Fed's Twitter Arrival uZIRPed By Hecklers, And Real Time Fed Twitter Tracker

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If the Fed thought it could boldly go where hundreds of millions have gone before (in a vain attempt to be cool, hip and relevant - Twitter of course - with the @FederalReserve handle naturally), all in a quest for faux transparency and openness, which nobody who is even remotely familiar with the Fed's actions is buying, without getting a few heckles in the process, it was wrong. Unfortunately, as the currency debasement race has simply taken a short breather ahead of a presidential election and a possible regional war with wide-ranging commodity price implications, before it resumes into the frantic final lap, the below sample is merely a modest appetizer of what is yet to come.

Courtesy of John Lohman

And here is a real time tracker of all @FederalReserve tweets:

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Fed plans on following TBTF blue chip tweets like Ashton Kutcher & Lady Gaga.

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Thanks to Operation Tweet, maximum message length on Twitter will now inflate by 2% per year.  So you can look forward to 143 character messages next year, officially (although the real limit will be 154).


Oh, and I did my part:


@federalreserve How do you feel about Greg Smith's scathing editorial about Goldman Sachs, since most of you used to work there?

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Well played sir.


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The Federal Reserve is trying to reach out to propagandized and brainwashed libertarian youths, and the internet libertarian ‘machine’ is out in full swing making sure that NOBODY is able to hear the other side of the story. It’s ironic that this assault on the Federal Reserve Bank’s educational initiative should coincide with a fantastic equity rally fuelled by positive NFP results, which in 2008 would have been unthinkable. It is only due to the decisive and well-thought out actions of congress and our Federal Reserve that we are now on the road to recovery. Young people WILL learn about the virtues of a centrally planned stable economy whether internet pirates and weedy zit-faced anarchists like it or not.

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Someone ask Ben if he is or isn't printing money; vis-a-vis two separate, contrary statements made to the same 60 Minutes Reporter, 21 months apart, as summarized by Jon Stewart here:


The Big Bank Theory - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart




Amerikans want to know!

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MDB I hate these guys also what would this great government be without the Federal Reserve.

Libertarianism generally refers to the group of political philosophies which emphasize freedom, individual liberty, and voluntary association. Libertarians generally advocate a society with little or no government power.

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy defines libertarianism as the moral view that agents initially fully own themselves and have certain moral powers to acquire property rights in external things.[1] Libertarian historian George Woodcock defines libertarianism as the philosophy that fundamentally doubts authority and advocates transforming society by reform or revolution.[2] Libertarian philosopher Roderick Long defines libertarianism as "any political position that advocates a radical redistribution of power from the coercive state to voluntary associations of free individuals", whether "voluntary association" takes the form of the free market or of communal co-operatives.[3] According to the U.S. Libertarian Party, libertarianism is the advocacy of a government that is funded voluntarily and limited to protecting individuals from coercion and violence.[4]

Libertarian schools of thought differ over the degree to which the state should be reduced. Anarchistic schools advocate complete elimination of the state. Minarchist schools advocate a state which is limited to protecting its citizens from aggression, theft, breach of contract, and fraud. Some schools accept public assistance for the poor.[5] Additionally, some schools are supportive of private property rights in the ownership of unappropriated land and natural resources while others reject such private ownership and often support common ownership instead.[6][7][8] Another distinction can be made among libertarians who support private ownership and those that support common ownership of the means of production; the former generally supporting a capitalist economy, the latter a socialist economic system. Contractarian libertarianism holds that any legitimate authority of government derives not from the consent of the governed, but from contract or mutual agreement, though this can be seen as reducible to consequentialism or deontologism depending on what grounds contracts are justified.[9][10][11] Some Libertarian socialists reject deontological and consequential approaches and use historical materialism to justify direct action in pursuit of liberty.[12]

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6% of WHAT? are the Share Holders (Owners) of the Federal Reserve Paid? dividends are 6% by LAW a year?

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Did you do that?

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What's brilliant is this move by the Fed.  It can A) gather info on all the negative twitters, B) allow faster delivery of BS and C) let algos trade off of every tweet as if it's factual information.  How else will they ramp this hot air ballon into the stratosphere

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I don’t twit or twat or any of that, but would someone please let them know that thanks to their flighty policies, my retirement savings isn’t worth a bag of birdseed or anymore and that since their FRN’s are hardly worth lining the bottom of a cage, I would just like to ram it all right up their tail.


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No, no, no...MilliionDollarFuckTard says this is great, and surely you're just a malcontent "libertarian."  

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I merely tweeted that I would "love for Bernanke & Dudley to enjoy their next bowl of clam chowder or lobster bisque."

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its to compile a haters friends list for later use or they are tweeting codewords for bots. thats what makes sense. not a marketing forum but a way to disperse infor to computers to frontrun and manipulate

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All that twitters is not gold

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Centrally planned stable economy?


