Foodstamp Usage Remains At All Time High, Record Number Of Households Receive $277 In Poverty Assistance Monthly

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While we do not know if foodstamp usage is seasonally adjusted, we do know that in January it was virtually unchanged at 46.5 million recipients. And while the actual number of recipients declined by a whisper, the number of households actually receiving benefits increased to a new record of 22.2 million. Lastly, the average monthly benefit per household slide to a multi-year low of $277.27. First the quality of jobs gets diluted, next the poverty benefits. All in line with the continued dilution of real wealth, simply so nominal indexes can hit fresh 5 year highs - today the S&P hit an intraday high not seen since December 31, 2007. Luckily, soon everyone will be rich and can retire.

Households on foodstamps and average benefits:

Actual foodstamp recipients.

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Didn't millions of North Koreans just have their foodstamps revoked by the Fearless Ogolfer?

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Some libertarians claim that record food stamp usage, record youth unemployment and record gap between rich and poor, is empirical evidence of the failure of the great society programs that have grown into the largest social programs the world has ever seen. However, I disagree with this. I have my reasons but I don’t feel that now is the time and place to expand on them. In fact, I believe the programs are actually a success. So much so that any opposition to these programs is an indisputable indication of a hatred for the poor. I have evidence and reasons for this too. But I’d rather not divulge them.

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You heard me. I believe our government's welfare programs are a success. So much so that there is no room for disagreement.

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I don't see any sarcasm quote.

I guess I've stumbled upon an  dumb-ass extraordinaire. There are plenty of dumb-ass's out there, but only a select few rise to the "next" level. You should be proud of yourself. Keep up the good work.

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he is right its worked the chinese stand in assembly lines until they can't stand anymore making iphones while the welfare recieptients in the united states use their iphones in the line at the grocery market waiting to use their food stamps. Success right???

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If you are one of the elite, then he is right!

These governement programs are accomplishing exactly what they were designed for.

Success depends upon what the true goal of the program is!

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TD, you are a master of chart manipulation, thanks for the link to the spreadsheet.  Just a few months prior to your chart benefits were only 250 per month.  #Winning!

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The programs are well intentioned. The problem is there is NO documentation of the applicants. Basically all you need for SSDisability FOR LIFE, is a note from your doctor. Who feels compelled to give it to you to avoid legal reprocussions. How about just checking applicants bank acct's to determine NEED.

NOTHING works on the "honor" system, unfortunately.

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or mdb has a new name....

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I believe you believe it. Faith, hope, change. It would be very hard to disagree with you.

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Your trolling is too fat, you should improve.

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It is a complete failure but I'll only disclose only one of my reasons.  The Great Society & other gov't/fed policies have yet to equalize the wealth of Americans. It has failed by inviting only a portion of the middle class into joining the Great Society club.  If 100% of the middle class enjoys the benefits of the Great Society (G.S.), success will be acheived.

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Ah yes, I also believe the world is flat.  I have evidence for this but I simply won't share that with you now.

MDB or Robo looking for a new moniker, do I really need a the < sarc > flags?

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It sounds like you have opinions and you are entitled to those, but your reasons might as well be kept to yourself.  Unless you forgot the sarc tag.  I am not libertarian or any other party but it is quite clear that this nation is suffering a failure of most of it's programs whatever you may consider the cause to be.

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MDB are you posting on the wrong account?!


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My bad.  I should have realized it's MDB.

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"But I’d rather not divulge them."

Without debating 'what constitutes success'... I'd like to think that my opinion on a specific government assistance program is no indication for hatred of the poor.   

Do I assume the reverse is true?  Would support equal indisputable love?

Is this a philosophical break-through? 

I await any indisputable evidence. 

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AND as suspected... 24 hours brings NOTHING but m'f'ing crickets.

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April Fool's Day was yesterday.

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You could at least wipe the paint off your chin.

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guess you can use foodstamps to buy iPads.

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Yes, actually, you can.  Foodstamps are used as a form of currency, traded for just about anything.  ipads and crack seem to be popular choices.

