Farage: "The Euro Titanic Has Now Hit The Iceberg"

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In an epic rant, trumping Biderman, UKIP's Nigel Farage appears to have reached the limit of his frustration with his 'peers' in the European Parliament after the Spanish bailout. Rajoy's proclamation that this bailout shows what a success the euro-zone has been, sends Farage over the edge as he sees the Spaniard as just about the most incompetent leader in the whole of Europe (up there with favorites like Van Rompuy and Barroso). The erudite Englishman notes that by any objective criteria "The Euro Has Failed" expanding on the insane farce of Italy funding Spain's banking bailout at a loss (borrowing at 6% to fund a loan at 3% as we discussed here). "This 'genius' deal makes things worse not better" as it merely drives other nations towards needing bailouts themselves and while his socialist colleagues in the room are mumbling and checking their blackberries, he reminds them that Spanish national debt will surge and that 100 billion does not solve the problem, and that if Greece leaves, the ECB is failed, is gone, and to rectify this there will be a cash call from the very same PIIS (Ex-G) that are tumbling towards the abyss. Blood pressure surges as he screams "you couldn't make this up" concluding that "the Euro Titanic has now hit the Iceberg and sadly there simply aren't enough lifeboats."

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Fuck you Bernanke!

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Farage would'nt like that.

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where the hell are our representatives screaming roughly the same thing at our congressional 'leaders'???????????

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That clip has been the best 2½ minute investment I've made all week.

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Soon it will be time to lock all the steerage passengers below-decks so that the lifeboats are roomy and comfortable for the Davos club -- capital controls, Shengen suspension, boarder checks are all prepped and ready to go.

After all, going down with the ship is so 20th...er...19th...um...when exactly was the last time the Davos crew went down with the ship when it came to finances?

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What an odd question. Everyone knows that high level bankers and financiers bear the brunt of the pain caused by their financial mismanagement. Most leave their banks in disgrace as paupers.

Look at that poor Bankia CEO; he may need to sell one of his estates! Some have speculated that his incompetence and lack of integrity is so widely known he will be unemployable anywhere but the ECB or the IMF (where such traits are highly valued).

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I hear that poor man had to go from Beluga to Sevruga caviar in less than a week!

There were 6 paramedics at the villa

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I love the banksters incompetence. They're going to destroy themselves.

I just thank God each? and every day for the complete and total worldwide economic collapse.

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Inadvertant double post...sorry

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Here comes the biggest CTRL-P the history of mankind has ever done.


For good or bad, it will be a moment to shape the next 100 years.


<grab popcorn...>

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this quickly and simply sums up what's going on across the pond right now :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFLa_tl4Rk0&feature=related

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Any way we can import him here to the US? I'd love to see Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and all the other tools get completely bitch-slapped. Ron Paul does it in a much nicer way, but I like the directness of Farage.

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"Nigel, I think you should take a stress pill and think things over." -- HAL9000

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I finds it interesting that Farage has been suicided yet? There is after all a price to be paid for truth telling No?

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they tried to kill him in a plane crash..... he was in hospital for a while but lived


Ghordius's picture

any news of the "murderous pilot"?

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Appears to have been convicted of threats, but it seems the threats came after the crash because he felt wronged (I could be misinterpreting).



Update: Sentenced to 2 years "community order" (?) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2002098/Pilot-threatened-kill-UK...

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+1, thanks! I did not expect this. So the whole accident ruined in his view his job, his marriage and his life, mainly because it went so long. Which might or might not be because the investigator wanted to be seen going after an attempted murder against such a successful* politician.

(*) Britons, please, vote for him and get him his seat in your Parliament. Please!

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well, when you do tell the truth it's possible that someone kills you, but dear Nigel tells half of the truth, so he is safe...

the other half of the truth (already discussed last time here on ZH) is that he:

- is in the pockets of the banks of the square mile

- would love to switch his irrelevant MEP seat for a proper MP seat in the more important British Parliament

- had just an accident, nobody is after him (read the link of the article, enjoy the innuendos)

- his solution for the Euro's woes would be the one adopted by the BoE: devalue the currency by at least 30%

- and his real job is best enjoyed here: http://youtu.be/F3e6IWsJA9U

Further, better comments than mine (also here on ZH): YHC-FTSE:"Just because he says he dislikes the "EU" (He deliberately lumps the political economic union and the monetary economic union which are two separate things together) and states the obvious that precious metals are better than government bonds, does not mean he is one of the good guys. Actually, he is a paper bug - I've never heard him advice anyone to hold physicals.  A minion of the financial services thieves  - his family is part of the LME, which makes the CME look like a boyscouts convention. He has repeated again and again that his main agenda is to "Protect the City of London". Not Britain, her people, her economy, or her freedom, but the City of London. If he had his way, the parasites in the City would have no regulations whatsoever to stop them from cleaning the carcass of their hosts."

