The First EURUSD Print Is In...

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And it's not pretty. Furthermore, without US vacuum tubes to step in tomorrow and fix what appears set to be a major overnight rout, the next 48 hours could be very interesting indeed.

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what is the number, too small to read here...


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All eyes on Obama's speech. This will be a nerve shattering event. If President Obama's words are as skillfull as I have come to expect, I believe he could inspire a second American industrial revolution. People will start spending again, and our consumer economy will once again thrive. If however, the public are fooled by this doomer talk, the collapse in aggregate demand will be ugly.

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A cynic is a man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin.
H. L. Mencken

Cynic, n: a blackguard whose faulty vision sees things as they are, not as they ought to be.
Ambrose Bierce


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OK, silver is opening. Let's see that rocket fly!

opens with a sharp drop (au too)

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"The power of accurate observation is often called cynicism by those who have not got it" ~George Bernard Shaw

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obama's words are at times skillful.  it's his deeds that suck so bad, bad, bad.

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All eyes on Obama's speech. This will be a nerve shattering event. If President Obama's words are as skillfull as I have come to expect, I believe he could inspire a second American industrial revolution.

If President Obama's words are as skillfull as I have come to expect, I believe he could inspire a second American industrial revolution.

inspire a second American industrial revolution.


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I just thank God Obama can't create any new jobs and will fail thanks to the unfair trade agreements the government passed, NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT/WTO.

The government made it impossible for themselves to increase payroll taxes to pay for the tyranny they desire.

It's impossible to compete with 50 cent an hour Chinese labor.

I love watching the US government now fail at everything it tries to do.

The US/Mexican gun running operation was a hoot.

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Libertarians: The Westboro Church of American Politics.

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You have a good shtick going and though I may be in the minority, I'm glad you're here, whatever your current iteration.

The whole point of fight club is to challenge perceptions and opinions, and anyone who is truly confident in his view is not going to take offense.  In fact, the challenge should be welcome.  It's the only way to learn and progress.  Again this is merely my opinion, but to do it with irony and sarcasm just adds to the entertainment value.  Though a visitor to Zerohedge might come to the conclusion that this is a religious website, you remind us that its purpose is education and entertainment.

Ecochambers are boring.  How many times do we have to hear "Gold IS money" or "this whole thing is going to collapse much faster than anyone thinks".  None of us knows anything and we ought not to take ourselves so seriously.


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That is true chindit13, none of us really knows anything (or at least much).

I myself have enjoyed and learned from your posts, even when I am on the receiving end of incoming...

By having to explain our opinions, we either strengthen our case or learn we do not understand it well or even that we are wrong.

All very nice to have at a site like Zero Hedge.

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"None of us knows anything and we ought not to take ourselves so seriously."


Bingo, this is what's so sorely lacking these days.

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Thanks chindit13.  I've got nothing but respect for you - your commentary is some of the finest ZH offers.  I wish ZH had more of you, and less of the doomer super-pigs.  

The "beans, bullets and bullion" libertarians who can't wait until society burns to the ground have infested ZH like a bad fungal infection.  I consider each one of my anti-doomer posts like quick bursts of Tinactin Jock Itch Spray.  Little by little, I'm hoping to help disinfect this place. Perhaps if I can get rid of these lower brain stem super-goons, some of the truly interesting and insightful posters from days of yore will return.  And given the low-brow, vulgar, apocalypse dreaming, blood lusting nature of most of these goons, I really couldn't care less if I offend them.  


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Libertarians: The Westboro Church of American Politics.

Yeah, this post surely showed a lot of *high brain* thought.  I like hearing dissenting views that are well reasoned.  Trolling, not so much.'s picture

The Westboro Baptist Church is not linked with libertarians. Church founder Fred Phelps did campaign for Al Gore, however.

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It's impossible to compete with 50 cent an hour Chinese labor.

Not to mention the peg.

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It is called market, with unlimited resources, driven economy.

The business/capital goes to the place where there is the most return on the investment: it used to be Europe, after that U.S.A. and now is China.

The first 2 places have their problems it is just matter of time for the last one to have them also.

Finally it will come to be understood that it is not the place but that system that is broken.

After the crash a new system will evolve, hopefully it will be a better, more bound to Nature one.

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There's nothing a complete and total catastrophic worldwide economic collapse of biblical proportions can't fix.

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Yeeehaaa!  Burn World Burn!  

There's nothing that would bring more joy to my face than watching the entire Earth get sucked into the sun.  

Libertarians 2012!  

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I'm glad to see you're all for my final solution.

No need to get too bent out of shape, it's only money.'s picture

Why do you rail against freedom? You probably would have turned in Harriet Tubman for running away from her owner and breaking Federal law. She would have been just another hater in your book.

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The most shameful thing I have ever seen in my entire life is what my government did to this man. And why doesn't anybody know about it?

"Jose Guerena, 26, was killed earlier this month when officers kicked in the door of his home during a drug raid and opened fire.

The Pima County Sheriff's Office released a report that says he never fired at the SWAT Team even though some of the officers claimed he did.

It began the morning of May 5 with a raid of four houses in the Tucson area which was part of a suspected violent drug smuggling operation.

Within minutes it ended with a SWAT team killing that is now sparking community outrage."


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Lather, rinse, repeat.  Stories like this are so commonplace that public has become dulled to outrage in all but the most clear cut abuses. 

Libertarians - despite my disagreeing with them on some key issues - deserve substantial support for opposing the War on Drugs.

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The joke's on you. The government's plan is working just perfectly for them. Deindustrialization and global government is the goal. 

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Hopium springs eternal . . . until we're all fed up.  Obama has delivered some great oratory, but I don't think anything he says will be able to jumpstart confidence at this point.  Only thing to unite American public to "work together" would be an act of war on our shores.  Really wishing the 10th anniversary of 9/11 weren't so near.  Conspiracies abound.

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Still chasing birth certificates? RETARD.'s picture

I'm not a "birther" (consternation, uproar!) and I don't believe in Satan but I do  think that the video is hilarious. I also enjoyed getting your goat.

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Don't blame me. I voted for Kodos.

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I'm a Kang man myself.

But what are you going to do? Its a two-party system.

Vote third party? Go ahead, throw away your vote!

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As always, I enjoy your jokes. Yes all eyes will be on Obama's teleprompter and yes, he might just yet inspire an american "revolution" but not the industrial kind.

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The sarcasm here is so subtle I almost missed it. For a couple of seconds there, I thought he was serious.

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Sarcasm is a problem for me, as my Sarcasm Meter is so bad that it essentially does not function.

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That's because your Asshole Transponder interferes with the signal.

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Hmm.  Another damn thing I have to do!

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Hoster Wilfahrdt and his Band will play. Shirley's the girl singer.

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Turn your ohm-meter onto Cynicism and it will register sarcasm better.

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Amazing insight there, mdBonus, and a neat trick I've realized...If you divide the up arrow count into the down arrow count, it consistently comes to the % of the President's current approval ratings! Brilliant! "Hope" you got "change"(for Ramen noodles)!

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comes with its very own SS card!

(# registered in CT of course)

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Hey MDB, looks like we are fucked, because Obama's speeeches are written for him so they aren't his skillfull words they belong to someone else. Which it turns out was just announced yesterday that the person that writes those speeches for the idiot in chief has given his two week notice to go.....wait for it......Write comedy skits for hollywood!!! How is that for doomer talk, the person that is going to save the world wants to write comedy for hollywood? Oh well, back to Walmart for more ammo....