Farage On Barroso: "He's A Deluded Communist Idiot"

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Commenting on the incredible circle-jerk that Europe (sovereign-to-banking-system) has become, the outspoken UKIP MEP Nigel Farage exclaimed to FOX Business in this best-ever-rant clip that "The whole thing is a giant Ponzi scheme, isn't it?" Goaded somewhat by the interviewer's questions citing Barroso's intimation that the US is to blame for Europe's problems, Farage opines that "Barroso is a deluded idiot" and a communist who supported Chairman Mao. The contagion effect from the US financial crisis did have impacts on Europe, there is no doubt, but as the frustrated Farage notes: the reason the Euro is in the state it is in is that they put together a completely artificial currency with countries that never fitted together on top of which was added a regulatory cost burden through excess regulation on the environment and employment legislation that is driving parts of Europe towards being a third world country; "America, you are not to blame". The clip goes on to discuss the circular bailout fantasy, the taxpayer burden leading to a democratic revolution, and at the end of the day "this whole thing is going bust" as the likable libertarian notes that European leaders believe that "well-educated bureaucrats know better than we the poor peasants how best our lives should be led" which is the same path that led to the economic and social crash-and-burn in the Soviet Union.

An Epic Rant...

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Ahhhh .... in a word, NO.  That would hit too close to home.

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Fox (business) is sympathetic to libertarians, they have invited the guys from Reason too, but Fox is mostly neo conservative & anti progressive/liberal itself.

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Neo conservative and anti progressive is a philosophical oxymoron.

One of the central tenets of progressivism in the US is that it is the proper place and role of the Federal government to make life fair regardless of cost. Neo cons are Wilsonian progressives on steroids- they will happily bankrupt the country as long as they get to feel like the guy weraing a white hat in a John Wayne movie.

The main difference between prog donkeys and elephants is geography and where they want to spend what we dont have to project the power of the US government.

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They only love the fact that he doesn't blame the US for the mess.

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"He's A Deluded Communist Idiot"

Perhaps all these awards, having contributed to chronic elevated intracranial pressure (e.g. swollen brain), might have something to do with it:

