First Solar Is Today's Momo Plunge Du Jour: Stock Tumbles Following CEO Departure

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Yesterday, to modest jeers, we advised readers that JPM had turned megabearish on that other momo darling, First Solar, cutting its target price to $50. It appears JPM was on to something. As of minutes ago, FSLR announced that "The Board of Directors of First Solar, Inc. (NASDAQ:FSLR - News) today asked its Chairman and company founder, Mike Ahearn, to serve as interim Chief Executive Officer. Ahearn has accepted. Effective immediately, Rob Gillette is no longer serving as Chief Executive Officer, and the Board of Directors thanks him for his service to the company. The Board of Directors has formed a search committee and is initiating a search for a permanent Chief Executive Officer." Time to hitting JPM's stock price target ? One day. At last check FSLR was trading 15% down at under $50. To anyone who shorted, congratulations. What is more interesting is that momo after momo darling are getting systematically monkeyhammered. Can Chipotle and Amazon really be that far behind?


And the one person we wouldn't want to be today is the Maverick analyst who decided to go from 0 to 2.5 million shares in the name in Q2.

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I suppose anytime a founder of a company and former CEO sells virtually all of his ownership, it's a fairly good sign to jump ship, too.

That's several hundred million over 18 months, with ~$68M in August alone.


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CNBC Financial Advice

Just skip to 3:10 (because Jon gets a lot wrong about Santelli, IMO, but NAILS the rest - regardless of how you or I feel about him [he's a fill-in-the blank and his brother is the CEO of the NYSE - CNBC's tape speaks for itself, sadly, in which CNBC recommends buying Bear Stearns, AIG, and Bank of America, among many, many other widow makers [including the equity market Ponzi as a whole], at or near their all time highs).

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I guess Gillette wasn't the best man they could get?

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He wasnt sharp enough to make the cut.

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Funnily, Leo is ruled by the Sun, though I know of whom you call.

Solar power the government way (subsidy is not enough to kick start volumes). Putting subsidy in consumer hands was a smart thing. Thing to think about is, if all these Solar Firms are struggling and there is this Silver/Rare Earth dependency, perhaps it is not the answer at all? At least definitely not if it is not in some sort of Co-gen arrangement.

Solar alone is a big fail, no CEO can "make" it. 


Nuclear Echoes

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Marla, (this Sunday -haha) on the solar/green landscape in the UK:

Of course, given that the recent cuts are likely to cause European Speculators to embark on a vicious and protracted solar-short campaign designed, with truly Dickensian horror, to cripple the savings of various widows and orphans, the only possible course of action at this point will be to ban the short selling of any equities related to solar power. (Or connected to inter-constituency commerce in energy).

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Solar will be a true gift in the cause of clean, renewable and pollution free energy one day, but that day won't arrive until real scientists get a handle on how (and with what materials and by which processes) to harvest and store the energy freely thrown off by that massive ball of hyper-reactions in the sky in an efficient manner, using cost-effective materials, in a way that's accessible to unsubsidized consumers of energy.

We're either a) obviously not there yet, R&D and scientifically speaking, or b) there are forces running interference.

I honestly don't know whether a or b is the case, but lean towards a, while admitting it's a pure guess (and I'm certainly no scientist).

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It's why subsidies targetting specific companies/technologies, or heavily mandating and regulating their use, are actually counter-productive to stated goals. But we already knew that. It's just nice to see it in action.

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I sure wish he'd bring us back some olives from his extended vacation in Greece...

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Didn't he LOVE Greek gubbmint bonds @7% on top of the epic love story with solars?

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Yes.  He said if he was a hedge fund manager, he'll be all over that 7% yield.

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"Hey! Where's Perry!?"


(DooBeDooBe Doo BAH DooBe DooBe Doo BAH!)

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#WeCantWait for the next CEO to lead us into solar nirvana!


(Be sure to hit up President Obummer's #WeCantWait tag on Twitter)

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R.I.P Leo's momo portfolio... LOL

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I blame the excess free speech of these anonymous blogs

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...and the weather. 


Next week we'll blame disney movies.

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I blame Disney Movies!

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Great job Tyler....yes i shorted 500 shares

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dont forget to tip the staff for excellent service! or buy him some gold and send it too him! (silver is more postage although it has outperformed gold.

