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Is The Fate Of Mitt Romney's Presidential Campaign In The Hands Of A Reuters FOIA Request?

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It appears the GOP candidates are dropping like flies: first that one crazy guy, then Cain, and now... Mitt Romney? According to a Boston Globe article, paraphrased by Reuters, the GOP frontrunner (or is that second after Gingrich now: nobody really knows any more), spent $100,000, not of his own money but state funds, to "replace computers in his office at the end of his term as governor of Massachusetts in 2007 as part of an unprecedented effort to keep his records secret. When Romney left the governorship of Massachusetts, 11 of his aides bought the hard drives of their state-issued computers to keep for themselves. Also before he left office, the governor's staff had emails and other electronic communications by Romney's administration wiped from state servers, state officials say. Those actions erased much of the internal documentation of Romney's four-year tenure as governor, which ended in January 2007. Precisely what information was erased is unclear." Odd: almost as if he had something to hide... Yet something tells us the other side of those emailed correspondences will still be there: alive and kicking, somewhere on the archived servers of Bain Capital, and a few prominent health insurance companies (and of course Goldman Sachs, because Goldman Sachs is everywhere). Naturally, one would need a subpoena to get those. And for that one would need a reason to assume something is illegal. Luckily, wiping your hard disks while a servant of the people is perfectly normal in a banana republic. Now just who does Ron Paul have to murder in broad daylight while having sex with Snooki before the general media finally decides he is worthy of a shot at this whole farce?

Reuters with more:

Republican and Democratic opponents of Romney say the scrubbing of emails - and a claim by Romney that paper records of his governorship are not subject to public disclosure - hinder efforts to assess his performance as a politician and elected official.


As Massachusetts governor, Romney worked with a Democrat-led state house to close a budget shortfall and signed a healthcare overhaul that required nearly all state residents to buy insurance or face penalties.


Massachusetts' healthcare law became a model for Obama's nationwide healthcare program, enacted into law in 2010. As a presidential candidate, however, Romney has criticized Obama's plan as an overreach by the federal government.


Massachusetts officials say they have no basis to believe that Romney's staff violated any state laws or policies in removing his administration's records.

As for the "cleansing" apparently Romney was smart enough to do what not even 27-year old Goldman Sachs wunderkind and the man who singlehandedly (because the SEC has yet to name a second perpetrator at Goldman) concocted the MBS mortgage fraud scheme, Fab Tourre, thought of doing when he left his hard disk "just lying around."

Romney's spokesmen emphasize that he followed the law and precedent in deleting the emails, installing new computers in the governor's office and buying up hard drives.


However, Theresa Dolan, former director of administration for the governor's office, told Reuters that Romney's efforts to control or wipe out records from his governorship were unprecedented.


Dolan said that in her 23 years as an aide to successive governors "no one had ever inquired about, or expressed the desire" to purchase their computer hard drives before Romney's tenure.


The cleanup of records by Romney's staff before his term ended included spending $205,000 for a three-year lease on new computers for the governor's office, according to official documents and state officials.


In signing the lease, Romney aides broke an earlier three-year lease that provided the same number of computers for about half the cost - $108,000. Lease documents obtained by Reuters under the state's freedom of information law indicate that the broken lease still had 18 months to run.


As a result of the change in leases, the cost to the state for computers in the governor's office was an additional $97,000.

The 'shredding' was not just electronic:

State officials and a longtime Romney adviser have acknowledged that before leaving office, Romney asked state archives officials for permission to destroy certain paper records. It is unclear whether his office notified anyone from the state before destroying electronic records.

In other words, the US taxpayers paid to make sure nobody could ever build a civil or, heaven forbid, criminal case against Romney.

We can't wait for the next GOP debate, or whatever that ex-"999" circus is called nowadays, something tells us the topic of tampering with evidence, always a sensitive one for politicians as they all have done it at some point, will be rather prominent.

As for Romney, his fate may soon be sealed, or unsealed as the case may be, by a Reuters FOIA:

Officials have said the details of Romney's request to remove paper records, such as what specific documents he wanted to destroy, could be made public only in response to a request under the state's freedom of information law. Reuters has filed such a request.

One wonders how fast the turnaround on such a request is, and just how extensive the black out redactions will be.


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Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:33 | 1949384 DormRoom
DormRoom's picture

whomever the Koch brothers want in the whitehouse, (s)he will win.  Enough with this GOP farce.  David Koch is a modern day Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus.

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:36 | 1949410 Vampyroteuthis ...
Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Romney is a cock sucking wealthy ass Mormon. May he burn in hell like all hypocrites of his type.

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:50 | 1949457 A Lunatic
A Lunatic's picture

Cock sucking is a sin?

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:59 | 1949496 wee-weed up
wee-weed up's picture

Not a chance! Just ask Slick Willie!

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 00:37 | 1949773 trav7777
trav7777's picture

someone please erase Romney

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 00:46 | 1949795 Not For Reuse
Not For Reuse's picture

ZOMG there is no good republican candidate, who woulda thunk it???

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 03:25 | 1950087 jeff montanye
jeff montanye's picture

this enduring appearance of impropriety for romney, he must now prove the negative that there wasn't anything bad there (and he's destroyed his own evidence of it), may help doom him.  gingrich, given time, will be the last stop between ron paul and the nomination (but watch huntsman, he has cartel approval written all over him).

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 04:04 | 1950137 Chuck Walla
Chuck Walla's picture

While no fan of Romney, I'm still looking for the part that says what he did was illegal. Unprecedented is not the same thing.  Anyway,it all may be moot if we can have someone else as nominee.  Obamster's operatives are very industrious as is the media, except where Obama is involved.  


Huntsman! Whos idiot idea is that guy?

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 07:20 | 1950278 goldfreak
goldfreak's picture

He's got more money from Wall Street than any other candidate, I don't think he's going anywhere

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 10:36 | 1950682 bernorange
bernorange's picture

There will be no peeking behind the curtain.