Let's put it this way: if the business would be about a bailout of the banks in London, he would be screaming in the opposite direction.

Spitzer's picture

Thats right.

He has a Donald Trump big mouth and he is just as clueless and hypocritical.

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I agree with you, his well worded eloquence beside , he is
not really the guy working for her majesty he gets being
credited for here . .08 Nigel, licenced to kill the Eurocrats sick dreams , is still the hero of the day

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'tis a shame that the body as a whole has many extremities, and yet the tongue can curl a freudian slip with but a effusive soliloquy horse bit 'gone-a-slobbering'?' 

a fait accompli,  indeed, shows little remorse for the past nor for the future, but rather in the present does it take its stand!

+ 1 Nigel


Reptil's picture

Couldn't we clone Farange, and then glue the good half to half of someone like eeeh.... Prof. Schachtschneider?


Perhaps some DNA of some special forces guys in the mix, so the resulting super politician would really KILL?

They do it with trout so why not? ;-)

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i gotta name something "NIGEL"... my new dog ,my first kid ,my favorite putter or wedge...something.

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THey are too busy getting their bribe money from Goldman Sachs to speak out against anything right now. A few 100K here and there shuts them up, and keeps them in line with their Corporate Banking Master's agenda. 

The American People have no voice, at least no voice that anyone in Washington or at the Fed can hear. The only thing that speaks to our congressmen, representatives, and dare I even say our President himself, is the amount of campaign contributions, back door / dirty deals, and outright bribes that they get to stick in their pockets on the quest for power and glory. 

We the people lost our voices when we allowed Corporations to become "people" in the eyes of the law. 

MachoMan's picture

If I was elected, it would be the only thing I would do...  just call out people on their votes as well as their support for whatever retarded ass bill was up at the time...  basically have a santa list of who's been naughty (everyone) or nice and just start shit talking/yelling for my 2-5 minute allotment...  lewis black style.  I might even have to bring in wallstreet pro for a tagteam partner.  Basically, the goal would be to make it to the youtube hall of fame each day.

Of course, I do not believe I know what's best for everyone so...  I have a natural barrier to ever nominating myself to run for public office...

longdong silver's picture

@ MachoMan

Jesse Ventura has been trying to wake people up for years And scince has been marginilized to say the leasst.

But i will support your tickit.

getter done

slewie the pi-rat's picture

no sweat, m_M

we just appoint ourselves to these zH boards;  and we have more appointed participants than nigel by exponential factors;  what is a quorum there?  9? 

@2:13-15 farage sez:  if greece leaves, the ECB is BK

i think he stretches a bit for rhetorical purposes, saying the ECB has 400B EUR exposure to bailed-out countries, but i appreciate the point he is trying to make

with marioECB now charged with authoring a plan by 6.20.12 or so with his select committee of rubber stamps, the sqididity is enormous;  earlier i was dumb enuf to ask whom the squid would send into spain.  L0L!!!---nigel sez marianoRajoy is the guy!  <palm-slap to forehead> thxz, nige

nigel nails it with:  there are not enough lifeboats!  this is why kicking the can is so politically wonderful!  the wealth keeps getting transferred and the checks are still in the mail

the NW0:  what a country! 

collectively, the debt goes on!  only individuals can get counterparty-free and they are coming after us, now, big-time!  more layers of boilerplate;  more capital and "banking" rules;  we must protect the banks at any and all costs,  you see..

no one can come up with a good reason why at this point, but it is tradition!  it is hard to believe how many of US are born, bred, and raised to expect to have our cake, and eat it, too!  after all, that is the capitalists' dream, is it not? 

now, we are controlled by mass illusion/delusion around the political aspects which define access to the cake via boilerplate, 2300-page laws re-defining the job decription of the FED and permitting rule-making on the fly by the regulators (FED) which (who) are charged with addressing systemic stability and also, coincidentally, banking rules? 

and i think some people are beginning to notice how tightly things are getting screwed down in various ways?

but it is gonna be a fight!  they may transfer another 2Tril of losses, but the real war has only just begun...

