FBI Arrests Trenton Mayor

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"Trenton makes, and the world takes", but the mob has dibs on everything. And by mob we mean the city's mayor, who in collaboration with a convicted sex offender, were just arrested by the FBI. At least we now have a reason why jobs in New Jersey are "confirming" the stock market "recovery."

From Fox:

Federal agents have arrested the mayor of New Jersey's capital city as part of an ongoing corruption investigation.


Trenton Mayor Tony Mack, his brother, Ralphiel, and convicted sex offender Joseph Giorgianni, are accused of conspiring to obstruct, delay and affect interstate commerce by extortion.


Federal prosecutors allege Mack agreed to use his influence in connection with a proposed parking garage project.


Court documents show federal agents began investigating Mack and the others in September 2010. They searched their homes in July of this year.


Authorities say the defendants received $54,000 and anticipated accepting another $65,000 from a cooperating witness who purported to be a developer.


The arrests took place Monday morning.

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Jon Corzine.....still at large.


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Mayor must not have contributed enough to the Corzine bailout fundraiser

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Does Holder's old law firm represent the Mayor?

Problem Is's picture

Eric "Empty Suit" Holder?

Has that worthless cock sucker shown up for his first day of work at the DOJ yet?

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No, no, it's Eric "My People" Holder.

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Ya know I just "liked" your comment and now I realize I should not have. It was merely an issue of sloppy recordkeeping during a chaotic time. It wasn't betting on soviergns and then using customer seg to prop up the position, it was not stealing seg. funds (~1.2B) for the first time in history, JP Morgan ALWAYS asks for back-up confirmation from ALL customers to verify that the movement of money is legit. 


I AM A FUCKING MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dude.....you're not locked in....you can totally change it.


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Ho, hum! Just another Jersey Democrat at work

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Ho, hum! Just another politician at work


There, fixed it for you.

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I think it's more along the lines of this is what you get whenever one party (doesn't matter Dems or Repubs) is permanently in power and can't lose an election no matter what they do. I am absolutely convinced that if this mayor ran for re-election that he would win. I live in the Seattle area, and there are districts where literally the Democrat incumbent could be caught on video raping a high school student and still be re-elected. Corruption always follows if one party is permanently in office.

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Fucking shithole...only thing worse is it's neighbor, Camden.  However, the real crime is being committed right up the road at one of the largest criminal producers in the world...


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So.........is this the tide running out that's exposing all the bare bottoms?

Tortfeasor's picture

Did it have to happen in NJ? A post-partem Snooki bottom covered in NJ sewage seaweed? No thankyou!

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I think all participants are pissing so heavily in the water that it (almost) compensates for the ebb tide.

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This is Jersey. Wouldn't receding water expose dead bodies?

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Will they be released in time to vote for Obama?

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It was probably a lack of proper campaign contributions that turned the all seing eye's gaze in their direction.

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Is this the guy that helped block the privatization of the city water works which the TBTF's were licking their chops over ? If true  I would have thought pool drowning or something but connecting him to a pediphile is pretty good I have to say.

4horse's picture


immune to prosecution


immune to accusation


take a wild g/s who isn't . . . over a potential 100,000

fuu's picture

Extortion is still a crime?

Deo vindice's picture

Not really. Only if you get caught.

spanish inquisition's picture

The mechanism was not correct, they went outside of approved campaign contribution channels.

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People actually stop and get out of thier cars in Trenton?

CrimsonAvenger's picture

Only people with guns, and only if they really have to.

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The Federal government doesn't like competition.

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It's only a crime for some.

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This should be a lesson to all of you. Any up 'n' coming wannabe croney has to take enough bribe money that he can afford to bribe the FBI to keep his ass out of jail.

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The FBI has a very strict code of ethics! You can't bribe the FBI!   You bribe the people they take orders from, primarily through campaign contributions.

Lost Wages's picture

Haha. Yeah. Everyone has a "strict code of ethics" just like everyone has a price. :)

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These guys are the sardines in a vast ocean of local gubermint larceny.

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Wasn't this an episode of the Sopranos? Maybe thats how they cracked the case, it was just like TV! Maybe the FBI will have a rash of meth busts once they start watching breaking bad.

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Were the Saudi's going to own the parking garage and lease it back to the city?

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I wonder if they have any clue where Corzine is.

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We should start by asking the two people who down arrowed the first comment.

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Sherlock Holmes is in the house.


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Am sure that 1.2bn of re-hypothecated money can buy you immpunity and a new hedge fund.

God bless the mayor of NY Michael Bloomberg </go>

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Trenton might be the capital but nobody in Jersey really knows that except maybe kids in school. New Jersey is the shore, Newark and NYC. Might as well just sell Trenton to PA.

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On behalf of PA, let me say thank you, but no.

prains's picture

Trenton looks eerily like a preinvaded Stalingrad, god help them

pods's picture

Guy was just a small fry.  Some red meat for the proles to get them to believe the FEDs are doing something.

Now, steal billions like Corzine and you get to walk away.

My guess is he knows where all the bodies are buried.  So he will never see jail.  Hot tub heart attack, but no jail.


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It's an interesting twist on the old saying. It now reads..... "Owe steal $10,000 and you have a problem, owe steal $1,000,000,000 and the bank has everyone else but you has a problem."


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Do not piss off Tammany Hall, mook.

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Jon Corzine is TBTJ (J = Jail). FBI claims the defendants accepted $54,000 (so mayor accepted less than $54,000). A good law firm would consume this in about one day.

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I want to see more arrests of crooked politicians.