Financial Warfare

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Precious metals, bitchez!

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"You MUST know your enemy to survive and win the war because the central planners can win battles but not the war."


but how bloody the battles and how many?

individual soldiers don't always come out whole.

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It's not left versus right, dollars versus euros or pakis versus indians, it's the state versus YOU.

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Yup, we are in a civil war over debt bondage, made necessary by the welfare state but supported by the central banks. The problem, as everyone on zerohedge knows, is that this Ponzi scheme is a dead chicken and the welfare state is in utter collapse. So there will be a flight to Gold and commodities that continues despite the hits we are taking today, because those are the only solids left in this financial diarhea.

So we are headed towards a civil war over the financial destruction wrought by the central banks and politicians, and it will be over slavery again (debt slavery, bondage of your children to $666k per capita in unfunded debt). I wrote a book on what this new type civil war will look like, it will be fought with proxy armies (unionists, anarchists, illehgals) and especially with monetary manipulation. Long term one way out may be cybercurrency like Bitcoins, though don't hold your breath.


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So there will be a flight to Gold and commodities that continues despite the hits we are taking today, because those are the only solids left in this financial diarhea.

Just wanted to make sure this gem got some love. Poetry. Bravo!

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You got worms... and the squirts.   Boy, you're in a real pickle.

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The net result of the SwissFranc devaluation was to reassert the position of the USD a the world's reserve currency along with gold.  The direction of the dollar since then is evidence enough for anyone.  Exactly what is going on behind the curtain at the present time however, is far from clear despite all the differing opions found on zerohedge. Three months should unravel the mystery

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Everyone has to deflate their currencies, but currencies have to deflate against other currencies, so they are taking turns.  When the USD takes it turn in the tank, gold will start to rise again.

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Informative site, DB....tho I think the eventual CW will be somewhat more "military" than you predict: when whole states secede, National Guard units go with them and that means heavy, hi-tech weaponry will be deployed on both the Free State and State Socialist sides; plenty of local anarchy too along the way. And it may come sooner than most of us think. One probable scenario has the Republican Pty going the way of the Whigs, fragmenting into Tea Party vs RINOS during the 2012 election season, which will occur in an atmosphere of converging political and economic crises. Obama could win in the EC with no more than 40% of the popular vote, with Texas then leading 20-30 heartland and southern states out of the USA before inauguration. 1860------>2012.

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Indeed my friend. I must confess that I'm hurting from this past month, and today is a killer since I am long silver. About to give up now, and it pains me. I know we must not get our eyese off the ball long-term, but you've got to make it there first... These central bitches are making it tough I must admit. There is just no sense or logic in what's happening in the PMs. Logic and sense tell me they should go up, but as things are, the masters might as well manage to take them to the floor. Can't rule it out now.

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We've lived through worse.  This is but a flesh wound.  A scare tactic.  Another failed effort to manipulate.  I still believe we will be near all time highs in both gold and silver by year's end. 

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If you don't have physical, you don't have silver.    You paid for paper silver.... and didn't even get paper.  Hell, you can't even wipe with that.

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These central bitches are making it tough I must admit. There is just no sense or logic in what's happening in the PMs. Logic and sense tell me they should go up, but as things are, the masters might as well manage to take them to the floor. Can't rule it out now.

Your problem is contained in that statement.  You acknowledge that the central banks are manipulating silver, but then admit you are trading based on logic about what is good for silver.  The manipulators know what your logic is, therefore they know when you are clustered on one side of the trade with all the other silver longs.  If you cluster with them on one side of the trade, the central banks will run your stops.  It's as simple as that.  You can't take any positions that are obviously good for silver.  You have to cover when a scheduled event arrives that should be good for silver.  You have to use reverse logic, because that's what the central banks are doing. 

The gators in the swimming pool are lingering under the diving board, because they know where you are going to jump in.

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man that's crazy talk. You're letting your emotions rule you; the worst possible thing you can do. IF THE CENTRAL PLANNER MOFOS OF THE WORLD REALLY COULD MANAGE LIKE YOU THINK, GOLD WOULD STILL BE AT $275 / OZ. Tell you what: go out, have a beer [or 6], see or rent a what makes you happy to forget about'll pass! It always has and always will. In fact, I can see maybe 50 more Canadian Maples in my future - like tomorrow! Now c'mon, get your shit together <kick in the gluteus>..... :-(

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I'm sorry to hear you took a hit today, I sympathize.

But I would suggest that you keep an eye on the gold chart from now on. The gold chart was showing a classic double top. It was time to head for the hills a few weeks ago. It's only temporary. A buying opportunity is coming. Accept you losses and move on.

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I hope you said the same thing about natty a few weeks ago mr. Hub

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It's not complicated. Buy the dips, then hold. Stop trying to "make money"; the dollar might be the last to burn, but burn it will.  This is going to be about raw survival.

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The last "hard" fiat currency Swiss Frank (SF) has proven once and for all to all investors (including to all various hedge funds managers) that it is still a fiat currency easily manipulated and devalued by Central Bankers.

