The First FX Prints Are In...

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And it is not looking pretty for the dollar. Both the USDJPY and the USDCHF are tumbling following weaker pretrade indications, confirming that the market is indeed starting to listen to the complete cacafony from DC. Ironically, in a world in which USD weakness is SPX strength, will correlation desks send the ES to infinity even as the key marginal driving force is the ever larger fear of US bankruptcy? Or will we finally get decoupling.



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data sez 11 weeks, 2 days, but never saw him (it?) till last few days... he/she/it all over every thread now - like a kid with a new toy

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All good trolls make several puppet accounts in anticipation of their banning.

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i like D cups.  maybe even double d cups

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what do the blue horizontal lines at the bottom of the charts mean?

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Watch it bro. That first step is a killer.

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Tyler, I have to disagree with you here.

It looks to me like the dollar is coming off support and is poised to RALLY.  It's already to 74.45  Next stop before a serious decline looks like 77.5.  The EUR looks to be trading opposite the USD.

While I agree that ultimately the USD is toast, you seem to continually jump the gun on it's demise.  Relax, it'll get there.  But first there has to be more than a few pump n' dumps.

USD/JPY certainly looks bearish, although it seems ready to bounce w/in a downward channel.  Sort of makes me wonder if Japan is due for a deflationary event (whodanode).  But USD overall looks very bullish..!

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Long Zimbabwe Dollars!

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Could you add a pic of the EUR/USD ?

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Wow, Tyler Durden is very receptive today. 

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I think Tyler recognizes an inflection point when it slaps him side the head and just wants to share the pure joy of official insanity run amok.

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Seems the institutions are pretty far from the point of "realization".  I can't get one of the biggest bank trust companies in the US to allow me to solicit a physical PM purchase on behalf of a trustee.  Paper PMs only...  the Ponzi lives on. 

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Hey Cog!

Can you give us your psycho-analysis of the Norway sniper's manifesto?  Its different from any other I have seen.


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He plagairized a good bit from the Unabomber's Manifesto.

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Well whaddya know!  Identical in parts!

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Ain't like this been a new line of thought for him now, is it....
Good vision, right cynicism, excellent clarity of thought, as in sanity.

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Thanks! If I choose "US Dollar Index" then it doesnt show me a drop there?

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I will sleep by then I guess

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The USD/CHF JPG doesn't link properly; I get the USD/JPY JPG instead.

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you can just replace the JPY in the URL with CHF

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What about EURUSD, TD? Where do you get this data besides Bloomberg??

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Not as bad as I would expect given the likelihood of default risk.  Seriously, I thought this would be worse.    We have friends in Asia, obviously.

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Nobody actually believes we will default...

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now what might happen , does the markets go up because of DOLLAR down move or Markets go down because of this DEBT DEAL FIASCO

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At some point both the dollar and the market go down

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Thankfully reality is not correlated with Wall Street fantasies so at some point Uncle Shit will say hello to Mr Fan

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Who is the tallest midget in the room?

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Larry Summers.
No, uh.... Robert Reich
No.... Hmmmmm.  Christina Rhomer.
No!  I know!  Paul Krugman!
The Bernak
Timmah Two hands!

Nah. Larry Summers

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Just wait untill near end market close in Azia and when no news can't brightens their day, then you'll see some movement.

And if this mess takes another 2 to 3 more days...




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Yeah, as if everything in Europe's been fixed in the last few days, too.
Maybe Juncker, Sarko,, will light another fuse.

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I would expect decoupling of the ES from the USD this week.   Expect a market radically incomparable to the one we have grown to know and hate. 

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Why? I have been expecting this every week for the past two years and alas more push, pump and little dump

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Best comment of the thread.

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I might even slip in a 20 ;)