even the banksters are no longer totally free to act and by the time angela is done with them, either the banksters are gonna be cashiered or the nations and peoples which have fallen to them, but it is not her call, even in germany...  yet, altho the banks are certainly well-positioned

after the FED college propwash, we now have a "badBoy" who may have even been a willing set-up for figuring out H0W that same 2300-page (dodd/frank) law's VolkerRule, already legislated, should be implemented

this is scripted for what the chairsatan wants the VolkerRule 2b;  it hasta be decided inCongress and they will kill the gaderene herd around the conventions and electioneering writing it, but they will get it right;  benzelbub and his allies in theCongo will do it and we will have a financial law which is administered thru the banking rules committees and BK scrambles

even in the US, this election is gonna wake more people up than 1968, imo

as people in general begin to awaken more to the fact that the delusion that kicking the can insures the greatest good for the greatest number, they will begin to see that economics has become simply a game of selling that very thing to the rubes/voters thru manipulation of choices by money, polls, and party politics for the pig-man:  all roads lead toRome and all deciding political cloices lead only to the status quo and the MSM and it's dah-links, comrade BiCheZ

they want zH bad, too, don't they?  the status quo is self-appointing  here, too  L0L!!! 

tahoebumsmith's picture

You must have missed this clip from Illinois last week. They are losing here as well...




boogerbently's picture

I LOVE this guy. Is he the ONLY one in EU that "gets it?'

But this does give some insight as to why they keep our rates so low. WE are borrowing at a lower rate to pay off a higher rate. (disregarding the fact we shouldn't need to "borrow" at all, AND "we-the-taxpayer" shouldn't need to payback the debt this was created to pay).

Roger O. Thornhill's picture

Farage is awesome - no politically correct soundbites - just straight to the jugular. The comedy of the euro bailout  loan scheme just couldn't be made up it is just, plain ludicrous!

disabledvet's picture

Oh but the comedy of the euro can be made up. Indeed "that's been my point all along."

Pladizow's picture

That room lacks a grenade!

FMR Bankster's picture

Let Farage get out of the room first. When things really fall apart we'll need him to rebuild.

Al Gorerhythm's picture

And fuck that fat mother fucking ignorant cunt behind him and every one of his like-minded brethren surrounding him. Mother fucking piece of shit bought and paid for arse wipe sons of bitches. May you and your ilk rot. Fuck me. I've had a gut full of these smirking turds. I hope that I am able to witness the rare time in history when these miserable parasites are dragged screaming to their death at the hands of those they affected, Cock suck mother fucking piece of worthless shit.. Hangem all.

ATM's picture

Someone junked you??


Let's get him too!

Gazooks's picture

arse wipe? uncivil inconsistency is your undoing, Al -1

Al Gorerhythm's picture

I'll give you an uncivil inconsistancy, you smarmy piece of shit and fuck you and your condescending tone as well.

Yes "arse wipe". In any language, (ass) you are an arse. I'm tired of niceities. We're past that. Thanks to Rand/Obama with their false enticements. Fuck you and fuck off. Collaborator.

Gazooks's picture

Thanks for the uncivil gift, Al, such a surprise! So sad to hear that you're 'tired of niceities' [sic], and being all 'past that', however.

Sounds like misfortune has overtaken you entirely having been duped by 'false enticements' of the nefarious. Really, too bad of them.

Just remember that true impoverishment often results the obsessive use of profanity and that madly stroking the withering shaft of raging ill-humor may cause irreparable injury.

Please, don't hurt yourself.


Al Gorerhythm's picture

I've considered your reply and on behalf of my grandchildren, I hope to meet you on the field of battle one day. If profanity is all that upsets you, wait till you see what I and my like minded mates have in store. You are way too comfortable in your padded gated communities. Me? I'm well off. I need no government sustainence. Sounds like you do. My children and grand children don't own this. It's between us and I am ready. You better get your game on pal, cos this is going to get (happily) eventful.

Gazooks's picture

Ah, a granddad! Congratulations, that's the best part of life, is it not? And well off too, all the better for the future of your progeny. 

So, Al, if life's been so good to you why all the venomous rage, I can't help but wonder. I trust that you don't subject your family to that brand of base diatribe. Why then take the liberty with strangers in discussion who you then presumptively abuse with explicit hope of violent ends for the taken offense of questioning your excessive profanity? It looses all of it's Carlin-esque charm when so badly abused. It may predictably amuse a few village idiots here, perhaps you simply mean to entertain them with crude phrasing for numerical praise. Well done, and proud on you!

Get my game on? Maybe you'd elaborate from your darkened room in the absence of those adorable grandkids. Wouldn't want to expose them to that, would we? Bombastic fantasies of battlefield glories. Never been there, have you?

I've never met a hero that hoped to be a hero again, and I have known a few.

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Interweb Hard-Man 2, comming to monitor near you.

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How do you really feel? Don't hold back.

Al Gorerhythm's picture

I'm only starting. Fuck this shit.

HellFish's picture

So are you saying he's out of line with his comments?  More folks should have that reaction - no reason to mock him.

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Ah, another great mind from the zerohedge herd.