Farage Blasts Communist Europe And Leaders "Living In Noddy-Land"

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Nigel Farage, looking tanned and refreshed, is back and as he tells FOX Business in this brief clip "nothing has changed" from his views of Europe as the Titanic and its unelected officials dragging it down to the depths of the ocean. Citing Mario Monti specifically with his concerns over allowing politicians to 'decide' anything he notes the leader's demeanor is "We must not let democracy interfere with our great Grand Project." With European GDP negative, and group-hugs all around as Europeans are herded towards a European social state, Farage analogizes that "we are living in Noddyland" where economic reality and day-to-day life are as distant as they could be as he warns that they are becoming part of something that is increasingly resembling Communism. He dismisses the growing belief that "the state and government creates jobs" noting that "it doesn't, it destroys them!" With two wrongs (Spain ad Italy) not making a right; Farage is clear that breaking up the EU is necessary now and it is critical to recognize that "you don't get something for nothing" as Europe is increasingly de-industrialized.

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They have austerity for the elderly and disabled in Greece... but not for European bureaucrats/central planners in Brussels!


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That's what you get with Communism/Socialism the elite's share the gains the rest share the pain...

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the gift of Bolshevism never stops taking...

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Most Americans aren't even smart enough to know what a cocktail napkin is for...

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Farage 2012

Once long ago in a London far far removed, a civil society where lads gave up their seats on the tube for elderly folk (as in 50's and 60's) I was strolling past the Aeroflot office.  Probably a twisted little fuck since childhood, dressed in a Saville Row pinstripe double vented suit, etc., strolled in and asked the price of round trip airfare to Moscow for both proletariat and bourgeois seating. 
I was asked to leave.

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Did you see what they had open in 3rd class steerage near the boiler room on the first transatlantic crossing?  Dont hang with the irish though...dirty vermin.

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re Knukles


 are you related to Kim Philby?

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Its amazing how many muppets on this site confuse fascism with socialism.

Corporations colluding with

 government = fascism.  Not socialism. Read a book sometime and stop swallowing everything fox news pukes up.



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You are making a distinction which makes no practical difference.  Although there might be some technical differences between socialism and fascism (and Obama and the Dems seem to be more fascist than socialist) in the end both require state control of the economy and ultimately state control of the subjects' personal lives.  In both fascism and socialism, the civil society (where transactions and cooperation occur without coercion by the state) is destroyed and the feudal relationship between the subject and the sovereign prevails.  The Democrat party is the principal party of statism.

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______-g-ism, everywhere, Sesquipedalianism, which is what you get when you give monkeys words to play with

. . . only a very few grunts in toto ever necessary when dividing-up the bananas


uh uh


ruh roh                                                    TOTALITARIANISM

___ism e or is that economy, stupid when the bottom-of-the-barrel-of-fun-full-of-monkeys finds itself insane and screaming Cheetah!


superfluous . . .


nonetheless____ Over 13 years as an MEP,  Daniel Hannan has witnessed first hand how Brussels works . . .
. . . There is a popular joke in Brussels that if the European Union were a country applying to join itself, it would be rejected on the grounds of being undemocratic.
 Democracy is not simply a periodic right to mark a cross on a ballot paper.
It also depends upon a relationship between government and governed, on a sense of common affinity and allegiance.

 It requires what the political philosophers of Ancient Greece called a ‘demos’, a unit with which we the people can identify.
Take away the demos and you are left only with the ‘kratos’ - a state that must compel by force of law what it cannot ask in the name of patriotism . . .

. . . Unsurprisingly, the people running the EU have little time for the concept of representative government.
The (unelected) President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, argues that nation states are dangerous precisely because they are excessively democratic.
‘Decisions taken by the most democratic institutions in the world are very often wrong,’ he claims, without a hint of irony.
The plain fact is that the EU is contemptuous of public opinion — not by some oversight, but as an inevitable consequence of its supra-national nature.
The EU is run, extraordinarily, by a body that combines legislative and executive power. The European Commission is not only the EU’s ‘government’, it is also the only body that can propose legislation in most fields of policy.
Such a concentration of power is itself objectionable enough. But what is even more terrifying is that the 27 Commissioners are unelected. Many supporters of the EU acknowledge this flaw — the ‘democratic deficit’, as they call it — and vaguely admit that something ought to be done about it.
But the democratic deficit isn’t an accidental design flaw: it is intrinsic to the whole project.


