Founder Of $30 Billion Hedge Fund BlueCrest Says Most Euro Banks Are Insolvent; Euro Situation Much "Worse Than 2008"

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collapse, female dogz

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this guy has "segregated accounts"...ROTFL, that sounds safe

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All of your monies have been rehypothecated!

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Funny, a Goldman Sachs ad intro to the video.

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Bass, Hendry and this guy - vs.- Kramer, Gartman, and Kass!

Choose wisely!

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this guy sees printing as the solution to europe, which side is he on again?

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Actually, printing would liberate the world from the shackles of fiat. Let the euro hyperinflate into oblivion. The USD would follow within 3-6 months.
It clear he's a goldbug.

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hey ahmeexnal, hope your property search in ecuador is working out for you. whatever printing is done by the ecb, which i still doubt will happen, would be offset by massive deleveraging and currency destruction. highly unlikely printing would lead to hyperinflation.   i dont see 600 billion euros of printing doing much except extending the day of reckoning another year or so..............

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He is hiding in treasuries.....enough said.

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He certainly made quite an impression on the female host.

No mention of shorts. Guess he is not allowed to short the best ones.

Thx for posting Tyler.

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dude, he's 30bln... How many things vaguely safe and liquid enough for 30bln do you know?


or you expect him to get a truck and park all his money in it?

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 "In the United States, if California is having a really difficult time, the rest of the United States will send money to California."

"Send" money -- that is, taxed -- and unwillingly, on the part of the American Taxpayer. Frankly, if Kaaleefornya ever did go into some form of default, I submit that the majority of Americans would say to Hell with Kaaleefornya -- Kaaleefornians voted themselves the profligate government they desired, and thus deserve...let them clean up the mess.

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In the United States, if California is having a really difficult time, the Federal Government will simply print more money to send to California.  Most Americans are blissfully unaware of the inflation tax, and are therefore none the wiser.  In Europe, however, the populace is very much aware of the inflation tax.  That is why you hear the Germans (that are not bankers or exporters) saying, "Nein!" to transfering wealth to other areas.  It is not that the Americans are more generous, it is simply that the Europeans are better educated on this matter. 

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Actually, Ahnuld started printing his very own notgeld in the last years of his reign. Expect every state to follow this practice as the downward spiral enters the next phase of complete social breakdown.

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Well their are some  states (Texas, Georgia and about three others) that are prepared for a State gold backed or basket commodity money if the USD goes splat. 

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I'd also add that we've had many different generations live through hyperinflation. See: Weimar, Hungary, Yugoslavia.

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offshore internal repo's to get that JP Morgan 60 to 1 Leverage BITCHEZ!!!

Yes I agree! segregated accounts make everyone wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more trust worthy!

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sounds like someone is upside down and needs a win on a huge short to balance his books ....

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Did'nt he say he is 10% gross YTD?

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good point ... hedge fund managers never lie /sarc

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so why would Putin buy eurobonds?
the time to buy them is when there is blood in the streets.

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Umm.  I think upon closer examination he would find that most European, US, Chinese, Japanese banks and basically all banks everywhere are pretty much insolvent to a greater or lesser degree.

This isn't really news.

Let's do away with Mark-to-Unicorn asset valuations and see who's really swimming naked, to borrow from Uncle Warren's phrase.

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I agree.  The paper-pushing fucknuts are simply getting nervous and trying to take position that they think will get them out of the line for the guillotine in the future.

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the SYSTEM is fucking insolvent.  Is that so hard for people to grasp?

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Yeah, so hold dollars, lol.

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And what ever you do, Trany7777, dont buy gold?!?!

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Unless you own the physical black gold. Ergo, war female dogs!

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How can it be insolvent if they still have cheques/checks?

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Shorts on for barge poles bitchez!

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And out of the left field...wasn't he was talking about Greece.

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On moving BlueCrest from London to Geneva:

"I did not really want to be exposed to the Eurozone. I don’t want to be exposed to regulation coming out of the Eurozone.  Most of my clients come from the United States.  I am not really marketing to the Eurozone anyway.  So it didn't make much sense for me to be in the Eurozone as a business."

Hedge funds: a dying model.

London is in doo-doo.

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I agree.  This guy is a wanker investing a bunch of other people's money based on central wanker actions...  then goes on national TV lobbying for central wanker action.  

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hate when those wankers manage 30B....hmm, how much is that in management fees?  Yeah, he's pretty fucking stupid.

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Huh...Larry Fink must not be a follower of Michael Platt. 

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Hello everyone! My first post. Just wanted to say hi. I knew someone who worked at BlueCrest. They don't anymore. LOL.

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First post? Then allow me the honor of being the first to call you a fucking moron sheeple troll in response.

Wow that felt great! And I still respect you.

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Fuck You, virgin poster!

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So much for THAT cherry staying intact

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We will wipe that smile offa you face in time.

(actually, welcome to the madhouse, enjoy)

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Your smile makes me want to break something beautiful.

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Welcome. We'll see just how long you remain happy.

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Welcome!  Don't let the harsh responses dampen your chipper mood.

Please contact your friend and get a run-down of his time at BlueCrest, then post your full findings here.

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"Thank you sir ! May I have another ?"

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Print baby, print. It solves all the problems at the expense of the plebs.

No problemo.

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We don't call it "printing" any longer.  It's now "rehypothecation of insolvency".

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I thought Trichet sorted this out?

I'm confused, he said he'd returned staaabiiility to the Euro banking system... fuking brilliant those stress-tests, work of genius


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If all banks had to mark to market......

I wish this rule was changed and we could see the real state of the banks.