FBI Get Involved In US-China Trade Wars

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With minutes left until the output of the =RAND() cell better known as China GDP is announced to the world, the US has decided not to wait and take matters into its own hands. Just as an FYI to all countries out there, this is how you escalate a simmering trade war right into the next level:

FBI probes Chinese telecom giant ZTE over alleged sale of U.S. technology to Iran - RTRS

You mean to say that those same Chinese who have had bilateral, USD-bypassing relations, with Iran, and who got a direct exemption from the Iran oil export embargo from Hillary herself, have been playing by their own rules? You have to be kidding. And now what: the US will sell the $1.2 trillion in Chinese debt is owns? Oh wait...

"You asked for miracles, Theo, I give you the FBI"

            - Hans Gruber, Die Hard

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I expect nothing less from this amateur oval office regime...spit in your big creditor's face. btw, Chinese could give a shit about our FBI.

john39's picture

almost as if another giant distraction is needed to cover for banker theft.... hmm, hey wait a minute...

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Alan Simpson was on CNBC this am laughing his ass off about China. I think he said something about how the US has an agreement to defend Tiawan against an attack by China, the problem is we just have to borrow the money from China to wage war first.

kito's picture

@fonz....you are watching wayyy too much cnbc............

fonzannoon's picture

Yeah man it's true. One thing I noticed lately was that within minutes of a post by one of the Tyler's here I hear cnbc doing a bit on the same subject matter and a lot of times using the same graphs.

Eiether way I need a hobby.

HungrySeagull's picture

You are working too hard And so is the boob tube.

China will win this fight economically. Just raise good Taiwanese Children to learn Chinese and do business only with China.

Much easier than trying to deal with snobbish and overbearing Americans.

matrix2012's picture

>> HungrySeagull: "...Just raise good Taiwanese Children to learn Chinese and do business only with China."



for your knowledge folks at Taiwan island do not need to learn Chinese language, such capability is built into their Chinese blood :D

Btw most of them speak the same dialect as the folks in Fujian as well.



“Better to remain silent and be thought a .... <aargh just forget it!>”

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Uhh... Taiwan essentially speaks Mandarin and its own dialect.

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ZH is TBTI : Too Badass To Ignore

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I'm amazed the Chinese still tolerate this shit. 

Seer's picture

They know that eventually stink passes away.  The US is going to go super-nova and the Chinese don't need to spend precious energy trying to do something about it.

francis_sawyer's picture


The chinks just see this as a perfect opportunity to meticulously siphon off physical gold bullion while Obama, Biden, & Hilary keep everybody back home entertained with their fucking 3 Stooges act...

knukles's picture

Easy on that criticism, son.

The Three Stooges were funny.

Anusocracy's picture

Yes, the 'boiling a frog' approach to getting a dominant position in gold.

Tsunami Wave's picture

+1 This sad, pitful act of posturing will only get worse. This sad act of hilarity however gives us a few gifts we might not see for several years, one of which is the chance to keep on buying deep-on-the-cheap silver & gold.

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I actually find all the "China is the Boss" talk laughable, and for two reasons. First, building up China as a wonderful productive country "on the road to capitalism" was a game played by the Corporate world of finance and manufacturing in order to make their China dealings seem legit to the US public. Watching the anti-Corporates act as though they believe the PR hits me as strange.  Second, if you think that US Treasuries in the Chinese Reserves box can be used as a weapon, I can't see how:  The Treasuries are not in a sovereign wealth fund to be rearranged at will.  A serious dollar-bonds sale would rocket the Yuan.  The US has only to order the containers arriving at LA/Long Beach to stay onboard a few extra months for technical or labor reasons to end that little mess.  And that is just one small item in the US trade arsenal.  The legit worry is a massive Chinese instability caused by a larger slow-down which would crush materials demand, tank Australia and Chile, smash Euro exports, and cause a mix of ills in the US.  And don't forget that the 950 billion in T bonds has a ready buyer: QE3. 

Cast Iron Skillet's picture

yeah but ... China has only to order the containers leaving from Shanghai to stay on the dock a few extra months for technical or labor reasons to end that little mess.  And that is just one small item in the Chinese trade arsenal ... no more iThings for Amerika ... remember that the Chinese are the ones with the actual factories & stuff ...

Ace Ventura's picture

Not only that, but who runs the port at L.A./Long Beach? And if memory serves, Americans aren't the only ones screaming for iThings.

China has problems for sure, but American leverage over their affairs does not appear to be one of them.