Clash Of The Entitled after all the unnecessary reading might hannan here just as economically reduced his interminable hermeneutics to its Zooos: Release THE KRATOS!
                                     . . . cause he ain't got 1word to say about just Whose plan, project or kratos it is



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And the Democrats want the US to resemble Europe.

Hard to believe we were fighting communism just 25 years ago. Very sad.

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While I agree with your general idea that there is an elite or actually politcal and politically connected class, the actual problem IS disabled, elderly, and anyone else who draws virtually unlimited checks ad infinitum. There are too many people drawing more than the productive class can produce. It's not a matter or compassion or all that BS. It is mathematics. It is a red herring to say the problem is somehow just the rich or even the politically connected. The problem is fundamentally collectivism. It always promises more than it can pay for. Always! It also tends to create fewer productive, less  productive and more rent-seekers.

As long as Europe and now even the USA are heavily invested in centrally planned and controlled economies you will continue to get this. The answer is to do what no one will do short of revolutions and it is to take power AWAY from these states, Euro-parliaments, unelected officials and any other sort of genius central planning bodies. The only central coordination that should be done is how to break down trade barriers and delever the massive collective debt loads.

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The problem isn't that the receive these benefits it's that the political/connected class uses these fucks to maintain power.

They get them on the dole and then they can always and forever count on the takers to be reliable voters for life.

The debts will be racked up, the money printed to pay for it and all the while to connected enjoy the fruits of that power. whent he shit hits the fan and the system collapses guess who wins even more? The connected! They'll demonize everyone else and scare the shit out of those who are on the dole and they will assume even more power in the next system and around they go again.


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Very true. I like the saying, "While it may be distasteful to rob Peter to pay Paul, whoever promises to do it can surely count on the vote of Paul."

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Since Obama is the first gay president according to Time (i believe) and he preaches the European style socialism that is clearly working really well everywhere it is applied the image that comes to mind is Leo Brezhnev giving a hearty kiss on the lips to Obama and putting a Hero of Socialist Labor Medal onto him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hUWqZyxZUA - here is a preview - if only Mr. Banzai could use his photoshop skills to put Obama there that would be truly hilarious.

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Spot on,before the hole,Ivorytower fell,they ran, to give them self a big raise in salery,down in cool Brussels:

Since then,all people of Europe,has got the knife,deeper in the back than ever,and that says a lot:

The highest Tax% i ever paid in my life,remember folks,i am a bricklayer,not a broker,was,hold on to your hats ladies,50,4%+25%(is something then rotten in Denmark) on every thing i bought,milk bread beers (cigarrets+4700 toxic additivs) coffee sugar ect:Oh yes that was in the good old days,before privatisation of every thing=Free schools Universitys Hospital Medical Doctors,now everything is put up at Derivativ farm,up for graps,so lets se,there is a huge difference between socialism and a social sistem,the difference is the?????? ISM,no Isms,,,, works!

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Okay, first of all:

it's more interesting that 38.5% of a euro court judges salary is 84,000 euo.  wow!  judges clear 200k?

somebody gave you a thumbs down for telling us where to look up salaries?  perhaps van rumpoy (sp?), the haiku herman reads ZH?

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make way for noddy!!!


lol.....my kids watched that shit

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SHIT! You dare to call the glorious, wonderful role-model and hero of my youth, shit!!!!!! How dare you, sir, how double-dare you! I loved Noddy (I mean the original creation of Enid Blyton and not some regurgitated shit spewed out by some shit, crass Yank TV or film company. No, the original Noddy is pure and innocent and as wholesome as, as… wholemeal bread! Let no man disparage the immortal, inviolate name of Noddy.




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Paul / Farage 2016!

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Game 'em a right good Farage-ing, he did.

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He must have been born in Teletubby land... 

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The whole European Project from the 1920s under Arthur Salter and Jean Monnet was designed to replace Democracy with Plato's Republic and The Guardians.  It is simply that the Masses were bought off with Welfarism and Easy Credit so they would drift along with the New Class taking control of their lives.

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the red head is very fuckable....

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very nice funbags on the redhead

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when did that skank from the gatsby become a financial reporter....

disclaimor...my wife watches while i read the hedge...