Sat, 12/17/2011 - 02:06 | 1989508 Joseph Jones
Joseph Jones's picture

My rule was never vote for any member of either major party for national office.  Immediately after I heard Huntsman admit the actual cost to taxpayers for automotive fuel is $13-15/gal (military excursions, health costs, etc) I considered an exception to my rule, and voting for him. 

One of my best friends is ex-"temple" (advanced, high-ranking) Mormon.  His father (even longer experience as Mormon, ex-military) recently told him Mormon theology is that the USA must protect physical Israel at all costs.

Huntsman recently made a strong, caustic remark. with much emotion, that the USA must protect physical Israel.  This is extremely bad news, of course, unless you are a military vendor or war monger.  

I always liked Ron Paul, except he favors a gold standard, and I recently decided a gold standard is not such a great idea.  I presume you PM lovers/hoarders highly regard Paul.  

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:20 | 1949569 Vampyroteuthis ...
Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Being sucked as a dude is cool. Sucking another dude is NOT!

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:29 | 1949597 Robot Traders Mom
Robot Traders Mom's picture

I told my son that.

Robot Trader, come home and clean your room.

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:35 | 1949615 TheFourthStooge-ing
TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

He really would be better off if he'd just listen to his mother. FYI, I think he's been skipping his medication again.


Tue, 12/06/2011 - 04:50 | 1950182 Gavrikon
Gavrikon's picture

I see that (at this time) there are at least 9 cockuckers out there who disagree with you.

(I"m not one of them, BTW).

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 00:54 | 1949815 Bansters-in-my-...
Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

Only a sin to be not gettin any.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 01:02 | 1949835 sangell
sangell's picture

Anyone remember how, after Hillary Clinton's law firm partner, and deputy White House Counsel, Vince Foster's body was found in Ft. Marcy Park, FBI investigators were kept away from Foster's computer until its hard drive was removed and, somehow, destroyed?

If you can have a president get away with 'Vince Foster' I doubt a governors missing emails is fatal. BTW I'm not for Romney just putting a little perspective on things.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 01:58 | 1949953 Freddie
Freddie's picture

Clinton and the muslim are Democrats so they get a free pass.  Mitt is a RINO and so is Gingrich.   Paul is the best bet followed by Santorum then Bachman.  I wish Ron Paul's son was running.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 06:34 | 1950256 TheFourthStooge-ing
TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Freddie bleated:

Paul is the best bet followed by Santorum then Bachman.

...who are pretty much diametrical opposites of Ron Paul.

Flagged as retard.


Sat, 12/17/2011 - 02:10 | 1989515 Joseph Jones
Joseph Jones's picture

Bachman and Santorum will start a nuclear war with Iran faster than you can blink.  Freddie, sorry but you appear to be dumber than dirt.   

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 04:33 | 1950168 rufusbird
rufusbird's picture

They use the same advisory group...

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:52 | 1949667 Atomizer
Atomizer's picture

Tyler & ZH posters, earlier today the Headlines included this…

What The XYZ! Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/05/2011 - 15:48


The fact that the global financial system hinges on these 7 sets of 3 letters is appalling and amazing.

Well, you missed one. It's only two letters & Geithner is playing a game to hide banker's transparency. Shall we begin?

United Nations Treasury Operational Rates of Exchange


Next.. We log into The UN site.


Then we type into the search box: The Office of International Treasury's Control. Let's see what hits we get, press go! Google dumbs you down asking " Did you mean: The Office of International Treasury's''x Control." LOL


Please read..


First link:  Capital Flows to Latin America: Recent Developments -- Washington, D.C., 29 October 2010 

Second Link: The Financial Crisis and Global Policy Reforms -- October 2009 University of California, Berkeley


The second link strikes more interest. Let's take a look. 

The Obama Administration would create a Financial Services Oversight Council

chaired by the Treasury (and with its own permanent professional staff) to identify

potential risks to systemic stability and give the Fed regulatory power over individual

systemically important financial institutions. The Brown Government would vest the

Financial Services Authority, the UK.s unified regulator, with this responsibility. The

EU would create a European Systemic Risk Council made up of European central banks

and regulators and chaired by the president of the ECB.18 Other countries have yet to

fully specify how they would organize macro-prudential supervision.

Challenges at the National Level.  Implementing these principles at the national

level is not straightforward. To start, moving to higher capital requirements creates a

transition problem. Assuming that there is no appetite for a taxpayer gift to the banks, it

implies a long period of subdued lending as banks limit the growth of the denominator of

the capital-to-asset ratio. Then there are practical issues of how to reform other

dimensions of capital adequacy requirements. 

I'll let you savor the other centrally planned tidbits filed under the United Nations transparency file. Don't be afraid to go down the rabbit hole. :>)

Wed, 12/07/2011 - 02:33 | 1954001 ninja247
ninja247's picture

Who are you atomizer?

That was amazing.


DM me on Twitter @ninja247 

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 02:11 | 1949974 Yamaha
Yamaha's picture

VAM buddy - looks like you want to suck Obama for four more years! Get that white stuff off your chin.....

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 08:06 | 1950309 Monedas
Monedas's picture

Vampiretooth, you ain't gettin' near my cock with that fang of yours ! So what are you trying to say    Mormons, besides following the Biblical/Koranical (?) example of taking multiple to fill in the gaps in their social life and time spent counting their lucre....sucking the odd cock ? By Clinton's standards, then, he's a shoo-in ? Monedas 2011 Comedy Jihad Maybe They'll Find Obama's Birth Certificate In Mitt's Cluttered Papers ?

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 12:15 | 1951023 zenbones
zenbones's picture

What's Mormon got to do with it?

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 16:19 | 1952314 akak
akak's picture


No no, it goes:

What's Mormon got to do, got to do with it,

What's Mormon, but a second-hand religion?

