First Results Are In - Live Tracker Of Florida GOP Primary

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The first numbers in the Florida GOP Primary have started trickling in with the polls still open, and while as already noted DieBold did 'leak' the final results of the election previously, those who either care what the outcome of tonight's event is, or are masochists, or both, are welcome to follow the latest developments below.

CNN Live:

and Live maps:

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economics1996's picture

A lot of old farts will vote for Romney because he promised them a moterize wheelchair.

Alex Kintner's picture

Romulans win. And Newt is a Klingon half-breed but so what.

UP Forester's picture

I thought Newt was a Tribble.

And you know the troubles with Tribbles....

Alex Kintner's picture

Ha. I think Newt ate ALL of the Tribbles. Hacked up a beaut of a fur ball too.

Janice's picture

I voted for Ron Paul. Yes, it as a wasted vote, but it was the only enlightened choice.'s picture

I don't understand the concept of the "wasted vote." It's not a lottery where you get a prize for picking the winner. You're just supposed to say who you want in office.

CaptainObvious's picture

It was a wasted vote in a sense because Florida is a winner-take-all state and Paul skipped campaigning in Florida. Paul was never going to win Florida because he wants to close the borders and the Hispanic vote is very strong in Florida, so he was wise to not waste his campaign money in Florida's disparate TV markets.

krispkritter's picture

It's also a closed Primary so you can't vote if you aren't registered Republican, thus the Independent vote is missing entirely.  The big margin for Romney is terrifying though...

trav7777's picture

All I know is RP got crushed.  Candidacy over, just like I said after the catastrophe in Iowa

erg's picture

Who is your choice in this by the way? Let me guess.

None of the above.

It's hopeless. The last one out turn off the lights please. We get it ok.

This Pavlovian response to RP is annoying.

Why don't you just pull out your lighter and burn the whole world down already. Get it over with for fuck sakes.

erg's picture

Before you begin, you do realize that pointless ad hominems only hurt your cause.

That lesson alone seems to be really lost to the vast bulk of people.

dwdollar's picture

All I know is... anyone who votes is a dumb-ass because they are obviously too fucking stupid to realize the vote is rigged. I pray the Chinese will someday use Americans as meat products. At least then some use will come of them.

AldousHuxley's picture

why eat stinky Americans when you can use them as consumer slaves to transfer wealth power to the Central Kingdom?

akak's picture

It is a sign of a sad, lonely, pathetic, miserable and twisted mind to seek negative attention, instigate pointless arguments and willfully antagonize others to no constructive purpose, particularly to the extent to which Bob Moriarty, er, "Trav" has done all three in this forum.  And that's not even bringing up his gross and consistent dishonesty (e.g., his repeated claims that I was "pumping" silver here last year, when I have NEVER, even tangentially, done any such thing; or his lies that tmosley was screaming "BUY BUY BUY" during silver's price runup early last year, when he was merely cautioning silver holders to stand pat on their positions; or his absurd assertions, with no basis in fact, that ANYBODY who held silver at the end of last year was automatically a "bagholder" who had essentially lost their ENTIRE savings in silver merely due to its end of the year, and temporary, price decline --- and, illogically, regardless of when or at what price they had purchased it in the first place.)

erg's picture

I've noticed his mind for more time than I wished. Full of chasms. A nihilist with a white cane.

Vic Vinegar's picture

Great comment akak.  This sentence is particularily true:

It is a sign of a sad, lonely, pathetic, miserable and twisted mind to seek negative attention, instigate pointless arguments and willfully antagonize others to no constructive purpose, particularly to the extent to which Bob Moriarty, er, "Trav" has done all three in this forum. 

I don't think trav is Bob Moriarty, and I don't really care.  But your comment begs the questions: what does trav actually believe in?  What makes him get out of bed in the morning?  When was the last time he cried?  Has he ever been in love?

These questions may be not serious enough for some of you, but I'd rather ruminate on them than think about Florida voters making their "choice".  LOL.

akak's picture

Vic, your questions above are not unserious or irrelevant in any way at all --- quite the contrary, in fact, and I appreciate them.

I know that there have been times when I have been in heated debates or arguments online, both here and elsewhere, after which I have reread my comments and thought to myself "Boy, this might really give readers the impression that I am just an angry and hostile guy", which is not much the case at all.  And I will be the first to admit that I am no saint, and have sunk into outright dickishness on occasion here.  On the other hand, I like to think that I have likewise shared some very serious, gentle, heartfelt thoughts with others here as well.  But with Trav and certain others, I get nothing but bitterness, rage and unfocused hostility, which I find sad and, in the truest sense of the word, pathetic (i.e., invoking pathos). 

