For The First Time, Gold Returns Surpass Stocks Since March 2009 Lows

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Behold - the S&P priced in gold. The current print is below the March 2009 low which simply means that as of today the return for gold since the March 2009 lows is now higher than stocks. Expect this line to keep going lower now that everyone realizes the Fed has no other choices than to print, print, print, further destroying the incremental value of fiat and further cementing the value of non-dilutable instruments like gold.

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When will FEd announce?

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Lets hope Sinclair's # of $1764/oz is hit and then we can see Armstrong's and Field's #'s - One ounce will buy the Dow!


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The Big Soverign and individual buyers in SE Asia, India, Mid East, don't have a clue about Jim Sinclair's 1764 number. Gold will blow through that number like all the others. But Jim can then take credit... as he should. He has spent a lot of years promoting gold and he has my respect and admiration for his dilligence and hard work.

But 1764? Just another number. The Fed/Treas are going to back the shorts and try to stop gold from making the dollar look worse than it already looks. If gold goes ballistic it will be dangerous for those holding it. We need a relatively slow increase in gold vs fiat, not a big spike up. Shorts will fail eventually but no one knows when that will be.

Good luck to us.

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Quintus: you believe Bernank announces QE3 BEFORE Jackons Bunghole?

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but but but... where are all the stories on crude getting pole-axed???  foie gras demands to know!!  lololololololololol

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yep, just as predicted by ZH.

Best advice ever was to sit out the fraud and stay in gold.

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Tyler, Where's our daily dose of GoldCore?  I like their stuff.

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They already have their positions in gold. They know the shit storm cometh.

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What's up with silver? They usually travel up and down hand in hand.

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Flee to safety. In this case, Dunkin Donuts. 

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Gold is superior to silver. Gold stocks are doing better then silver stocks too.

XAU and HUI are in the green.

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Will GDXJ ever take off, or at least quit getting dumped at the bell every morning?

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interesting that the miners are lagging the metals right now in relative performance.   this will correct.

daily relative analysis[s240729620]&disp=P

intraday relative analysis[s240823803]&disp=P


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At least they have a bid. In 2008, miners crashed like finanical stocks.

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But its brother silver has got punched to sub $40 again. :(

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Where did momo-fader go???

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Ben can print in 15 minutes.

my guess we find out tmorrow who was first him or the EUCB

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The commodity charts were put in a video, it really shows how gold and silver have outperformed all other investments.  S&P are towards the bottom of the year chart at a -2.2 decrease in value, gold is at the top with silver at the very top.

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Gold just took out 1200.00 Euros!

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  thar SHE BLOWS!  The eur went thermo nuclear, and found a cliff via eur/aud!   The carry trade is getting more rational by the minute!  I like my charts!

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"When the going gets tough

and the stomach acids flow

cold wind of conformity

is nipping at your nose

some trendy new atrocity

has brought you to your knees (Cramer?)

come with us,

we'll sail the seas of cheese!"

Hope you're having a great day, Yen!

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Bill Bonner says this all ends when one ounce of gold equals one share of Dow. Bill is right...plan accordingly!

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When you gonna drop Magnum on us, Ben? 

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Approaching 1 week with the JPM:$SILVER ratio negative.


Suck on THAT, Blythe.



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Hope you bought gold last week or earlier. The biggest gold retailer in Finland and Sweden stopped selling physical gold today.

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But, but, but, Prechter and fellow deflationists said this is a correlated 'all down together' market....


hee hee

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Just keep in mind that the nominal increases in gold and the "new world record historical highs" do not mean much, and can tempt weak-minded people to "take their profits". 

Very few people notice when the CHF gains 80% against the USD, but they all shout "bubble!" when gold does the same performance against the USD. It's always very funny to watch. 

It's because 99% of the people consider gold as an asset, something vaguely valuable or a speculative vehicle, when it is in fact the only currency in Homo Sapiens world not backed by legal contracts, government management and fractional banking. 

I'm not selling at $1,700 and won't sell at $5,000 either. Above >$10,000 I may consider it, but it will depend on a lot of factors, such as: "Is the global debt clearing finished?" "Is there really blood in the streets, or not yet?" "Has inflation serious chances to be put into control now?"

In the meantime, I rarely watch the daily XAU ticker, just like I rarely watch how much one gram of gold costs in the currency of Belarus. What's the point of pricing something in the currency of a failing empire? It's obvious that the downward spiral won't stop until this empire is dead, flatline, not while it is still breathing. 

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Excellent observations DR...

Even if all Westerners decide to sell their gold in the coming months the price of gold will continue to be buoyed by strong hands in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Hang on to your gold ... if you sell it's heading East and it won't be coming back soon. This is practical, common sense advice. Not investment advice.

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The dollar is becoming a synethetic greenback , with Gold becoming the harbour of smart debt money with less smart money starting to flowing into it now - its a fascinating battle.

The only way Dollars can win now is if it goes back to its core Greenback roots rebuilding Americas real economy- nearly interest free money by default now................

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Yes... but to halt the fall of the dollar a 'Volker type' interest rate hike might still work. The hike would have to be well above the real rate of inflation.

Of course such a move would destroy what is left of the Main St economy, equties, and the gov itself would have to default on treasury debt for it would be in excess of tax revenue...Of course there could be a selective repudiation of treasuries and the Fed could continue to monetize new treasury issuance... After all, Ben is an experimental kind of

Bit of a sticky wicket?

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I disagree  - Volker destroyed the industrial base to "save the dollar" - exporting industry and reimporting goods with a overvalued dollar - destroying the skills base.

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I wonder if JPM still has copper cornered?  LOL!  Copper - 3%

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I sense a great disturbance in the farce.

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1700 gold and silver prints 38.50?


This is ridiculous.

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We're now in the grey zone between official re-recognition that Au is money by the CB's and that time when investors recognize that both Au and Ag are money. Considering the equity and bond action today Ag holdings are getting sold to meet currency demands...BTFD, this can't last long.

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Can someone explain why Silver is not hitting new highs on this...(is this going to continue to be a flight to safety into only Gold...and of course U.S. Debt?

I would thing (that is where I go wrong I guess) that people would be dumping things like gov't IOU"s and rusing into tangible, physical idiots want MORE Treasuries!! MORE MORE MORE.

This right here is a perfect explanation of why the worlds financial markets are screwed beyond repair....instead of running away from paper promises to pay - by the biggest debtor in the history of the world...people want to buy MORE of their IOU's....HUH? 

In what SANE way does that make any bit of sense?

I understand that Silver can be very volitle...but christ is at least tangible...and cannot be watered-down and "quantitativly eased" into worhlessness....right?

What do you have when you buy a Treasury ?  Nothing more than a promise from Jeethner and/or the Bernank to pay you back - (withlittle or no interest)....hell...that can't be worth too much can it?


So, does anyone have any REAL insight into why the Silver spot price continues to drop or stay stagnent?   I am not gonna sell any of my matter where the price goes...but would like to be able to make some sense of this for my own understanding.................................





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Well, silver has always been more of a "risk asset" than gold, and industrial uses take a much larger fraction of production. BTW, it fell to 25 cents in the depression, even though a dollar contained 0.77 oz of silver.

Also, there was a massive parabolic spike in silver this spring on hugely bullish sentiment readings. After a move like that and the inevitable crash, it takes a while for the market to recover. So many people who were going to buy silver bought it then, pulling forward investment demand and then leaving the latecomers burned. 

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What's going on? I sold all my gold on Friday because Dennis Gartman said that gold had topped... and he's a guru! Sure he's called gold at a top at every minor correction but he's a guru. I am so disillusioned.