Bloomberg headline today: Jp Morgan: China now in hard landing.

How's that for centrally planned economy? Is this guy for real or he is just trolling for fun?


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Trolling for fun. If you read it enough times you can see the humor.

true brain's picture



No wonder he's unfazed by all the criticism. hat off.

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setting aside for a moment that MDB is an obvious troll, what in the hell gives you the idea that anyone should give a shit about being criticized by a bunch of idiots?

true brain's picture

Not just idiots; awakened idiots- huge difference. 

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@surf, I'm afraid if I read it enough times I'll be turned into a mindless, well, serf..



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Tyler and Zerohedge - brilliant!

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If only I had a Twatter account.. could upload YouPorn recommendation links to the SEC. Have you had the opportunity to scan thru the followers? Fucking hilarious.

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FLB, you gots a new handle..  How's the wife?

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Not sure about FLB acronym. Been divorced twice & my new wifey of 5+ years are not married into the corrupt system of getting hitched, while the state bleeds you of income to prop up unicorn deficit recovery plans. We stay off the radar. Some people never learn. :(

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Well MDB, they wanted to "collect data" so I guess they're getting it...right out of thin air too...lol.

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That's a little closer to my old MDB. Crank the sarcasm thickness to 11!

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MDB's shit used to be funny; but it's grown stale.

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They tell you to jump,
and you say how high.
You play dead,
you gotta fuck'n bullet in your head.

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I give a shout out to the living dead
Who stood and watched as the feds cold centralised
So serene on the screen
You was mesmerised
Cellular phones soundin' a death tone
Corporations cold
Turn ya to stone before ya realise

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fuck you i won't do what you tell me

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Mothaf**kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!!!!!  HOOOAAHH!!!!!!

Epic stuff. Great anthem for the coming party (1776 Vol. 2)....even if RATM is a bit Che Guevara-ish in their worldview.


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Smith aka MDB -

Trying kind of hard for that federal reserve job aren't you?

Not get your million dollah bone-us from Golden Sacks?

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hey mbd- there is some guy named michael  twitting his brains out over there and needs your help ... badly. his sincerity is really much funnier than yours.

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MillionDollarFuckTard says "Young people WILL learn about the virtues of a centrally planned stable economy..."

I can't say this strongly enough...commit suicide you fucking loser!  Central planning has been horrible everywhere it's tried.

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MDB, I have to give ya props, kid...even after ALL this time, there are still morons around here falling for it.  I truly marvel; keep it coming.

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"No million dollar  bonus for yoouuu!"

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Did you say "centrally planned stable eonomy" ? Why if i was your mama I would tan your hide and abandon you on the Federal Reserve's front lawn. If you believe the employment statistics it just goes to show how informed you are because you might want to look at tax collections which have gone nowhere over the last 12 months. Losing a $20 an hour job and getting another for $10 an hour is not called a stable or improving job climate.

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Man...you are good...........

.....as a tool for big government utopian HORSE SHIT!

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The zits are gone!  You can hardly tell I had them!

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Since when is a centrally planned economy stable? So far all the centrally planned economies are failing from central planning. Too many planners, not enough workers. Too much about a single "plan" not enough about regional benefits - skills & people. I'd say immigration is too strict & that forcing interest rates to force export-benefit to one region or wage-benefit to one region at the expense of all others just makes slaves angry.

Angry slaves shut down economies.

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I'm voting for MDB as a write-in cadidate this year. God knows he's funnier than the current clown...

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What chickenshit...
An institution which at the heart of their mandate is public perceptions, a supposedly Lofty Serious Important institution which should be Absolutely Dripping with Gravitas is going to fuck around on Twitter!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Holy Horse Sperm, Benman!
You people are definitely in need of some serious professional counseling... psychological, perceptions mangement and mature financial professionals. 
Twitter is the land of infantile persons, immaturity, self absorbtion, insecurity, anal retentiveness, lesser inteligence (Bill Gross Tweets.  Listen, just trying to help here, big guy) people with far too much useless time on their hands (please give some thought to mortality, for Christ's sake, find somethiong better to do) with generally little value added in life. 
Holy cow....

Get a grip...

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it's old people trying to stay "relevant" with all their edgy diversity hires

TruthInSunshine's picture

The Federal Reserve Hipsters.

Dudley and his iPadHD.

Bernank & his donkey/midget entourage.

Then you got Timmy over at Treasury, getting bootstomped by Dominatrix Diedre - speaking of which, where is Herr Merkel?

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I heard Energy Secretary Chu was sent to pick her up, but he drank way too much pond scum for energy, got behind the wheel of a Karma and ran over O'Barry's dogma ;-)