Farage On Europe: Determined But Delusional

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In one of his most vociferous speeches (which is saying something for the eloquent Englishman), UKIP's Nigel Farage takes his peers in the European Parliament to task on their "determined yet delusional" attempt to keep the Euro propped up (as they desperately avoid using the 'D'-word - default). Citing many of the shocking statistics we have ever-so-quietly posted (such as 50% youth unemployment in Greece, the sovereign bond litigation against the Greek government, and the German FINMIN saying a third bailout for Greece is possible), he conjures images of the stuff-upper-lip English ignoring the carnage around them as they enjoy dinner. Striking at the heart of the problem, Farage notes that what is being done is not to save Greece (in fact it will 'crucify' them - as is already evident in their GGB2 pricing) but to save the "failing Euro project" and he ends with a critical lesson for the outspoken political leaders that surround him and their unequivocal statements


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Rubby slippers: Check

Blue pills: Check


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Fuck you and your European dictatorship Rothschilds!

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A must watch, Stockman shares details on how the courtship of politics and high finance have turned our economy and Wall Street into a private club that rewards the super-rich and corporations, leaving average Americans wondering how it could happen and who’s really in charge.

The crooks who own the casino (Wall Street), run the casino. There are no rules or regulations (SEC or FINRA are just for show to fool people there are regulators). They do what they want. Bad or negative news can be completely ignored and the stocks marked-up 200 Dow points.

Obama’s entire claim that the economy is reviving is based on phony numbers and rigged statistics.

Hussman notes that this “adjustment” in 2011 and 2012 was far more extreme than in any previous year since the 1960s. Had the standard adjustment been used, instead of the souped-up figure BLS applied, the total number of new jobs created would be only about 60,000 for January.


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there are people who are fuckin on hard times, seeing the job situation with their own two eyes and gasoline north of $4 who defend Obama's economic record and credit him for improvement in the economy simply because the Dow hit 13k. 

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gasoline over here is nearing 9.5$ a gallon. If there is any hitlist out there, i'd vote for Obama to and even do a donation.


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sorry my camel toe isn't as pretty on a web cam. fuck off

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Whoever you are, you're nearly as big a piece of shit as Dick Morris.

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I should start making and selling bumper stickers....

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Rose colored glasses: check

Polka dotted unicorns: check

Fingers in ears: Trolololololo!

All systems go!

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Gas in coal mine, check.

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Unfortunately, for the "determined yet delusional", UKIP's Nigel Farage is kept around solely for the entertainment value and to give (false) hope to the opposition.

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Sadly......Yes! Regardless of Ron Paul's intent.....in many ways he does serve that purpose.

It is only when we have no hope remaining that we become willing to do anything. For the powers that be, their fine line is to keep us from crossing ours.

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... and do we pass or fail our own personal test when we cross it?

My heart says that good can never come from evil acts. But, are we in a world where "good" is intended to exist?

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Crossing "our" line does not mean we should, or even need to, resort to violence. But our conditioned mind and cultural programming tells us this is our only choice.

It is not. It is just one of many.

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Cog has taught me that withdrawal of consent if the key civil disobedience any of us can hold on to at this juncture. 

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it implies that you should withdraw consent

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CD, your presence is a sage in the room.  Don't ever stop posting.  

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Young people believe in the message of freedom, and they're not going to put up with the status quo, lesser of two evils, like us old turds have done for so long.  People are waking up, and Ron Paul has played a large role in that.  If TPTB let Ron Paul on the stage to give us hope, they left him unattended too long because the cat is out of the bag.  Too many people know the game is rigged, and the desire for true liberty is spreading.

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I agree. However, my comment from below still stands.

"Fascist heavy handed government comes long before their final capitulation to the will of the people."

Or....we can end it all quickly by simply withdrawing our consent. As contrary as this may sound, after the time of conditioning has passed most slaves consent to their slavery as simply the way it is.

After all, ya just can't fight city hall.......right? 

Wrong. You don't 'fight' city hall because that is their game. You withdraw your consent.

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Wish is wasn't true, but I am starting to think it is.

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Thats what it is currently about these days.  Sadly people do not think it will ever happen to them.  They always hope it happens to their neighbor.  The media spins it along with some politicians stating they are lazy and should get a job.  Kinda hard to do especially if your over 55.  If that does not work they will blame the baby boomers or the rich next or anything that will keep you in your recliner flipping through another great adventure of Survivor or the Bitches of whatever they like to watch.  Wow TV is all about mindless drivel most of the time.