  • Portugal's Gra-Cruz da Ordem Militar de Cristo in 1996;
  • Winner of the Casa da Imprensa prize in the area of politics in 1992
  • Named Global Leader for Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum in 1993
  • Chosen Personality of the Year in 1991 and 2004 by the Foreign Press Association in Portugal
  • Given “Medalla de la Universidad de Alcala de Henares” and “Medalla de Oro de la Ciudad de Zamora”, Spain, 2005
  • Golden Medal: The Bell Celebration – Message to the United Europe, from the Ferdinan Martinengo Company, Slovakia, 2006
  • EFR-Business Week Award from Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2006.
  • Honorary Citizen of Rio de Janeiro, June 2006.
  • "European of the Year" award by European Voice newspaper, November 2006.
  • Awarded Honorary HEC diploma, Paris, December 2006.
  • Special Prize, Business Centre Club, Poland, February 2007; Gold Medal of the city of Lamego, Portugal, April 2007;
  • Transatlantic Leadership Prize, European Institute, Washington DC, April 2007;
  • Grand Cross of the Order of Vytautas the Great (Lithuania, 06/2007)[22]
  • Honorary Citizen of Delphi and Golden Medal of the "Amfiktyons", Delphi, Greece, July 2007;
  • Academic Title EBAPE – FGV, for the relevant contribution and services towards the study and practice in Administration - Getulio Vargas Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, August 2007
  • Conde de Barcelona International Prize from the Conde de Barcelona Foundation, Barcelona, November 2007.
  • Honorary Medal and Honorary Diploma of the City of Nicosia, Nicosia, January 2008.
  • Honorary Member, Academia Portuguesa da História, Lisbon, March 2008.
  • State Medal "Stara Planina" I Degree, Bulgaria, March 2008.
  • "Prémio Rotary da Paz", Rotary International Distrito 1960 Portugal, Lisbon, April 2008; "Chave de Honra da Cidade de Lisboa", Lisbon, May 2008.
  • Confraria Queijo S. Jorge, Acores, May 2008.
  • Ciudadino Andino Honorifico, Lima, Peru, May 2008.
  • "Transatlantic Business Award", American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union, Brussels, May 2008.
  • Confraria vinho do Porto, Porto, June 2008.
  • Orden de la Cruz de Terra Mariana, Primera clase, Tallinn, February 2009.
  • Gold Medal of the Royal Institute of European Studies, Royal Institute of European Studies Madrid, March 2009.
  • Gold Medal of the Hellenic Parliament, Athens, April 2009.
  • Medal of Honour and Benefaction of the City of Athens, Athens, April 2009.
  • European Excellence Award, by the Government Council of the Community of Madrid, May 2009.
  • Prix European of the Year, The European Movement in Denmark, Copenhagen, May 2009.
  • Grand Cross of the Order of Vytautas the Great, Vilnius, June 2009.
  • Laureate of the Quadriga Prize 2009 - United for the Better, Berlin, October 2009
  • Collar of the Order "pro Merito Melitensi", the Order of Malta, Rome, May 2010.
  • Medal of Merit from the Federação das Associações Portuguesas e Luso-brasileiras, Brazil, July 2010.
  • "Man of the Year 2009 of Central and Eastern Europe", Krynica, September 2010.
  • Great Collar of the Order of Timor-Leste, Brussels, October 2010.
  • Golden Victoria "European of the Year 2010" award by the Union of German Magazine Publishers VDZ, Berlin, November 2010.
  • Collar of the European Merit Foundation, Luxembourg, November 2010.
  • the "Steiger" Award 2011, Bochum, Germany, March 2011.
  • Honorary Dipshit in the Nth Degree, ZeroHedge forums, 2012
  • Honorary Degree from Roger Williams University, Rhode Island, 2005
  • Honorary Degree in Humanities from Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
  • Honorary Degree in Political Science from the University of Genoa, Italy, 2006
  • Honorary Degree in Law from Kobe University, Japan, April 2006.
  • Honorary Doctorate in Social and Human Sciences from Candido Mendes University, Rio de Janeiro, June 2006.
  • Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science, University of Edinburgh, November 2006.[23]
  • Honorary Degree from the Economics Faculty of the "La Sapienza" University of Rome, January 2007
  • Honorary doctorate at Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw, November 2007.[24]
  • Doctor Honoris Causa degree at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, March 2008.
  • Honorary degree of Doctor of Laws, University of Liverpool, July 2008; "Prémio Política e Responsabilidade Social", Fundação Luso-Brasileira, Lisbon, October 2008.
  • Honorary Degree of Doctor, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, Nice, November 2008.
  • Doctor Honoris Causa, Tomas Bata University, Zlin, Czech Republic, April 2009.
  • Honorary doctorate of the Chemnitz University of Technology, Chemnitz, May 2009.[25]
  • Honorary doctorate of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh, USA, September 2009.
  • Doctor Honoris Causa, University Estácio de Sá, Rio de Janeiro, July 2010.
  • Doctorate Honoris Causa, ?ód? University, Poland, October 2010.
  • Doctorate Honoris Causa, University of Geneva, October 2010.
  • Doctorate Honoris Causa, University of Bucharest, November 2010.
  • Honorary Doctorate, Baku State University, Azerbaijan, January 2011.
  • Honorary Doctorate, Luiss Guido Carli University, Rome, March 2011.
  • Honorary Doctorate, Ghent University, March 2011.
falak pema's picture

Anybody with such an official academic phony crony political boner leg up to uber-alles Oligarch crown jewel owner status, ensures you respectability whatever your stance as student activist. Anybody who was with GWB at Madera as supporter of pre-Irak caper shot down in UN has to be in the pockets of the Oligarchy right to his short hairs. They own him. But in these troubled times the Oligarchy is split down the middle in the race to bottom launched by US banksta cabal against eurocracy support of Merkel partial fire wall and peripheral victims whose RE assets are on German banksta books. UK/USA alignment is a given. Euro battle is not a given as the Oligarchy loses ALL if this gets out of hand. And it could. Farage is hoping the shell shocking will not destroy Anglo financial supremacy but will disintegrate Euro cohesion. 

We are in financial terms in pre Waterloo battle times, in the Cameron/Merkel divide. Awesome if you like history to see how this will pan out! Hollande has some leg room but does he have his head screwed on?

Merkel is now looking more and more as the new teutonic Napoleon, against the Anglo Iron duke and City mob. Is it a posture she can hold upto the hilt when push comes to shove? Lets find out! 

GeneMarchbanks's picture

She cannot because that ENA prankster and his 'nation' go through an existential crisis every time some actual decisions must be made.

Bonesetter Brown's picture

Spot on.  Love the Waterloo/Napoleon comparison.

I won't be the least surprised if we see Germany with the new DM, and the devalued Euro pegged to the USD a la the RMB peg.

And of course, Bernanke expands the Fed balance sheet to save the world and on-board all these Southern European nations.