JW n FL's picture









If you own gold and guns but you dont own any Solar / Wind / Water power production.. you are CRAZY!

and for a forward looking statement, maybe there will be sme good deals on solar panels upcoming with all of these crashes going on!!

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I live in Seattle.  We don't have sun or wind!!  AAAAAAHHH!!!

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Buy a waterwheel and mount it to your roof!

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I have not spoken to these people yet.. but it is on my to do list!

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Uploaded by on Apr 22, 2009

The Clean Green Stream Machine is made in Oregon and distributed world-wide by Umpqua Survival.
Eco-friendly sustainability.
This unit has a 1500 watt max. DC continuous heavy duty alternator.
Host: Jon "Dr. J" Birk
Roseburg, Oregon
See us for your energy, food and water survival needs.

I dont own this system.. but it looks good for smaller power uses.. like a cabin or smaller home.

this is a cleaner version of above.. and more to scale.

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Wow, that's really close to home JW! You are talking about that little shop out on N. Umpqua Hwy, just past the city limits..... I drive by that all the time. The wonders of internet commerce!


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see wind and water below.

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You live in Florida, I would give my left nut to live in Florida for the solar panel auctions the counties do there.


You know all those hundreds of solar panels on the road signs?  They get replaced every three years and go on auction and you can only bid if you are a Florida resident.


Pick up a 500w panel for $150


8 years I've begged and called nearly every municipal county.  Always the same answer, Florida residents only.

JW n FL's picture



I didnt know.. if you want to send me the info I will look into it.. and if I am able to buy, without it being bid up by idiots I am happy to help you out for helping me out..

hows that for a plan? james_edward_workman @ (yahoo) is a good email for me!

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wang (not verified) JW n FL Oct 25, 2011 1:39 PM

you shouldn't give your email out especially if it includes part of your name



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everyone here knows my name.. I dont hide who I am.

anyone who wants to know who I am only has to ask.

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Why do they replace them after 3 years I wonder?


"Most panels in use today will last 25-40 years, while still maintaining as much as 80 percent of their original output. A 20-year and 80-percent output warranty is an industry standard. Many have 25-year warranties and most people agree that panels will produce power almost indefinitely. It is far more likely that wiring or an inverter will wear out before the solar panels do."

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There is a story about a man trapped at home during a terrible storm. He soon realizes the house will be flooded, and he climbs to the roof. As the waters rise, he prays to God for salvation. Just then, a neighbor appears in a rowboat. But the man refuses to get in. “I’m waiting for God to rescue me,” he says.

A little while later, a sheriff’s deputy arrives in a motorboat. Still the man refuses to get in. “I’m waiting for God to rescue me,” he says again.

Then, with the water lapping at his feet, a helicopter descends from the clouds and drops a line to the stranded man. But he still won’t leave the rooftop. “I’m waiting for God to rescue me,” he shouts.

Inevitably, the man drowns in the flood waters. When he arrives in heaven, the man asks, “God, why didn’t you answer my prayer?”

“Are you crazy?” replied the Lord. “I sent you a rowboat, a motorboat, and a helicopter! Why didn’t you get in?”

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Outlook is cloudy.

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JPM turned bearish and the next day they let the CEO go with plummeting stock as a result... What a coincidence. Who woulda thunk it?

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Chipotle = guaranteed diarrhea.

MS took hit on this as well, they seem marked for smackdown.

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lol.  ZH'ers must be piling on CMG.  They've been levitating it for days and it just cracked.  Double top.  Pile on everyone, assuming you can find any shares to borrow (HTB).

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it appears that the days of taxpayer funded government crony "green energy" boondoggles are almost over...

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as is evidenced by...what exactly?

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part of the issues with solar companies is that government incentives in Europe and elsewhere are ending.  Europe, like the U.S. is broke and living on borrowed money.  Sooner or later it will dawn on people that spending 5x more than you have to to subsidize renewable energy is just stupid.  we are at that point now.

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Pennsylvania is losing subsidies for solar energy because there are so many cloudy days. Performance of existing installations have been disappointing. Long haul truckers have called Pennsylvania the "Gray State" for as long as I can remember. Dismal fucking place most of the year.

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Could be worse...could be NFLX.

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momo definition please