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My corner of Noddyland is lookin' more and more like a ghetto.

Po' folks linin' up fo' stuff.

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Sorry but what the hell just happened with crude? It just gapped up about $1 in seconds.

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and a bonus, Liz Claman

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I like how Nigel can be clear cut in his analysis , he is similar to Ron Paul in that respect. His Tiger Woods olf analogy was a perfect description for the need of floating currencies.

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Did I miss something? Is Banzai7 on vacation or something?

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Shhhhhh..this is August...we are supposed to be on vacation.....no more EU problems until we sober up in September...

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If you look at a chart of Communism and Fascism.......they are quite the same.

The only difference I see between both totaltarian states is which hand, the left or right, the state hits you with

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Communism = Assembled by Zionists & managed by Zionists

Facism = Installed & managed (in absentia & by proxy) by Zionists who are busy creating problems elsewhere

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The chosen stay close to the problem and keep their representatives close. They act quite out in the open since Kissinger. Holder looks the other way at their financial crimes. They are going to destroy Western Society.

They contain in their midst the most creative and most destructive of us, each one nurtured to the top of their field by their own...

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Communism = hunter-gathererism

Fascism = hunter-gathererism adapted to a rudimentary market over the last 10k or so years.

The 10,000 Year War: the hunter-gatherer culture vs. the pharaonic culture, or in current terms, liberal vs. conservative

Wake up, smell our cultural/economic/political history.

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I would argue that there is little difference between any of the ism's including socialism other then the means (brutality,corruption,willing participants who vote themselves the purse) used to establish the goal. 

Obama, Hitler, And Exploding The Biggest Lie In History


francis_sawyer's picture

More Lies (or 'coverups' as the case may be)...


Russia Issues Apocalyptic Warning For US Gulf Coast

dugorama's picture

don't you realize that invoking Hitler always mean you lose the argument?  at least scale down to mussolini, please

francis_sawyer's picture

The effects of Bolshevism killed off way more humanity than the Nazi's ever did... (not that I'm sympathetic for either)...

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Europe increasingly ressembling to Communism:
The Brezhnev Doctrine is interesting in the sense it was the application of  the principal of "limited sovereignty". No country would be allowed to break-up the Soviet Union until, the "Sinatra Doctrine" came up with Mikhail Gorbachev.

This doctrine was announced to retroactively justify the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in August 1968 that ended the Prague Spring, along with earlier Soviet military interventions, such as the invasion of Hungary in 1956. "In practice, the policy meant that limited independence of communist parties was allowed. However, no country would be allowed to leave the Warsaw Pact, disturb a nation's communist party's monopoly on power, or in any way compromise the cohesiveness of the Eastern bloc. Implicit in this doctrine was that the leadership of the Soviet Union reserved, for itself, the right to define "socialism" and "capitalism"." - source Wikipedia.

No country is allowed to leave the European Union, sounds familiar doesn't it?

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Same shit applies to the US with a Marxist Liar in Chief and a potential Junior Socialist waiting to take over.

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Simpleton.  Name me one social program Obama has enacted that does not have a crony capitalist standing to benefit? Brain on vacation?

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Crony capitalism is fascism, a.k.a. socialism.

As John T. Flynn states, “Fascism is Fabian socialism plus the inevitable dictator.”

Why is it that the richest men in the world have been financing both Communist revolution and Socialist legislation? Why is it that wealthy socialists co-opted tax-exempt foundations that now dominate American education? How did the socialist meme gain control over most of the world’s press, radio and TV? How is it that oligarchs with crony connections to the center of power have developed powerful control centers in both the Democrat and Republican parties, taken over the U.S. State Department, manipulated themselves into control of the White House? Who are the members of the power group that is seizing the human and natural resources of the entire world?

The answers to all these questions appear in Tragedy and Hope written by Bill Clinton’s mentor at Georgetown University, Dr. Carroll Quigley, one of those on the inside of the "network." He spilled the beans on the plot to destroy the United States.

AnAnonymous's picture

Crony capitalism is fascism


Crony capitalism is part of US citizenism.

Crony capitalism is the result of the 'American' communauty spirit.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

...and crony Chinese citizenism is the result of the AnAnonymousese caummaunauty spirit.