Farage's Berating Rebuttal Of Barosso's 'State-Of-The-Union' Banalities

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MEP Nigel Farage provided a much-needed dose of reality to the peculiar pontifications of Barroso's state of the union speech last night. Concerned at the fanaticism of Europe's ever more concentrated power-base, summed up by his interpretation of Barroso's call for a federal union of states (cue Darth Vader music): "while the nation state should continue to exist, it mustn't have any democratic power," the Englishman goes on to deride Mario Draghi's unlimited money bazooka - though we suspect Farage's belief that "money doesn't grow on trees" will soon come into question day after day.  Super Mario as much as implied that he "will fight to the last German taxpayer to keep the Mediterranean countries, that should never have been in the Euro, in there," but for a sense of just how ludicrous things are becoming in the EU, this clip is important as he reminds us of Monti's (monstrous Mario) recent statement that "nation-state democracy will bring down the European Union." Farage fears this rumbling facade over a crisis could go on for a decade, we can only hope not - one way or another.


Barroso's 6100-word SOTU Wordcloud - need...political...union...states...


Farage's rebuttal...

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Rubicon's picture

But he advocates government borrowing and fractional reserve banking. Go figure!

d_taco's picture

He is a city Bankers friend.

He was a proponent of the huge City banking bail-out and he is a defnder of the huge Bankers payouts.

Let him go backt to the UK.

Do not tell zerohedge readers

UK budget deficit 8% (is growing)

UK unemployment 8%

UK has this summer record high trade balance deficit.

UK can only finance its debt because BOE is continuing printing money.

UK growth -0.5GDP (Uk debt only sustainable at 2% growth)

UK triple A rating is just an other sign rating agencies are completly out of tuch with reality

My advise to the readers from the UK: buy Euro's now, as long as they are incredible cheap, UK colapse is just a matter of time.




Rip van Wrinkle's picture

Nothing you say makes him wrong on the Eurozone and the EU dictatorship.



falak pema's picture

Except the UK is not part of it...he is not involved; but it could spell bad for the City if Euro zone got its act together.

A City which pays Farage his meal ticket; which is more full of lice and vice than Brussels is of sprouts and Euro shouts. 

Whatever the sins of the Euro, the sins of Oligarchy capital in CIty outnumber them by the dirty dozen. 

You chose your favorite viceden when you talk of pecking order amongst first world power centers....

Consolidation dreams in Euro zone create nightmares in USA, thats clear here on ZH.

And thats been my main thesis here in the current crisis : when thieves fall out the devil's tail appears behind the smug facade of righteousness...on all sides of the first world fortress; now becoming feudalista castles; the bain of past European pain in Armageddon demise.

Farage seems to forget that simple truth...we don't want to go back there in Eurozone. But we may have to burn the Euro. Time will tell. This whole issue of nationalism smells of stale vomit. And its proponents of divide and rule poison pill.

Get your priorities right. What Euro rapprochement really means for it to work is MORE people's involvement via Europarliament and democratic decisions; not technocratic ones. The parliament exists, lets use it. Barosso never talks of that as it dilutes his powers...

JimBowie1958's picture

If democracy could work to unite the EU then why hasnt it? Why are the apparatchiks resorting to centrist polices and methods?

Historically, democracy seems to be  more centrifugal in nature, not centrepital.

I am on to you's picture

You might be,might be, right in some small detaile,no Thechnocratic ones!

But then.again Farage did respond to The Austrian,did you ever listen,anserw to the lame respond from the Austrian!

Lets role time Back:

The Danish prime minister Poul Schluter,back in the 90,th:Quote, The Union is stone death,and will never be???!!

So how the hell,can it be Democratic and involve people,the Frenche voted no,the Dutch The Irish,is this what democracy have been turned into!

And beside all remarks,in The Lisbon Traty,is written:

In any doubt question:The Commision is the almighty power(rewritten in my words)this is Barroso speaking,the litle man whos contry lost Brasil(Dom Pedro secundo,independencia ou morte,na orla do Tiete???) and was dimminish to nothing,the man is a one man ruler,Farage or not!!

Yes the Parlament excists,but the small member states, looses influence steadfast,so how is your Democracy then gona work,is this two and two is, five(derivativ wonder five,like in pension funds),four to Goldman and one to the sheeps??????

d_taco's picture

You are absolute right. But before we have the EU dictatorship we were crunched by the US and USSR. It is an absolute illusion that the EU countries can operate independent. In the Netherlands our political elite is still afraid for Washington and do everything Washington asked, even handing over Dutch citizens if the US asked.

The intended rocked shield in Europe is still a matter between the US and Russia, Europe citizens are not asked anything.

The extra rendition program that is against all laws was executed in Europe and no politician dare to protest.

And where was Farage then. What questions did he asked?

