First Results Are In - Live Tracker Of Florida GOP Primary

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The first numbers in the Florida GOP Primary have started trickling in with the polls still open, and while as already noted DieBold did 'leak' the final results of the election previously, those who either care what the outcome of tonight's event is, or are masochists, or both, are welcome to follow the latest developments below.

CNN Live:

and Live maps:

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Not to mention that whole blood libel thing...

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A vote for either Newt or Mitt is a vote to maintain the Social Security money flow. A vote for Paul, scares the living shit out of the folk who voted themselves a pension till death.

Give me some sugar, daddy.

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What's funny is that all these old fools won't get a damn cent or they will be destroyed by inflation.

I won't even mention what their kids are gonna go throught.

Fools shall be fools and they shall bring us all down with them.

economics1996's picture

The old farts could care less about their children or inflation.  All they want is another paycheck and doctor visit before they die.  And all you ZHers need to stop blaming the Baby Boom generation, it was the GI and Silent Generation that fucked things up with FDR and Social Security.

economics1996's picture

In Germany in the 20s the old farts did starve to death.

centerline's picture

Unless the world leaders can "all at once" transport us to some new place of economy behavior and understanding, the promises made cannot be kept.  Either deflationary default or inflationary default is going to wipe out some generation or another.  I wager the baby boomers are in the most precarious place.  If only they could get thier head out of thier collective asses.

economics1996's picture

The baby boomers will suffer the same fate as the Germans in the 1920s.


When Germany collapsed into hyper inflation in 1923 Countess Judith Listowel wrote:

“My relations and friends were too stupid. They didn’t understand what inflation meant. They didn’t rush to get rid of their money (that was what the Jews and Germans did). All my relations thought it would stop the next week – and they went on thinking so.

They woke up late. They started selling their valuables because they couldn’t buy food – the china from the mantelpiece, the furniture, the silver. That made them think – it made them think when the price of a set of old silver spoons went up from 20,000 to 40,000 crowns in a matter of a week or two. And if you had to sell a valuable writing desk for money which was worth only half as much a week later, of course there was ill – feeling.

It was resented when Jews bought these things. The Jewish women would turn up at parties or at the dansants when we were all broke, wearing the silver fox furs – three at a time for ostentation – and diamonds which they bought from our relations for a song – or what, when they saw them again, had become a song. My relations didn’t know the value of anything. They were stupid. Our solicitors were no better. My mother’s banker manager gave her appalling advice – he didn’t know what he was talking about either.

Ukrainian famine victims. Not in American history books.

Anti-Semitism had been negligible before inflation. Although Bela Kun’s revolution had been mainly run by the Jews, the White Terror had largely purged political resentment. The Jews had been badly treated in Hungry since the 1860’s, and were not received socially for many years. Nine out of ten bore grudges (like George Soros today over the destruction of his beloved fascist Germany?), and when the opportunity of impressing the arrogant gentiles arrived at last, who was to blame them for taking it? When they made a success of inflation, they were hated. When they were ostentatious about it, they were hated even more. It may have been stupid of them, and of course the wiser Jews, especially the older ones, were greatly upset, and remonstrated with the younger, because they foresaw the antagonism their behavior would create.”



walküre's picture

So why exactly are the Jews again running all the printing presses in the world? Kinda stupid because if they didn't learn from history, they're bound to make the same mistakes. But alas, they always come out on top. Must be that book with fables and myths that put gentiles into submission for centuries.

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For every action there is a equal and opposite reaction.'s picture

The funny thing is that Ron's budget and economic plans are just about the only thing that can save Social Security and the value of the currency in which benefits are paid.

DaveyJones's picture

Yes but Ron was rude enough to suggest that corporations are not people, that imperialism is too expenisve, and that laws apply to everyone. Bastard.  

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That would be the " Greatest Generation" correct? They who sat idly by whilst our great leaders (cough,cough... Reagan) accelerated our path down the road to "serfdumb".

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Re camaro68ss:

A vote for Romney is a vote for Goldman Sachs who happens to manage all his money.  Romney will be the "sit in" in the oval office for Goldman.

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Romney is a RINO. A vote for romney is a vote for a new Obama, A vote for Obama is a vote for bush


Sadly, I can find no fault in what you say. For completeness, you need to add Dole and McCain, but solid anyway.

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A vote for romney is......

A vote for a politician is a vote for enslavement.

RichyRoo's picture

Dont blame me, I voted for Kodos

CaptainObvious's picture

Well I voted for Kang, my bad.

akak's picture

That would be bad stategery on the part of the GOP. 
Only an evildoer would give such advice.


"Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice ... um ... er ... we won't be fooled again."

Atomizer's picture

They'll appear in droves on voting day. 