Global Hunter's picture

Italy downgraded just before, now the FBI and China trade with Iran...things hotting up again?  You know what?  We haven't had a good Olympic boycott for nearly 30 years, perhaps they can pull that old trick out of the hat just in time for London 2012.

sumo's picture

Nevermind Moscow, certain bad actors might think we're due for a remake of Munich.

spanish inquisition's picture

Hmmm.. There would have been no problem if they had just run the paperwork through an Israeli company.

Piranhanoia's picture

There is no trade war.  It's doodley talk before they announce China will get a dozen more US companies to send all the jobs there.   Move along. 

Getting Old Sucks's picture

At what point is the entire nation embarrassed by it's own government?  We are being led by CLOWNS!

Seer's picture

Shhh!  You're AT the circus, that's where CLOWNS are!

LoneStarHog's picture

Pahleeze! I grew up with Clarabell, Bozo, Emmett Kelly, and other great clowns. Don't insult these fine entertainers by comparing them with the absolute sludge and debris that infests all levels of government. Also, the problem is the bipedal idiots in the USSA who call themselves Americans.  The sludge and debris can't lead if no one follows.

Anusocracy's picture

There you go, insulting sludge and debris.

Dr. Engali's picture

What did clowns ever do to you that you would insult them in that manner?

Zero Govt's picture

the clowns aren't half as funny as politicians that's the problem

they're simply being replaced in the comedy and farce market by the true jokers of society, politicians ....and bankers in fact

HungrySeagull's picture

Nuts. I knew running away with that pretty carnie to work the carnivals and circus was a pretty good deal.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

break my heart to have trade wars ..but maybe then we get some jobs here in the USA..you MF Globalist dick suckers

Seer's picture

Best to make your own job.

A problem that exists is that people are in debt and everything is over-valued.  Until this gets cleared you're not going to see any significant number in increases in jobs.

nmewn's picture

Outrageous!!!...USA Olympic Team leotards made in China?!?!

This means war!!!

Gimme a sec to decide on who ;-)

Lucky Guesst's picture

We should probably stop kidding ourselves. Even if the tag said made in usa the material would have come from another country and the worker would be on a visa.

nmewn's picture

Well hell yeah...lol...we're not allowed to stick a shovel in the ground here without going through five bureaucracies for approval first.

In triplicate, of course..

I mean an earthworm could be ccut in half or sumpin...they say we have to have "a plan" for dust that might be kicked up in the planting process...no, I ain't lyin.

Our over zealous "central planners" (whose only appreciation of where food atually comes from is a fucking store shelf) consider "man made dust" some sort of pollutant...never mind high winds, if they could figure out a way to regulate that they would...


Somewhere a starving villager is laughing himself to death ;-)

Anusocracy's picture

I've always assumed that that meant the tag was made in the usa.


In the future it will be 'made by humans' or 'made by robots'. Of course, only the rich will be able to afford the 'made by humans' items.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


I've always assumed that that meant the tag was made in the usa.

In very small print, the 'Made in USA' tag says 'Made in China'. You need a big magnifying glass or a jeweler's loupe to see it.

ACP's picture

Nah, China GDP growth is =RAND()+6.

Zero Govt's picture

FBI Get Involved In US-China Trade Wars

the FBI isn't the first thought i'd come upon to settle a trade dispute ...in fact they're not even on the list!

Atomizer's picture



Tom Lehrer - Wernher von Braun

Gather round while I sing you of Wernher von Braun,
A man whose allegiance
Is ruled by expedience.
Call him a Nazi, he won't even frown.
"Ha, Nazi Schmazi," says Wernher von Braun.

Don't say that he's hypocritical,
Say rather that he's apolitical.

"Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down?
That's not my department," says Wernher von Braun.

Some have harsh words for this man of renown,
But some think our attitude
Should be one of gratitude,
Like the widows and cripples in old London town
Who owe their large pensions to Wernher von Braun.

You too may be a big hero,
Once you've learned to count backwards to zero.
"In German oder English I know how to count down,
Und I'm learning Chinese," says Wernher von Braun


Sometimes you need to investigate planted news stories. It becomes no less different than Apple, Nokia, Blackberry or Microsoft patient infringement claims. The greasy attorneys are losing ground on the case. Why not launch a propaganda piece on why stuxnet didn’t gather enough Intel on China selling US secrets to Iran. 

