Fed To Proceed With Reverse Repos Every Two Months

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The Fed just announced that going forward it will proceed with reverse repo series every two months. The reason? "The operations have been designed to have no material impact on the availability of reserves or on market rates. Specifically, the aggregate amount of outstanding reverse repo transactions will be very small relative to the level of excess reserves, and the transactions will be conducted at current market rates." With liquidity already being very scarce courtesy of the FDIC assessment, of Europe wreaking havoc with money markets, of repos pulling out of the market at a record pace, of O/N General Collateral trading with the same volatility as the S&P, this will surely have no impact at all on anything, just like all other centrally planned, and carefully thought through actions.

Statement Regarding Reverse Repurchase Agreements

As noted in the October 19, 2009, Statement Regarding Reverse Repurchase Agreements, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has been working internally and with market participants on operational aspects of triparty reverse repurchase agreements to ensure that this tool will be ready if the Federal Open Market Committee decides it should be used. Beginning Monday, August 15, the New York Fed intends to conduct another series of small-scale reverse repurchase (repo) transactions using all eligible collateral types. The first operation will be conducted using only the expanded reverse repo counterparties announced on July 27, 2011. Subsequent operations in this series will be open to all eligible reverse repo counterparties.

Going forward, the Federal Reserve plans to conduct a series of small-scale reverse repurchase transactions about every two months, which will bring the frequency of these operational exercises in line with that of the Term Deposit Facility exercises.

Like the earlier operational readiness exercises, this work is a matter of prudent advance planning by the Federal Reserve. The operations have been designed to have no material impact on the availability of reserves or on market rates. Specifically, the aggregate amount of outstanding reverse repo transactions will be very small relative to the level of excess reserves, and the transactions will be conducted at current market rates. These operations do not represent a change in the stance of monetary policy, and no inference should be drawn about the timing of any change in the stance of monetary policy in the future.

The results of these operations will be posted on the public website of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, together with the results for other temporary open market operations. The outstanding amounts of reverse repos are reported as a factor absorbing reserves in Table 1 in the Federal Reserve's H.4.1 statistical release and as liability items in Tables 8 and 9 of that release.

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Anyone know how long these TOMO positions usually last?

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The term of each operation is announced at the time of the undertaking's official preceding announcement.

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Said in true FED form, it can't be made any clearer than that!

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FT Alphaville


Weren’t we all conditioned to think that reverse-repo operations were meant to be an exit strategy? Weren’t they supposed to be deployed as a way to soak up all those excess reserves?

Why on earth would the Fed be choosing to soak up excess reserves at a time when the panic in the markets has reached highs not seen since 2008, and at a time when most of the market is calling for more liquidity and quantitative easing?

Well, we would argue it’s because the Fed believs the financial system may have crashed through a critically important juncture. Actually perhaps a rabbit hole or a looking glass are more accurate.

QE is no longer the cure. It has now become a poison.

Which would explain why the Fed did not announce more QE at the last FOMC meeting, despite rampant calls for the opposite.

It’s now very possible that the majority of the FOMC voting committee believes more QE could plunge the system into a desperate capital preservation frenzy, resulting in nothing else than self-imposed and voluntary capital destruction.

That the system is so broken, it doesn’t matter how much liquidity the Fed creates because it won’t be able to get any further than the immediate banking community. And that’s because banks still can’t find enough credit worthy people to lend to. That the majority of loans still have a greater default risk than the banks are prepared to weather. That loans equal capital deterioration. And only loans to the most credit worthy people (of which there are not enough) are worthwhile.

If banks do indeed perceive that capital deterioration risk from lending is much greater than a self-imposed haircut on the most liquid and safe security, they’re prepared to take that haircut — especially in a world with no alternative — because it guarantees some sort of remaining capital preservation. The haircut, of course, is the negative interest rate.

If that is the case, the worse thing the Fed could do is more asset purchases. It would only take out more supply of quality collateral out of the market, heightening the pressure to take a self-imposed haircut just in order to get your hands on the security. A fact echoed by the number of above par bids at this week’s 30-year Treasury auction.

As we’ve already noted, Ben Bernanke discussed that the Great Depression was arguably catlaysed by a move towards voluntary capital destruction via a frenzied fight for the remaining quality collateral.

Back then, the Fed also deployed so-called quantitative easing to flood the system with liquidity. It only made the situation worse.

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I don't think the Fed has ever got their minds wrapped around the idea that "There is no free lunch" thingy.

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Phew. Tyler, you're the man. And I don't want to detract, or be dismissive of the fact, that you are the Man.

But doesn't anyone get tired of this.? The fucks, the absolute fucking FUCKS in Washington. Is it not time for a new government?

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The masses have no clue what is going on and for the most part don't care as long as the cable TV works and McNasties keeps prices low.

