Fidelity Loses $50 Million In Seconds On Its Brand Spanking New Investment, As Crocs Plunges On Guidance Cut: 2007 Redux?

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Anyone that buys such a stock and crox of shit,deserves a rubber shoe up the ass. 

regardless of fuckuations of the price and profit potential, any normal human should just say NO. make it a circuit city or something as useful.

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Company to shortly be renamed - Watacroc!

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The days of Peter Lynch are long since passed. Lately, always the bridesmaid, but never the bride...Sure, Fido has some of the lowest-cost index funds now -- about 20 years late, as indexing went out with Larry Summers in '01.

This isn't your father's FMR.

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What "YOU PEOPLE" don't understand is the brilliant visionaries of retail...

Laugh now, but using Rupert Murdoch's 'hack everyone' app, I've seen the plans and

blueprints for the new 2012 Hummer666 Obama Crocs that are sure to be the rage

amongst people with lots of dry powder.

They're made of diamonds, gold and unicorn dust and can call market tops.

Suck on that, haters!



PS. did you know that by hacking every phone on the planet, you can get five kardashian butt loads of insider information? And it's not illegal, because hacking is illegal. Ah, the sweet irony!

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What do you mean, "You people"....

Alpha Chino (Tropic Thunder)

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Fido is also a top-twenty [ bag holder ] in Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. -- Whoops, I'm terribly sorry. That one was down 11% this session.

The Big Green Pyramid is built on a foundation of nothing more than shifting mo-mo sands.

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Oh, the irony.

Odin -> Loki -> ?

It isn't Thor. It is Baldur, you fucking idiot. Way to miss the plays there boys.

And yes, that's a cosmic joke about to be played: when he rises, the earth will be green again. Not your phallic-centric-wet-dream-of-fighting I'm afraid.

Thanks for playing, Good luck, and Good night.


Oh, and the real version is: "Laugh now, but one day we'll be in charge".



#OccupySeasemeStreet, /muppet

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Time travel has been proven!

Ahmeexnal comments two minutes before Tyler posts.




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My Fidelity 401k is in treasuries. F the stock market right now. Guns and ammo, and silver and gold is my way of survival.

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Ugly shoes, ugly stock, ugly market. And down even further.

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People still wear these "shoes?"

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Hhmm, lots of institutional investors at fidelity.  could get interesting.

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From personal experience... no... it won't... those people are fucking idiots who don't budge until the prez is on TV saying we maxed out the fucking credit card AGAIN while never realizing we maxed it out 70 times in the last 40 years and it was just some sick political game that ended up backfiring on their precious markets.

So in summation I take back words four through six in this post, ignorance is pretty interesting to watch.

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wash, rinse and repeat.  damn ugly thingies but nurses wear them.

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I can not believe people actually wear those shoes.  I understand that they are functional for the medical community, with all the bodily fluids flying around.  They have taken them out of the three upscale specialty garden centers/horticultural stores in my area.  They have also disappeared from airport kiosks.  Surely the analyst could have seen this coming.

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Actually, crocs are banned in my 2400+ bed institution. Too much risk of body fluid exposure to the wearer. The nurses that I know that wore them loved 'em, but tptb decided they are too risky (I 100% agree) as it is common for all kinds of nasty to spill, and gravity heads it all towards the feet...

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Naah, they got stopped out, no problem!

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How can these guys not make buckets of money? They take ten cents of polymer, run it thru a molding machine, and sell the stupid things for $30.

Momo trader, momo fashion.

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Because any fool in China can, and does, as well.


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The orange and pink ones were popular in county jails, before budget cuts

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Uggs are next....

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Let's hope. They are clearly overdue for a lashing.. "Fugly"

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I s the Fido redemption phone line still open?

RacerX's picture

"Is it too late to pull out?" :-D

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h/t to RT?

those inexpensive puts are getting harder to find...

vegas's picture

I guess they didn't follow that green arrowed line they always hawk on TV for their investors.

Do You Speak Greek's picture

LNKD, LULU, AWAY, CRM are next. 

Next 6 months will be a good time to be a put-buyer/short-seller/call-seller in the high betas...

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Agreed, CROX is a small part of it, I expect we will see a lot more of this kind of drop in the months ahead (look at NFLX for example).

I would add to your list CMG, that is a name I am looking to get short soon.

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I have three pairs that I bought at Costco for a very low price after the last CROX crash -- I've been waiting for another crash to stock up again.  I wear them everywhere.  Also have matching ones for my kid.   I love them but they are not worth the crazy retail price they are trying to charge.

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For those of us too old-fashioned, too lazy (and too disinterested in this consumer shit) would you please tell us the actual name of the company?  "CROX" means's just another craps counter.  (And I full realize that that's what EVERY company now is).

Kreditanstalt's picture

How many of you actually buy any of this stuff anyway?  I mean, @$50 plastic footwear made in China...


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btw UGG brand = DECK (Decker's Outdoors). On the Naz.. not the pinks.. at least not yet.

ghostfaceinvestah's picture

DECK is another stock I expect to get cut in half before the year is out.

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Almost makes me think shorting BlackRock's top 20 is like a greatest hits list in some sick, twisted, contrarian way.

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the only ones beating earnings handily are the banks - on the back of DVA!

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Blackrock. heh heh

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I think the drop is overdone - 0.40 old guidance vs 0.31-0.33 warrants nowhere near as much of a drop as what a/h session is showing.

Dont get me wrong regarding chasing a momo POS, but assuming it was 'faily priced' at 27 with those earnings expectations, the $10 drop is quite steep.

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I got the last of my McFido (of the clan McFido) money out of there last month.... after nearly 20 years with them. So sorry McFido, but there can only be one.

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Tyler!  Many thanks for your website and salvaging my sanity.  A true breath of fresh air in the atmosphere of incessant media hype & bs.  This article being another case in point.......kicked off today with ZH's Citi's Bloodbath stark contrast to the buffoons on CNBC trying to decipher CVA and all other acronyms to get to the 'actual' earnings.  Many thanks and keep up the good work! :-)