China tops US, Japan to Be Top Patent Filer 

December 22, 2011 by TMO


HONG KONG (Reuters) – China became the world’s top patent filer in 2011, surpassing the United States and Japan as it steps up innovation to improve its intellectual property rights track record, a Thomson Reuters research report showed on Wednesday. The report said the world’s second-largest economy aimed to transform from a “made in China” to a “designed in China” market, with the government pushing for innovation in sectors such as automobiles, pharmaceuticals and technology. However, legal experts said China would need to do more before it can lead the world in innovation as the quality of patents needed to improve. The government provided attractive incentives for companies in China to file patent applications, regardless of whether a patent was eventually granted, they said. “The idea of subsidizing patents is not bad in itself, however it is a blunt instrument because you get high figures for filings, but it does not tell you anything about the quality of the patents filed,” said Elliot Papageorgiou, a Partner and Executive at law firm Rouse Legal (China).“One thing is volume, quality is quite another. The return, or the percentage of grants, of the patents is still not as high in China as, say, in the U.S., Japan or some places in Europe,” he said. The Thomson Reuters report said published patent applications from China were expected to total nearly 500,000 in 2015, following by the United States with close to 400,000 and Japan with almost 300,000. Published applications from China’s patent office have risen by an average of 16.7 percent annually from 171,000 in 2006 to nearly 314,000 in 2010, data from Thomson Reuters Derwent World Patents Index showed. During the period, Japan had the highest volume, followed by the United States, China, Korea and Europe, the report said. It did not give figures for 2011. “The striking difference among these regions is China — it is experiencing the most rapid growth and is poised to lead the pack in the very near future,” it said. Of total patents filed in China, the percentage of domestic applications rose to nearly 73 percent in 2010 from less than 52 percent in 2006, indicating that Chinese companies have outpaced foreign entities in the patent boom. In terms of patents overseas, Chinese companies have also been climbing in the rankings, according to data from the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). In 2010, China’s No.2 telecommunications equipment maker ZTE Corp was second on the list of applicants, ranking just behind Japan’s Panasonic Corp. U.S. chip maker Qualcomm Inc came in third, while China’s Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, the world’s second-largest telecom gear maker, was fourth, according to WIPO. Chinese companies have been trying to be more innovative as they transform from contract manufacturers to regional and global brand names producing higher end products to improve margins. Patent filings have also increased among Chinese companies due to legal battles that they have had to fight, especially in the telecommunications sector. For instance, Huawei and ZTE have been embroiled in patent disputes over fourth-generation wireless technology. 

(Reporting by Lee Chyen Yee; Editing by Chris Lewis)

Dear Dumb Ass NSA spooks,  If you want to protect your intellectual property, stop selling it to raise monies you don’t have to keep the US afloat. I have the signed Clinton copy of Selling off US intellectual properties if you need it? Lastly, If you really want to keep things tight lipped, just keep our national security defense information next to Obama’s birth certificate and college transcripts. Does this make sense to your lower stranded DNA public employed mouth breather types?

HungrySeagull's picture

Much have been invested in ensuring the rocks come down precisely where they should after one lights em off.

PiratePawpaw's picture

Repeat after me....

"The naked man.....errr....Emperor's new robe is wonderful...

The Emperor's robe is wonderful....

The Emperor's robe is wonderful....

*backing out the door*

The Emperor's robe is wonderful....


El's picture

One of these days our government is going to go too far.

DeadFred's picture

One of these days? What rock have you been hiding under?

midgetrannyporn's picture

The FBI is too busy sucking Jamie and Lloyd's apparatus.

MedicalQuack's picture

This is really getting to be something we need to pay attention to with who's selling what technology to who.  I did a post today on a TED video from Marc Goodman and it will make you think for sure.  He talks about how the 10 terrorists used technology in the hotel attack a few years ago in Mumbai, gun in one hand and cell phone in the other and also talked about how criminals are creating their own cell network, when we can't get a solid connection in San Francisco, he jokes a little.

"If you control the code, you control the world" he states and look at Wall Street controlling the money and methodologies for investing for another example.  I don't know what it's going to take to wake up our digital illiterates in government to acknowledge this fact.  Robert Scoble a while back did a TED talk and said "the world belongs to the geeks as nobody else wants it" and I'm beginning to start fostering that one too. 

In the video he talks too about the basic code DNA as well, and after you listen to what he says here, it's no wonder Madonna has a DNA clean up crew following her when she's on tour:)  Again the sale of technology to some parts of the world is getting to be very dangerous as you don't know what the bad side might do with it. 


q99x2's picture

Chinese markets were up yesterday if that is any indication of today's GDP announcement.

robertocarlos's picture

I sure hope the Chinese are using Chinese switches. 

HungrySeagull's picture

So solly, Bad News.. Bye Bye now.