Hoveround Electric Wheelchairs Commercial - Go Go Go Original


centerline's picture

Don't laugh. I live in Florida. The old fucks down here fall into the same basic demographic...

1. Don't really give a shit - just want what is promised to them at any cost.
2. Brainwashed into thinking the failure of the American dream is because of the "damn young-uns" without any understanding whatsoever.
3. Still think there is a difference between political parties and continue to flip-flop to whatever turd or douchebag promises them that the "they" matter most.

Reality is that they were fortunate enough to live during the "expansionary phase" of the great industrial-age debt super-cycle. Normalcy bias convinces them that all will be well because it always has worked out before.

So, as expected with more people who are dependent and/or brainwashed than those who are not (ht to CHS), the US will get the leaders it deserves going forward.

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There's no sheep like an old sheep.

toomanyfakeconservatives's picture

That demographic has spread to all 57 states...

Assetman's picture

The results of that exit poll were just down right depressing.

Well over 70% of our registered voting public in Florida are in the hypno-sheeple state.

It wasn't that much different in South Carolina, either.

God help us.

Gringo Viejo's picture

Obama? Romney? Pick your socialist. BLOW ME!

BlackholeDivestment's picture no no 96, that's ''monetized'' wheelchairs. 

...could be wrong about that too, it might be  ''vaporized'' wheelchairs. 

  Awe, must need a new hearing aid, but my company dropped the coverage when Rosemary's Baby Care Passed.

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That is why I don't live in Florida.

Nothing To See Here's picture


Florida voter : i want obama out so im gonna vote for a gop guy who'll do just about the same thing. Now to my soaps and fox news.

spiral_eyes's picture


First analyst to say it's "over for Paul" buys the drinks.

They forget that if Paul supporters write-in Paul en masse, the Republican nominee loses! 

nmewn's picture

Paul was on the ballot here. I would know.

Clay Hill's picture

Felt good to make that selection too.

YBNguy's picture

Paul intentionally did not strive for FL. Its a waste as its winner take all and was clearly going to R.Money... RP has been in Maine and generating a great position (and their caucuses are already going on). Tactics BITCHEZ!

nmewn's picture

Thats correct.

And we used to have 100 delegates instead of 50. The GOP imposed a penalty on Floridian republican voters (in essence) for moving up our primary this year.

Fucking carpetbaggers.

But it is what it is...for now.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Ron Paul voter Bearing is going to up-arrow everyone in the above subthread.

Romney would be SMART to listen to Ron Paul and give him a good time to address the Convention.  He would be smart to at least try win us Ron Paul voters over.

wisefool's picture

I am sure it has been mentioned here. But there are historical examples in VPs on american general election tickets that were NOT the sole perrogative of the front runner or the party bosses.

In the earlier debates, they did the sadie hawkins thing for each candidate to pick the VP.

What if Paul has enough delegates to DEMAND the VP spot? And the pubs can faustianly or machivellianly accept it? That would be something new for the people to be talking about, and maybe even give the Romney-Paul ticket a win? I am Ron Paul supporter. so please dont anyone consider this sacrilidge. It might be the best way to get sound money and tax reform starting in 2012.

If people complained, there is ample evidence to refute the front runners perrogative. I mean seriously, look at the recent VP candidates. Buffoons all.

  • Biden
  • Palin
  • Edwards
  • Cheney


Kipper und Wipperzeit's picture

speaking of Palin, her movie-of-the-week is coming out, Julianne Moore looks like she nails it (in b4 comments about nailing Julianne Moore) by the looks of this preview:

VisualCSharp's picture

Caricatures of caricatures. Exciting.


Kipper und Wipperzeit's picture

While by no means a fan I actually find Sarah Palin to be an interesting subject for a character study...

nmewn's picture

Try geography while you're at it ;-)

nmewn's picture

You do realize you can see Russia from Alaska right?

Diomedes, history rhymes in its cunning ;-)

akak's picture

Barely, from just the right point, on a rare Bering Sea clear day (except from Little Diomede Island, which is geographically as much a part of Alaska as Key West is a part of Florida).  But not really from Wasilla.

(You can, however, see a whole bunch of meth kitchens from her house.)

nmewn's picture

2.5 miles is still 2.5 miles and horizon is still three. Standing on a hill you can actually see further.

And I'm pretty sure that was Tina Fey that was saying Russia could be seen from her back yard, I never knew Tina had a place in Wasilla, but her virginty is well renowned ;-)

Meth houses...could be...look for the missing

a growing concern's picture

Stupidly, however, I did hear some RP ads on the radio from his super PAC. They shoulda followed his lead and focused on the places where he can actually pick up delegates.

Tortfeasor's picture

Best thing I did all day was vote for Ron Paul

a growing concern's picture

I think he's talking about the general election.