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:40 | 1949423 Gully Foyle
Gully Foyle's picture

I'm pretty certain Willard Mittens Romney is the next chosen one. The Obama Psyops have already started, how he is too collegiate for politics, how he is tired and bored of it. The good stuff is coming from his supporters.


Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:49 | 1949454 wisefool
wisefool's picture

I sense this too. The speech today he was like "I dont really want to do this anymore. 4 more years of fighting about $3000 tax credits for busineses to hire people to do jobs just so they can pay off their loans on crap they did not need in the first place"

The problem is Romney can not get elected. nobody is going to care what he did as govenor, they are going to be pissed about his personal taxes.

I love it. the guy they were going to give Obama the out to (if he wanted it) is un-electable.

Can you smell what Ron Paul is cooking?

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:56 | 1949483 Mauibrad
Mauibrad's picture

Oh yeah, Ron Paul's cookin' up some good shit.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 00:57 | 1949820 Kiwi Pete
Kiwi Pete's picture

Has Ron Paul been ordained by the Bilderbergers yet? Then he won't be president. That's how it rolls!

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 04:53 | 1950188 Gavrikon
Gavrikon's picture

And if he is, they will make sure that he is assasinated before he can fix anything.

That would be (IMHO) the sign to let loose the dogs of war and go nuclear on the bankers' asses.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 08:52 | 1950382 Ace Ventura
Ace Ventura's picture

TPTB don't need to go all JFK or even KGB on the good doctor. He's already advanced in years, so an ever-so-unfortunate heart-attack or aneurisym will not look suspicious to the 'dancing with the stars', 'the view', or 'jersey shore' crowd.

This even assumes they simply don't call up Agent Diebold and select the guy they want in the first place. Or even allow Paul the Oval Office (although I don't think the hordes of content gubment-dependent parasites will ever vote for him).....but then severely kneecap him through the use of their servant puppets in con-gress. He would be vetoing stuff 24/7, even his own desired legislation, because the slime-slurping vermin in congress would attach so much pork and other unconstitutional riders to such bills, that Paul would have no choice.

Now, if for some bizzarro reason TPTB DID opt for a messy 'wet' removal of Paul, then I believe there will indeed be some form of blowback from the slowly growing number of patriots.

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:58 | 1949491 Gully Foyle
Gully Foyle's picture


So you still think elections are not rigged? That figureheads are not chosen by TPTB years in advance? That your vote counts?


Mr. Garrison: Attention students, we have tallied your mascot nomination sheets, and there will now be a school-wide vote between the top two nominations. So here is the first most-requested candidate, a giant douche. [a giant douche steps out from behind the TV and begins dancing to 2 Unlimited's "Get ready for this."] Kyle, Kenny: Go giant douche! Giant Douche: Hey, South Park! Have we got school spirit?? [a smattering of applause] We've got spirit, yes we do! Giant douches, me and you! Let's gooooo, Douches! [a smaller smattering of applause] Mr. Garrison: And now your second nominee, Turd Sandwich. [a turd sandwich steps out from behind the TV and begins dancing to Baha Men's "Who Let The Dogs Out?"] Cartman: All right turd sandwich! Butters: Yeah! Kyle: Cartman? What the hell?? Cartman: Giant Douche sucks! Turd Sandwich: We've got spirit, yes we do! We are sandwiches filled with poo! Yeeaahhh! [a smattering of applause] Mr. Garrison: Students can now cast their choice between the Giant Douche and the Turd Sandwich. We'll count up the votes on Tuesday.
Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:13 | 1949549 wisefool
wisefool's picture

They say one way to make Devil laugh is to tell him your plan. I agree Mitt was supposed to be Regan part II. But Uncle Warren is off the reservation. This Buffet rule stuff was the trap to catch romney and ensure obama the 2nd term if he wanted it.

Problem is, as I thought I was agreeing with your post, is that Obama was going to be given the option of "losing" the election to Mitt. Obama could be the Jimmy Carter and have a similar "you should have given me a second term legacy ...." That is fubar'ed now cause none of the candidates other than Ron Paul cam beat the dead people who have already absentee voted for Obama, much less the straight ticket types.

The wages of sin (in this case undeath) is that he will be forced to serve a second term with a terrible legacy. Or we can elect Ron Paul.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 00:15 | 1949724 DeadFred
DeadFred's picture

My mother has been voting consistently since passing away some years ago. She changed party affiliation shortly after her death. I've always what aspect of passing through the pearly gates made her decide that the Democrats were better.

More related to this post I'll be interested to see if this FOIC request gets processed faster than the request for Obama's birth certificate.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 03:38 | 1950101 jeff montanye
jeff montanye's picture

it just might.  a state government fears a presidential candidate less than a president.  and obama had the idea of saving the release up for a master stroke of political tactics.  oh he's such a multi dimensional chess player. 

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:18 | 1949564 nmewn
nmewn's picture

Ok...I'm gonna get junked off the stage...but what else is

We are dealing with a people who watch American Idol & snookie (whatever the fuck that show is) and bury their faces in i-shit all day. Where looks mean more than what a candidates positions are.

Ron Paul (as much as I respect him) standing next to a younger, smug Barry, at a debate is...

I hope I'm wrong. But I don't think so. They're being chosen (picked off, whatever) one by one...Chicago style, until they get the one they want for the American Idol crowd.

Just sayin...

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:31 | 1949606 Raymond Reason
Raymond Reason's picture

If the snookie crowd is can't afford cable by mid 2012, they might start paying attention. 

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:38 | 1949624 nmewn
nmewn's picture

I'm sure Barry can find a way to subsidize that as well.


They will never understand they are being bribed...honestly, its why I can't sign off on full blown revolution. There, I said it. They are unworthy of my blood & sweat.

I better stop.


Tue, 12/06/2011 - 00:16 | 1949722 wisefool
wisefool's picture

Not trying to make you even more frustrated, but the Show itself was subsidized by the government. $420,000.

