Fed Made Decision To Bail Out Europe On Monday

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It appears that the Fed decision to bail out Europe was not made this morning, or yesterday, but on Monday as per the following two headlines:


It also means that the decision was leaked on Monday, and explains the relentless surge in stocks since then despite progressively worse news out of Europe. Q.E.D. - a plan so good Hank Paulson could have leaked it to his hedge fund buddies.

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i quit this market. i'm taking my ball and going home.

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In the immortal words of George Carlin, "It's a big fuckin' club and you ain't in it."

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I am sure 535 people at the highest levels of Govt were told and loaded up on TNA calls

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The new interest rate, of the world, is the overnight interest rate of the Federal Reserve.  The Fed just set world monetary policy.  We now have the dollar as not only the reserve currencie, but the only currencie.  We now have a One World Currencie controlled by the Federal Reserve.

When John Davison Rockefeller and John Pierpont Morgan sat down at the turn of the century to discuss their future goals for world domination, they had this in mind.  How apropo that the Federal Reserve is almost at it's 100th winter?  The most dangerous fire is always the slow burn of a brush fire.  When the trees are torching, we keep the line at a distance.  When it is a mere little fire, we become complacent, and are not ready for the likely gust of wind.  Brush fires move fast, and complacency kills.    

To understand the goals of the Federal Reserve Charter, a poem from the great J.R.R. Tolkien:

One Ring to rule them all,

One Ring to find them,

One Ring to bring them all,

And in the darkness bind them.

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This weeks surge was attributed by the jokers in the Press to Black Friday spending, Cyber Monday splurge, consumer confidence increase, JPM analyst's S&P 1350 by year's end and Santa Claus rally. Too many different ways to say that Fed is evil.

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The Fed just set world monetary policy.



Fifty years from now, after the resource wars, Bernanke will be a National Hero.  We'll probably celebrate Bernanke Day!

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Bernanke is already drinking in celebration this morning.  I wonder when his biography is writ, if the author points out he went from an academic to a cut throat bankster.

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I think its more likely he will be publicly executed.

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 But they dont front-run just ask them! You see their broker handles all that investment jazz gosh the pols can hardly recall just what stocks they hold anyway because they are so busy doing the peoples work!

  Heck if it was a big ethical problem it would be all over CNBCs headlines.

Now watch for certain congresscritters, having flipped those TNA calls for 400% profit, lash out at the Fed for bailing out Europe.



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"The term “conspiracy theorist” is a label used by the establishment to dismiss the idea that powerful people might get together and actually plan anything"


                                          -George Carlin

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Sooner or later, you'll work out it never was your ball.

When they send the heavies to collect, that is.

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The charts showed a reversal on Friday.  Clive Maund called this move on Sunday and re-iterated a continued move higher on Monday after the +300 point close.  Charts do matter.

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No, they really don't.  The only thing that matters are information advantages (or, disadvantages).........

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That's my point.  Obviously, some institutions were trading with this information on Friday and the charts told the story.  I don't really understand charts and while the TA's didn't necessarily know why the charts showed what they did, they were able to discern that something was brewing to send the markets higher.

While everyone thinks that the action on Monday is proof that people knew what was going to happen ahead of time, I'd argue that some knew even earlier than that.



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I'd argue that some knew even earlier than that.


Think about it........ how do you get so many spokes of a wheel tied into the rim and hub without having the cooperation of a whole lot of people? Simple answer: you can't. The plan was certainly in the works for a long time and the negative press, all of a sudden NYT, FT and Bloomberg are publishing articles about imminent doom over just the past week or so, was all the justification they needed to pull the rip cord. Now they are heroes. The Euro has been saved. Long live the Euro. Fuck the American tax payer.

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Surprised the No MasTurbating troll hasn't weighed in.......

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The question we should be asking ourselves at this point is: Who's going to bail out the Fed?



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the new world bank, with digital currency backed lucifer's minions.

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According to the Federal Reserve Act, the U.S. taxpayer/citizen (employees of the corporation of these united states) is on the hook for the Fed's balance sheet.

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Correct.  Timmy signs the notes, but the co-signers/guarantors are implied by law.

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Gold, albeit at much higher prices.

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The better question is"who is going to tear down the fed"..?

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No oversight, bitchez


The Federal Reserve Bank has responsibility for supervising and regulating banks. 

Feel better?


The Federal Reserve has responsibility for supervising and regulating the following segments of the banking industry to ensure safe and sound banking practices and compliance with banking laws:


•bank holding companies, including diversified financial holding companies formed under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 and foreign banks with U.S. operations

•state-chartered banks that are members of the Federal Reserve System (state member banks)

•foreign branches of member banks

•Edge and agreement corporations, through which U.S. banking organizations may conduct international banking activities

•U.S. state-licensed branches, agencies, and representative offices of foreign banks

•nonbanking activities of foreign banks



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The Fed has no oversight.  They are the keepers of the scroll, the decision makers.  No one enters the Temple, and all must bow and sacrifice before it. 

Stand back, layman, they could have your head.

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dodge ball does get progressively harder

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Just in time for Christmas bonuses.

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JEFF  is the man....he knows that inflation will kill the small American..go JEFF!!!

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Not to be confused with JEF. Jef is (still) fucked.

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Jef.  The Man.  The Stock.  The legend.


All we need now is a script with the working title.

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Lesman is confused, interesting

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Tell him lube is in isle 8

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on european close, he keeps saying this doesn't help Italy

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Circle of trust.

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How come BAC was down most of the week, then?


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Because BAC will be "the example" this time. 

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Not a chance.  BAC is clearly TBTF.

instead, the financier class will demand a massive pound of flesh before they'll buy that shit pile.

we can all pretend that German Banks are ok.  we can even pretend that JP Morgan and Wells are ok.
But BAC and Shitty Bank?  Hmm...

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BAC: the sacrificial victim if any Primary Dealer steps out of line.  

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So Benny and the InkJets could buy it at a lower price?

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Hey kids, snakes they lay together
The spotlight's hitting something
Ben thinks he can change the weather
He'll kill the fatted calf tonight
So stick around
You're gonna hear electric chairs 
crowds gather round   Say, Timmy and Blankfein, have you seen him yet
Oh but he's so spaced out, B-B-B-Bennie loves inkjets Oh but the ink smells so wonderful
Oh Bennie loves the greenback's sheen He's got electric boots his math is moot
learned economics from a magaziiiiine
B-B-B-Bennie loves inkjets
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So while we were all fulminating about the Hank Paulson tip off from 3 years ago another tip was being played.

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To vote on it Monday, it had to be in the planning stage before then. That's why Merkozy has been so quiet the last little bit, he knew it was coming.