I've got no great desire to delve into the personal or private lives of others in this forum, or in any other, but I cannot help but pity somebody whose posts seem so consistently motivated by animosity, antagonism and spite, while never demonstrating any sense of kindness, compassion, reflection, spirituality or fellowship.  Trav is a wounded soul, no doubt, and although it can be sometimes hard to feel much sympathy for such people while being metaphorically (and unjustly) flogged by them, we would probably all do well to keep in mind that some lash out at others more in pain than in malevolence.


Vic Vinegar's picture

Tnx for the reply.

a) Do you ever have a perverse fascination with people?  I do when it comes to Eric Cartman, Dominic Chu and trav7777.  I would adopt any of them if it were possible.

b) Keep commenting here akak.  ZH needs legit voices like yours. 

Best regards,


UGrev's picture

The "status quo", "safety-blanked" voters are doing that just nicely enough already. Bunch of fucking pussies don't have the BALLS.. to vote for Ron Paul.

Karl von Bahnhof's picture

...just like I said after the catastrophe in Iowa

it is catastrophe, but for US...

o-bomb/hitlary 2012


tarsubil's picture

The old people are determined to have all their savings, pensions, investments, and social security made worthless. Some might say this is all poetic justice.

Michael's picture

Moving on to Plan B; Complete and total economic collapse of the USA and the world. That should solve most of our problems for us.

caconhma's picture

Will Ron Paul be elected into the White House in 2012? The answer is no.


Even if Ron Paul will get the votes necessary to win, two things will happen:

·      Either the election results will be fraudulently changed or

·      Pon Paul will be assassinated


Ron Paul is a storm petrel. He is an omen to the ruling world banking oligarchy and their mercenaries that, after almost 200 years of their criminal world domination, their empire is coming to the end.


A vote for Ron Paul is a strong message that the real change is about to take place.


wandstrasse's picture

Americans can be damn proud that something like the RP movement even exists. There is none such in Germany, and most probably not in entire Europe. Of course there are a few public voices of sanity here, too. But it is nothing compared to RP and his followers. I know, the RP crowd is actually too small for real political impact... but you have a name, an organisation etc. We do not. When you talk about the monetary system in Germany NOBODY listens. In the US, obviously at least a few listen... Be proud that you brought RP up as far as you did.

Deo vindice's picture

Britain does have Nigel Farage, and though he is no Ron Paul, he most certainly stands out from the crowd of faceless globalists in Europe, many of whom can't put two coherent thoughts together in an interesting way when they speak.

Dead Canary's picture

No, no, no! We must support Dr. Paul at every opportunity to try and force the Lame Stream Media to acknowledge him as a real contender. Vote early. Vote often.

Ron Paul 2012

P.S.   Bernanke is a Ferengi's picture

That was a savvy move on the part of the Paul campaign but it still doesn't mean that Paul voters wasted their votes. If anything, it's the person who voted for a candidate he doesn't like because he didn't think that the candidate he did like would win who has wasted his vote.

Michael's picture

I'm definitely wasting my vote in November writing in Ron Paul or voting for Obama just to spite the MSM choice.

The Ron Paul Girl in this video explains it all;

Ron Paul backer: "You would never hear of a 'former' Ron Paul supporter"
Sam Clemons's picture

Hot, smart and eloquent.  Thanks for sharing.

They mention the support of Ron Paul by the less than 30 crowd.  It seems like a lot of the current older generations want to keep getting their dole outs by borrowing from our generation and the unborn.

There needs to be a revisit clause on laws.  Although the concept of finding wisdom from a mass of people is questionable to begin with, it must be recognized that we didn't vote for the loser congressmen/presidents that allowed the Federal Reserve, started Social Security or Medicare, or got the government involved in marriage and made pot illegal. Thanks a lot older generations having the living standard of two or three lifetimes and passing us the bill!

Not the deficit spending is ever really "right," does anyone else get the feeling that rapidly growing new nations can greatly benefit from borrowing, but old nations, not so much?  There is a time and place for everything.

Kobe Beef's picture

I'm with you Sam Clemons. The metastasizing of the federal government in size, spending and borrowing over the last 70 years is completely unsustainable. It is the biggest bubble of them all. It is the silent deadly heart of all the Boomer Swarm bubbles we have witnessed wreaking havoc across the globe, from equities to real estate to  education to health care to welfare to warfare. No Bridge too far, no project too extravagant that it could not be enacted today and force-financed onto the future.

