Following Tremonti Speech In Parliament, Serial Halts Of Italian Banks Resume

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"Italy is not France, is not Greece, is not US " T-shirts on sale

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Atright!! The perfect match for my Dennis Kneale autographed Dow 10000 hat!!

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Brothers and sisters!

Fuck it all in the ass.

We should open the American Markets with The Bernanke Song:

My advice?

Tune in, turn on, and drop out.

But what the fuck do I know?

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main event at the next olympic games:

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I wonder if there will be an Arial can-kicking event involving the use of helicopters?

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Now that would make a funny modern day Monty Python skit. The central bankers in an olympic can-kick.

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Tyler news all over SG possibly BNPP will be fucked for liquidity over coming days - big Asian funders cutting funding to them.

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"For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill." --Sun Tzu

Our enemies must be snickering themselves to sleep at night.

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The Swiss are considering pegging the franc to the euro? This euro thing goes beyond just currency. Too many people have staked their political lives on it.

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Italians.... why can't they act like the US and do spending cuts in 3 or 4 or 5 years.... or a decade from now.... or a century from now.... I mean, it isn't really that concrete like Obama's austerity programm now does it?


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You know what Im wondering about?

Where does the ECB have the money from to buy Iralian and Spanish bonds. Having the following in mind:

1) To my knowledge the capital of the ECB is limited and they have only a relative small amount of liquidity left.

2) The ECB is not aloud to print money

3) No EU memeber is injecting fresh cash into the ECB.

So where does the money come from for example for this action:

Italy raises6.5bn in bills sale - The Irish Times - Wed, Aug 10 ...

My idea is, that the Chinese are buying these bonds via the ECB. They use their US Dollars for buying these bonds instead. This would fit to the official news that China is going to support Europe and wants to minimize its exposition to the US Dollar via treasuries,.

I believe the thinbking of the Chinese is, that Italian bonds are better than US treasuries in so far, that the expected reovery rate is higher. That is not difficult to predict because of the US printing press always in full action. While the Italian do not have one. Its that simple.



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CN are buying bonds, but a lot more evidently, are the reason the EURUSD is still at these levels. The FX desk constantly has asian names buying huge lots at points of the day.

Remember last summer when stuff was only partially as bad as now and EURUSD was hitting on 1.20s. By that logic, we'd see around 110s or 100s now on that rate. But the PBoC is diversifying out of USD

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That makes perfect sense. It is also my opinion that without CN intervention the Euro would be under extreme pressure.

Its a battle of the titans and they are all turning on the biggest wheel, the currency exchange rates. The US in one direction and China in the other.

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ZEROHEDGE better leaves the fake Bersani's opposition alone and tunes its attention up to the real and only serious nightmare for all these corrupt italian caste: Beppe Grillo and its 5 stars movement



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The rock will hit the hard place in spite of the central bankers and politicians of the world throwing the working class in between them to soften the blow.

 Austerity (not that it will ever hapen voluntarily) kills the economies because all that wasteful spending is a large part of these bankrupt nations economy.

 Non-Austerity kills em as well and is in progress.

 Empty promises, bailouts,QE, and such kicks the can but the can has been kicked until it has disintegrated.


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I told you before, Italy is the 800 lbs gorilla in the room. The casta politica don't care a dime about the future of the bel paese - only for their personal wallet. And they will suck the country till the last drop of blood. But inbetween you wil have riots, because the italian unions are powerful and extremely aggressive. They will never fix it. And in the end, der Deutsche Michel wird der Zahlmeister sein. But Germany unfortunately didn't realize that yet. There is no other solution, Thanks to the Chinese, that they give a hand keeping the EUR on decent levels...

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