You can not make this stuff up, and unfortunately for the brain trust who writes tax code, all of this stuff is never going to be "cleaned up" from the internet or "Un watched". Just like Paul "Enron" Krugmiester's legacy.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 06:57 | 1950267 nmewn
nmewn's picture

Just when I thought I'd seen it Yes, definitely frustrated. Like alot of people I guess.

I've seen the "clean up operation" you speak of as well. I'm thankful for the dedicated cyber patriots who save almost everything and for years I have scorned Google for their willingness to distort and mislead the pursuit of truth. 

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 01:04 | 1949842 azusgm
azusgm's picture

Barry has been too busy trying to shovel some of your money into his latest climate scheme.

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:35 | 1949613 Mr Lennon Hendrix
Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Have you seen Barry lately?  Thin as a rail, grey, and weathered.  And it isn't like Paul is in bad shape.  You can tell he could round out some pullups by the size of his shoulders.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 01:10 | 1949862 Oh regional Indian
Oh regional Indian's picture

Yes LH. Something tells me Barry Shabaz was meant to be a one-termer. So hated that anything/one would look great in comparison.

I'd heard a murmur, a long time ago, about Schwarznegger/Palin.

ZINGER! if it happens, eh? Could.



Tue, 12/06/2011 - 01:21 | 1949884 Mr Lennon Hendrix
Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Unfortunately for Nazis everywhere Presidential candidates needed to register with the States for the primaries already.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 02:10 | 1949970 SilverIsKing
SilverIsKing's picture

So Hillary can no longer sub for Obama?

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 10:39 | 1950691 wisefool
wisefool's picture

Hillary FTW but not in the way you think. She wants to be on the supreme court. And there is no way the establishment pubs can or should stop that now.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 02:48 | 1950030 hidingfromhelis
hidingfromhelis's picture

Schwarznegger wasn't born in the US, so he is not eligible for the presidency.


Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:40 | 1949630 Vlad Tepid
Vlad Tepid's picture

I have to disagree with you although I know exactly what you mean.  In a debate between the two, I think that Paul would come out with a more favorable impression.  People on the right and left are sick of the slick politico that Obama would be the sole representative of on the stage.  He spouts platitudes and Paul spouts substance.  That will have to resonate with many of the "likely voters" if not the mouth-breathing majority who will not hit the polls.

Also, I think a lot of the young people who overwhelmingly voted for Obama, are now wiser and more jaded, and "progressive" winds are blowing against the decidedly UN-progressive Obama.  They also identify in older people a wisdom lacking in their generation.  But that wisdom is seen as a survival skill for the times that they are about to face thanks, not to Paul's generation, but to Obama's and his mother's.  Many people said that Reagan was too old to win, but his age proved an electoral bonus to him after the unstaid political years of the younger and hipper Carter.  A similar dynamic may come into play here.

Of course, first Paul has to break to Clown Car Monopoly of the Republican nominating process...

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 00:21 | 1949738 DeadFred
DeadFred's picture

"Of course, first Paul has to break to Clown Car Monopoly of the Republican nominating process..."

It looks like the clowns are doing a mighty fine job of doing it themselves. Just my opinion.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 03:43 | 1950108 jeff montanye
jeff montanye's picture

mine too.  the deep weakness of paul's republican opposition is but one of the many circumstances helping him.  i think he can beat obama, as they say, left, right and center.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 04:25 | 1950159 buyingsterling
buyingsterling's picture

If Paul gets rolling, he will be roundly demonized, Pat Buchanan style. In 1992 Pat ran an insurgent anti-globalist, anti-immigration campaign. After Buchanan won NH, William Bennett and a number of other neocon pukes actually held a -press conference- to condemn Buchanan for being an extremist. They'll try to lynch Paul too, but they may find more resistance than they expect.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 05:44 | 1950220 Vlad Tepid
Vlad Tepid's picture

I understand where you're coming from but my concern isn't his noodle-brained opposition.  It's the political machine behind all of them.  I'm glad you brought up Buchanan because I see that one in my nightmares.  He was on his way to nomination where he would have trounced Clinton, exposing himfor the buffoon he was, and closed the Cold War with honor, reinvesting the so called peace dividend.  They froze him cold and ran away with the nomination and "allowed" him to give the keynote speech - still one of the greatest public addresses by a Republican in the last...30 years?  The Republican machine is the dangerous one. 

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 11:47 | 1950883 hangemhigh
hangemhigh's picture

TO:  Tue, 12/06/2011 - 03:25 | 1950159 buyingsterling

"In 1992 Pat ran an insurgent anti-globalist, anti-immigration campaign. After Buchanan won NH, William Bennett and a number of other neocon pukes actually held a -press conference- to condemn Buchanan for being an extremist."

interesting bit of history there....when ronnie rayguns won in 1980 the deciding demographic in his victory count was conservative blue collar  catholics.  thus were the culture wars abortion/religion/gays born.  pat served as the original wedge master in that in that media-con.  when he went off the reservation in 1992 a new wedge master was needed who could/would play the global game.........the mba choir boy was ultimately the chosen one....oddly enough,  not only do they look alike but they are both irish catholics from taxachussets........

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:43 | 1949642 Robot Traders Mom
Robot Traders Mom's picture

I don't know why you would be junked. You were being realistic.

My buddy and I were talking about RP and came to the conclusion that as much as we support him, he will be blamed for the guaranteed demise that will happen when he is in office. Let that fuckjob now take the blame.

The American people don't deserve Ron Paul.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 00:26 | 1949752 seek
seek's picture

I think Ron is aware of this, or at least sure seemed to be when I spoke with him about it in '08.

