we broke an intermediate trendline there was heavy block trading into the highs (h/t @eminiwatch) - does make us wonder exactly who was chasing this into that second top of the day...


10y Treasury yield soared (on a percentage basis) the most in over nine months...tracing back to their 50DMA... (and as an aside the spread between 30Y mortgages and 10Y TSYs is at a six-month tight)...


Equities and Treasuries recoupled as did Gold and the USD - though the disagreement was clear...


as Treasuries in general have retraced most of their gains from pre-EU-Summit...


as despite today's U-Turn in the EUR, the USD ends the week -1%...


I guess that is the price stability Draghi is looking for..but compared to capital structure (rates/vol/credit - left) and broad-risk-assets (right) we disconnected - especially in te last few hours of retest...

Charts: Bloomberg and Capital Context


Bonus Chart: Spot The Odd Market Out... This chart shows inverted stocks (black) against VIX, implied correlation, and VIX futures... can you see which one has gone full retard?

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deejo's picture


considering that the market has priced in 100% + for QE3 . . . is it a safe assumption that we'll see some pullback next week, regardless of what the FED actually announces ?

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Every Monday has been a loser for the last 8 or 9 weeks, by triple digits if I am not mistaken. 

Muppet of the Universe's picture

Correction.  almost every Sunday night.  Long vix short dow / s&p. 

Long charting, long fuck you bernank, long gold.

Muppet of the Universe's picture

We need to lynch (insert name) if he money bombs the market.  I mean how f'ing stupid can you be?  Launching a bomb like that at 13000 in the market.

Bombs like that should be launched once so as to save markets and prevent sudden hyperinflation.  Launching them, like the us does scuds, to wipe out bears?  is f'ing stupid.

That's like chasing flies with a sledge hammer...


I call bullshit, there is no qe, just an obedient market that will fall for fucking anything.

The Monkey's picture

There is a lot of money sitting and waiting for a good chance of a positive return. You have the money managers, funds, pensions and retail all looking for a ray of sunshine. So whenever it's cloudy and grey, you might want to expect sun instead of rain. All things being equal, the central banks will make it so.

It may be a while before the next opportunity shows up for a low risk short. Prices need to move higher.

Nachdenken's picture

Du du du a quick walk on the wild side.. til Tuesdays hangover.

1000pips's picture

Euro bottomed this week, engulfed Big time on the weekly-get ;long and these Eurocrats teach the world a thing or two about media manipulation and currency war.  USD has to get weaker for US GDP to rise on exports-that will happen.  Obama and Ben, along with Merkel have already let it start...

French Frog's picture

I was looking forward to see the 'Context' chart again and wondering by how much ES would be 'rich' again compared to their basket of risk assets .... it didn't disappoint although I expected more than 11-12 points. ES back below 1370 come Tuesday again anyway?

in4mayshun's picture

A very pro-easing move next week could push the SPY towards 1400 but beyond that, they'll need some heavy artillery to push much past the 2008 highs. But who knows, anything is possible in this Alice-in-Wonderland market.

Frastric's picture

Relax the Dow may just sniff 15000, anything higher and Bernanke has lost control of the printing press...

The Monkey's picture

Imagine if the market cleared the 2007 highs. I think those technicals from Citi alluded to an expanding triangle terminating as late as October.

Would take a lot of gas to get us there, but central banks could do it. They have many times in the past.

Keep your mind open. As sick as the underbelly of the world ecomomy is, this sucker may push a lot higher.

Hype Alert's picture

Some clown will DVR Draghi's comments and replay them Monday morning for another 200 point pop, just watch.


Seriously, how many times can they price in something?  Push for 200% of NEW QE?

El Hosel's picture

.... Is it safe?   LOL! 

Yeah its safe alright, if you are part of the machine. ..... otherwise put on some clean underwear before you are squashed like a bug.

ACP's picture

Faith, Hope and Draghi? Sounds like a threesome.

gjp's picture

Every time I think the depravity and insanity has reached a maximum, I am surprised again.  What's the saying about fool me once, fool me twice?  I just can't believe how casually the PTB are willing to throw our currency system to the dogs.  Dogs is what we'll all be when this is done.

crkennedymd's picture

Dogs are what we'll be eating. I guess then I'll have one thing in common with our Dear Leader

LooseLee's picture

......."I just can't believe how casually the PTB are willing to throw our currency system to the dogs".

And how those conformist, fascist, socialist lap-dogging POS 'brothers & sisters' we call fellow Americans aide and abet them! You know who you are are you know your day is coming...

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

And while Tyler focuses on Draghi's words, Ben uses the PWG to fractionally reserve dollars and buy equity.

Hedgetard55's picture

What a shitshow today was.

slewie the pi-rat's picture



[next "risk0ff" starts?]

Vincent Vega's picture

FOMC meeting Wed.   just sayin'

buzzsaw99's picture

and wednesday has stormy eyes. [/mangled lyrics]

francis_sawyer's picture

 "Hey Wednesday Tuesday... What are u doing Saturday"?