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Interesting times indeed!

I chuckled during Nigel's interview, him sitting in front of a panorama of Westminster, Big Ben and The City (always in the background). Expect to see more of him in the following weeks, as he is in a very uncomforable position - agitating for the collapse of the euro, but trying to prevent "contagion" further west that would prematurely crumble Pax Americana.

I am dubious on Merkel, knowing she belongs to the Swiss lair of CoL landlords, but if there still is a healthy power in Germany, if/when they decide to part from the rest of Europe they'll fare pretty well. The grounds have been laid for a future Prussia-Moscowy alliance where both parts will profit in the long run.

Seize Mars's picture

"Honorary Dipshit in the Nth Degree, ZeroHedge forums, 2012"


nonclaim's picture

Grand Poobah is implied, I think.

TJ00's picture

Wow, talk about groupthink! I just realised we are in far more trouble than I could have imagined, it reminds me of another list of awards-

Order of the Red Banner (S/N 3), awarded 27 November 1919
Order of the Red Banner # 2 (S/N 19), awarded 13 February 1930
Hero of Soviet Labor (S/N 1), awarded 20 December 1939
Order of Lenin (S/N 6235), awarded 20 December 1939
Order of Suvorov 1st Class (S/N 112), awarded 6 November 1943
Czechoslovak War Cross 1939, awarded somewhere in 1943
Medal for Defense of Moscow, awarded 20 June 1944
Order of Victory, awarded 29 Juli 1944
Order of the Red Banner # 3 (S/N 1361), awarded 4 June 1944
Order of Victory, awarded 26 juni 1945
Hero of the Soviet Union (S/N 7931), awarded 26 June 1945
Order of Lenin (S/N 117859), awarded 26 June 1945
Medal for Victory over Germany
Medal for Victory over Japan
Order of Sukhbaatar (S/N 1) (Mongolia), awarded somewhere in 1945
We Won Medal (Mongolia), awarded somewhere in 1945
Order of Jan Zizka of Trocnov Golden Star (Czechoslovakia), awarded somewhere in 1945
Czechoslovak Order of the White Lion, 1st Class, awarded somewhere in 1945
Czechoslovak War Cross 1939, awarded somewhere in 1945
Order of Lenin (S/N 117864), awarded 20 December 1949Title Hero of Mongolia - 17 dec. 1949
Order of Sukhbaatar - 1945
Order of Sukhbaatar - 1949
Medal for Victory against Japan - 1945
Medal 25 Years of the MPR - 1946

Order of the Star of Bukhara 1st Class - 17 Aug. 1922
Order of TAR Republic (Tuva Autonomous Republic) - 1943
Medal 20 Years of Red Army
Medal 850 Years of Moscow

of one Joseph Stalin.


Bam_Man's picture

Man, that is one heckuva boatload of bullshit.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Everything concentrates at the top of any ponzi.  FYI- "Honorary" means that you did not do any of the actual work normally required by anyone else receiving the same degree/award.

shovelhead's picture


No honorary license from New England School of Truckdriving?

Abraxas's picture

Labels like communist, socialist, imperialist etc. mean nothing any longer (I’m not sure if they ever did). Label is like a piece of clothing that serves its purpose for awhile and can be discarded at will. It also hides their nakedness, which is probably the most important feature. There’s just us and them and that’s it.

John Doeman's picture

Abraxas. Your name says it all. Takes your charms elsewhere. You are completely full of shit and at best a charlatan. 

Abraxas's picture

Where is the hostility coming from? Deep inside?

Nonexistent Uninvented God's picture

As much as I enjoy Farage's refreshingly not taking-it-up-the-ass-from-banksters stance, I feel you really hit a point of diminishing returns when it comes to things like this. One can only go on calling people communists and yelling Ponzi scheme without coming off as a homeless man waving a E?D iS NIghT sign. The SAD thing is that's how it looks despite the fact that what he's saying is acurate. 

justsayin2u's picture

i think ill name my next kid nigel - boy or girl

Dr. Engali's picture

The talking head said we had a "seachange" in our elections in 2010 trying to pretend like a big libertarian political change happened here. Who is he kidding? Besides Ron Paul the new batch  is the same as the old.

Catequil's picture

lol, wow... that was one populist attempt to ride the wave of social discontent in EU.

I admit that centralization is a long-term problem for EU.

But the real problem is the banking cartel. Crack on the banking cartel (just let the banks/governments implode) and here you go - common EU currency is fixed.

Just for a reference, there are poorer and richer states within the USA too, but that has never questioned the existance of USD....

