FBI Get Involved In US-China Trade Wars

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With minutes left until the output of the =RAND() cell better known as China GDP is announced to the world, the US has decided not to wait and take matters into its own hands. Just as an FYI to all countries out there, this is how you escalate a simmering trade war right into the next level:

FBI probes Chinese telecom giant ZTE over alleged sale of U.S. technology to Iran - RTRS

You mean to say that those same Chinese who have had bilateral, USD-bypassing relations, with Iran, and who got a direct exemption from the Iran oil export embargo from Hillary herself, have been playing by their own rules? You have to be kidding. And now what: the US will sell the $1.2 trillion in Chinese debt is owns? Oh wait...

"You asked for miracles, Theo, I give you the FBI"

            - Hans Gruber, Die Hard

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And Iran, Iran so far away.... I couldn't get away.

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I think if the USA is serious about labelling China as a currency manipulator she should refuse to sell any more treasuries to China just to teach them a lesson.

There. Fixed it for you.

On a more serious note, the USA awoke the sleeping giant thinking they would forever be able to sell them high tech products etc and that China would be some stupid backwater with a billion mouths waiting for the USA to fill them.

Well when trade, debt and politics are not moving in a some form of balanced synchrony, guess what happens.

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I hate that band, but I love that song.


The singer reminds me of the guy in Eraser Head

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Speaking of Iran and birds..

“Turkey has exchanged nearly 60 tons of gold for several million tons of Iranian crude oil, despite its promises to uphold Western sanctions on Iran’s energy sector, according to recent Turkish reports.

By using gold instead of money, Turkey is able to skirt Western sanctions on Iran’s oil trade, particularly those pertaining to SWIFT, the global money transfer service that until recently assisted the Central Bank of Iran and other Iranian financial institutions.”


It’s a good thing gold isn’t money or else Iran might be able to gain some kind of economic advantage and thwart Obama’s sanctions.

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I think the primary love interest in the video may be a young Blythe Masters.   There is lots of silver [appearing] stuff all around her.

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Please wait until I have finished relocating out of the way.

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it's what for dinner.

Oh wait...

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By them doing this maybe they are saying without saying it that make up the numbers to positive and we won't investigate.  Because China's GDP is going to weigh on the market all day.

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the goggles on that guitarist are gargantuan

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Hah... two birds with one stone... now they learn efficiency.


this is terrible.

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You mean they didn't put agent 'Starling' on this?

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...you think you can dissect me with this blunt tool Agent Starling? You know what u are, ur a rube.

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Let the fucking WWIII begin!

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No, there is much more posturing before the match begins. We have to get another report that Russia has landed more amphibious troops to help "advise' Syrian troops battling the insurgency....

These things take time.....


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The Feds will assume the position and indict some bean-filled dumpling and then file stats proclaiming "case closed". Obviously, some of the 16,000 new IRS agents will help take notes and clarify the situation. We are protected!

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US sending troops to Australia, and the Phillipines, Germany sending tanks to Indonesia, fair amount of posturing already done. Still, you're right it will take a bit of time.

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Still, you're right it will take a bit of time.

Exactly. It's all an elaborately choreographed stage show. The pompous political strutting and preening will steadily build to a pre-election peacock parade crescendo.

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I am pretty sure the Ruskies are tough.

They would not last 20 minutes in this heat.

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Get this shit over with while Pentagon uses Chinese switches. Give me a break . Useless Garbage and pursuit just in time for more Dog and Pony fucking show.

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Can you say bbckdoor shut off switches?
I knew you could.


How about scalar warfare?
That, too!

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There's an app for that!!!

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Hopefully we've stalemated the Ruskie's QP's & CSR's by now otherwise it could be a very quick total wipeout.

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Nobody could do a potential Red Dawn better than Bankster globalists based in the PRC!  That said, I think cooler heads within the Chinese government are beginning to see the bigger picture and the threat from within that serves the forces from without...

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Trade wars?