~Fred Flintstone

slewie the pi-rat's picture

we should ask robo_T? 

did you see where tyler put up earlier that QE3 was something like 110% priced in? 

send tyler some socialist money for his bar tabs, BiCheZ! 


GMadScientist's picture

You only give me your funny paper...

Hype Alert's picture

The way I see it, Monday is Hilsenrath's turn. Draghi pulled a fast one and hit the ball twice, so now it's up to Jon or Ben to return volley.

Yen Cross's picture

 Sunday gap down. The ACB's> ( Asian Central Banks), ( will love buying dollars) after this $ selloff.  What's up Slewie?

Yen Cross's picture

 Just checking in Slewie.  I'm like the rest of us. " Milk Shake" looking for a roller coaster!

  Nice to hear from you.

Squid Vicious's picture

Welcome my son, welcome to the Machine ...

HD's picture

Rick Santelli said on closing bell "I'd never short stocks" it was the cherry on top a shit sundae for me...

Maybe later today Cramer can come by my house and repeatedly kick me in the balls while Pisani chants in the background "decoupled...decoupled...decoupled".



Yen Cross's picture

Who's da Man?  I would friend ya on Faceplant'e'   , HD .  Unfortunately, (fortunately) Neither of us has a profile.

  Gotta love Santelli!

HD's picture

How's life treating you Yen?

 Now don't get me wrong - I'll set up a Facebook profile as soon as FB hits its inevitable price the pink sheets.

GMadScientist's picture

Now now...$5-6 would be more than fair for a company with the infrastructure to keep millions of rabid teenagers posting pictures of things they shouldn't without going tango unifom (*cough* Twitter *cough* ) and they've got some very slick ajax caching tech and a huge datamine (just think of the carefully selected inbox content they could be sitting on to bury electoral hopefuls with for a moment).

And who can pass up the opportunity to provide status updates and check-ins for "Satan's Penis"?

HD's picture

You're right - $5 a share is more than fair just for the endless mountain of "free" content FB users provide to Zuckerberg.

"You hereby grant Facebook an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, fully paid, worldwide license (with the right to sublicense) to (a) use, copy, publish, stream, store, retain, publicly perform or display, transmit, scan, reformat, modify, edit, frame, translate, excerpt, adapt, create derivative works and distribute (through multiple tiers), any User Content you (i) Post on or in connection with the Facebook Service..."

One wonders how many billions of dollars DHS, CIA, FBI and the NSA spend to monitor prepubescent Justin Beiber fans and soccer moms discussing who should be cast in the "Shades of Grey" movie.

Yen Cross's picture

Placating me? I'm looking to form a team I doubt you are up to this one. That " Bond"  cassino is open!












  i LOVE YA GUYS.   Money doesn't sleep! I got 8 hours of sleep over 5 working days!


                        I like being aware.

i/c SHIT IN WAYS that would confound you!

































                                                     [  hasta mania]

  GMadScientist      nice work!







  Helicopter port is slightly South of Avalon. 

Meesohaawnee's picture

well no maria you hopeless hosebag.. its your job as a journalist to point out the obvious maniuplation. Dont lead us to believe that fundamentals matter. Nobody needs CNBC in a computer game. Its like the old johnny carson Carnac act. You have the answer in the envelope.  .what does ben want the finsish to print at .. you have to guess whats in the envelope. Thats all.

Squid Vicious's picture

lol - she's about as much of a "journalist" as barney fwank is a public servant... those two deserve each other's company more often

HD's picture

If Barney is okay with Maria's penis being larger than his...than yes, they could probably be fast friends.

wagthetails's picture

And this is why timing the market is impossible.

Lazlo Toth's picture

Monday down. Tuesday up. Wednesday up and down. Thursday........ Ooohhh.

GernB's picture

A few days ago I bought ESU12 around 1330 with a stop at 1319, on the fact there's been heavy resistance above that level. I just sold at 1383, because there's likely to be a pullback, even if it pushes higher.

You can't time markets based on news. it won't work. By the time you hear the news it's too late, and you have to really know what people in the market think because you have to trade on what the news actually was relative to what was expected.

However, there are clearly forces at work in the markets that cause it to sometimes behave in predictable ways. If it has gone up when it fell to the 1320s twice in a row, it's not a terrible bet that it might happen again, that whoever is buying at that level will fend off the decline by snatching up shares at what they think is a bargain. When they buy up enough there are no more sellers and the price goes back up. The push to 1380s was beyond the recent trend. So it just pushed through a resistance level. Whoever was selling at those levels got tapped out. If I were more of a gambler I would bet it is going a bit higher from here based on that fact alone. I'm not that brave, so I just decided to take the money and run.

fourchan's picture

id rather put my life savings on red.

kaa1016's picture

This is the same exact thing that happened this time last year almost to the tee. I think we will se at least, a 10% pullback in the S&P over 2 week period post Bernanke/Draghi. There is no way they can deliver on the lofty expectations.

deejo's picture

yeh... it seems like a no brainer.. but i'm 0 for 4 on attempts at timing uvxy or vxx for short plays correctly.  perhaps I should just stare at my hard assets and leave it at that. euphemism not intended.