Consequently, the only real "store of value" that is left is Physical Gold and nothing else!

As for the SF holders, it is the time to more into the real money, i.e., PM


  1. So, Will Gold see $1,500 or $2,000+ by the yearend? I bet on $2,000+
  2. It appears to me that Obama's reelection in 2012 will result in a second American civil war. The US society just cannot function as it is for much longer. We are approaching the endgame.
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the swiss franc is a fiat currency - yes

may I humbly point out that the swiss were not willing to jeopardize their economy so that a few investors could do highly leveraged bets on their currency?

I just want to point out that some commentators give me sometimes the idea they have lost their grip on what reality and real economy is...

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Kitco says 17 of the 45 was due to USD increase...

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Looking at the price of oil in India's rupees, Mexico's pesos - brilliance.

Well done, Bernanke. I share the views of the genocidal maniacs behind the printing press in this regard, that the planet is over-populated and Ben is doing everything he can to promote hunger, revolutions and war.

I tip my hat to Ben, you old Jekyll Island chap you.

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Bernanke, Geithner, Obama = Puppetshow

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I wouldn't dare naming their masters, because I support the Agenda. :)

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Paranoid, paranoid bullshit this Mike Krieger writes

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el gato, but it works!

Inflation being exported: peasants have their food taked away -> less people on the planet in the future.

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So that was the whole goal of the SNB the whole time? How nefarious, how intriguing, how unlike-them -- print the theory immediately!

The Swiss are a country of 8 million who have never involved themselves in international politics or organizations (with rare exceptions of complacent acquiesence) and all of a sudden, because they decided to peg their currency to the Euro, they are out to maim and kill people?

What about the more obvious explanation that no one could afford their exports and they were getting killed? This venerable website posted an article about a Big Mac costing >$14 in Zurich. At some point, even the epitome of the conservative central bank realizes that having such a strong currency is no good either.

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Those guys never heard about buy low sell high. Those who pile up in frank at 0.75 to USD what the f*Ck they were thinking? It's going to ZERO? Or GOLD? Going to 10k non stop? Buy MSFT now it's still AAA and dividend just been raised Ain't going to go to ZERO.. :)))

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So was said of GM at a certain point... Most assuredly on a long enough timeline all stocks go to 0

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Dude, if everything what you've said was true. you would probably leave in the stone age walking in the woods naked and eating your GOLD.

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And then he would shit gold!! Think about it.

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You don't know who the Swiss actually are. Remember those j00s' teeth being smuggled via BIS in good ole 1939-1945 times?

The CHF semi-peg viewed via the exports angle is a valid one, but there are never such trivial matters at stake when such moves are being made. The Swiss frank was pegged to the Euro in the event of a financial collapse in Europe, which the Swiss already knew would happen and have discussed with their colleagues at the ECB.

USD is king now.


Think very carefully for a second about this Novus Ordo Seclorum.

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"King", i.e., last port in the storm....

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What I suggested at that time was not that they realized that they had a too strong currency, but rather that the weak currency policies everywhere else forced their hand. And in some way, I get to agree with you that you can see why they chose to do something.

It's a bit like a country which has a good regulatory environment is likely to attract more investments and is thus going to suffer more in a worldwide crash even though it had the good policy.

What this tells me is that free markets work if everyone plays the game. Otherwise, the thugs always create the incentives to cheat the game and it spirals out of control. We're fucked.

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Ho ho ho, almost forgot: with oil being traded in USDs and all, major towelhead countries are getting their trade balances collapsed, thus we can get a genocidal war or two in that general region of the world.

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I am long towelhead helmets.

Kashmir, bitchez

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Looking for a bread helmet ETF.

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slewie's goin w/  the sourdough round & the cinnabon ear protectors

cali-egyptian chic


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Silver will be lower than the magical $36 any minute now..

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Silver below $36 is what's called a 'discount purchasing opportunity'.

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It is "magical" because that is the level that "Wynter Benton" claimed would trigger the execution of silver derivatives contracts (after silver traded above that level for 60 trading days straight).  Dipping below $36 supposedly resets that clock.

Probably BS, if you ask me.

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'London Trader' claimed that support for gold would be good around $1730 because many high tonnage buy orders were waiting in that area. Big buy orders mostly from China, SE Asia, Mid East... the usual people that know what real money is.

So far, looks like LT is correct.

Meanwhile, more PMs flying away to the East.

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Is Wynter Benton any relation to Leo Wanta?


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Silver Bid: 35.84 Ask: 35.94 Change:  -4.55


Looks like they reset the clock.   Fuckers. 

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Check out Ebay - folks are still paying 43$ for an oz. $46, if you include 3$ for shipping.

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Bought December Silver this morning, @36.74; 4;03 HST; guess again.

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Ooooh.   Electronic silver.  Now there's a sound "investment".

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thanks for the warning

hope the slide is over for the week

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Silver bitchez?

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Even though silver dropped 4 dollars today, it only came down 2 dollars at the place I buy coins.