China Blocks US-UK Attack On Euro

The Anglo-American hedge fund attack, as we have documented here, employed credit default swaps as the primary weapon against Greek, Portuguese, and Spanish government bonds. The failure of London and New York to induce a panic flight out of the euro during the May-June timeframe was partly results of the German self-defense measures, involving bans on naked credit default swaps and bans on naked shorting of German equities. In addition to this, Chinese support for the euro has played a decisive role.

There is every indication that the Chinese made a decision not to allow the destruction of the euro during the late spring and early summer. That decision was technical, commercial, and political at the same time. The technical part was the China sought to re-balance the basket of currencies it uses to maintain the international stability of the renminbi. As the euro looms larger in Chinese trade, purchases of euros and Eurobonds are in order. It is also worth pointing out that the Chinese have not delivered on their promise to radically raise the international value of the renminbi, as hysterically demanded by Tiny Tim Geithner and others.

The commercial and political sides of Chinese support for the euro were reflected in the June visit of the Chinese vice prime minister to Greece, notably to the port of Piraeus. This Chinese envoy signed more than a dozen important economic cooperation deals, including shipping and shipbuilding, telecom, and container ports. The deputy Greek finance minister, Theodoros Pangalos, was quoted as saying: “The Chinese want a gateway into Europe. They are not like these Wall Street [blankety-blanks], pushing financial investments on paper. The Chinese deal in real things, in merchandise. And they will help the real economy in Greece.”1 The emphasis on the production of tangible physical commodities by the Chinese, in contrast to Wall Street’s reliance on a mass of toxic and kited derivatives, points to the real basis of Chinese economic ascendancy. If the Chinese are wise, they will not go overboard with short-term greed, but rather be ready for generous concessions to the Greek labor movement, so as to get the unions on their side. In any case, these euro-denominated Greek purchases are one obvious reason why Beijing is holding fewer greenbacks and more euros.

Will Hungary, Ireland, or Budget Austerity Sink The Euro?

The Anglo Americans are still beside themselves with rage and consternation over the fact that their original attack on the euro has not worked. But since about the middle of August, the euro has fallen from over $1.30 to about $1.26 or thereabouts. Part of this is due to the decline of the New York Stock market, given the long-standing dollar-Dow trade-off. Another negative factor for the euro is doubtless the cruel and stupid deflationary policies introduced by many EU governments in a craven attempt to ward off further speculative attacks. In a depression, government spending is the main thing that supports the entire economy, so cutting the government budget is a recipe for economic disaster, as some EU countries are now being reminded. Another factor is simply the month of August, when Catholic Europe, including France, Italy, Spain, and Bavaria, tends to shut down.

Where Will The Next Panic Break Out?

The world is now in a time of mixed signals and cross-currents. The forces of depression, in the form of $1.5 quadrillion of toxic and kited derivatives, are most emphatically still lurking, and since they have not been shredded, canceled, deleted, outlawed or abrogated, they will soon find a way to explode once again. Serious financial observers are now waiting to see where the next currency or banking panic will come. Over the last day or two, there have been reports of heavy selling of the Hungarian forint, which is inside the EU but not part of Euroland. Late on August 24, Standard & Poor’s announced a major downgrade of Irish debt, switching to a negative outlook. If the panic comes in Hungary or Ireland, then the euro could indeed go down. CNBC traders, in response to the question of how to make money off the crisis of the Hungarian currency, immediately replied that the way to do that was to short the stocks of Austrian banks, who hold much Hungarian debt. From here, the crisis would move on to Germany, and soon the entire continent would be back in the soup. The British pound sterling also has massive vulnerabilities to being the next monetary unit to crash.

But the most likely victim remains Wall Street itself. A glance at the stock chart of Bank of America over the past three months shows what any technical analyst would regard as a very ugly picture. There are rumblings that Citibank may be heading towards liquidity trouble in September and October. For those who like to read the tea leaves, CNBC’s Jim Cramer today responded to a question about Citigroup by emphatically declaiming “Stick with Citi,” and “Stick with Pandit.” Citigroup, he affirmed, remained his “favorite speculation.” For contrarians who have learned something over the past two years, this may already be enough to head for the hills. In any case, if the banking panic breaks out in New York, then the dollar may turn out to be the victim.

