Former Head Of FBI To Probe MF Global Collapse

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The judge in the MF Global disaster just got real. The assignment of Louis Joseph Freeh, former Director of the the FBI no less, somewhat assures that Corzine and crew will get their day in court - or at least be vilified enough that someone pays the real price for the wrongdoings. He is the perfect man for the job having investigated, among others, mob connections to Italian pizza joints.

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Another round of "untouchables"?  Bring it.

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The "Pizza Connection" case was, at the time, the most complex criminal investigation ever undertaken by the U.S. government.

Then MF Global should be easy to figure out ...

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Did Freeh used to work for Goldman Sachs? Wouldn't come as a surprise if he did... There's got to be a bankers interest in there somewhere...

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Who is paying him for conducting this investigation?

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Why not sell the American Judicial system to the Chinese?

Let them do the investigation and decide upon the appropriate punishment!

Congress would be OK with this as long as they could execute their trades prior to public disemination!



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Goldman Sachs, Queen of England, Rothschild family, Bank of England, CME and Federal Reserve.

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Goldman like any rodent, sought out the class easiest to corrupt: those that depend on the will of the media-obsessed hordes once every two years. The FBI are the girls with high standards. They enable no bad boyfriends. Thank you, my good Sisters.

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FBI high standards?

The FBI has grown so large, it has so many different functions. It has gotten fat over the years.

This is not the slim well-mannered high standard girlfriend you where talking about.

Its just another "fat bitch" arm of government, and it needs money for coooooookies.

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Didn't Freeh preside over the Oklahoma City bombing AND Waco??? We're in good hands then, the evildoers shall be brought to justice!!!

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I will believe it when I see it.  Not one minute before.

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Waco was Janet (Uggo) Reno as was Alien Gonzales, the great favor por Fidel.

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More to the point, a clusterfuck ATF operation supervised by the Big Ugly.

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No, flacon, Freeh has never worked for Goldman Sachs. Until now.

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Amish Hacker astutely noted:

No, flacon, Freeh has never worked for Goldman Sachs. Until now.

The inside joke is that he's their most highly paid broom pusher. His pay is commensurate with his experience in sweeping things under the rug.


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Wait unti they see the hotdog vender connection.

Those condiments come from some where.

I wouldnt hold my breath on the FBI finding its ass with a map.

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Way back in the last century, the Untouchables were the FBI Agents.

Mr. Freeh may soon discover that the new Untouchables are the bankers.

Welcome to the new millenim.

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Ness was a Treasury agent... Not FBI...

He did not work for dress wearing J. Edgar and his butt buddy Clyde Tolson...

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It is always the same... Makes me sick

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I will not be happy until Raj and Jon are butt buddies.  

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There's no hedgin' that kinda "tail risk".



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Somehow I get reminded of when that American fraud, prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, was supposed to be investigating serious crime at the Bush White House, and there was all these stories he was going to recommend Bush for impeachment ...

And it turned out Patrick Fitzgerald was another tool of the system working to cover up for the Bush family, and there was one mini-indictment of I think 'Scooter' who was then pardoned by Bush.

Yes Patrick Fitzgerald recently prosecuted that Blago guy but that was another dude who stepped on the wrong toes and wasn't an insider. Whenever it's a corporate media circus you know the oligarchs are in on it.

Louis Freeh is another tool of the system who let American corruption multiply like an African AIDS epidemic when he was FBI Director ... he will go after Corzine if and only if the oligarchs want Corzine taken down.

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bush I appointed freeh a district court judge in NY so. dist. where he had been a US atty for a decade.  couple years later, clinton put him in charge of the FBI

so, yes, this is a political job

you mention fitzgerald, who is the US atty in no illinois, home of the crimex.  one might have heard that fitz was gonna investigate, but soon after he gets outa the blocks, the WH pulls the rug out from under him 

b/c top banksters and PDs are involved, this will be a dark pool of investigatory goo

this is chicago, after all, BiCheZ!

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Jail Corzine!

Ask questions later.

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Nah.  Corzine just did his group job interview last week up on the hill.

Now Luigi will provide the one-on-one interview.

After that comes the pardon.

Then Corzine kisses the ring.

Next is the Treasury...Corzine is the ultimate "Madoff Monster".

Then Corzine will lay down the *new* law.

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Corzine will suddenly "die" like Ken Lay ... and those Navy Seals who "got" Bin Laden.  No one will identify nor verify his "corpse" and he will be "buried" ... And we'll carry on as if nothing happened.  

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Thats right! Some guy who stole a 6 pack of beer will be jailed if he cant make bail until trial! Corzine walks around free? NAH theres not 2 different tyes of people or anything, Im sure!

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Where's J. Edgar when you need him?

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I was expecting them to get Alvin Greene to investigate!

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Diddling Clyde Tolson in the "Great Gay Sex Club in the Sky".

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probably at victorias secret

buying new underwear..

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Dancing around in women's panties, no doubt!

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Little Louie Freeh is better at cover-ups than uncovering.

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From Wikipedia

Beginning in 2004 Freeh began moonlighting as an adjunct law professor for Widener University School of Law. Drawing on his years of experience, he has taught White Collar Crime.



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He was also recently selected to lead an internal investigation into the Penn State sex abuse scandal involving Jerry Sandusky and several high-ranking university officials.[39]

Sounds like he'll be spread rather thin between the two investigations or perhaps there is a linkage between MFG & PSU that needs his "special attention" given his teaching credentials?

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Sounds like something that should be shouted from the roof tops.


Drudge and Spy?

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If by 'special attention', you mean no attention whatsoever, then yes.  No bigwigs must ever be prosecuted. 

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Finally I'll be able to sleep at night knowing that Superman is back in his cape and tights and watching over a sleeping Metropolis.

May God bless us one and all.


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Naw - Batman!

But the Joker will get away again.

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Mess with the taxpayers, get bailed out by the Fed, mess with goldman, get investigated by the FBI.

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I will believe it when I see Corzine and crew in court answering charges of theft.

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I will believe it when I see Corzine doing hard time. Anything less is a circus distraction.

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Can we trust him or are you being facetious?

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I doubt it.He is a card carrying member of Opus dei.