Before the EURO the DM was pegged to the Dollar and the Dutch guilder was pegged to the DM. Europe policy was completely dictated by the FED.
Farage is not the man to make the EU more democratic he try to sabotage it in favor of his Bankers friends in the UK, he do not give anything about the poor in Greece.






TWSceptic's picture

"It is an absolute illusion that the EU countries can operate independent. "


No it isn't. EU is not required for free trade and cooperation in any way.

awaken's picture

F*ck yeah Nigel!  Import him and Daniel Hannan here in the US.

Colonel Klink's picture

Controlled opposition?  But I like his message if he truly believes.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I <heart> Farage.........a lot.

There is nothing quite like being torn a new asshole by someone with a British accent.

<Would you like tea and crumpets with that new orifice?>

CcalSD's picture

We need a Nigel here in the USA!

falak pema's picture

by that I understand the USA needs a new asshole which speaks with a British Accent. I can practically see GW turning over in HIS grave...

Concerning headphones...everybody speaks english in the Euro conclaves...even the frogs.

boogerbently's picture

Rajoy, Barroso and the other "leaders" of larger nations don't even wear the headphones to get (Farage) him interpreted.

Like in the USA, talkers, not listeners.

Colonel Klink's picture

We did, his name is Ron Paul.

G. Marx's picture

He bitch slapped the rep with the question, at the end of the video. Way to turn his words back on them, Nigel!

GetZeeGold's picture



He does that......a lot.


gggunchi's picture

Farage for PM!

Seriously, if you are British . . . don't vote for Torys anymore.  UKIP! If you vote for Tories in the next round, you lose the ability to complain. 


It is decided. 

Zero Govt's picture

the problem is Govt, Govt is not the solution

the sooner Nige wakes up and realises we need to tip the Westminster sewer into the Thames the sooner Blighty recovers ...until then, Nige is a part of the problem too

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Agreed......but a very amusing part of the problem.

Even we here on ZH need our daily bread and circuses.

FEDbuster's picture

Like Ron Paul's questioning of Bernake, very amusing, but accomplished nothing. 

Just makes for good youtube "Peter Schiff was right", "Ron Paul was right", "Nigel Farage was right", etc.....

JimBowie1958's picture

I suspect that the common man's perception that the best and brightest dont run things any more is reinforced by Paul, Schiff and Farrage.

And that is a very powerful notion to get into the people's heads.

CunnyFunt's picture

It's amusing to see Farange's colleagues cringe and squirm while he speaks.

buzzsaw99's picture

Churchill just rolled over in his grave.

JimBowie1958's picture

Actually, for the last 40 years his spinning corpse has been used for one of the UK's uranium centriguges.

darteaus's picture

European Union - too big to fail.

Croatian Patriot's picture

Do I smell "Spirit of Yugoslavia"?

LongSoupLine's picture

Austrian Dem....OWNED!

Cindy_Dies_In_The_End's picture

Dem, Socialist.. whats the difference? (Funny? ...sorry guys)

Jason T's picture

That was a brillant rebuttal at the end.

GolfHatesMe's picture

He needs a US birth certificate!

Sudden Debt's picture


Starting up Photoshop....

.... euh.... If I do this for ya... does that mean I'm going to dy in a car accident of something like that?....


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

No! Instead you'll be hired by the White House to upgrade the Obama abomination of a birth certificate. :)

<Listen up WH fools....if you're gonna fake a birth certificate, at least do it well. Don't insult me with your stupidity.>

Diogenes's picture

The WH birth certificate was supposed to look phony. Its purpose was to reassure the Obama koolaid crowd and make the Obama truthers look bad. A distraction to turn his critics attention away from what he is doing. In other words the fix is in, there is no way to change it, so he can as much as admit that he is not a legitimate president and there is nothing anyone can do about it. So why not rub it in if he can get some political mileage out of it?

boogerbently's picture

I believe Nigel was born in......Hawaii, yeah, that's the ticket.   ;)

MsCreant's picture


Could you get a different picture of Nigel, please? I know you do a lot but that one is not, uh, flattering.

Hulk's picture

Its the angriest yawn I have ever seen !!!

urbanelf's picture

I want to have a 3-some with Nigel Farage and James Grant.  Is that weird?

Hayabusa's picture

I never get tired of listening to Farage.  Having said that, those "leaders" around him in the video appear apathetic, uncomfortable and worst of all annoyed.  It's an uphill battle, but if anyone can swim upstream, it's Nigel.

Dr. Engali's picture

You can hear the tone deaf arrogance in that last reps question. It was too easy for Nigel to put him in his place. Of course that idiot isn't worried about tomorrow...he is loving life raping the tax payer.

stiler's picture

Listening?? Mr. Farage seems to be the only one alive in the room, the only one not a dead socialist bureaucrat.

Lost Wages's picture

So the Technocrats allow Farage to show up over & over again for comedic relief, like a wonky British George Carlin?