Kina's picture

They are indeed plugged into the matrix.

espirit's picture

Show me some McPasties, and i'll be interested.

iNull's picture

Strange. I was just about to head out and order my #2 Sausage McMuffin.

What blatant hyrocrisy. I flaggelate myself with the cat o' 9.

Now that that's done, I feel no better. Same stupid bitches riding around in their Ford Explorers and GM Yukons taking their daughters to ballet practice, and sons to soccer.

Am I the only one who sees how fucked up this system is?

slaughterer's picture

No, you are not the only one.  Meet Zero Hedge.

iNull's picture

Thanks for the kind words. I really do feel, and am planning for, however, the inevitable and inneluctable collapse of werstern civilization.

You may say "What a loonie." Add some more tin foil to your helmet. OK. I accept all those criticisms, and more.

But the fact is, Wetern Civ is going down. And no amount of debate or counterargument (although sometimes it CAN be entertaining) in the meantime is going to change that.

We're fucked. That's basically the gist of it.

espirit's picture

Try this.  goto Collapse & Transformation / Graphic Presentation Pt. 3 / .pdf pg. 10


espirit's picture

They see Euro fail, and this is an only boolit to keep the dollah down.

Must have great CONfidence that reducing liquidity will prop the markets.

...and another epic fail.

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At one time the comments on ZH were actually enlightening, where people provided their insights and opinions on the topic at hand.  I'm just as bearish as most of you, but today the comments are all doom-mongering and trolls.  its the same shit recycled on every post

slaughterer's picture

Exactly.  We have among us now a vast pool of wacked out discontents.   Bring back the "junk" button and make it have consequences.  More than 30 junks, and you are out for the day. 

malikai's picture

Junking doesn't work when you upset the cult with undesired truth.

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That's a great idea.

I have an idea to fix everything.

Kick the can,

Acquire as much gold as possible,

Run up tremendous debt

Announce a "gold standard"

Ramp gold prices to the moon, thereby making the chief holders of gold, the central banks and the nation states, solvent.

Get everybody who doesn't hold physical gold to pay for everything, because when gold goes up in value, everything else immediately goes down.  The gold standard, the newest stealth tax.  Once they have dug themselves out and called each other heroes, they can slowly undermine the gold standard and rewrite history.

Next stop, the fiat standard.  Rinse and repeat.

Smiddywesson's picture

In other words, BEING on a gold standard is a good thing, but moving to a gold standard is going to be no fun at all for people without gold.

They are going to slowly be handed the bill as the gold is slowly released upon the markets.

Herman Strandschnecke's picture

 '...... its the same shit recycled on every post'

"Where there's shit thars brass"- as we say in Yorkshire

IQ 101's picture

Or "Where theirs muck,theres money",

But I never heard a Yorkshireman say Reverse repurchase,

The statement defies logic,people would think you were daft or a liar,

I think I will go and reverse repurchase a new Harley today, i wonder what the police will say when they find out it is legal.

This arcane gobbledygook should be outlawed.

mendigo's picture


but at least we still have robo

wish tyler could elevate some comments and leave the rest to the heap


could someone explain the rational for repo or reverse repo at this stage - is there excess reserves? why

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Not only are the masses clueless, I'm clueless.  If these operations are designed to have no impact - why do them?  It doesn't effect the Fed's balance sheets?  It doesn't effect reserves, the fractional base for the money supply is unchanged - so what does it do?

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I'll take a stab and either show my ignorance or help. As I understand it the reverse repo program at the small level it's being done is a pilot program for the <mythical> time when the Fed decides it's time to get rid of the assets it's put on it's balance sheet. They are saying here the show will go on and it won't cause any problems. If they canceled due to current liquidity conditions they would be admitting that there is a serious threat to the system. It's like having the band on the Titanic stop playing, it would upset the passengers.

Liquidity is drying up day by day and judging by the graphs of the past, when things break it's gone very quickly. Small reverse repos sucking a bit of liquidity out at this time is a bad idea but so is causing panic on a listing ship. The Fed is saying they prefer form over substance, likely because they have no substance left to give. The bullets are all gone.

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Now, back in my day, reverses were as normal as repos.  No big fucking deal.  And the operations are exactly the same except the flow of fiunds and securities is reversed. 

(Get it?  Reverse repo?  Genius!  WTF, let's Davinci Code this to Death.)

Now, what we have here is a failure to communicate.

Why, if we know how these are done, and central banks and major recognized dealers better fucking know... bid a price (rate) write a ticket and wire some fucking money and securities around... then WTF is this doing it periodically if nothing is to be accomplished other than practice?
My neighbor's daughter gives recitals, Elton John does not. 

Agachh xphlft...
"Fed in, reversing all Credibility!"