Dr. Engali's picture

There is a big difference between merging different states and different countries. The United states didn't have a couple thousand years of wars and national identity to over come. Not to mention the Euro system is broke. They are borrowing money to pay back money they borrowed. Which sounds familiar. I wonder what other elephant in the room is doing that.

Catequil's picture

USA had a Civil war to merge the North with the South and yet we still have USA and USD. Apart from that, EURO system is as broke as FED/Wall Str. system :) with the main difference of USD still having its global reserve currency status, in my humble opinion.

Lednbrass's picture

The Civil War crushed the economic and political base of the South and impoverished the population but it didnt change much of anything.

They are still entirely separate regions tied together by nothing but force and phony money, the cultures are as different as anything in Europe. Let the South actually exercise voting rights on the issue and I doubt the US would be constituted as it is. When things get bad here I really dont see the makeup of the US remaining as is.

AnAnonymous's picture

The United states didn't have a couple thousand years of wars and national identity to over come.


Hoh, hoh, how is that? The founding fathers had a different opinion on that, probably based on their daily experience.

Not only they reported about their different opinion, but offered the US citizen social engineering plan to overcome the loyalty to their countries the migrants exhibited.

But hey, US citizenism is as US citizen does. So yep, more fabled past from US citizens who need to paint their country's past in different colours to give ground to their baseless claims.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

AnAnonymous said:

But hey, US citizenism is as US citizen does. So yep, more fabled past from US citizens who need to paint their country's past in different colours to give ground to their baseless claims.

You critical of baseless claims? Made me laugh.

Another instance of the wok calling the cooking marmit black.

AnAnonymousitizenism at work.

akak's picture

Did you realize that AnAnonymousitizenism also entails the monolizing of speeching means? (http://www.zerohedge.com/news/consequences-rise-european-nationalism#com...

All hail the latest revelation from the Great Prophet of Chinese Citizenism himself!

pagan's picture

Unfortunately, he is spot on and has been for a long time. Because of the EURO disaster.

But, I still hate him. He is a true Brit, this means that he is half Yank.

I'm a true European and even if the Euro is a failiure. I'm still a true European.

Can a Brit be a true European? Nope, so why not transport that puny little island across the atlantic and park it beside Long Island and make it the 51:th US state?


PS: We keep Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland

WTFx10's picture


Israel is our 51st state and our sattalite capitol. Ask the israelis if they would like to colonize England then. Oh wait they already own it.

"I care not what puppet is placed on
the throne of England to rule the Empire, ...
The man that controls Britain's money
supply controls the British Empire.
And I control the money supply." by: Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild
(1777-1836) London financier, one of the founders of the international Rothschild banking dynasty
Never MIND
pagan's picture

So Israel is your 51:th state?

I disagree. It is your first state. Ask any US evangelical (are they 50% of the population) if any doubts. 

Lednbrass's picture

No, evangelicals are about a quarter or so.  Even so, they are not uniform in their opinions on the subject. I live where there is a Baptist church every other block and while some are as you some are not.

WTFx10's picture

All i know is it controls the country formally known as the United States of America through proxy and the Rothschild's ownership of the federal reserve.

Anything else the organized criminal syndicate tries to make u believe is just that make-believe.

   “Truth hurts. Maybe not as much as jumping on a bicycle with a seat missing, but it hurts.”

                                      -Naked Gun


pagan's picture

Yep, that's true. But this is obvious for any intelligent person.

So how is this BS possible?

Deep politics or rather religion. The Yanks are the most religious people on this planet. Yaheeesuz (the south), Yeshua (da Jooz). 


Get da picture DUMBASSES?


Lebensphilosoph's picture

This puny little island of common riffraff and toff-nosed snobs trounced the Spanish Catholics, French Bonapartists, German Brownshirts and all other continental fools who were ever stupid enough to get into a brawl with her, whilst carving out by sheer brass balls and tenacious wit the single largest and most prosperous empire that the world has ever seen. Your 'Europe', on the other hand, is nothing more than a geographical construct and your 'Europeanness' a delusion of the mind. Why would any 'Brit' want to be a 'European' for God's sake?

falak pema's picture

then get out of europe and lets clarify things; nothing wrong with being a jingoist john bull, who stands on his own feet. But if the UK people are on that page why this hypocrisy of one foot out, one foot in. And why this avid desire since ten years to be US hegemony's water carrier in Irak and Afghanistan, Quisling type shills, à la Tony Blair? The US kicked out the UK from ME in 1956 over Suez. Remember! They took over the Oil Patch.