Honestly, I think his plan is to basically get the truth out, and set things up so power reverts back to the states when it all goes down, rather than the country becoming a full-on dictatorship. I wouldn't be at all surprised if elected that his inaugural address would be laying out the truth and severity of the situation, though being who he is I don't think the word "fucked" would be used, he'd say the same thing.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 00:28 | 1949757 Troll Magnet
Troll Magnet's picture

i think our economy will rebound in the first three years of paul's administration if he is elected. i mean, once he cuts trillions in spending alone and restores some fiscal sanity, everybody will become bullish. and once he gets rid of the IRS, TSA, TPA and and all the other bullshit and people finally realize that they don't have to live in fear of their government anymore, RP will unleash so much positive energy in this country that it will be unbelievable. we have no idea what we are being deprived of right now. we will invent, create and make.

ron paul is an idea, man, an idea that everybody in this country deserves to be free and can prosper with hard work.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 04:32 | 1950166 buyingsterling
buyingsterling's picture

Amen, but expect some heavy duty resistance from the banking cartel. It'll look like life and death to some of them.

I'd like to add what I think would be the single most positive development for economic growth if Paul is elected and able to pass or impose his ideas ( impose - he's the excecutive, he can lay out his plan and it will become a mandate if he wins, then he can use it as a hammer). Eliminating the income tax and IRS and allowing people to earn without keeping track of everything and reporting to the government - that's what will really boost growth.

Unfortunately, you and I are both talking about a world where the transition from fiat is already over, and Lord knows what that holds in store for us.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 04:32 | 1950167 buyingsterling
buyingsterling's picture

Amen, but expect some heavy duty resistance from the banking cartel. It'll look like life and death to some of them.

I'd like to add what I think would be the single most positive development for economic growth if Paul is elected and able to pass or impose his ideas ( impose - he's the excecutive, he can lay out his plan and it will become a mandate if he wins, then he can use it as a hammer). Eliminating the income tax and IRS and allowing people to earn without keeping track of everything and reporting to the government - that's what will really boost growth.

Unfortunately, you and I are both talking about a world where the transition from fiat is already over, and Lord knows what that holds in store for us.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 09:59 | 1950513 wisefool
wisefool's picture

Agreed about the IRS. The problem with this type of passive agressive stuff is that the innocent will comply. wasting huge amounts of workproduct and parts of their souls. The cheaters will easily beat the system. And the lukewarm will be herded to participate in the centrally planned bubbles at best, or become criminals at worst.

Even if the purpose of the tax code is simply to provide PhDs in Econ data to avoid economic calamity ... well hows that working out during the current depression?

Like I said in another post, if you are a well intended central planner, and you want to make the devil laugh, write about 70,000 pages of tax code ...

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 03:33 | 1950099 Al Gorerhythm
Al Gorerhythm's picture

Ron Paul would gladly accept that tag, m'thinks.

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:46 | 1949647 Goldtoothchimp09
Goldtoothchimp09's picture

Interestingly, Ron Paul polls much stronger with the 18-25 yr old crowd than anyone else!  It's the old fucks who don't support him.

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:56 | 1949683 BoNeSxxx
BoNeSxxx's picture

The old fucks are the ones who fucked us all.  Of course they don't support RP.

Under their careful stewardship and watchful eye the FED stole our money (and possibly our gold), Tricky Dick took us off the gold standard, they killed JFK and ALMOST made it to the grave without being hanged by the necks until dead.


Tue, 12/06/2011 - 02:08 | 1949966 Iwanttoknow
Iwanttoknow's picture

This middle has fuck has,consistently,I'm independent but registered as a republican for the sole reason I may be able to vote for RP in the primary.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 03:48 | 1950112 jeff montanye
jeff montanye's picture

good job.  independent thought is great.  not registering with a party seems robbing oneself of much of whatever residual power voting may have.  all interested in reform should register republican and vote for ron paul in the primary and the general

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 02:03 | 1949957 Freddie
Freddie's picture

I really wish Rand Paul was running.   The Muslim and his media are picking off candidates.   Pure evil.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 03:10 | 1950066 Max Fischer
Max Fischer's picture



There's always a chance....  lots of time before the election.  

My concern, though, is that Rand Paul will only appeal to a very small minority of xenophobic, racist rednecks from the backwaters of America who really don't have the slightest idea about anything. In May 2010, when everyone was focused on the economy, jobs and the recovery, Rand Paul was barking some nonsense about how restaurant owners should have the "right" to ban service to black people.  The rednecks in Kentucky LOVED it, especially since they were still mentally wounded from the election of our first black president.  This was the EXACT sort of twisted vindication that the rednecks needed, and Rand certainly delivered.  So long as he continues with these "redneck" issues, Rand will be guaranteed a loyal following of utterly brain-dead, low-brow voters, but voters nonetheless.

Max Fischer, Civis Mundi


Tue, 12/06/2011 - 04:48 | 1950164 Judge Holden
Judge Holden's picture

LOL, you're such a dupe, it's a wonder you made it to ZH.  Rand Paul made a pretty standard off-hand libertarian comment that would have received virtually no attention if not for the Rachel Maddow show.  All while he was actually pretty decently ahead in the polls at that point.  If people want to vote to express their rage at other ethnic groups, they'd be far better served voting for Obama as he's a big fan of locking minorities up for no legitimate reason (i.e. the drug war) and dropping bombs on Arab/Pashtun women and children.


EDIT: I just understood the comment above yours, and yes, that poster is clearly a racist dolt.  It doesn't mean Rand Paul is.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 04:52 | 1950187 Dr. Acula
Dr. Acula's picture

>that poster is clearly a racist dolt

He's racist because he called someone a Muslim?



Tue, 12/06/2011 - 04:54 | 1950190 Judge Holden
Judge Holden's picture

He referred to Barrack Obama as "the Muslim" in a derogatory way.  Pretty easy call.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 09:05 | 1950405 laosuwan
laosuwan's picture

what race is muslim, exactly?



Tue, 12/06/2011 - 15:44 | 1952113 Judge Holden
Judge Holden's picture

Are you really that incapable of putting 1+1 together?  If someone said, "The Jew" Barrack Obama, would it make more sense to you?