The Silent & Baby Boom generations really believe in "Salvation through Federal Intervention." It is their State Religion. I suppose it is their rebellion against the milquetoast Protestantism of their parents.

Ours is not to reason why they do it, because deficit spending is their modus operandi, and they will continue racking up the national credit card until they bankrupt this country entirely or enslave future generations to international bankers forever. For example, Boomers George Bush & Barack Obama are putting two of the longest-lasting, most expensive wars ever ON CREDIT. They see nothing wrong with this. It's the Entitlement Generation Mentality. "But I was against Banker Bailouts, or the War on Terror," some Boomers will say. But they would be Pro-Entitlement Deficits when it came to medicare schedule D, Cash for Bastards, or any other litany of federal future-debt-enslavement efforts. It is rare ineed to find a Boomer who doesn't insist on some Stealing from the Children to sustain their lifestyles..

It's time to take grandma's car keys away. Young people must vote Ron Paul, as he is the only candidate proposing limiting & rolling back spending, borrowing, and entitlements.

When that doesn't work, I propose our generation migrate to States' Rights, hard currency and a hard 10th Amendment. Some States will fail. Some will prosper. I admire your effort to enact some Escape Clause into federal law, but I find it hard to imagine such an effort could be succesful in a Washington completely devoted to Patronage & Peony to the People.

Sincerely Yours,

Kobe Beef

blunderdog's picture

For example, Boomers George Bush & Barack Obama are putting two of the longest-lasting, most expensive wars ever ON CREDIT.

Er...Obama moved the funding of the wars in Iraq and Afghanist on-budget.  That's a major part of why the "budget deficit" became completely insane the moment as he took office.  (The other major expense is Medicare D which was still going into effect as late as '06.)

Dubya was financing them through supplemental spending bills.

I suppose you can say some given spending is "on credit" because the government's running a deficit, but then, since 1980, it's ALWAYS BEEN RUNNING a deficit, so I'm not sure that's worth pointing out.  One could just as correctly (and misleadingly) say that the wars are being paid for with actual real cash money, and Social Security transfers are all being done on credit.

Minor point, but if you write something as well-reasoned as that, it's worth getting right.

RiverRoad's picture

Wouldn't it be great if only the people who really, really, really, really, really wanted Obama voted for him and all he came up with was 2 votes?

jeff montanye's picture

that i will vote for romney if he is nominated doesn't make me a former ron paul supporter.  it does make me a former obama supporter who does not believe there is any way he deserves reelection.  ron paul (or gary johnson ,,,) '12....

fuu's picture

The good Doctor pulling in 115484 votes compared to 62887 in 2008. Beating expectations all over the place.

Urban Roman's picture

All the apparent votes for Paul were hanging chads, and had to be thrown out.

Never mind that they don't use chads any more.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

@ Janice

+ 1     NOT a wasted vote!


I voted for Ron Paul as well (bitchez).  I am sorely disappointed that it looks like he will only get some 6% - 7% of the vote.  The Republicans will need him to win.  Romney should be courting Dr. Paul now and getting his ideas and counsel.  Will he?  I doubt it.

nmewn's picture

He will or the GOP dies this year.

Newt as a Tea Party guy? has a weird sense of humor or is the craven political hack I've always suspected.

fuu's picture

Not that those two things are mutually exclusive.

Assetman's picture

Tea Party = NeoCon Takeover Commission


Bobbyrib's picture

According to CNN or Fox News, most of the Tea Party vote went to Newt. Do you think it was MSM lies?


The Tea Party was hijacked by Neo-Cons.

Goldtoothchimp09's picture

Ron Paul's best demographic is the 29 and under vote.  only 5% of today's voters in Florida were 29 and under!  And, yes, independents couldn't vote either!

UP Forester's picture

Hopefully he's not a Gremlin.  Eating all those Tribbles after midnight, and a little water, there'd be big-headed Neo-Con warmongers all over in no time....

Shit, guess it already happened.  Time to bust out the bright lights....

Praetor's picture

Tribbles or Gremlins won't attack Iran. Romulans will.

akak's picture

No, it will be the Neoklingons, who are actually just targs in tribbles' clothing.

camaro68ss's picture

Romney is a RINO. A vote for romney is a vote for a new Obama, A vote for Obama is a vote for bush

economics1996's picture


Obama is being fired by Soro’s because he is a fuck up.  Romney will kick the fascist machine into high gear and start incarcerating the masses, and he will go to war for Israel.  The Zionist win, the people lose.  

All America has become is a slave to Israel and the Zionist.  Just remember when these yids get in power they love to kill white people.  Remember the Holodomor.