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Giving someone government credit to buy an iPad vs. giving someone government credit to buy food so they can use their money to buy an difference IMO.  I said this in another post a few days ago about smartphones, which is something I see SNAP (Link in IL) recipients with at the grocery store ALL THE DAMN TIME.  I've also seen people use Link cards to pay for groceries, then go out into the parking lot and get into a $60k Yukon Denali, but to be fair, I've seen others go outside and wait for the bus.

SNAP is a well-intentioned necessary program, and I have no problem paying taxes to help keep families (especially children) from going hungry.  However, the fraud and abuse I have witnessed first hand is enough to make my blood boil.

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Just because someone is poor, does not mean that he does not want to fit in.

An iPhone is in the constitution somewhere (I think).

If not, four more years of President Zero will ensure that unalienable right is added.   

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"I don’t feel that now is the time and place to expand on them. In fact, I believe the programs are actually a success. So much so that any opposition to these programs is an indisputable indication of a hatred for the poor. I have evidence and reasons for this too. But I’d rather not divulge them."

In addition to the Great Society we should apply the above statments to:

1) Greenspan-Bernank Fed policy

2) FEMA response during Hurricane Katrina

3) Gideon Gono's monetary policy

4) Mao's Cultural Revolution

5) any other program with fucked up results.

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I'm assuming that this is sarc just as ms1408's post was sarc?


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If you would 'rather not divulge them' then why bother to comment?
Thanks for the useless trolling...

It was somewhat humorous though!

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I wholeheartedly agree with you. Although for the longest time, I'd thinking that the end is coming to the U.S., I'm starting to wonder if that's the case. About 15 years ago when I was living in america, I remember some discussion on tv, and they were saying the dollar had to be devalued in the future in order that manufacturing would again be competitive. Also, something was said regarding american workers needing to lose their primadonna attitude, and work for longer hrs, and less money. Well it looks like that is coming. Also, wages in the cities here in China, rose 49% last year.

It doesn't seem to matter if the BRICS start their own world bank. Everything boils down to who controls the oil, and that it remains priced in dollars. Looks like america/nato is taking care of that.

I'm starting to wonder if it might not be a bad idea, to start, incrementally, increasing my exposure back home. For starters, I see tons of palatial homes in the hills outside Sacramento (where I'm from) in the $500-700,000 range. Hell, here in Chongqing, we've been thinking to buy a villa for around that price, but they are piles of concrete shit. Also, wages are lower in the US now, so I wonder if it might not be a bad time to start up sthg over there. Any advice?

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Actually, these folks on assistance were never much of an asset to the country anyway. It doesn't cost much to take care of them. Much less than endless wars. After a while, benefits can be scaled back when we are getting close to wage parity with the chinese, manufacturing can return, and the deadbeats can be dumped into their new factory jobs. At that point, get rid of welfare, foodstamps, etc., and we will be in a great position to take on the world again!

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Since the banksters already long ago got the farms away from the people, I think foodstamps is a good thing to have when the banksters crash the economy.  The people don't have eough land to create their own food, so if the machine can't make enough jobs or them, they still must eat.

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Compassionate liberalism.

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The soft bigotry of low expectations.

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Obama-Money, Bitchez!


Are these "e-stamps" or do they run them off the printing presses?

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The presses already glow red from the constant printing of money, and cannot be tasked with this as well. I believe the food stamps are actually manufactured in China for the U.S. government. Probably the same plant that produces American flags.

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gubment cheese...

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Gubment credit cards..redeemable at all food, liquor, fast-food and OTB..

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Let them eat (government) cake (twinkies)

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This Florida story is a big deal...and in no way do I wish to "poo-poo" what's going on down there. The underclass is truly legendary down there...especially on the African American side. Of course "you're at the mercy of logistics" when it comes to food stamps...and those prices and the cost of the program will only go higher from here. I'm still waiting for someone to show me where the cost control's are even intimated...outside of "no, I'm not paying for that" of course.

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Food stamps are buying less and less it seems.

The frog abides--for now.

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The food stamp people should sue the government for making them obese.

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But, what if they sold those food stamp in a dark pool and then, in turn, invested that money in the market?

Have you even thoguth of that!??  HMMM??!?!  Have you?!!?