Sat, 12/17/2011 - 08:02 | 1989627 laosuwan
laosuwan's picture

you did not answer my question

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 08:21 | 1950317 j0nx
j0nx's picture

Yeah, I am not making the racist connection either. Race-baiting trolls perhaps but racist comment? Not.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 04:50 | 1950178 Dr. Acula
Dr. Acula's picture

"Rand Paul was barking some nonsense about how restaurant owners should have the "right" to ban service to black people."


So you think people shouldn't have the freedom to choose with whom they do business?

What other freedoms do you hate?


Tue, 12/20/2011 - 14:28 | 1998241 flattrader
flattrader's picture

Ron Paul hates choice--

Ron Paul on Reproductive Rights
The sponsor of a bill to overturn Roe v. Wade, Ron Paul's libertarianism does not apply to women, though it does apply to zygotes. His is a no-exceptions anti-abortion position, essentially empowering a rapist to sire a child with a woman of his choosing. Although Paul attributes his stance on abortion to his background as an ob-gyn physician, it should be noted that most ob-gyns are pro-choice, and that Paul's draconian position tracks exactly with that of his Christian Reconstructionist friends.
Libertarian hypocrite to more than 50% of the population.
Tue, 12/06/2011 - 06:43 | 1950261 TheFourthStooge-ing
TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Freddie grunted:

The Muslim and his media are picking off candidates.

Still focused on the marionettes while chugging the puppetmasters' kool-aid, I see.

Flagged as retard.


Tue, 12/06/2011 - 08:22 | 1950321 j0nx
j0nx's picture

I'm flagging your 'flagged as retard' comments that you have sprinkled all over the forum as retard. Retard.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 09:07 | 1950414 laosuwan
laosuwan's picture

if I am not mistaken, retard is a verb not a noun

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 02:05 | 1949963 ironsky
ironsky's picture

Your last sentence is the ultimate softball.

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:43 | 1949621 dwdollar
dwdollar's picture

Remember how Romney left the primary early in 2008 (even though he still had a "chance") and endorsed McCain? He was chosen then. His cocky ass smile has "Just have to grind this out and it's in the hole" written all over it.

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:52 | 1949673 illyia
illyia's picture

Dare I say, smart move Mitt. Just sayin'...

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:54 | 1949676 wisefool
wisefool's picture

Sure and from the earlier cycle of republican debates it was pretty clear that Bachman was going to be the momma grisly VP this time.  Romney and her threw softballs back and forth and did high-five make up sessions after the spats.

Same type of unexpected event happened to her "Impeccable" record. "I raised 34 foster children". Thats great! "My husband helped when he was not running a business counciling people to do all kinds of things, including not being gay" ... not good. As uncle warren spoiled Romney's chances, GLBT acceptance via Jersey Shore, American Idol, Lady Gaga, etc. was the "unexpected" spoiler for Bachman. I am making no opinion on GLBT issues (true Ron Paul supporter here), just stating how no matter how the establishment thinks they can control everything on 15 year cycles, they can't any more. Internets LOL!

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 02:43 | 1949892 sof_hannibal
sof_hannibal's picture

honestly at this point what does it really matter?, which one of these drones/ jokers/ puppets wins?? Bullish on shotgun shells and depleated uranium. buy gold. buy oil. end game.

when I saw that video several years ago, I was like there's a difference... ha

However, Mitt does have magic underwear. I would say that makes him a winner in the long run...

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 01:26 | 1949903 One World Mafia
One World Mafia's picture

If McCain won in '08, Obama could be running now as a peacenik and fool everybody like before.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 03:57 | 1950131 jeff montanye
jeff montanye's picture

if.  but he didn't.  and the obama presidency following bush, in the context of the internet, has got to be one of the more enlightening experiences for those who seek such.

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:44 | 1949435 earleflorida
earleflorida's picture

the koch brothers or whatever they call themselves are small time petty theives - the world's 100 wealthiest are but a bunch of pikers, period!

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:46 | 1949441 DormRoom
DormRoom's picture

oops.. I slurred Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus by comparing him to David Koch.


David Koch is a modern day

Marcus Licinius Crassus

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:06 | 1949526 swmnguy
swmnguy's picture

If only we could send Koch to Carrhae to talk some sense into those Parthians...

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:43 | 1949641 Vlad Tepid
Vlad Tepid's picture

Don't speak too soon.  Syria could be the next war zone, but I don't see the Koch's signing up.

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:54 | 1949677 Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby's picture

Red Herring!  Koch brothers who the fuck are they? I guess we need a new boogie man for the left. What happened to the Sith Lord Chaney? The Left Right paradigm is Lame - Grow Up.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 01:24 | 1949897 azusgm
azusgm's picture

Darth Cheney the Heartless is persisting on this earth with a mechanical heart. The device works on a continuous flow, so produces no pulse. The zombie ogre to go along with the zombie banks.


Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:55 | 1949477 libertus
libertus's picture

I wonder how many people actually got the reference? 

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:04 | 1949522 jdelano
jdelano's picture

Right now Brian Williams is doing a special on why people shouldn't buy gold. No joke I'm doubling my pms tomorrow.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 00:04 | 1949700 dolph9
dolph9's picture

Always a good sign!

Sell it all when the jokers are pushing it like cocaine.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 01:25 | 1949900 Blano
Blano's picture

It has to do with unsafe and child labor practices in some country, not because gold is a bad thing.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 03:00 | 1950049 vato poco
vato poco's picture

Yeah, I saw the promo for Williams' agitprop against gold. "Buying gold sends more children into slavery! Conflict gold! Blood gold!" etc etc etc. Funny how the ministry of propaganda never seems to get around to running exposes on "Blood 80-inch HD flatscreens", or how the ipad manufacturers in China have had to install anti-suicide nets on their factories to keep the lazy employees from running long on their breaks. ("You jump, you're fired, #49228!") Nor is there much reportage that Nike pays Jordan more every year to tout their shitty clown shoes than they pay every assembly worker they have in all of Malaysia, combined. DARN those inconvenient racist hate facts!!