Bernanke and QE2

Today also brought the publication of the August 10 minutes of the Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee. These minutes reveal a serious split in the management committee of the US financier oligarchy. Bernanke and his majority are afraid of deflation, and want a new round of quantitative easing – already dubbed QE2 by the Street. But there is also a significant Austro-monetarist reactionary minority who regard inflation as the greater evil, and to whom a deflationary crash would not be unwelcome, as libertarian rantings over many decades have made plain. These tensions may well be on display at the Federal Reserve’s annual conference at Jackson Hole, Wyoming at the end of this week.

Another CNBC analyst has ventured to predict a ragged decline of the Dow to about 5,000 over the months ahead. If that begins to happen, then the danger of deflation will be enhanced, and in such a scenario the dollar would actually tend to increase in value compared to other currencies. On the other hand, Helicopter Ben Bernanke’s trademark is his strategy for flooding the system with bailouts and other liquidity if deflation looms. Bernanke is the captain of that ship of fools known as the QE2. The one certainty is that there is no recovery, and that the second wave of a world economic depression dominates the world.

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Who was the poster from a year or more ago who kept repeating we were in a deflationary spiral? He had a couple of believers. His pushing on a string argument was good. Of course you wouldn't have made any money following his advice. Depression and WWIII aren't exactly the best things since sliced bread. 

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Interesting, where did you get this from?

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Thanks for providing the proper and just credit.

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Interesting refreshment about the Trans-Atlantic coordinated aggressions to loot Europe.

It again reaffirms that the City of London is the central nexus of the Trans-Atlantic ploys.

The full article is posted at Webster G. Tarpley's site: http://tarpley.net/

* he he he... Jena just took away the fun :D


Another very interesting topic will be the extreme secrecies within the Trans Pacific Partnerships (TPP), learn about its secretive deals and the reigning positions of those Rottens-controlled giant corporations, basically NWO structure erection in progress  ... but that's in another time maybe :)



    “The Nomadic Parasites will shift out of London and into Manhattan. And this will be presented under a camouflage of national slogans. It will be represented as an American victory. It will not be an American victory.


    Until you know who has lent what to whom, you know nothing whatever of politics, you know nothing whatever of history, you know nothing of international wrangles.” — Ezra Pound (1885–1972)


“The monopoly of money, or the restriction of its circulation, is merely a variation of this simple form of monopoly. That is all. The stupid fall into the trap. Wars are provoked in succession, deliberately, by the great usurers, in order to create debts, to create scarcity, so that they can extort the interest on these debts, so that they can raise the price of money (i.e., the price of the various monetary units controlled by, or in the possession of, the same autocrats), altering the prices of the various monetary units when it suits them, raising and lowering the prices of the various foodstuffs when it suits them, completely indifferent to the human victim, to the accumulated treasures of civilization, to the cultural heritage.” — Ezra Pound (1885–1972)


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kill switch: -1 for total lack of attribution.  As per observed below.

If you wrote that article, wouldn't you want credit?

jonjon831983's picture



Though what I read in one part is: Help real economy of Greece == change your source of vendor financing from Germany to China?

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Astute observations Kill Switch, kudos my man.

kito's picture

remember people............only the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT can create its own rules.........the rest MUST FOLLOW......................

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Yeah! ... the U.S. Government ... the GOOD GUYS!

Joe A's picture

Until of course the hegemony of the petro-dollar ends.

(edit: was meant as reply to Kito)

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Maybe the FBI should not focus less on what Iran has and a little more on what bankers are stealing from us. Just a thought.

francis_sawyer's picture

They'll put their best man... Holder... on it...

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Might as well prop up the exhumed corpse of J. Edgar Hoover in a schoolgirl outfit while they're at it.

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Make that a schoolboy outfit. Hoover had certain ... preferences.


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>> SiteNine: "Maybe the FBI should not focus less on what Iran has and a little more on what bankers are stealing from us. Just a thought."





“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves, in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” — Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850)