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"Fed reverse repos are settled DVP, where securities are moved against simultaneous payment. In this case, the Fed sends collateral to the dealers’ clearing bank, which triggers a simultaneous movement of money against the security. At this point, reserve balances are extinguished. When the deal matures, the dealer sends the collateral back to the Fed DVP, which triggers the simultaneous return of the dealer’s funds. This act re-creates the reserve balances that were extinguished on the front leg of the transaction."

Revese Repo's don't get rid of the asset on the balance sheet of the fed because they come back when the deal matures.   I must be missing something, there has to be more to this? 

Could the Reverse Repo have a clause that says the fed doesn't have to buy the asset back when the deal matures?  If so were do you go to find the "fine print" for these deals?

rubearish10's picture

Yes, practice the operational procedure that well never be executed materially. Not much else to do but say a few words more on how Mr Chairsatan continues with dollar destruction.

Manthong's picture

Is it me, or is Ponzi a way too generous and flattering term to use for the back alley shell game that the future is now dependent on?

snowball777's picture

"amount of outstanding reverse repo transactions will be very small relative to the level of excess reserves"

At this point, that's a foregone conclusion.

buzzsaw99's picture

Isn't this the fed saying that it is just a "little bit" pregnant?

Jackson A-Hole's picture

I'd say so. They're experimenting their centrally planned techniques for use in the future when everything goes to shit.

buzzsaw99's picture

Maybe they need to pull one of their fingers out of the dike so they can plug a worser[sic] hole? Love the nic btw.

slaughterer's picture

"Like the earlier operational readiness exercises, this work is a matter of prudent advance planning by the Federal Reserve."

"Prudent advance planning" for what?  Certainly not for what most on ZH are thinking. 

fuu's picture

Cover those things up, people read this shit at work.

knukles's picture

Does that mean Goldmanites don't work during working hours?

Takingbets's picture

I agree with the poster above, have your girl put a shirt on. I'd hate to see one of our men losing his job over an avatar.

fuu's picture

What would be worse is if the site winds up on the blocked list. Not having a gig would suck, not having ZH would be worse.

TaxSlave's picture

prudent advance planning ...

Like a fallout shelter?

dropdeadfed's picture

"The operations have been designed to have no material impact on the availability of reserves or on market rates. Specifically, the aggregate amount of outstanding reverse repo transactions will be very small relative to the level of excess reserves, and the transactions will be conducted at current market rates."

See, everytime they come out and say this kind of stuff I'm more apt to believe that the truth is the exact opposite.  What would be the point otherwise?


agree college, instead of the insightful and intelligent discussion of old, we are reduced to the mere rabble that abounds the land....


c'mon people, most on the planet don't even understand this stuff much less are brave enough to comment on it.  let's add something to the discussion....



Antifederalist's picture

"no material impact" my ass.  If the FED can create and distribute $14 Trillion out of whole cloth and show no balance sheet changes, and no disclosure, just imagine what they are doing behind the scenes now.  If the average American would just focus on that one fact they would get it.  The whole thing is a fraud.  Contrary to other ZH posters I think some people are starting to get it.   Not enough yet, but more than before.  Soon......critical mass.

mendigo's picture

colud someone help me to understand the massive swings in the market?

the large dips seem rational given recent data, headlines, rumors

what would be driving the large up-swings? even if someone is bullish or a day trader or even an algo i would think they would would wait-out a falling market then BTFD

LongOfTooth's picture


My suspicion is the "plunge protection team", the banks, the FED and others are juicing the market in order to keep it from collapsing.



Flatchestynerdette's picture

Well, beside's LongofTooth's maybe/probably/who the heck knows but its a reasonable guess - answer, you'd have to look at the interconnectedness of world markets. I stated last night that the dow's recent lows/then ramp high/then drop low/then ramp high was not schizophrenic but typical manic bipolarism. Schizophrenic thy name is Europe - some countries have one credit rating, others have something different, some look left, some look right. Classic schizophrenia. If you want OCD? That would be China. Now you've got the doctors Moody and S&P who have different views on the patients and different opinions on what to do for their patients. Seems none of these "doctors" wants to actually call the code (downgrade), that will necessitate bringing in the crash cart with the paddles to try and save them - before the country is a walking zombie. No, its only S&P that FINALLY said to the USA - hey, you've got problems, you're a walking 13 trillion heart attack waiting to happen and you need to go on weight loss regime now. What does S&P get for telling its patient that its sick? Get hauled before the SEC, various congressional committees, the public, the President tells the people that "the doctor (S&P)" isn't anything but a bunch of letters.

So why the wild gyrations? Because, now that I think about it, LongofTooth is more right than wrong - just add in the banks/brokerages & Euro/Chinese players because the retail players - those on day trading units in their homes aren't doing this stuff. They don't have the leverage.

jal's picture

The algo cannot read the news headlines.

Who are the peons that are doing the inputs into the algo?


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