Globalism *GOOOOOOOD*, Gold **BAAAAD**. I seen it on TV, so it must be true, right? Ah, well. The good news is they're getting ever less subtle and ever more shrill & desperate. Fun to watch, at least - and it means the clock's ticking.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 03:51 | 1950121 jeff montanye
jeff montanye's picture

well said.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 10:43 | 1950701 wisefool
wisefool's picture

How about blood oil, or $1000/bbl oil when you factor in the cost of american blood and treasure? Ron Paul 2012.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 05:55 | 1950231 Mentaliusanything
Mentaliusanything's picture

Judas Priest - we have a Koch down under (David Koch). What a wanker (wanker= a male who pulls the penis all the time). He love his money more than his penis. 

However in other news - Repuglicans have Newt G as a front runner (what a wanker). and I have to report that of all the repugs that are running..... on TV in Orstralia..... they scanned all the faces running for the Presidency.

Guess Fucking what? As the camera panned the No 2 front runner was reached and at the shoulder, I fuck with you NOT they cut the vision.

Ron Paul was ERASED.

Who would cut the only hope for a balanced veiw. 


Ron Paul has a face - but I am sorry, the World as they run it does not show him, does not know him and will not see him... ever

Unless of course Newt G, the lowest slimeball in the race trips over the stash he has made selling America out.

Jesus, (and may you forgive me for taking your name ..) Newt G is .... what can I say... Think the Barrel then dig under it, past the rattler snakes, past the morals of Donald Rumsfeild and even deeper until you pass Hell itself. Newt lives there. Look in his eyes, that walking talking bag of coruption and even O Bummer looks like an angel (and he is - even the other side has its hitters)

This is a war. Chose your side  

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 11:37 | 1950871 ElvisDog
ElvisDog's picture

David Koch is a modern day Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus

Umm, you mean a guy who was a reasonably good general, who married his rival's daughter and then lost a critical battle and got his head sliced off?

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:30 | 1949389 SheepleLOVEched...
SheepleLOVEcheddarbaybiscuits's picture

time to expose romneys debauchery and farce

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:48 | 1949448 theXman
theXman's picture

I don't see anything there. Let's not make a mountain out of molehill. Romney was trained into a legal robot. He just wanted to maximize any legal protection he could get. 

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:01 | 1949508 Gully Foyle
Gully Foyle's picture

Let's get out the vote! Let's make our voices heard!
We've been given the right to choose between a douche and a turd.
It's democracy in action! Put your freedom to the test.
A big fat turd or a stupid douche. Which do you like best?

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 01:11 | 1949864 UP Forester
UP Forester's picture

Are we still waiting on the vote from Flora?  Or the absent kid?

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:34 | 1949398 Ahmeexnal
Ahmeexnal's picture

Now we know why Ogolfer is conveniently "on vacation".

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 02:40 | 1950017 Joe Sixpack
Joe Sixpack's picture

Destroying the world's greatest country is hard work. He deserves a break from his destruction. Maybe he will kick back and snap the necks of some adorable kittens or something.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 05:09 | 1950200 rufusbird
rufusbird's picture

Send donations to:

Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Committee
845 Plantation Drive
Clute, TX 77531

or online at:


Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:34 | 1949401 malalingua
malalingua's picture

More great news for Ron Paul. 

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:44 | 1949434 Mr Lennon Hendrix
Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Until it comes out that he was hitting Lindz and her meth pipe.

I am Aqua Buddha!

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:38 | 1949623 anomalous
anomalous's picture

Ouch, can't seem to give you a neg vote, oh well - you're a puke - how's that?

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 01:06 | 1949848 Mr Lennon Hendrix
Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

How about I give a fuck

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 01:12 | 1949870 UP Forester
UP Forester's picture

Maybe MDB will take one....

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 01:23 | 1949894 Mr Lennon Hendrix
Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

"Mad Dog" Bachman?  Oh her puritan ass wouldn't know what hit her, cuz I would be gone before her make up stained her pillow.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 01:32 | 1949917 UP Forester
UP Forester's picture

I was thinking Million Dollar Bunghole....

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 01:35 | 1949920 Mr Lennon Hendrix
Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Million Dollar Bunghole

It must be J-Lo

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 02:06 | 1949964 Freddie
Freddie's picture

Go eat your Chicago muslim and FO..

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 06:56 | 1950266 TheFourthStooge-ing
TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Obama has accelerated this country's spiral down the shithole, yet you try to distract people from this by calling him a Muslim like it was some kind of insult? I think you're a closeted Obama fanboy.

Go back to huffing your Sunoco 94 octane (which explains why you believe Bachman is sane).


Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:41 | 1949633 i-dog
i-dog's picture

... whether he did or didn't.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 00:05 | 1949702 malalingua
malalingua's picture

Was that suppose to be funny?  Are you available for weddings or Bar Mitzvahs? 

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 01:06 | 1949851 Mr Lennon Hendrix
Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Nope, you will have to call your mom again

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 02:10 | 1949971 ironsky
ironsky's picture

"More great news for Ron Paul."

They sat around the fire telling tales of the Websters.

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:35 | 1949403 Cabreado
Cabreado's picture

"...As for the 'cleansing'..."

Speaking of...

Denounce the bullshit; We've had enough.
Fck the media, fck the games.

Ron Paul would be a good choice.
No muss, no fuss.
He's tired of the bullshit, too.

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:35 | 1949404 ebworthen
ebworthen's picture

Christians, especially more traditional ones, WILL NOT vote for Romney because he is a Mormon.

Not a judgement, simply an observation.

The Republicrats better come up with a different candidate.

But...politics is the distraction anyways.

Why vote when you can take your money out of the bank, run up your credit card, not pay your mortgage, or taxes?


Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:52 | 1949469 earleflorida
earleflorida's picture

butt, but, the very first official federal reserve chairman was a mormon  - marriner eccles [1935]

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:48 | 1949655 Raymond Reason
Raymond Reason's picture

On the Christian perspective....word will come down from on high, via Pat Robertson,  James Dobson, et al., that for the sake of helping God fulfill Hebrew prophecy (and spreading Focus on the Family to the ends of the earth) Romney's doctrinal conflicts can be forgiven. 

You know, in all seriousness, there are lying thieving bankers and politicos, but there will be a special place reserved in Hell, for those who co-opt and distort the preserved Truth of God.  Verily. 

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:08 | 1949537 lizzy36
lizzy36's picture

And the "traditional Christians" will vote for Newt, because at the time he was leading the impeachment charges against Clinton, he was cheating on his then 2nd cancer stricken wife with his 3rd "made in silicon vally" model. 

Apparently the 3rd model is better "Potus wife material" than the second.

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:31 | 1949605 wisefool
wisefool's picture

My actions in that regard were because I loved my country too much, it is important for a leader like me to have strong beautiful young wife so I can lead the nation.

-Newt gingrich

My low effective tax rates are a function of money that was forced upon me in the form of inheritance. the capital gain rules and donations to my faith also contributed to effective rates.  I'd like to change the rules such that people making under $250k dont pay any capital gains. Regarding charitable deductions,  I learned alot about charity service when I had the privledge of being head organizer for the Olympic games in ...

-Mitt Romney

WTF? I am voting for the other dude.

- Single Mom paying 25% tax, house underwater, daddy works for cash, no-child support, meaning no taxes for the schools either....

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 04:18 | 1950154 jeff montanye
jeff montanye's picture

good thoughts, but sources, especially for quotations, are good too.  i realize newt cheated on his cancer stricken second wife with his third while she was an intern under him because he loved his country too passionately but i can't find the second part of your newt quotation.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 10:24 | 1950653 wisefool
wisefool's picture

Right. It was progressive (in time) snarc paraphrasing. The second half has come to fruition, as evidenced by Gingrichs exhobinant campaign expenses on his arm candy (See the recent exchanges between the Newt and Ron Paul campaigns regarding the trump debate and Tiffany's credit lines)

Moving forward, obviously the romney quote has not even occured yet, but it will when he gets the nom and and is forced to release his tax returns. The single mom quote is what both parties fear. When the buerocracy is revealed to have damaged the people they claimed they were helping, the sheeple eventually do wake up to the sheering session. I have no pre-occupation with single moms, but this campaign cycle uses that constiutency as much or more than "our seniors" or "our returning veterans"

Predicting the future using the fall of rome as my source. Who are the tax payers? Ironically it is every person who does not make a living talking about helping the tax payers. Including the media outlets like CNBC and its parent company G.E. whose CEO is also moonlighting as the jobs Czar in the Obama administration. whoops I did it again.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 01:27 | 1949907 Blano
Blano's picture

No way in hell am I voting for him.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 02:10 | 1949969 Freddie
Freddie's picture

Ah no.  Most conservatves do not like RINO Newt.  Go pray to your Chicago muslim.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 06:59 | 1950269 TheFourthStooge-ing
TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Your dad should have pulled out.


Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:32 | 1949607 Ahmeexnal
Ahmeexnal's picture

Jesus Christ was a Mormon.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 00:21 | 1949739 Raymond Reason
Raymond Reason's picture

Right.  From the Lamenite clan (earlier day) in America. 

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 01:19 | 1949880 Bansters-in-my-...
Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

Jesus was a Joo.

He di not like Joo-Doe.

He liked kung fu.

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:41 | 1949632 ebworthen
ebworthen's picture

Good gravy...

...don't y'all read the disclaimers?

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:42 | 1949639 Cult_of_Reason
Cult_of_Reason's picture

So according to your "observation", the "traditional Christians" will re-elect "undercover Muslim" for his second term, before they vote for a Mormon?

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:58 | 1949689 ebworthen
ebworthen's picture

More to the point, they won't make the trip to the voting booth for Romney; they will stay at home.

So yes, they will not vote for Romney, whether it elects Obummer or not.

My observation, not advocacy one way or another.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 12:34 | 1951116 zenbones
zenbones's picture

Being LDS, I won't vote for Romney because he is a globalist banker puppet.

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:35 | 1949405 Hearst
Hearst's picture

Ron Paul will win the Republican nomination and will beat Obama in 2012.  Ron Paul will be the leader to guide America through the economic crash that we are currently in the midst of.

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:45 | 1949437 oogs66
oogs66's picture

You have watched too many non Hollywood moviez

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 00:23 | 1949744 Raymond Reason
Raymond Reason's picture

Too much college football. 

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 04:25 | 1950160 jeff montanye
jeff montanye's picture

college football seems relatively unpredictable.  like politics in interesting times.  a mixed race one term senator named barack hussein obama did not seem like a shoo-in before the voting started last cycle. 

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:47 | 1949445 IAmNotMark
IAmNotMark's picture

I wish you were right.  I've voted for Ron Paul the last two times he ran.  And I'll vote for him again.

Ron Paul may win the republican nomination, if Newt explodes.  And Mitt falls.

I don't think Dr. Paul can beat the media, and the prejudice of many, and the designs and desires of very many and actually get a fair hearing.  Most people seem to say 'lalalalalalala' when then hear something disturbing.  He's saying something very disturbing to most Americans.

If Dr. Paul did manage to get past all of that and be elected president, the Federal Reserve would put a bullet in his head, just like the last guy to challenge them.

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 22:51 | 1949462 DionysusDevotee
DionysusDevotee's picture

I wish you were wrong about that last point.  Do you all think that would be blatant enough to rouse the people from their stupor enough to end the fed?

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 23:47 | 1949649 i-dog
i-dog's picture

No. It would be blamed on a muslim trrrrrst.

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 01:56 | 1949947 DionysusDevotee
DionysusDevotee's picture

or the patriot movement, I suppose...sigh.

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