If you actually look around and see what is happening and complain about it you are either a malcontent, terrorist, or a racist!  All too shut the people up that may actually see what is happening but will do nothing becuase of a label.  CD made a great post in another article.  I have been there and once you throw out all the emotion and beliefs about something you can actually open your eyes, think critically, and for the first time see they are screwing us big time.  To me that was the hardest thing to do was cast off some of my beliefs and emotions that keep me in my place.   


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Odd pattern, no? ... One lone voice of truth amongst the inexplicably silent assenting corrupt. In the manipulated theatrical event there can never be two because that would not only give a point of rally for the honest, uncorrupted and naive; but would also add credence to his voice.

Why, when it comes to truth, is there NEVER a second supporting voice of power? Have you never wondered?

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Wonder no more, Mr. Farage is not alone, the problem is lack of backbone with a few others. More to the point, is location, location, location, he stand at the EU telling the truth to the world as an outcast "Brit". For Bloody ole England is really an outsider at the EU, not taking part in the Euro and other things "EZ".

Now that makes all of the other EU puppet members oppressed. They have to bite their tongues, or suffer the consequences, so as for now they have to keep up their charades and go along with what every Germany tells them.

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I saw a YouTube of the member from the Czech Republic speaking in support of Mr. Farage.  I found it at GlobalResearch.ca (Center for Research on Globalization).  

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Yes, Another member of the EU, however not using the Euro "yet". So, there again they have the right of somewhat "free speech". Unfortunately not as vocal as Mr. Farage, as they have been wanting to go to the Euro, we hope they rethink this disastrous move.

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if you take a look around Europe you wil find long-established Parties getting blow torched at elections with not a snowball in Hells chance of getting re-elected once they're spent forces

...look at Ireland for starters where Finnae Fuk-Up, the most successful party in Europe for the past 45 years, get kicked out so hard they don't know their arse from their elbow anymore

Times are a changing (very fast), nearly every main Party in Europe is a ticking time-bomb

UKIP are a more serious threat than just making up numbers in this environment

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trouble is, the newly elected either get pressured ("no money from our banks unless you do what we say") or offered inducements (powerful and lucrative sinecures in the EU parasitocracy). Isn't that what happened after the last Irish election? The pre-election fire and brimstone was just rhetoric.


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However, Euro sceptisism is gaining momenmtum in every member state... The next European parliamentary election will be interesting. Mr. Farage even got  a Eurosceptic like me, who never voted in any of those elections and said "no" in two referendums, to want to vote.

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A muppet, you must be a goldman client.

The Swedish Chef's picture

Well, actually no... I chose a name and an avatar that reflects my ethnic background. I used to have another avatar but that one didn´t go down to well...

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False hope?  

Name one encumbant majority party in Europe that isn't scared shitless at the moment?  The powers that be have lost control of the electorate in most European nations.

The rising sea-change is coming fast.  It might still seem like "entertainment value" but just ask Sarkozy how he feels about France's independence movement.


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Fascist heavy handed government comes long before their final capitulation to the will of the people.

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The incumbent in the EU want referendums.

The "powers that be" are still managing to block the issue...

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you know he had a plane "accident"?

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Carry-On Up the Khiber, Titanic, the Euro Project, O'Bummers Trotsky Presidency ...all following the same script

"More Popcorn please"...

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The party goes on until it stops

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I've a serious mancrush on Nigel...

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Gotta luv an eloquent verbal bomb thrower.  He puts his education to good use.

I'm jealous.


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Time is the side of the sceptics not the delusional, all their bullshit will eventually come to pass....take out Greece and you have PIIS as in "taking the piss" another great English expression - we'll be hearing from Farage plenty yet.

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"Happy Hour" @ Outback's is OVER! :)))

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Agree with @CD. Admirable as Nigel's rhetoric is, he is just kicking against the PRICKS. There is no way any country will be allowed to leave the EUR. It is a political project and will be executed at any cost. The EUR will survive even as Club Med is reduced to dust and ashes.

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"There is no way any country will be allowed to leave the EUR."

Go and ask the Greeks, the Portugiese, the Spaniards, the Italians, the Irish, etc. if they really want to get out of the EUR. You would be surprised.

The political project that is the EUR is a response to a fiat global reserve currency called the USD. The reaction to the action of Nixon in 1971.

He is no Ron Paul at all, Nigel Farage is just a spokeman of the City of London asking for some more FX churn for the banks.

They would love to have the EUR falling back to the old small, vulnerable currencies.