Fitch Revises US Outlook To Negative

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new CEO at Fitch any time soon

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Jon Corzine.  Perfect fit.  Corrupt AND a bankster.  Imagine that?


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"Corrupt AND a bankster."

But you repeat yourself.

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Tangled web:  Fitch is partially owned by the Hearst Corporation.  A media company.

Richard P. Malloch
Hearst Business Media

Prior to joining Hearst, Malloch served as a principal in the New York office of Morgan Stanley & Co., where he was involved in corporate finance and merger and acquisitions. Malloch has devoted most of his professional life to working with companies in the communications and technology industries. He was actively involved in expanding the Morgan Stanley media franchise to include: cable television, cellular telephone, entertainment and information technologies. Malloch also helped to develop the media practice in Europe and Asia.

Malloch began his career as a member of the policy staff to the assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy in Washington, D.C.



Fitch Ratings is headquartered in New York and London and is part of the Fitch Group. In addition to Fitch Ratings, the Fitch Group also includes Fitch Solutions, a distribution channel for Fitch Ratings products and a provider of data, analytics, and related services.

The Fitch Group is a majority-owned subsidiary of Fimalac, S.A., headquartered in Paris, France. For additional information, please visit or

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A new CEO won't happen.  essentially FIMALAC, a.k.a. Financière Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière, is owned by the

legendary ENArque to the tune of 80%, and it owns 60% of Fitch.  ie Fitch is not public: it is a private company.

Hearst only owns a minority 40% stake, and essentially provides the raw data needed for rarings intelligence.


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First we carpet bomb 'em.

How dare they say the emperor has on no clothes!

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MF Global Mastermind Corzine, Designed Obama's Economic Policy - Peter Schiff Reports


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google Jacon Schiff. Along with the Rockefeller, Warburg, Rothschild, Morgan, etc. the Schiff banking family has been source for global military conflict, funding of global political revolution, installment of puppet governments and all out looting of nation states. I appreciate Peter's support of Ron Paul but I would be careful of his advice as much seems self-serving and expediaint.

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AHH .. this must be why the SPOOZ rallied 10 handles into the close.. DOH - 

look at this -

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Usually you post bitches in tight clothes & such. This was worse than getting Rickrolled...

I prefer not to look at such things for they are all too clear.

Shame on you.

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lol.. sorry buddy.. here is a chick from today . ferrari and hizzy's 

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I saw a little better video of Paris then your pic post.

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How about Andy Fastow, I hear he's trying to make a comeback!


150,000 Persian Missiles Will Be Thrown Against Israel


You better eat your peas or you do not get any dessert.  Ouch, that hurts. 

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Peas are the main course and dessert as well when you can't afford anything else.

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Enough foreplay already.

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Yes they gave it negative but the spin is USAAA!

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The French know bankrupt when they see it.

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Yup, revenge of the French. Too bad we've not leanred to appreciate Brie.

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It must be because Reggie Love is leaving 

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Who the fuk is Reggie Love, and why do you know it?

And no, I ain't googling this shit, cuz I really don't care.

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why did bloomberg report it to neutral????


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Not to worry: We will be bailing Europe, atacking Iran and keeping drones aloft over every country on a 24/7 basis. 

And at the end of Year #4 the score is : Bansters 100, Citizens 0

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Country or County? I'm guessing we'll have the National Guard in front of every home... you know, "for our own good":

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Right. It will become necessary to imprison US citizens without trial or charge. For more information, please proceed to the Ministry of Secret Police. The address is secret

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so people, when they come for your gold, what do you do?

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I am reading where Homeland security is trying to train dogs to sniff out gold.

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Whoa nelly!

Todays ramp was tomorrows dump? You don't say.

Cue Robot Re Gorilla Paper demand etc etc...

It's like a really bad action movie out there...

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maybe the dollar will be down on this lol

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Now Moody's just has to respond with a downgrade, and we'll get incredible market volatility... oh wait...

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It is just trying to get into line with S&P and Moody's...let go to sleep (or smoke more hopium)

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Wonder what Tim Geithner thinks the odds are?

SheepDog-One's picture if we go MORE into debt, then Fitch will see US debt as 'more favorable'...oh I see. Must be time to eat more peas again.

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Did you also hear that Fitch has downgraded Zimbabwe to BBa- with a positive outlook. 

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In other news from Zimbabwe: They rapin' everybody up in here

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Send 'em Erin Burnout.

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Breaking News:   French sources have reported what they believe to be U.S. Predator Drones circling over Paris!

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I almost busted my gut laughing.

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Extremely bullish.  LSAP is so close now, I can smell it.

Smells like Harry Reid in summer.

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after he did janet napolitano after her period!

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Yikes! ES down half a point!

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Is there realistically any chance that the US government will ever pay off its debts and return the country to sound economic footing?

Looks to me the best thing the USA has going for it in this crisis is it isn't domino number 1. But once they start falling it will be soon enough.

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The US is going to need an IMF bailout.

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I do believe it is Webster Tarpley who says, "It will start in Europe, then the US and the accelerated fall of the $ will follow shortly there-after." Also, Zerohedge newbie here... Bitchez.

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"taking into account any deficit-reduction strategy that emerges after Congressional and Presidential elections"

Best joke of the day!

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The Negative Outlook indicates a slightly greater than 50% chance of a downgrade over a two-year horizon. Fitch will shortly publish its revised economic and fiscal projections for the U.S. and will conduct a further review of its sovereign ratings in 2012. However, in the absence of material adverse shocks, Fitch does not expect to resolve the Negative Outlook until late 2013, taking into account any deficit-reduction strategy that emerges after Congressional and Presidential elections.


This says it all. The ratings agencies have made their beds. They would rather go down with the ship.

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I wonder how well JesseCafeAmericain's "short stocks long gold" play worked today..

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With the right connections, you can send predator drones to anyone's home or office to settle any "business issues". There, that was easy