The First Casualty Of Liborgate's Swiss Expansion: "Michael Zrihen No Longer Trading"

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In an exclusive report Zero Hedge yesterday presented the connection between the 16 BBA member banks, and something far more sinister: the sleepy, quiet (just as they want it) universe of Swiss hedge funds and private banks. One of our key focuses was on a gentleman named Michael Zrihen. We said: "So allegedly Zrihen, who now works in Geneva (keep a note of this), manipulated Libor at CA, and is now at Lombard Odier - "Geneva's oldest firm of private bankers and one of the largest in Switzerland and Europe." There is no news on whether Zrihen has been let go by Lombard Odier. Yet." We now have news. As of moments ago:


As a reminder, this is just the tip of the Swiss Liebor rabbit hole. Many more hedge funds will be implicated.

And here is Reuters' take:

Lombard Odier Investment Managers, the wealth management arm of the Swiss private bank said on Thursday it was actively investigating press reports linking portfolio manager Mickaël Zrihen with the ongoing Libor probe.


On Wednesday, the Financial Times reported that Zrihen had been linked with a Barclays trader under scrutiny for the attempted manipulation of the region's benchmark interest rate during a period between 2005 and 2007 whilst he worked at French Bank Credit Agricole.


He is no longer trading pending the investigation.


Calls to Zrihen, who joined Lombard Odier in December 2010 as a member of the fixed income portfolio management team, were not picked up.


Lombard said they had not been contacted by regulators but have now reached out to them in order to learn more.


Lombard Odier, a private bank focused on wealth management for private and institutional clients, has never had any role in setting LIBOR or EURIBOR rates, it said in a statement.

It appears ZH is now "the press"

To summarize: before (as in 12 hours ago):

and After:

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zero19451945's picture

Do you really think this guy gives a shit? He probably made millions already and is laughing all the way to the insolvent bank.

He sure as hell isn't going to jail!

Doubleguns's picture

He works in a stricly advisory position now.


Advising the next tier of crooks.

metastar's picture

Many more hedge funds will be implicated.

None will be imprisoned.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Zrihen is terminated, bitchez.

They're trying to shut down Treadstone. They're trying to shut it all down.

The Rabbit Hole Runs Deep, Alice

fuu's picture

It's called "The Mentor Program".

veyron's picture

Wake me up when we see the quadrillion dollar scandal

GetZeeGold's picture



He gets to attend Jon Corzine's birthday party. It's so cool he's almost jealous of himself.


LULZBank's picture


He sure as hell isn't going to jail!

You only go to jail if you have a boob job and a liposuction with the stolen money.

firstdivision's picture

WTF is going on with the Italian 10Y? Is Mr. Zrihen fixing it?

LawsofPhysics's picture

Stopped trading, retiring to private island plantation with tons of physical.  Oh wait...

LULZBank's picture

+ Trillions Tylers!!!

CrimsonAvenger's picture

If he had been happy just getting a boob job and pursuing a modeling career, we wouldn't be in this mess.

Turin Turambar's picture

The Peter Principle tells me that this guy is just now beginning to climb in his career.  His next job will be another step up.

CrimsonAvenger's picture

Ladies and gentlemen, I present our new Treasury Secretary.

john_connor's picture

Zrihen needed help building his business; he didn't do it alone.

StychoKiller's picture

I see what you did there...LOL

falak pema's picture

falling like flies; its an epidemic!  The Jerome Kerviel syndrome! 

SheepDog-One's picture

Zrihen....wasnt that a James Bond villain?

Rainman's picture

It's always the smaller fish that get eaten first...but sooner or later they turn into rats angling for lighter sentences.

swiss chick's picture

It appears ZH is now "the press"

Exactly what I was thinking - someone at Lombard Odier is reading ZH!!!!

Pinky's picture

Years ago it occurred to me that the Swiss Authorities (whomever) were almost NEVER in the news.  Maybe I'm wrong, and just lead a sheltered life.  But nnow whenever the Swiss Authorities come into my head I see the trollish bankers from the Harry Potter movies.  I'm sorry, that's all I've got.  My brain had to do SOMETHING to fill in the missing data.

PeeramidIdeologies's picture

What are the full implications of this Libor incident? Uncovering this scandal should cause a lot or revaluations or no? Dispite the scale and depth of the issue it seems to have had little effect on the market...

Racer's picture

Oh dear, ZH called 'the press'? Hmmm, a very undeserved downgrade for ZH judging by the way the 'press' inform !!!

Nobody For President's picture

Keep this up Tyler and you are REALLY gonna have to start watching your back...

Joebloinvestor's picture

I don't know why they don't hire ZH to do background checks.

Other then the fact that ZH does it for free and seems to be pretty accurate.

loveyajimbo's picture

That asshole Geithner knew all about this in 2008... yet nothing was done... I say he should be in prison, chomping on a big black derivative...

EZYJET PILOT's picture

ZH can you know uncover the JPM traders involved in Liebor manipualtion?