QuietCorday's picture

A large percentage of British voters do not want to be in the EU, which is why Farage's party are the second largest party block amongst British MEPs. The problem is the British do not seem to be able to get out of the EU. They also couldn't manage to stop Britain going into Afghanistan or Iraq, despite enormous protests in London and a huge political scandal over "sexed up" documents.

The British political elite -- the Labour, Conservative and LibDem elite -- simply refuse to listen to the people. After all, what exactly can the average voter *do* without being arrested?

The problem is the British don't have anyone else apart from UKIP, who haven't managed to return an MP. The day they do, things could change rather quickly.

The issue with Britain and the EU is not that they don't like Europeans, but that they have an "island mentality" towards the nearest continent or mainland, somewhat like Corsica to France, or, yes, Ireland to Britain itself where the people of such islands have a distinct culture of their own. The thing to remember is there is an enormous difference between the ordinary Englishman/Scotsman/Welshman and the British *elite* overlords that rule them.

We are, in a sense, ruled by imperial overlords. We are a subjected peoples ruled by a foreign power. At least, that is how it feels these days.  

Mitzibitzi's picture

Yes, that's precisely how it feels!

Lebensphilosoph's picture

Don't mistake me for a populist and a democrat.

Doug_Canada's picture

Europe is just living the American dream. Look at all the US states that will never prosper economically because they are stuck with a dollar that will never let them be competitive. Difference is the working poor in Europe have some wage guarantees that don't exist in the US. 

Europe should have two currencies. One for the rich nations and one for the others: the Euro and the Pean. Greece, Spain, Italy and Ireland can issue the Pean.

Next the Blue states can move to the Canadian dollar and leave the red states with the US Dollar. I’m joking but then again I’m not.

shovelhead's picture


This is what playing hockey without a helmet sounds like.

Creepy Lurker's picture

I wouldn't saddle the Canadians with the blue states, damn, they haven't done anything that bad.

Lednbrass's picture

It would be better for the US states to not just utilize separate currencies but go their own way entirely. We could make 3 or 4 viable nations with what we have, under the current system it is like 4 people trying to swim through heavy surf while each has a hand locked on another persons neck.

As far as wage guarantees, Germany somehow manages to get by without a minimum wage and have the most competitive economy of the lot.

Doug_Canada's picture

Germany, France, UK and many others have mature modern economies that can pay great wages. Spain and Italy just don’t have that G8 economic fire power. Someday but not today. Mississippi is no New York.

elwu's picture

Didn't know Farage so far, but about Barroso he is perfectly right.

The man is a communist idiot.

He not only managed as MP to kill Portugal's economy, he is trying his very best (or worst) to achieve the same with Europe.

canardo's picture

"Watch those Dutch elections in September"
Indeed, those elections are going to be very interesting. For the first time the Dutch Socialist Party SP is leading in some polls. These are the real socialsts, not the so-called "social-democrats". The Freedom Party PVV is expected to come out very strong, this is the party that wants to leave the EU, although nobody will want to sit in a coalition governement with them because they are being blamed for the collapse of the present, now defunct, governement. Also, remember that these are the 6th elections in 10 years time, every government for the last 10 years has collapsed, the political landscape is so fragmented that forming a coalition is more like black magic and chances are very high that the new government will collapse as well eventually. This all means that Dutch politics are more and more unstable, and policies are flip-flopping all over the place, all of this is eating away confidence and continuity. It's a potent mix. There is also a party called the "Democrats66" which is openly calling for a federal europe and transfer of sovereignty to the EU. So the debate is getting very polarized and ... interesting.

Dick Darlington's picture

Taking abt hardline communists, take a look at FrAAnce! Oh dear! Now the "BIG government" commies have taken over the country which already is in trouble and will make things worse there. FrAAnce will be the next one blowing up now that Spitaly bluff has been called.

As a teaser, take a look at the new finance minister of Communist FrAAnce: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Moscovici

Lebensphilosoph's picture

Spain may not be Uganda, but France is Nigeria.

azzhatter's picture

The real appeal of Farage is that he doesn't talk like a pol. He just lays it out. Compare to the limp wrists in congress.

Imagine Issa standing up and telling Holder he's gonna buttfuck him. The theatrics alone make the game worth following. Our pols all try to project this image of civility while assraping. Nigel just lays it out for them. Our pols won't even use the term liar. They say "misrepresenting the facts" or some shit like that. Farage is great to watch but the assraping continues. A violent revolution is the only chance the citizenry has left.